Thursday, December 31, 2020

Big New Years Eve Plans!

 Guy! I'm so excited for tonight!


Yes my life has come down to being excited for a big hunk of red meat haha. 

I need to do an Instacart order for some stuff but that is my exciting New Years Eve. No plans. Trevor is going to go over to Melissa's house and spend the night I think. I predict Scott snoring in the recliner by 9 and me in my sewing room unless I get a sleepy wave and go to bed lol.

We haven't stayed home for NYE in at least a decade, probably longer.

Someone posted some memories of last years and I'm like ugh that was when I started feeling sick. A few days later I got REALLY sick and I always wonder if that was the Rona and we just didn't know it yet. I got super sick the end of February too.

In other news I made some fabric out of red, white and heart fabric scraps. It doesn't need to be square since I'm going to go cut some hearts out of it to applique on some mug rugs (I think, that is my idea so far). I thought that might be fun. I am going to make them a little bit bigger too I think. I've been using one that wasn't good enough to sell and it seems a little bit too small. We'll see how it goes. 

Two of my friends gave me gift cards to Joann's for Christmas. They are so sweet. I was going to order some valentine's fabrics online but it makes you order 2 yards and I usually only buy 1/2 yard or less for the stuff I like to make. MORE VARIETY. Maybe I'll go one day next week or something. I have a bit of Valentine's & hearts here so not like I really need to go shopping ;)

That's about all the excitement going on here! I've been plugging away at this really boring task for work. I'm almost done with the biggest section of it. I'll be glad when I get it done but no idea what I'll work on after that. I might have to go into the office for a printing and scanning day or something.

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