Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve :joy:

Apparently I'm tired today. Last night Scott and I went out on a date to dinner at the Mongolian BBQ and then to the movies to see Avatar.

Yummy dinner and awesome movie. We got home about midnight and I crashed out. And woke up at 11:00 this morning.  Holy cow!! Glad I told everyone I wasn't going to go to work today. This is it though, I'm going to have to get totally all better and stop having these extra long holiday weekends.

I have a ton of stuff I need to get done today but so far all I've managed to do was eat some eggos, drink some coffee and harvest my crops on Farmville.

Like the losers we are we have no fun plans for tonight. I sent my brother a text yesterday asking him if he was having people over to his  house and he said he'd let us know and so far I haven't heard from him so it looks like it's going to be just another night around here.

Which is ok I guess! At the rate I'm going I'll still be wearing my nightgown when the ball drops.Pin It

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm on the mend!!

High de ho neighbors!! How's it going??? I'm feeling much better right now. I was a total raging bitch about 2 hours ago though. I got home from work and went straight into cleaning mode. Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the waffle that my husband left in the waffle iron on SUNDAY when he made waffles. Washed the dishes from SATURDAY and SUNDAY and MONDAY and TUESDAY and scrubbed the counters down and cleaned off the table with all the cookies and bread I never got delivered and we all decided to just eat and swept the floor and cleaned up the fucking wrapping paper and the fucking crackers that were ground into the fucking rug. Called my husband and told him to bring home some fucking dinner because I was fucking pissed that my family is a bunch of savages. Told all the kids they weren't EVER allowed to eat in the living room ever again and packed up most of the Christmas stuff when my husband finally got home with pizza and decided to start pouring me some diet pepsi pronto. Then I ate and wow I feel so much better now.

Just need to pack up the tree. I have a box going for stuff that I don't want anymore to go to Goodwill and I'm tempted to throw all the rest of the crap in there. I mean we never even put batteries in all these Christmas things and we stored them for a whole year! Think the kids will even notice if they aren't there next year? Guess they'll get over it!Pin It

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap 2009

Well this year tops last year in being the SUCKIEST Christmas ever. Can we just say that being sick and coughing your head off all day is NO FUN!?! Here's my Christmas Re-cap

Tuesday-shop until I drop, finally get everthing done.

Wednesday-work, home, Dr.(told I didn't have bronchitis and given some crappy cough syrup that didn't work), baking

Thursday (Christmas Eve)- go to mother in laws. Christmas Eve wasn't TOO bad. Except that my brother in law was pretty much plastered and pissed my husband off by making a liberal comment. Heaven help anyone that doesn't share his own views! I think politics should be illegal to talk about. At least at work, home and family functions. ;O) My father in law had fun talking my brother's ear off. They love fresh meat to tell all their stories too. Me? I've heard them so many times I can tell them myself.  I made the lasagna (that's one of those words I will NEVER spell right on the first try) . Brother in law made a salad. We had plenty of food and were sufficiently stuffed when we left.

When we got home I wrapped everything I had to wrap and after the kids went to bed I did the Santa thing.

While the hubby did this:

When I was done he suddenly popped up and said I should have woke him up to help me. I was like hmmm well I've been doing it on my own for 15 years I think I can handle it!

I ended up on the couch not too long after I went to bed. Coughing is a bitch. I hate her. So I was sleeping on the couch and I heard some noise and Melissa  and Trevor were up inspecting their presents with a flashlight. SO SO CUTE. Eventually I was like um what time is it?


I told them it was way too early to be up so they climbed up on the couch and snuggled with eachother. I wish I would have got a picture but I was way too tired to get up. I think it was around 7 or so when everyone woke up for the 2nd time.

Scott bought me a garden hopper stool thing. (no that's not me, I wish my waist was that small!)

After we opened presents we headed over to my brother's house where we had bagels and donuts and cough syrup and used the inhaler 5000 times. As the day went on I just felt worse and worse. At one point I went upstairs and laid down for a bit. Not sure if I actually slept or not. The day went by pretty quickly even though I was dying. We didn't eat dinner until after 8. By that point I just wanted to eat so we could go home.

My kids all enjoyed Christmas I think! My mom bought Trevor this color change Hot Wheels thing and he's been playing with it ALL DAY today. Melissa got some DS games and a cell phone so she's been busy with those. Her friend also got her first new phone and they have been texting back and forth all day today. We got Jessica a new bed. She has been sleeping like a gypsy with her mattress on the floor for the last year. It's nice to see her with a normal bed now!! That took the hubs awhile to put together. TG he did it, I think I would have had to hire someone if he wasn't here.
My little adorable niece had on the CUTEST outfit. Isn't she just too stinking cute!! And she was sitting in the little bumbo seat and OMG I could just eat her up!!

