Friday, May 24, 2024


Hello happy FriYeah!  
We get off work 2 hours early today so that is nice. Not that it matters too much too much though since I have had zero emails of work to do today. 

Here is yesterday's lunch/dinner since we had no food in the house. Ono Hawaiian BBQ. 

I dragged myself to the store last night with no menu/list and just bought a ton of meat since I can figure something out if we have that lol. When I first got there this little girl started throwing up. She was sitting in the cart. I couldn't believe the people didn't leave and continued to shop and she was out of the cart touching stuff. THIS is how we get sick people. Sheesh. There were two parents there, one of them should have taken her out to the car if they really needed to finish the shopping. Gross.

I am continually sticker shocked when I go out and about. $12 for a tub of lunch meat????

Tina's sleeping pose of the day.

My stack of squares was quite impressive yesterday.

I just need to sew around the edges and then clip all the seams and she's done. Well, after she goes through the washer and dryer anyways.

I think the dark blue will look good once it's ruffled up.

I'm using a new to me computer today. My friend Eric gave me his old one when I said mine was trying to die. I've had it for a few days. I couldn't get my old one to turn on today (I think the on button is like shifted inside or something). Usually I can get it to turn on after a bit but not today. I'll try it again later. I have some pictures I'd like to get off of it, although I have pictures saved in numerous places. Here included! This screen is a little smaller but the colors are really nice.

This weekend's plans are sewing, sewing, babysitting on Sunday morning, party at my friends house Sunday night and sewing. So far anyways haha.

Oh I almost forgot we have darts awards tonight so that's my one thing to do today. Hopefully I made a few dollars (you get paid for game wins and low tons/high tons etc). 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Have you even priced a steak? or any meat? My god it's outrageous. Rick said we need to get a cow!

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