Friday, May 31, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah!

Starting my morning by trying to get out of some weird meeting they want me to go to in Concord in 2 weeks. Like this should be available through Teams. Why do I have to drive 4 hours to do this? Stupid people.

Work was busy all day yesterday. After I logged out I went and took a 2 hour nap lol. Not sure where that came from. Woke up from Simon barking at me over and over. I guess she thought I should get up.

I finished cutting out all the pieces for the new quilt last night. Now to sew an X through them all. They are pinned and ready to go.

Went on a short walk with Simon so she'd leave me alone. Nothing like having a persistent dog to get you out the door.

Her tail cracks me up.

I decided I was hungry after we got back so cut up what was left of the chicken I didn't eat from the day before and made some pasta to add to it. 

Simon says she'd like some too. I may have ruined her in the begging department.

I don't know who's idea it was to put the tv on the wall here but I regret it. Oh yeah that was me. Scott falls asleep to the tv in the living room and it shines right in my eyes. Can't close the door all the way because then the animals want on the other side of it. Doesn't matter what side they start on lol. 

Today's plans are to take a shower and work on this quilt. So far no work emails other than the stupid one. 

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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

I had a visitor last night, mommy needed a little break! I just got the tiny one ;)

I got one tiny out loud giggle while he was here, so cute!

He had a little Grandma nap :)

After Scott got home he gave him a bottle and I took Simon for a little walk so she'd stop standing on me. She's like IT'S WALK TIME! Sheesh. 

 I made some chicken for dinner last night but didn't eat any since I was still full from my 3ish lunch snacks lol. I had a salad for breakfast/lunch (out of eggs) and then Trevor made us some spam/rice things. Later I had a smoothy/protein shake for some thing a little sweet. Then my stomach was all bloated and called me names. Seems to be back to normal this morning. 

I started cutting out the squares for the new quilt yesterday but then the baby came over. After he left it was about 9 so I just went to bed because that's too late to restart a project now. 

Work was busy all day yesterday, we'll see what today brings. So far I just got an email for the girl I'm covering for that requires a bit more coffee to figure out what I'm doing with it ;)

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Hello happy hump day already!

Here is my finished purple quilt from yesterday. It's really pretty in person!

I think I have my fabrics picked out for the next one. 

I cleaned up my sewing room a bit yesterday and it feels so much better. Tons to go but I don't feel so claustrophobic. 

My friend Carolyn and I went to Bingo and dinner last night. I forgot to take a picture of my huge burger. I ate half of it at 5 and the other half after I got home lol.

Carolyn would have won $100 but she didn't figure out that she had bingo in time lol. One of my other neighbor friends wants to go next week so we might end up with a full table! 

That's what I think of when I think of stuffed bell peppers.

Someone sent me something to do for work so guess I should go do it ;)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Hello happy Tuesday! A Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

Had this in my Facebook memories. Made me think of my friend Traci and how much she is missed by everyone.

Yesterday I finished up the quilt I was working on. I need to go out and get it out of the dryer and take pictures of it. Listening to a teleconference at the moment. 

Just did a tiny walk last night to make Simon happy. My neighbor's little Yorkie was losing her shit. 

Trevor BBQ'd the tri tip and sausage I took out for dinner and I made a mac salad. Scott yelled at video games all day. I was about to go pull the plug on it. I'm not sad he's at work today ;) 

Tonight my friend Carolyn and I are going to go play Bingo where Jess works and have dinner so that will be fun! 

I was up early this morning mostly because of the animals. I actually slept all last night too so that was good. I keep going to bed at like 9. I'm officially 100 years old.

I need to figure out what I'm going to make the next quilt out of. Trying to use all these large pieces of fabrics I have on hand for the backings since it takes so much. Gotta keep my costs down. Two quilts done 4 to go!

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Monday, May 27, 2024


Good morning happy Memorial Day Monday!

Yesterday was pretty busy. To make it fun Scott spent the day trying to die with low blood pressure from taking the meds the Dr prescribed. Good God that man it wearing out his in sickness and in health clause. It finally wore off this morning so he's back to his normal high blood pressure.

Lucy and I wondering where our breakfast is. 
Apparently it doesn't exist today.