I hope she doesn't get sick :(  Eventually we went home and I went straight for bed. I got up at my usual coughing hour of 2 am and rearranged my farm on farmville for a few hours. Eventually tried to sleep a bit on the couch..

Saturday-I got up and called my dad. We were supposed to go to his house and do Christmas with them. 

At 9 I decided to go to the Urgent Care. Three hours later I finally got back to a room. But not before stepping on the scale and confirming that Yes, Julie, you are a total fat ass. The nurse was asking me all these questions about my last menstral cycle and I was like umm last month and she was all what day and I was all I don't know. Seriously I'm dying here and she wants to know when the last time Aunt Flo came to visit? I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with my coughing. I was so glad when the Dr. finally came in and man was he a hotty! He said right away that I had bronchitis and prescribed a bunch of stuff for me.
Not too long after I came home my dad came over and dropped off a PRIME RIB dinner complete with my favorite pie. I think that was about the nicest thing ever. I need to make them a thank you card. Although I should probably wait until I'm not sick.

Well since I've been sick, my house pretty much still looks like this
only with more shit thrown on top! Here's hoping that I  start feeling better soon.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feels like Arkansas

I keep meaning to get over here and post something but I keep forgetting until AFTER I get off the computer. I finally made it over here!

So I've been sick. Thought I was getting better but have relapsed. I went to the Dr. yesterday and got a prescription cough syrup but I can only take it at night and it didn't really seem to work last night. :sigh:

Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. We went bowling. Scott's niece was there because she is dating my brother now. He's SO not happy about that. He thinks it's just weird and gross. The only thing that kind of weirds me out is if they ever have kids they will be double cousins with my kids. Guess it would be good if anyone ever needed a donor for something lol.

My brother might be coming to my MIL's house on Christmas Eve, which is kind of weird too. At least it will liven the place up a bit and get someone on MY TEAM haha. I'm just hoping it's better than last year.  I'm cooking a lasana so maybe my MIL won't be so wiped out.

Sometime between now and Thursday I need to get some energy to do some baking, wrap presents and clean the house up. Wish me luck.Pin It

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Merry Cough Cough Cough

Well it's another day of trash tv and hugging my pillow on the couch. I thought I was going to kick this cold no problem. I was even starting to feel better yesterday. Went to work, came home and played around with my scrapbook stuff. Made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and THEN went and did some Christmas shopping.

Hit a few stores, ending up at Wal Mart, because let's face it. The store is CHEAP and stays open late. I'm strolling along and hit the toys section where I'm getting followed along by this stocker woman who apparently can only stock things in front of and around where I want to look. It's a big toy section lady!! Pretty much let her know that she was f*ing annoying me and I think she enjoyed that. Stupid witch. I was just about ready to give her the one over with my shopping cart when they announced that the store was closing in 5 minutes. Are you kidding me?? It's Christmas. At Wal mart. It's USED to be 24 hours. Guess I'm done shopping for the night.

So high tailed it to the front where they have TWO cashiers.  So an hour later I was finally out of the store and on my way home.

Santa still needs to do a bunch more shopping but has a big block when it comes to what to get anyone but the 6 year old, because really I could give him the recycle bin and he'd be happy. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

The kid's Christmas program is tonight. Bitter sweet since it's the last one for Melissa. Next year she'll be a big "Jr. High School Girl" and they don't do the Christmas program. Sigh. On the upside only 5 more of these counting tonight!!! So far we've sat through ten years of these programs. And they are the SAME ever year. They even have the same classes sing the same songs. Don't get me wrong, they are cute but they need to mix them up a bit!!Pin It

Monday, December 14, 2009

Life Goes On

Friday after I came home and cried my eyes out than called my mom and cried some more, I got out the Christmas boxes. Nothing like keeping your mind busy to keep you from totally losing it.

When the kids got home from school (I stayed home from work that day), we put up the tree with minimal cursing, unlike last year , and then got busy putting on the ornaments. Jessica even helped a little bit. Each year she wants to do less and less when it comes to our traditional holiday things.  That's the sad part of her growing up!

While we were hanging up the ornaments, which by the way I got smart last year and left the hooks on them, much easier!,  I realized that Trevor has hardly any ornaments that are "his". When Jessica was little we went a bit overboard buying the Hallmark ornaments. There are A LOT that are "hers". Part of that spilled over into Melissa's years. When Trevor was born we were REALLY broke. He has I think 2 ornaments that are "his". Poor kid!!

I'm making an effort to pick up some for him while I'm out and about so that next year he'll have a few more to put on the tree that are all his. So far I've found a snowman with his name on it, he was pretty excited about that!

