Saturday, May 11, 2024


Hello happy Saturday!

Yesterday's breakfast. Leftover potatoes from the night before, some ham and some eggs. I should just make myself 1/2 of what I start with. I keep making too much.

Tina entertaining me while I worked

I decided to just use the old machine and some neutral thread to get these zippers done. By the last 2 bags it was just doing horrible knotting messes on the underside. I'm not sure what the issue is. So annoying! Back to the new machine. 

Going to try and get these zippers done today. I'm tired of working on these now and just want to get them done.

For dinner I made this salsa verde crock pot recipe. It was good but I should have used a bigger pack of chicken. I ended up picking off the green bell peppers too. Usually I like them but they were just a bit bitter here. I will make this again :)

Walking with Simon. I'm always like I don't want to walk I'm not feeling it and then she's like COME ONNNNN and so we go.

Same route as the day before

Anyone else's hip click when they walk? I had that happen in Jr High School and my mom took me to some place and they said it's just a tendon thing. Weird. It's just like it was back then.

Trying to get the baby geese. Not fast enough!

My stomach was still giving me gas bubble issues so I was looking up some home remedies and found to try a tsp of baking soda with some warm water. It actually seemed to help a little bit but I did end up taking some Pepto too. TMI but I thought I was going to have to go get a stool softener or something and then this morning I woke up with the opposite problem. WTH. So maybe that remedy worked too much? IDK lol. If my stomach is still messed up on Monday I'm to go to the doctor I think. Probably some kind of secondary infection from the flu bug. Or maybe I just need some probiotics?

Watching the kids tomorrow afternoon/evening so Jess can work so that will be my mother's day. At some point someone needs to go to the store and get kids snacks!

and do laundry boo

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