Lots of baby love yesterday. Little Nate is happy unless he has a dirty diaper or is hungry. 

He's such a little flirt

He is definitely following everyone around with his eyes now and holding up his head really well. 

TOYS! They have so much fun dumping them all out and finding treasures.

He blinked a bit here but these kids are master popsicle eaters. I've never seen kids be able to eat a red popsicle and it not drip anywhere. 

After they got picked up we went to our friend's house for her birthday. We started off by hanging out in the pool and then hung out in the back yard all day. They have such a nice back yard. All her kids were there so that was nice. 

Here's my what's for dinner. I may have had seconds on that corn stuff. So good! The cake was a coffee ice cream cake. 

I was wide awake at 3 am probably from a cup of coffee while we were hanging out. I finally went back to sleep at some point and then slept til after 8. 

My friend Dee buys the kids clothes all the time I got the mail yesterday and all this was in there for them. She is so sweet. Spoiled by Auntie Dee!

It's almost noon and all I've accomplished today is packing up some eBay pattern sales. Yep still selling patterns. I keep putting them on sale cheaper and cheaper. Gotta move them out!

Going to go look for something to eat then I will work on my purple quilt. Should be able to finish it today I think!

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Sunday, May 26, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday!
It's babysitting day and she's working the earlier shift again so I need to shower and vacuum in a few minutes!

Apparently it's sleep in day for Scott. He's going to be waking up soon when the vacuum starts lol. Here is my breakfast he made yesterday. I had to put my own jelly on the toast though ;)

I spent most of yesterday working on this purple quilt. It's 100 squares for the top, 100 squares for the bottom, 100 squares of batting. That's a big pile!

I'm about 1/2 way done assembling. I got too tired last night so decided to stop since when I'm tired that's when bad things happen in sewing lol. Probably won't have time to work on it today since after the kids leave we are going to my friend's house for dinner.

Last night's dinner. White bean chicken enchiladas, white bean chicken enchiladas. That's the last of my "menu" items. Gotta figure out what to cook from what I bought now. 

Went for a little walk last night and the geese were way over here. We hardly ever see them this far from the water. 

Surprisingly Simon wasn't too interested in them.

Just a short walk because I was hurting BAD. My hips hurt so much. I swear I've becoming 100 this last 5 years. 

Ack it's 8:20 already. Going to have to take a shower now!

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Saturday, May 25, 2024


Hello happy coffee-less Saturday. 
We are out of water so no coffee since no one wants to go get water. I might have to cave soon.

I got the Blue Rose Rag Quilt done yesterday. It's so pretty. It came out to be 60x60 so just a little bigger than the other way I was making them. 

The gal I made it for said it's good so that's good lol. I hate making things for people with no guidance other than no cartoon things and not a lot of red. 

I'm working on a purple one now.

Last night's dinner, Chicken Salsa Bake
I put mine on a tortilla. It was so filling! Super easy to make too. 

Went to my darts awards ceremony and got $49 for my wins/low tons/high ton and $59 for my portion of our team wins. We came in 8th place out of 15 teams so not too bad!

They finally have a schedule for the summer league and of course our first game is on our anniversary. Since it's a Thursday we said we can just do dinner after or the next day. We are doing a little trip but that's not until the end of July so we don't have to worry about being back/gone for Rosie's birthday.

After darts I just laid on my bed and got up 12 hours later lol. Here's to lazy days ;)


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Friday, May 24, 2024


Hello happy FriYeah!  
We get off work 2 hours early today so that is nice. Not that it matters too much too much though since I have had zero emails of work to do today. 

Here is yesterday's lunch/dinner since we had no food in the house. Ono Hawaiian BBQ. 

I dragged myself to the store last night with no menu/list and just bought a ton of meat since I can figure something out if we have that lol. When I first got there this little girl started throwing up. She was sitting in the cart. I couldn't believe the people didn't leave and continued to shop and she was out of the cart touching stuff. THIS is how we get sick people. Sheesh. There were two parents there, one of them should have taken her out to the car if they really needed to finish the shopping. Gross.

I am continually sticker shocked when I go out and about. $12 for a tub of lunch meat????

Tina's sleeping pose of the day.

My stack of squares was quite impressive yesterday.

