Monday, December 14, 2020

Sewing, Painting, Etc

 Good morning, happy Monday! My boss is on vacation all week so it will be a slow work week.

I started off my weekend by sewing up some masks for orders

and then we went to Home Depot to get stuff.

I sent this to the kids and said I got our Christmas Tree! Only one responded with a LOL. If it was just me I'd totally be ok with a tiny tree but my kids would be sad.

We bought paint and spent all weekend painting. My arm is sore from painting. Just need to do the trim once Scott gets it on the walls/windows. We painted the living room and the kitchen. We need to redo the kitchen cabinets from when we did them years ago. They are hospital discard cabinets that my dad got us when we first moved here so they are that smooth laminate type material. We painted them once but the paint has come off where all the handles are. That's for another time though.

I still want to paint the entry way so might work on that later. I want to paint the bathroom too if we have enough paint left over. It's been a long time since all these rooms have been painted.

Can you see my ghetto fence we put up on my extra lot area? The stupid Amazon trucks were turning around there. It rained all weekend so it is super muddy and they would definitely get stuck and rut it up.

Daniel went to the Dr on Friday for his 2 month check up and shots. He is 12 pounds 8 ounces and 23.5" long

That's all the excitement here. Hopefully Scott is able to get that trim done this week so we can get some furniture and put up the Christmas tree. Once we decide on a couch I will work on putting up some curtains.

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