Thursday, May 23, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

I finally finished these zip bags yesterday. Remind me not to do more than like 10 things in a project next time ok? I still have a bunch of "in process" bags but they can wait for some other time lol.

New project woohooo! My mom's friend wants 6 rag quilts for Christmas presents which is cool! BUT she wants them like a regular rag quilt with each square it's own thing so I have to figure out the size and stuff. I decided to do 8" squares since it will lose an inch or so in each direction when it's sewn together. I decided 10 rows each direction should work. We'll see what the first one looks like when it's done. I got everything cut except the batting and then I can start doing the x's through all the layers to put them together. We'll see if this new machine works well on that or not. 

I cooked up the chicken I had to use for later for dinner yesterday and Simon helped herself to almost all of it. So we had Taco Bell for dinner. I definitely have to go to the store today, we have no meat left at all lol. The fridge is beyond bare.  I have been following 2 people on Tik Tok that have like "eat the pantry" challenges for themselves and I'm like I'd die in like 2 weeks lol. To me it seems like food hoarding with all the stuff they have set aside. Like you're never going to eat those 500 jars of canned beans you canned in your garage. 

BIG full moon last night. Just a bit of a walk with Simon since it was later. Yesterday was pretty warm so I was trying to wait til it cooled down to go out (and I was working on my project).

The amount of barking and losing their shit that some of the neighbor's dogs do is just so crazy. I'd go nuts if my dogs acted like that. I'd definitely be closing my door if I had it open and my 26 chihuahuas were shitting their pants because someone was walking by. 

Fun fact I almost got ran over taking this picture. Note to self people drive like crazies around the corner by the church.

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