Thursday, May 16, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! Well it isn't exactly morning anymore.

Yesterday's breakfast, pretend I turned it to the left. 

I spent a bit of yesterday looking at the blue screens. Sheesh. Work computer and personal computer both barely working at the same time. Glad that they finally came around.

I worked on cross listing some vintage patterns onto Etsy. Probably a waste of time since only 1 out of like 10 even got a view so far. We shall see. Still have some more in the box to finish up.

I went and got us Panda for dinner. Scott came home and was complaining about his back hurting. Simon and I went for a walk. My friend Kristin called while we were walking. I had one ear bud in so that worked and we talked for almost my whole walk.

Stump Lake was like glass so still

Added on the big lake too. This is close to my friend Traci's dock. Rainbow Lake.

I messed up and forgot to go down one road on the way home so cut over when I could to do the loop I wanted. It wouldn't have added a whole lot more distance but maybe I would have got up to 3.75 lol. I'll have to try it next time. 

Somewhere during our walk Simon picked up something dead. It was too dark to make out what it was. I was so happy when she finally dropped it. I drove by it today and it was a flat pancake squirrel lol. Could only tell by the little bit of fluff left on it's tail. 

When I got back Scott was now throwing up and wanting to die. I attempted to go to bed but eventually had to just get dressed again (somewhat) so I could take him to the hospital. You know a man is sick when he wants to go there. 

This man has the loudest most violent barfing I've ever heard. He got to barf in the waiting room, that cleared out any seats near us haha. People would rather sit next to the coughing woman. 

Eventually they took him back and then eventually they did a CT scan and then eventually someone told us that the dr was working on getting him transferred to another hospital and then eventually I was at the nurses station asking for the 2nd time if the doctor could come talk to us?? WTF. 

So they told him he had a lumbar vein aneurysm and wanted to send him to a hospital that had more vascular stuff. At this point it was after 6 am and I was like I gotta go home and lay down for a bit. Right after I got home my alarm to get up for the morning went off.

Then at like 10 this morning someone came in and said that they looked at his CT scan from 2018 and he had this thing back then so they think maybe he just pulled a muscle in his back or something and he can just go home. Wow!  So I went to pick him up and forgot to bring his shoes and shirt back with me (whoops) so they sent him out with a paper gown and 3 sizes too small slipper socks lol. 

Apparently someone somewhere looked at this and now it's not a big deal. Well lets hope not. No barfing since they gave him meds hours and hours ago so we'll see. Why can't I ever have a whole week of dull? I'm just so thankful he didn't have kidney cancer or something. I thought that is what they were going to say when they were talking about sending him somewhere else. Also I can just imagine how much a 2 hour ride in an ambulance would have cost. I'm guessing 10K. 

So no work for me today since I called out this morning. I think I might go lay down again and try to nap a little. Scott's asleep on the couch. 

We're down to the last roll of toilet paper so the store has to happen at some point today or tomorrow lol.

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