Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where have I been???

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I'm so freaking behind on blogging!! I'm behind on reading, commenting and POSTING. I have all these little blog posts running through my head but never seem to get them on here.

I think it's all the man's fault. You see, he's suddenly become a member of Facebook and has a FARM on Farmville. He spends HOURS figuring out how to get all the ribbons (you get ribbons on there? Seriously I just thought you suddenly went up a level. I never knew you did special things to make it happen). 

So yeah. Then my daughter started farming. So then I reinstated my farm that I had given up. You know, in the name of  "not wasting so much time".  So now there are 3 of us fighting for the computer to get our crops harvested. I think we need a 12 step program!

I am over a whole week behind in my daily blogging. I think I'll just do a few "scheduled posts" while I have time to work on them so I won't bombard you all  all 3 of you with one HUGE boring exciting post.Pin It


Carin said...

When you find that 12 step program let me know :O)

Hello my name is Carin and I am a Facebook games-aholic... ;O)

Chris H said...

I totally don't get this 'virtual farming' shit! Get off FB, it's evil!

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