Sunday, May 26, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday!
It's babysitting day and she's working the earlier shift again so I need to shower and vacuum in a few minutes!

Apparently it's sleep in day for Scott. He's going to be waking up soon when the vacuum starts lol. Here is my breakfast he made yesterday. I had to put my own jelly on the toast though ;)

I spent most of yesterday working on this purple quilt. It's 100 squares for the top, 100 squares for the bottom, 100 squares of batting. That's a big pile!

I'm about 1/2 way done assembling. I got too tired last night so decided to stop since when I'm tired that's when bad things happen in sewing lol. Probably won't have time to work on it today since after the kids leave we are going to my friend's house for dinner.

Last night's dinner. White bean chicken enchiladas, white bean chicken enchiladas. That's the last of my "menu" items. Gotta figure out what to cook from what I bought now. 

Went for a little walk last night and the geese were way over here. We hardly ever see them this far from the water. 

Surprisingly Simon wasn't too interested in them.

Just a short walk because I was hurting BAD. My hips hurt so much. I swear I've becoming 100 this last 5 years. 

Ack it's 8:20 already. Going to have to take a shower now!

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1 comment:

Barbara said...

Glad to see someone else puts ketchup on scrambled eggs. I thought it was only my family!

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