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Good Bye To A Dear Friend

Thursday night I went to bring Tabbie in from "hanging out" outside. I rubbed her belly and noticed that it was SO tight and bloated. I could tell that she really wasn't feeling well. I started thinking about how much she's been having "accidents" in the house this last week, this weird licking thing she's been doing, and lastly I realized that she hadn't emptied her bowl in quite a few days.

And she didn't want her treat.

I felt a bit of panic when the realization hit me that I think this is it. I called the vet but they couldn't get her in unless I wanted to pay $80 extra for an emergency vist.

She's 15 years old and is already quite lumpy and I knew there was no way I can spend a lot of money on her, because really, dogs don't live much past 15 anyways.

So we all showered her with lots of love and gave her tons of hugs and kisses and Friday morning I took her in. The vet said it was most likely a tumor in her belly or liver area. So we snuggled on a blanket as she took her final breaths. She went quite peacefully, which I am grateful for.

I miss her so much.Pin It

Thursday, December 10, 2009

WTF is up with the tooth fairy these days???

Tuesday afternoon the kids were beating on each other as usual. They were leaving me alone so I was just yelling out the usual "knock it off" and "quit hitting eachother", when I heard something weird going on. Jessica was apologizing to Trevor, that she didn't really "mean to" and so I had to get up to investigate. Trevor had his hand over his mouth and then when he pulled it away he had  tooth in his hand and lots of blood. ICK. He almost started to cry then his sister's reminded him that the tooth fairy would be visiting and he'd be getting a dollar! Eventually the bleeding stopped but look at his goofy grin now!

The sad part is that the stupid tooth fairy sucks rocks because she has forgot to come TWO NIGHTS in a row. WTF???

It might have a little something to do with hanging out with the elderly down at the club house playing bingo. (she won $2.50 this week!!) And maybe that little whiskey & coke that she had right before hand.

Or maybe that glass of wine she was having right before bed.

Maybe.Pin It

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

81 Is Cool & The Biggest Loser Finale

Anyone else have trouble giving  your blog posts a title? I hope no one decides what to read on my blog based on titles! But then again maybe that's why I have so few comments!

Yesterday mostly centered around my Father-In-Laws 81st Birthday. Yes, my husband's DAD is 81.  Crazy!! That's what happens when you have a kid when you are in your 40's!

(Wow does Trevor have the tough guy look on his face or what??)

You can click here to see his 80th, good times people, good times.  This year we didn't have any other family show up, just us and his parents and of course the sister that lives there.

We went all fancy and went through the drive thru for some KFC. I even used coupons and it came with CAKE! Score for one less stop! Although I did have to play extra to get a couple pieces of breast meat since I KNOW his mom would be sad if she had to like eat a leg or a thigh. Those are the things you figure out when you've been part of the fam for 18 years. (damn I must be getting old to be around that long!)

Anyhow it was yummy and we stayed until almost 9.

I watched part of The Biggest Loser Finale there but we had to leave because everyone was tired and had to go to bed. So I missed big chunks of the finale and had to look online to see who won the at home prize. I just got a glimpse of Rebecca so I need to look up her haut look (just did, you can see all their pictures on the NBC website.  I know a bunch of people didn't like her but I was hoping she'd win.

And Tracey? OMG she was all boney! Anyone else think she had the too thin look going on? (but now that I look at her pictures online she doesn't look quite as bad)

I was hoping Rudy was going to win. I know everyone hated him but I secretly thought he was kind of cute and was hoping he'd win. Danny just bugged the crap out of my husband because he was always CRYING and raise your hand if you think he's hoping for a record deal with his guitar playing & singing.

Overall I'm just amazed at how much weight they all lost. Totally transformed. I was totally inspired after last week's episode when they all ran the marathon and I'm really thinking training to do a 5K. I think I need something like that to get me motivated to lose some weight and get fit. Anyone else thinking of doing the same? I looked up the couch 2 5K program and it looks do-able. I just need to get my ass out there and do it. Anyone else up for it? I'm thinking of starting a new little blog just dedicated to that. That should help me stay motivated I think!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

When Hell?? Freezes Over...

Hey so remember yesterday when I was saying how cool it would be if it snowed here? Well this morning I was sleeping and I heard the sound of the back door being pushed open and the dog escaping so I jumped up and called her but she ignored me and took off anyways. It was dark so I couldn't really see anything and I kept calling her and she didn't come so I was like "screw it!" and went and took a shower.

I got out of the shower and looked out the window to see if I could see her and guess what I saw????


I know all you midwesterners and northeasterners are like yeah yeah but it hardly EVER snows here. Like the last time I remember it snowing I was in jr high or something. And it lasted for like 2 minutes. This time it was like an hour! Of course I promptly woke up the kids with


(for some reason it will only load this picture side ways?? It's not sideways on my computer??)

