Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tom's Service

Tom Passed away at the end of April but the didn't have a service until the beginning of June (the same day Trevor graduated) since so many of the family members live in Minnesota, and to be able to get the church and the hall booked.

We got to the church a few minutes late so we missed the slide show, which was probably a good thing since I started bawling (I thought I was over that!) when we got there. There was a woman singing and playing the piano and she had the most beautiful voice.

My friend Traci got up and read something she wrote. Such a strong woman. I know I never would have been able to do that.

After the church service it was back to the clubhouse which was PACKED with people paying their respects.

Traci made such great displays of all his fishing shirts and hats. Our friend Ginny painted a picture from a picture and then ended up making up this fabulous hand out.

Traci's daughter in law made this "candy bar" with his favorite candies

We had to leave a little early since we had Trevor's graduation to go to, but it sure was nice to see how many people loved Tom.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Jessica's 23rd

Still working on catching up old pictures!

After the car show we went out to dinner for Jessica's birthday. She had wanted to go to one restaurant but they couldn't seem to reserve a table for a large party (wth is up with places now?) so we ended up going to Chili's. Works for me!

Jessica's friends Alex, Iris, and Chelsea joined us (and my mom) for dinner.

Iris is a balloon artist and brought her balloons to entertain us with. She made me a flower but I forgot to take a picture of it.

and a hot dog on a hat for Jess haha

The waiter was like can you make me something (super cute kid lol) and she was like what would you like? He said anything so this is what he got.

He was totally impressed haha

When dinner was almost over I started getting some sad messages on my phone that my friend Traci's husband had been in some kind of accident and something bad happened. On the way home it was it was confirmed that he had passed away. We went over Traci's house when we got home since we were all so devastated. I stayed for a couple hours until after he was taken from the house (he was in a car accident which he walked away from, then came home and had a massive heart attack). So much sorrow. I think Tom is the first younger person I've been really close to that has passed away. Someone I spent time with multiple times a week. So so hard. He was really a big part of our community too.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Graffiti Night

I don't know why, but I love going to the Graffiti night every year. This year Scott was working but the kids wanted to go with me, so I was happy I got to go. Melissa brought her hula hoop and hooped for over an hour without stopping. Crazy girl. It was funny too because some of the people driving cars took pictures of her lol. Trevor decided about half way through the time we were there that he was bored and wanted to go but we had to wait for Melissa to finish... so he because a bit annoying.

This is the first time I've seen the cars just sitting. Maybe we usually get there a bit late and it's already going but they seemed to be sitting quite a bit even after I started. Usually they get to kind of wizzing by.

Not wanting his picture taken..

My mom had one of these dogs and he was a terror of a terrier lol. I can't imagine 4 of them.

People from the movie American Graffiti

It was so cold by the time we left, which was odd, and a week later we are having a heat wave with triple digits. I stopped at Starbucks after we left so I could get a hot drink to warm up!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Memorial Day BBQ

See we've been so busy that's why I'm so far behind lol. If we have a weekend with nothing to do (and no one getting sick) it's a miracle!

My brother and sister in law invited us over for a BBQ on Memorial day. We weren't sure if they would cancel at first since my Dad was in the hospital. He actually got released that morning and then went over to my brother's.

He had went down to pick up Adrian from school on Thursday I think it was, and he passed out and hit his head. Someone called my brother, someone called my mom and someone called an ambulance.  His heart rate was really low so they took him to the hospital. They gave him a bunch of stuff to get his heart rate up and then that made his legs start twitching really bad so they gave him some kind of Parkinson's medicine (WTH) to calm it down. Then he started hallucinating. It was the weirdest thing. He knew who we were but he kept saying weird things, like looking for the dog's collar in his lap.  My mom and I were worried that maybe he had a stroke or something happened when he fell to mess up his head but later one of the nurses was looking up the meds they had given him and saw that the Parkinson's one could cause hallucinations. It took about 12 hours for that to get out of his system. I believe they decided that the reason his heart rate was so low in the first place was due to some medicine the doctor had given him. He's doing so much better now. They also found out that the blood clot that he had in his heart has dissolved so that at least was some good news out of the whole situation.

