Monday, May 6, 2024


Hello happy Monday. 
I'm only half dead today. I had the flu all weekend. No street faire for me this year. Sad to lose out on the money for my booth but what are you going to do.

 I've eaten like 12 bites of food since Friday. Scott went to the new dentist this morning. Waiting for him to get home with some soup for me. I've tried eating a few things but everything tastes disgusting after 3 bites. 

Back to Friday before I got sick! I ended up watching the 2 littles for awhile since their parents were both sick. I knew I was going to gets sick but I had already been with them every day of the week so the chances of not getting sick were slim lol. 

Big brother was still not feeling good so just the 2 littles. 
Just look at this cutie!

Rosie wasn't 100% but bopped around a bit.

Simon thinks the baby is candy flavored. She also thinks he is hers to guard from Snookie. 

After I took them home I made dinner. The last meal lol. Basically fancy spaghetti. Do you call everything pasta spaghetti? 

And the leftovers from a can of green beans that the kids sent over for Rosie.

Took Simon for a short walk so she'd leave me alone lol

Saturday I woke up and went to the bathroom and wasn't feeling right. I had this weird wave go through me. I went to walk back to bed and half passed out. It was so weird. Scott was like OMG do you need to go to the hospital? (I had whacked into the baby crib and the mirror so it was loud) I was like no probably just have the flu. Eventually threw up and had the had the runs a bit but mostly just felt icky. I had a low fever on and off. 

Sunday I ate a tiny bit of breakfast that Scott made. Fed most of the toast to the dogs. Ick. 

I attempted to eat a quesadilla last night and ate like 5 bites. Gross. 

I think I watched everything on Tik Tok the last 2 days in between napping. 

Anyone else following that pastor's wife who died story? Mica Miller. Just waiting for them to arrest the husband. He sounds like a real piece of work.

I was supposed to have Bunco tonight but the leader got a sub for me. So nothing on the schedule until Wednesday. I have a dermatologist appointment to check out these 2 new moles on my back. One is right under my bra so that is great. Hopefully they are just ugly and not dangerous.

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