They got dressed real quick and went outside to check it out. It was big flakes which was totally cool. I tried to get some pictures but it was too dark to really see anything.

Oh and the dog finally came back with snow all over her. haha.

It snowed up until right before the bus showed up for the little kids. I saw a few flakes on the way to work but it was mostly just rain by that point. A little while after I got to work it started snowing there!

So it was a very neat and fun Monday morning here!!
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've been buried in bookmarks!

Wow I haven't been here in forever! Thanks for the spammers for hitting my blog and leaving comments that I had to come delete I've found my way back.

I just realized I forgot to do the end of the month pictures for my garden!! Hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow and I'll take some after work. It's supposed to rain almost all week, and it's been so cold I wouldn't be surprised if we see some snow here in the California Valley!! That would be fun. Just as long as it doesn't last too long. I know I'VE never driven in any snow and they'd have to truck over some snow plows or something hahaha.

Here's some bookmarks I finished today. I spent all day working on them and I'm finally caught up with my orders. Maybe now I'll get my Halloween boxes put away and dig out the Christmas stuff!

Santa needs to bring me a new camera I thinks!! The iPhone works ok but obviously lacking in some high quality photos ;O)

Yesterday I went to Sacramento and took 3 teenagers to a concert, dropped them off and spent the day with myself! Finished reading my book, The Time Traveler's Wife at Starbucks. I didn't think I was going to like it when I first started reading it but it was a REALLY good book. Totally enjoyed it.  Then I took myself to the movies and saw The Blind Side, great movie! Took myself out to dinner at In N Out Burger and then to Barnes & Nobles for some more coffee and a couple more books. Totally enjoyed my day. Probably should have bought some Christmas presents but I wasn't really in the mood.

Picked up the kids and they were so noisy when they got in the car I ended up on a different freeway than I wanted, lucky for me it was going the right direction and I just had to cross over later. All in all it was a good day!

So what have you all been up to?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Can someone please explain to me why EVERY time I want to make deviled eggs to take somewhere they


If I'm going to make them to keep at home when no one is coming over??


Going to smash them up for egg salad??


In case you haven't guessed I just make egg salad out of the 18 count of eggs I bought to make DEVILED EGGS for tomorrow. Guess we won't be taking THOSE to the in laws!Pin It

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why should you wear a belt all weekend?

So I totally rocked the laundry on Saturday. TEN loads. DONE, put away!! Go me! Last one went in at like 9:00 at night or something like that but whatever, I got it done and I was good and put it away as I went to I didn't have the totally overwhelming laundry pile to put away.

Now to keep it up. I need to buy some more laundry soap soon! Did you know that there is actually a floor in front of the washer and dryer? It's awesome! But seriously, I thought I had more cute tops. I MUST go shopping soon.

But maybe I should go on a diet first because OMG I might need to shop in the maternity section soon. I'm seriously pushing 5 months  it looks like. Yeah Zexy. And this morning? I couldn't find my belt. Which I need because my fat roll pushes my pants down, and I have no hips or ass to hold it up. SOooo not a pretty site. I got so desperate I dug out one from DH's drawer and sadly it fits. Thank GOD it's the tightest little spot though. I think I would have cried if that wasn't the case.

It's so weird that I can't find my belt because we totally cleaned house on Saturday. My brother in law was coming over (for the first time in probably like 10 years or more?) to bring a turkey. I told hubby ummm we might want to clean up a bit first?? So we had a big group family clean up. Except for Jessica. She's NOISY and even hubby said that it wasn't really worth it to wake her up. Finally seeing things my way! She makes it so stressful. I guess she's pretty smart.

So anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so we cleaned the house and got it good enough except for my bedroom where I had been holed up making bookmarks. We threw all the Halloween boxes and items (don't judge) in there and all over the bed. So his brother calls that he's here. We have a gate out where we live now, and since we hardly ever have anyone over we don't have the number memorized that people need to push to call us and we don't even know what phone number we gave them so we are stupid and he just ran down there to open the gate for him. And I'm all "DON'T TAKE HIM THROUGH OUR BEDROOM", because that is where the backdoor is and we usually go in and out that way.

He comes back. THROUGH THE BEDROOM, with his brother trailing behind him. I'm like OMG seriously? The one disaster room of our house and you just gave him a tour. Did I mention that my BIL's house you could probably eat off the garage floor and it would be perfectly ok? Yeah he's that kind of guy. It seems to have skipped my husband. Sadly.

Anyhow, so he knows we are lazy ass slobs now. He brought a turkey over for us since we are cooking Thanksgiving dinner at the in laws house. After he left Scott saw the price tag on the turkey. $30 For a 24 pound turkey!! Me=only buys turkey under $10. Yeah obviously he's never been a thrifty person. Must be nice ;o)

So anyhow, I think it's rather odd that I can't find my belt after my house is clean and the laundry is done and yes, obviously I wore sweats all weekend but I was WORKING on bookmarks. See, here they are.

