Saturday, December 9, 2017

Busy Little Bee

Oh my gosh you guys I've been so busy. I just drank like 2 glasses of champagne with the neighbor so hey! Good time to write haha.

Today I did another "Holiday Boutique" at a school.

Remind me not to do things at schools again. We'll add that to the list of things not to do.

Shows in a back room of a hotel
Shows at a golf course in November
Shows at a little bar/restaurant in the "back room"
Shows at a school

Basically if you don't see it advertised on Facebook at least 5 times before you go it's going to suck. That seems to be the way it goes.

Luckily today though I still made back my booth fees plus a bit more. I did meet some really nice people and got a bit of Christmas shopping done. When you don't have people coming in from outside the vendors start shopping eachother's booths lol. I did stop by Joanns after it was over too so, yeah. Hahaha.

When I got home I talked to the neighbor gal who wanted to buy a couple of my things so I went over there and drank some champagne and talked for awhile. And I came home with some more money in my pocket. WOOT.

There was another event in town today that my step mom went to and another gal I know was thinking about doing it. I'm interested to see how that went. I didn't sign up for that one because it's at our Outlet Mall which is now more of a dead mall.

I don't have anything else booked for the month but I've been thinking about doing one at my house. First I need to clean up and decorate though!Pin It

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love it - "drinking champagne and made money"
Not bad Jules not bad.

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