Anyhow, back to the BBQ. The kids had a great time swimming and playing with Jessica's hula hoops. Vincent kept trying to grab both sides of the hoop which was kind of hilarious to watch. My mom ended up running gown the street to Walgreens and picking up some kid sized hoops for them all to play with. Vincent and my brother Joe ended up making that a weapon at one point. Boys..

We had a nice time just hanging out. It's fun to watch the little's play but it's nice when we leave with our big kids too :)

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Take Me out to the Balll gammee

We got invited by some friends to go to the A's game on Father's Day. Yeah!  A chance for Scott to yell at the team and they might actually be able to hear him :)

We picked up Rick and Jen (they live down the street from us) and then drove to BART and took the train to the game. Somehow we got there pretty early and it was HOT. So we walked around and got margaritas and beers and nachos in a helmet and a new shirt and bag for Jen. Then we made our way to our seats that were in the direct sun and about 90000 degrees. We sat down for about 30 seconds and then we got back up and went to some seats in the shade. "We'll just get up if the people come", which they NEVER DID! Score, we actually didn't die.  Just about everyone sitting around us had done the same thing.

The only blurry picture is the one when I'm talking lol. I had tripped on that thing behind me.

Scott standing up for the 7th inning stretch. good thing he's not 2 inches taller.

The black at the top is the over hang. A little farther away but I didn't have to wear sunscreen :)

After the game took the REALLY CROWDED train back. I tried not to throw up from the heat, motion and people since I was in seat that was sideways. That was kind of shitty.

We were all super excited to get in the car (I think I forgot to post my new car I bought too!) and crank up the AC!  We ended up stopping for some dinner on the way home. Our friends who invited us insisted on paying for everything except we had beat them to the BART tickets. Going to have to invite them over for dinner and some other stuff to make that up to them.

After we got back I ended up going over to the other neighbor's house. He's been trying to fix Trevor's computer. He thought he had it fixed up but then something happened again so we were hanging out and he has the cutest little dog ever.

She is just the sweetest thing. Trevor also wanted to dognap her lol

She crawled up on my chest lol

After I left there we went home and my friend Traci was like hey you just drove past me on the porch at her mom's. So I made a drink and went back over there to hang out. The sunset wasn't all that great but the light off the lake and the houses was nice.

So that was a busy day. I could have used a few more days on my weekend :)

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Craft Show and new bags

Last weekend I did another dud of a craft show. I kind of had a feeling that it wasn't going to be a good once since there wasn't any communication from the organizer about set up. I ended up contacting them to find out if they were providing tables and what time to show up.

The event was in a hotel, turned out not in a nice conference room, that was being used by a coin and stamp convention, but down and to the right and then make a left and then over there behind the pool area (inside still).  Which, maybe would have been ok if they had some HUGE clear signs that showed people that entered the hotel that there was something going on way down yonder but there wasn't. Plus there was only 3 other vendors, one of which was an author.

I did manage to make $35 thanks to someone that got lost trying to find the bathroom, one of the other vendors and someone else that came through. It was so bad the organizer refunded us our booth space and I bailed out early at 1:30 so I could go to my friends house and go swimming with the family lol.

Plus it was HOT. Pool plus sky lights plus swam cooler and 100 degree weather equals sauna.

I think this place was probably pretty groovy in the 70's. All the rooms have curtains so you could open them up and see into the court yard area. I envisioned a disco party going on there lol.

My 2 6' tables that they neglected to tell me were actually only a foot or so wide. That fun trying to figure out my display

A lot of the windows at the top were open. I think that probably doesn't make the air conditioner function very well.

Anyhow, I didn't feel bad at all about bailing early. I had a great time at my friends with my family!

Here are a bunch of new bags I made before the show, I still have them all since there was like 10 people that actually walked through the area. For sale for $10 each if anyone is interested. I might eventually put some in my Etsy shop if I have time. I need to find another show to sign up for. My newest rule is not inside of a hotel. Added to "not inside a restaurant" and "not too far away from the road". It's all a learning experience!

And for some reason it turned most of my pictures sideways.

This is a pencil bag, selling them for $5 (have a few)

I have a few more of the make up bags cut out that I didn't finish sewing up. Once I get those done I'm going to find something else to make :)

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