Yes one of them is the same as the other day, just with new picture. Glad I could salvage it. 12 more on my list to make then I will be caught up. Love this time of year. Now if everyone will just pay me for them it will all be good!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's my Blogiversary

My little blog is three years old today!! Sadly I'm not famous, don't have a cookbook, my own tv show, book, hot mommy blogger award or even 100 followers. It's ok though!! I have a few of you that have hung on to read all my ramblings and have made some great bloggy friends.

Although some of the other things would be nice too!!

So I'm sitting here in my nightgown, gettting ready to work on some bookmarks. I made 3 yesterday but somehow got a name/picture confused so I'm waiting to hear back from the woman that ordered it. Freaking sucks since it takes me hours to make them. Hopefully I can just make one more and not two to fix the problem. I feel like I've been working on this order forever. But they did come out cute!

I think while I'm working on bookmarks I'm going to set the timer as I do the laundry to try and get it all caught up this weekend. Wouldn't that be exciting! Laundry caught up, I'm not sure it's possible.

No exciting plans for the weekend, although at some point I should probably go buy a turkey so it's not all frozen on Thursday morning, and maybe put away the Halloween decorations that Melissa and Trevor put up. Those decoration things just seem to be the first to go when I'm a working woman!

So anyhow, I should probably have like got a gift or something to give away for my big day today. BUT no one has offered me awesome gifts to give away and we had to buy exciting things like TIRES and TURKEY so I'll offer you my sunny disposition instead :)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Bookmarks and Baby Teeth

Yesterday I got home from work and YEAHHH didn't have anywhere to go. I got busy working on some bookmarks and that took me most of the evening. Here's what I got done.

The whole time I was working on them Trevor was in my room looking in the big mirrors on my closet door trying to get his front tooth out. He was torturing me by bending it all the way forward, so gross! Finally right before bedtime he got it out!  He was so excited!

And, like a shark he already has a replacement tooth that just needs to move up lol. All my kids had that happen on their 2 bottom front teeth. They seem to move up just fine.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I forgot to put a title here lol

I feel like such a bad blogger lately! I keep trying not to post boring, complaining posts and well there you have it, I end up not posting. Hmm it's a sign lol. And also there is that whole Farmville thing and even my middle kid is on there now and OMG if someone needs to harvest their artichokes and you are on the computer all hell is going to break loose if you don't hurry up and get the fuck off.

:clears through:

Anyhow, I've been busy making bookmarks again. Love those holiday orders! I hadn't had any orders since the end of the school year and now I have a ton so busy busy doing that and then trying to tract down some paper requests. All the local scrapbook stores are gone now, which is really sad. I think the trend is moving towards digital scrapbooking (which I still have to try out), but there are still those of us that make "other things" out of scrapbook paper. I finally found what I was looking for at Michael's of all places, which really kind of annoys me since I should have just went there first. I had a bit of sticker shock when seeing that some of their single sheets of paper are $1.99. Can you imagine if you weren't paying attention and loaded up on that? One way to get you to move right on over to the paper stacks.

So all you non scrapbooker/paper crafters have probably left by now. And you aren't going to read that I saw some guy SPIT on his jeans yesterday and THEN wipe his face on it. I almost threw up when I saw him do it. He was sitting on the little curb in front of the gas station store. Most likely homeless, which is sad, but man have some dignity. I guess maybe you reach a point when you lose that all together.

Took Jessica in to get her eyes checked and new glasses ordered yesterday. $200 in all at Costco. You can't beat them if you don't have optical insurance. Her script has changed dramatically which means she wasn't just complaining all the time about not being able to see the tv just to annoy me. Go figure!

Next up is dentist and braces for her. Poor kid is a sophmore and I'm finally going to bite the bullet to get her in for braces, which once again we don't have insurance for (or dental at all). Hopefully I won't get laid off again and can actually afford to pay for them.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Not sure if I posted here or not that I'm going to be cooking for the inlaws and we are having it at THEIR HOUSE. Still trying to decide how I'm going to work all that since I don't want to hang out at their house all day. I'm thinking I'll cook most of it at home then just take it over there. Wish me luck!Pin It

Monday, November 16, 2009

How NOT to do a Science Fair Project.

So the funniest thing happened today.  By process of elimination (we had some people out sick) I got to go help judge a science fair for work! It was kind of fun and I was just cracking up at a couple of these.

How NOT to do a science project.

1. Write what you are supposed to do on a piece of paper.
2. Staple it onto the board where it should go.
3. Write title in pencil on the top of the board.
4. You're done!!