I just need to sew around the edges and then clip all the seams and she's done. Well, after she goes through the washer and dryer anyways.

I think the dark blue will look good once it's ruffled up.

I'm using a new to me computer today. My friend Eric gave me his old one when I said mine was trying to die. I've had it for a few days. I couldn't get my old one to turn on today (I think the on button is like shifted inside or something). Usually I can get it to turn on after a bit but not today. I'll try it again later. I have some pictures I'd like to get off of it, although I have pictures saved in numerous places. Here included! This screen is a little smaller but the colors are really nice.

This weekend's plans are sewing, sewing, babysitting on Sunday morning, party at my friends house Sunday night and sewing. So far anyways haha.

Oh I almost forgot we have darts awards tonight so that's my one thing to do today. Hopefully I made a few dollars (you get paid for game wins and low tons/high tons etc). 

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Thursday, May 23, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

I finally finished these zip bags yesterday. Remind me not to do more than like 10 things in a project next time ok? I still have a bunch of "in process" bags but they can wait for some other time lol.

New project woohooo! My mom's friend wants 6 rag quilts for Christmas presents which is cool! BUT she wants them like a regular rag quilt with each square it's own thing so I have to figure out the size and stuff. I decided to do 8" squares since it will lose an inch or so in each direction when it's sewn together. I decided 10 rows each direction should work. We'll see what the first one looks like when it's done. I got everything cut except the batting and then I can start doing the x's through all the layers to put them together. We'll see if this new machine works well on that or not. 

I cooked up the chicken I had to use for later for dinner yesterday and Simon helped herself to almost all of it. So we had Taco Bell for dinner. I definitely have to go to the store today, we have no meat left at all lol. The fridge is beyond bare.  I have been following 2 people on Tik Tok that have like "eat the pantry" challenges for themselves and I'm like I'd die in like 2 weeks lol. To me it seems like food hoarding with all the stuff they have set aside. Like you're never going to eat those 500 jars of canned beans you canned in your garage. 

BIG full moon last night. Just a bit of a walk with Simon since it was later. Yesterday was pretty warm so I was trying to wait til it cooled down to go out (and I was working on my project).

The amount of barking and losing their shit that some of the neighbor's dogs do is just so crazy. I'd go nuts if my dogs acted like that. I'd definitely be closing my door if I had it open and my 26 chihuahuas were shitting their pants because someone was walking by. 

Fun fact I almost got ran over taking this picture. Note to self people drive like crazies around the corner by the church.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Good morning happy hump day!

Yesterday I went to the dr with Scott. The doctor accused me of making him fat, telling me to stop buying him sweets. WTF dude. He didn't even live here the last 2 years and I barely even buy snacks. Just ask my kids they are always complaining haha. Anyhow he wants him to see a cardiologist. I hate the cardiologist Dr so he's on his own for that one. That guy is an A1 asshole.

After work my friend Eric and I went to where Jess works to try out the Bingo night. It was fun even though we didn't win. We decided next time we need an additional packet since the caller goes kind of slow. I was one away from winning black out. That would have been fun. The pot was $600 plus!

After that we went to the store so I could get cat food and that was my exciting day! So far only one thing to do today so a slow work day. We'll see if it gets busier. I was busy all day yesterday. Might go into the office tomorrow to work on doing more filing/letter writing. Or I might save that for next week. It will be there when I get there ;)

Still have to finish these stupid zip bags. Going to try and do that today!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!
Scott has a Dr appointment in a bit and I'm planning on going with him so a work/break/work day today.

Yesterday I went into the office. Found a solution to making eye contact with customers at the front counter lol. I'm not supposed to be helping people at the counter now and it's so awkward when they come in and we make eye contact lol. I usually end up just helping them if that happens. 

I met my friend Eric for lunch at In & Out so that was nice! We are planning to go to Bingo tonight where Jess works. 

I made lasagna roll ups for dinner. I think I used too much spinach because they were icky. I've made them before and liked them so I think that was the problem. I ended up just eating the outside part. 

Simon and I walked while they were cooking. TG no dogs running at us this time. (and yes we ate really late)

No sewing yesterday. Maybe I can sneak in a bit today but probably not!

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