Sunday, December 17, 2017

I guess Christmas is Coming?

No matter how much I drag my feet Christmas always ends up coming.

We finally got a REAL Christmas tree because my kids hate the fake one. This only took two trips to town for Scott and the kids to finally bring one home. When they got home we only had one strand of tree lights. haha. Today we finally got another strand. Trevor put them on the tree but Melissa is at work so they can decorate it tomorrow.

Today we went and BOUGHT A NEW MATTRESS! It's a miracle. Our current mattress is taco like and has pokey springs. We actually went to buy Trevor a mattress since he got a new to him bed. He's been sleeping on the floor for ages after his other bed broke. One step closer to being civilized people. They all come on Friday when Scott can be here for the delivery. I think this means I need to clean my disaster of a bedroom but I've got a couple days for that still right? I would really like to tear the carpet out but I can't handle doing that right now since Christmas is next weekend.

Yesterday I went as an elf on the Christmas Caroling Train. I actually rode in a golf cart with my friend Traci behind the train and took out little gift bags to people that came out of the houses. It was fun even though it was cold.

A blurry picture of my parents and Robert

My brother Joe, Maegen and Adrian

Trevor was there too but I didn't get a picture of him and apparently no one else did either. He was sitting with some girls..

Santa came for a bit for pictures but I think his back didn't hold out well enough for the 2nd round of train riders. 

After we got back everyone was going out for dinner so Scott, Trevor and I went with them to Chili's. 
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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That looks like a lot of fun! What temperature was it? I am curious as to what cold means to you. 😊

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I too thought the same as Amy, what is cold to you in California?
Looks like a good time - but you always look like you are having fun!
Before losing my big corporate job I had a Tempurpedic for 12 years. It died at the 10-year mark but we hung in there. Now I don't have that kind of money to spend on a mattress.
So a friend of mine got a mattress at IKEA. 20 yr warranty. I thought I'd check it out.
So instead of over 2000. I got one like a Tempurpedic for just over $400. It's a great bed and we have a great warranty. Just saying if you ever need another it's worth looking at. We had it delivered too. Easy peasy.

Suburban Correspondent said...

We bought a new mattress back in 2012. Worth every penny, but yeah it was hard cleaning out the bedroom enough for the guys to deliver it. Glad I won't have to do that for at least another 10 years!

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