1. Pick cool project ie: How do we stop music related plant deaths.
2. Throw leaf down to show how the plant died
3. Write some rambling things the voices in your head told you.
4. You're DONE!

1. Write something on paper. It doesn't matter what, just write it on the paper all crooked like and then affix  it on the board.
2. Glue wadded up tissue paper to the board.
3. You're DONE!!

OMG aren't they histerical?? Sad part is that I heard these projects are like 1/2 of these kids science grades! Someone's going to be grounded. Or not.
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Someone lost their...

I was driving to work this morning and saw a lump up ahead by the center line. I was thinking ohhh I wonder what got hit this time. ::insert sad face here:: I'm getting closer, think maybe it's a cat. Or a raccoon. Or a skunk. But wait? What's this?? It's not an animal.


Seriously how in the world does a pair of pants end up in the middle of the road?

There is an orchard right there so maybe someone went for a romp in the orchard. And then they didn't have time to put their pants on because while they were in the middle of it, someone caught them and they ran and jumped in the car and sped off and somehow dropped their jeans on the road in the process?

I dunno but my mind's working on that one!Pin It

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally got my act together!

Finally got off my duff today and gathered up all the recycling. Took it in and got $35, not bad for mostly plastic bottles! Then Trevor and I hit Home Depot for some more bark and some paint samples for the bathroom. Those little samples they have now are so cool! I'm thinking I can probably do the little bit of trim in the bathroom with one of them. After that we hit Target to get lots of shampoo and some other house hold crap. Picked up Jess from her friends and then she wanted to go to Wal Mart for some shoes and we ended up having some McD's there.

Trevor got a Happy Meal toy that had a little saucer thing that shot out. I was telling him not to shoot it in the store. Apparently he couldn't help himself and shot it out at the register and it went right between the counter and a fridge. Gone forever. He was so sad. Maybe next time he'll listen?? Doubt it!

Got home and let the dog out while I was unloading the car. Stupid dog wandered off somewhere. And she's black. And it's pitch black outside. Couldn't see her anywhere. Figured I she'd show up eventually. Sure enough about ten mintues later she was outside the back door.  Stupid dog.

I decided to go to Bingo tonight. I've been wanting to go for awhile. They have it every Wednesday night. I was hoping my neighbors and/or some of my book club ladies would be there. Of course they weren't. So asked some people that I had talked to at a Saturday bingo if I could sit with them. I got introductions, guess they didn't remember that I met them before lol. One lady I've been introduced to her about 5 times. Something to look forward to, losing my mind when I get older. Oh wait, that's already happening hehe.

I didn't win any bingo games but I did get an earful of strange? chants and such that they do when the numbers are called. Do they do that at all bingo places or just our strange little place?  It wasn't allowed at the Saturday Night Bingo's so I'm not sure. Definitly weird. One guy can't chanting GO GO GO GO GO after every single number was called. I really wanted to turn around and tell him to shut the f*ck up but I figured that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do :big grin:

Got home and Scott is sleeping. I really wish he worked closer to home and didn't have such a long commute. I swear I get a kiss goodbye when I'm sleeping in the morning, he comes home and eats and then falls asleep in the recliner. Such a life.

Watching the CMA awards. Boy Taylor Swift doesn't sing so great live!! Guess there's a reason some people lip sing! Holy Shitake LeeAnn Rimes has some eyeliner on! Hope she doesn't start crying or any thing it's going to be a mess.Pin It

Celebrate Veterans Day In Style.

Or in your nightgown.

Wow I didn't intend to spend my whole day off today rearranging my farm on Farmville. Just give me a big

Yeah, still sitting here in my night gown but my Farmville looks cute!

Guess I should go take a shower and actually get something done today. Like buy shampoo. We've been out for 3 days and lucky for us I found a little left over hotel shampoo bottle that I brought home.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If only I could get up at the butt crack of dawn and not be cranky...

So on the way home yesterday I saw the guy with the shopping cart SLEEPING in his shopping cart right off the highway. Crazy! This morning I saw his cart outside a little corner store so apparently he made it through the night.

I'm starting to think I should sleep with some ear plugs in. Not so much for durning the night, but for in the morning, when my husband insists on talking to himself in a LOUD whisper? and when he goes in and out of the back door (which is in our bedroom) ten times. I asked him last night why he went in and out so much yesterday morning and I got

::blank stare::

I asked him if he could try and limit his trips? I guess he doesn't realize that he's making so much noise? I dunno. If only I was a morning person it would be all good!

Today he goes in to the Dr. for his recheck on his leg and to probably get the results of the blood test he had done on Saturday. Hopefully he isn't exploding with cholesterol or anything.

Little kids get out early today for "teacher conferences". Melissa is staying after school for basketball practice and it just occured to me a bit ago that that means no one will be home for Trevor. So I guess I'll be getting off work early today. And Thursday. And maybe Friday. I can't remember if they have them on Friday too. I don't know how single parents that have no support and HAVE to work deal with things like that. Lucky for me that's not the case ;O)Pin It

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bob and Weave and Get out your shovel??

Well I had an interesting ride to work this morning! First I saw a bum with an overloaded grocery cart pulling out a shovel to defend himself against a chihuahua that was running towards him. WHICH I might ad, I saw in detail because I had to slam on my breaks to not hit the dog. Yeah did I mention that I live/drive in the sticks? Who knows how long that guy had been walking.

THEN just a bit farther down the road there was some guy holding a clip board waving at me. I think he belonged to the big trailer truck across the street from where he was. Maybe he was broke down or something. Me=not stopping.

Of course next was a car that couldn't hold their speed to save their life. 65/45/60 just pick a freaking speed will you!! And while your at it, would you mind not heading for the telephone poles, you're kind of making me nervous!

Other than my coffee cup deciding to be a drippy cup I made it to work in one piece. Whew. Now if only I didn't have this huge zit coming up on my jaw!Pin It

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Political Agendas in Christian Romance Books???

Ack I just spent all afternoon and evening reading a book. It was the sequel to the Christian book club book and I thought it was going to be a nice romance but no. It's not. It's all about different people's view of THE WAR?? Seriously depressing. Ended up skipping quite a few pages here and there so I could get the LOVE STORY that was hidden among them read. I feel seriously cheated.Pin It

Lazy girl plays BASKETBALL??

So my LAZY girl, yes my middle one, Melissa who doesn't like to do much, is going out for BASKETBALL. Crazy!! She had her first practice Tuesday and I went in a little early to pick her up so I could see her in action.

She was all sweaty but she was shooting and dribbling and she still says she wants to play! I can hardly believe it lol.Pin It

Trees & Knees

It's pretty much gone! Sunday we took a 2nd load to the dumps and SOMEHOW Scott got almost that whole mess in two loads. Freaking crazy!! He'd load some up and then jump and stomp on it to make it break down a bit. We put a little bit in the trash can and now we just have a small amount left that I'll put into our trashcan. (it's not much, don't worry!) Nothing like not wanting to spend money to motivate my man hahaha. After the dumps trip we came home and he worked on cutting up the big branches. We loaded them up into the back of the truck. He was too tired to deliver and stack them to my  mom.

His leg was STILL hurting him from when he whacked it back on Oct 14th so 3 weeks later! He was really limping around.  I went and got him some ice and some beer to help numb the pain.

Monday he came home from work early with a huge knot on top of his knee and it was really swollen. I made him a dr's appointment for Tuesday morning. He finally went and he was told the tissue is infected (given an antibiodic) and his blood pressure is really high so now he's on blood pressure meds. I'm hoping this helps his leg and his "short temper". I think now we need to work on not needing any blood pressure meds.Pin It

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Pumpkins and Floats

Saturday morning we finally got around to carving pumpkins. You can't carve them too early here because it's too warm and you'll have a moldy mess by the time Halloween rolls around. Usually I let the kids do it the day before but we were too busy and never got to it. So here they are in their jammies carving pumpkins. Jessica is absent since I wasn't allowed to take pictures of her with her bed head.

I ran to the store in the afternoon to get some candles for the pumpkins and went to Wal Mart. BAD IDEA. It was freaking crazy in there. You'd think they would schedule tons of employees to work on ANY holiday to help calm the caos. Apparently they didn't get that memo.

(doesn't my boy have some FIERCE eyes!)

I got home in time for the kids to want to go over to the neighbor's house to "work on the float" that we were going on again this year. You can read about our first experience on it last year here.

iT was a freaking BLAST. At one point there were 27 kids and 40 people total on or driving/tailing the float. When we got home Scott said that the only kids that came to the house were our huge group and like 1 more "wave". I only had 4 small bags of candy and there was still some left so not many kids.
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School Halloween Parade-On it's last leg?

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about all the kiddies Halloween crap. But :sigh: I'm behind so I'm showing you all now. I took the day off Friday so I could go to the little kid's halloween parade at school. I keep waiting for the year where they yank this away from them but so far it hasn't happened. It seems as the years go on they take more and more "fun" things away from the kids.

Last year it was the classroom parties. Booohiissssss. Of course they don't come right out and say they are doing away with the parties. They just make the days you would normally have a party a minimum day and then declare it "not enough time" to have a party.

Yeah sure I'm not buying it!! I think they just don't want to bother with them. And they used to be so much FUN!! When my oldest was first in this elementry school I formed a great bond with the other mothers at the class room parties. The other kids? I barely know the other parents. I don't think that's a coincidence. (spell check where are you, I think I spelled that wrong!!).

ANYHOW, enough of my rant. Took the day off, oldest stayed home sick :faker: and then met up with my mom and my nephew at the school (mom took him out early so she could bring him). I only took a few pictures because as usual I only have my iPhone for a camera (that is going to change soon, going to at least get a nice cheap camera soon).

After the parade we went to McD's with my mom and then swung by the grocery store for my mom to pick up a cake for the Club's party that night. She had an extra ticket she gave me (kids ate free) so I met up with her and my step dad and my mom's friend for dinner. I got Jess to come with us. She was all stressed about wearing a costume for some reason and ended up just going as herself only with more eyeliner and bigger hair (hahaha she'd kill me if she read that).

We went in and it wasn't long before dinner was served. The dinner was put on by the youth group and they had some LITTLE kids serving. They got some of the food on the plate. It didn't look too appetizing since it was orange jello (made in a brain mold), salad, pink and green colored spaghetti noodles and meatballs that kind of looked like eye balls.  It tasted ok though! Not really worth $8 but then my ticket was free!  After dinner we moved from the "kitchen" to the hall where the games were set up. They had a haunted house which of course I didn't go through because I'm a big ass chicken, the cake game (put your ticket on a number, they spin a wheel and if it's your number you win the cake) and a kids booth like the cake one only with kids toys. I ended up working in the kids booth for about an hour or so since no one had shown up to work it. I worked until the kids were ready to go home around 8:30.  So we were there about 2 hours. It was kind of fun but not like super exciting :O)

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where have I been???

Enter my audio book drawing HERE

I'm so freaking behind on blogging!! I'm behind on reading, commenting and POSTING. I have all these little blog posts running through my head but never seem to get them on here.

I think it's all the man's fault. You see, he's suddenly become a member of Facebook and has a FARM on Farmville. He spends HOURS figuring out how to get all the ribbons (you get ribbons on there? Seriously I just thought you suddenly went up a level. I never knew you did special things to make it happen). 

So yeah. Then my daughter started farming. So then I reinstated my farm that I had given up. You know, in the name of  "not wasting so much time".  So now there are 3 of us fighting for the computer to get our crops harvested. I think we need a 12 step program!

I am over a whole week behind in my daily blogging. I think I'll just do a few "scheduled posts" while I have time to work on them so I won't bombard you all  all 3 of you with one HUGE boring exciting post.Pin It

Christian Book Club For October Review

The Christian Book Club that I joined read 

I got this as an audio book from  Paper Back Swap awhile back.
It came to me new in the shrink wrap, pretty cool!
This was the first audio book I've ever listened to!
It was almost exactly one cd to work and back so it only took me a week to listen to it.

From Amazon:

Sarah Harper is driven to achieve success no matter what the cost.
She wants to do good and not hurt the people she loves--especially children and her husband, Joe--but her desire to succeed in her career too often leaves little time for family.

One cold, autumn afternoon, all of that changes when Sarah's car plunges off a bridge and into a river. She is presumed dead by those on the "outside," but Sarah's spirit is still very much alive.
What she discovers on the other side transforms everything about Sarah's view of life--past, present, and future.

When Sarah is revived, she is a changed woman.
And the unsuspecting world around her will never be the same again.

After I finished with the audio cd I let my friend's mom borrow it.
It was the first book she's actually "read" since I've joined their book club!!
I thought that was kind of funny.
There were 2 people missing from our meeting but out of those that came,
the 2 of us that listened to the audio cd liked it more than the ones that actually read the book.


If you would like to win my copy of the audio book
 just leave me a comment!
If you'd like TWO entries,
leave me a comment and link back to my blog on YOUR blog (leave me a 2nd comment telling me you did so).
I will pick a winner on Friday, November 6th.

I got the honors of picking the next book. I picked  Even Now by Karen Kingsburg.
The girls at work were passing it around so I already had it to read
(but I got my own copy so I can share one here after next month's book club meeting!)

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Club for October WINNER

The winner is Laurie! Email me your address and I'll get the book mailed out for you!

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October Yard Update

Can you believe October is over already!!

This month we added some tree stakes after the huge wind storm we had. 
The petunias either have or are in the process of going to seed. I pulled out a bunch of them yesterday.
Little alyssum seedlings are popping up all over.
I took a few out of the middle of the bricks and replanted them in "better" places.

I still need to pull out the grass on the right there, that's the driveway area that we are going to rock.
Sadly my landscape place I was getting all my rock from just closed!!
Hopefully I can find another one close by that has the same rock.

Still working on the area on the right here.
The plan is for bricks in that framed in area with the walkway going to it in the little rocks.
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