Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yard Update for September

I wish this picture wasn't so dark!
Here is the garden September 23rd.
The big show is still the petunias and the alyssum.
And the COSMO'S!!
Check out how tall they are!!
I had Melissa stand next to them to show.
She's about 5 feet tall.

A little bit of the bloomers

The front beds are very crowded!
I had no idea some of these plants would actually get as tall as they are.
Guess it goes to show that if you water they will grow!!
I was messing around and made these little collages, we've come a long way!!
Still not done but getting a bit farther.
It's been way too hot to work out in the yard lately.
I try to get a bit in here and there though.
It's finally suppposed to cool down to the 80's next weekend.

(April, May, June)
I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather so I can get more done. Today I picked up a few mums at Orchard Supply. They were having a sale, buy one get one free for their 4" mums. I got 4 each of 2 pretty purples.
The petunias are slowly dying off and I don't want to lose all the color pop in the yard!!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buster Hangs Out

I really enjoy sitting out on my front porch, reading a book (ugh so hard to finish this book club book!), enjoying my garden, and occassionally a visit with my mostly outside cat "Buster".

Buster mostly just loves Melissa.

I feel honored when he wants to hang out with me!Pin It

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's yours is mine...

This morning Jessica was going through my suit case. Yes, the suit case from when I went to Texas. It's almost all unpacked, ok?? I'll get it done eventually..

Anyhow, I was all "what are you doing going through my stuff?"

and she's all "I was just getting some gum".

A few minutes later she gets in the car and I'm like "umm why are you wearing my shirt??"

Her: "It's my shirt"
Me: "no it's not"
Her: "it was in my closet"
Me: "no it wasn't"
Her: "YES IT WAS!"
Me: "if you lie about stupid things I'm not going to trust you about big things"
Her: "SIGH. It was in my closet!"
Me: liar

Sheesh, I swear, I hardly have any clothes and what I do have someone is trying to take. Seriously, my clothes are nothing exciting, WTH??Pin It

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(anyone remember that from Mr. Mom?)

Every day this car parks the opposite way than all the other cars waiting for the bus. In the middle of the parking lot.

Drives me batty for some reason!

ETA: 2 days later I notice he "turns around" and waits for the bus to move after he picks up the kid. WTH? I think he's just a rude driver!Pin It

Copy Much?

So as I'm fighting with the copy machine at work, I'm wondering, how many people die every year by getting shocked or something from the copy machine?

The answer must not be very high, because I couldn't find anything!

BUT I did find this :snicker:

and this

and this lmao!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

My new niece!

Saturday I finally got to go see my new little niece!! I was so excited to finally get to hold her. The girls and I went. Scott stayed home with Trevor since he's sick. We picked up a bucket of chicken at KFC for a little dinner for everyone and headed over there.

When I got there my other brother was holding her. She is so tiny! I can't believe Jessica was that size when she was born!!

The girls totally loved holding her, although SIL's parents came over (with dinner, whoops) and so I felt like I had to share a bit ;O) I could have sat and held her all day.

At one point Jessica kind of disappeared with the baby. I asked her if she was taking mirror pics, just jokingly. After we got home I found this on Facebook lol.

So cute :O)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back To Work & Christian Book Club

Tuesday I dragggggged myself out of bed for work. Seriously thought I wouldn't have as much of a problem getting out of bed with the time change thing going on, but of course, that wasn't the case. Sleep is something I seem to never get enough of!!

So work was pretty boring (as expected!)

That evening I had a book club meeting. Did I tell you guys I'm doing two book clubs now? This is the Christian book club that meets at Starbucks. Which in itself is a reason to go. Nevermind the fact that my oldest friend, her sister and her mom go too! My friend's mom and my mom have been friends since 5th grade. So obviously they hung out when we were kids and I was pretty much an only child until my brother was born when I was 7. There were FOUR kids in their family so it was like going to a party at their house. GREAT times. Anyhow, when my friend invited me to join her book club I was pretty happy!

The book we were discussing this time was

The Queen of Sleepy Eye by Patti Hill

From Amazon:

En route to college in the summer of 1975, sensible seventeen-year-old Amy gets stuck in smalltown Colorado when the 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe driven by her insufferable tiara-toting mom, Francie—former Queen of the Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Corn Festival—surrenders to a mortally wounded transmission.

It doesn’t take long to realize that thirty-three-year-old Francie is out of money and in no hurry to let go of her daughter, so the two unpack indefinitely. Amy finds work at a funeral home, a place where her unlikely Christian faith can work itself out among the town’s young and old, geeks and jocks, hippies and clergy alike.

Trying not to judge her mom’s serial boyfriend escapades, Amy ends up in a tragic love triangle herself which gives both mother and daughter the chance to do some real growing up. But in a surprise twist, their road to healing still has many miles to go in 2008 as they travel back to Sleepy Eye in that old ’58 coupe.

I really liked this book, although I did a little vent (spoiler) HERE when I first finished it. Except for that one part it was a VERY good book.

The next book that we are reading is Any Minute by Joyce Meyer.

I got this as an audio book from Paper Back Swap awhile back.

This was the first audio book I've ever listened to! It was almost exactly one cd to work and back so it only took me a week to listen to it. I felt a bit like a cheater since I've already listened to the whole book and no one else has read it yet lol.

From Amazon:

Product Description
Sarah Harper is driven to achieve success no matter what the cost. She wants to do good and not hurt the people she loves--especially children and her husband, Joe--but her desire to succeed in her career too often leaves little time for family.
One cold, autumn afternoon, all of that changes when Sarah's car plunges off a bridge and into a river. She is presumed dead by those on the "outside," but Sarah's spirit is still very much alive. What she discovers on the other side transforms everything about Sarah's view of life--past, present, and future.
When Sarah is revived, she is a changed woman. And the unsuspecting world around her will never be the same again.

I loaned my audio book to my friend's mom. She never seems to get the books read so we'll see if she can get this one "listened to"! If she brings it back to me at the next meeting I'll put it up here.Pin It

Friday, September 18, 2009

Texas Day 6, Monday, Last Day!

Monday we got up and got our free breakfast down in the hotel lobby. I'm glad they had some waffles to soak up the booze I still had swimming around in my belly!!

After breakfast we packed up and hit the road and did a little shopping until it was time for our massages. We went to the massage place and they took us both in the same room. She got the girl, I got the gay guy. The massage itself was very nice but right after it was done I had a horrible pain in my hip and had to limp around. Eventually it mellowed out a bit but I was still a little sore, think maybe I got some nerves pinched or something!!

We didn't take a shower before the massage thinking we'd head back to the hotel and take a swim, but we got done too late to do that so I was feeling extra grodey. I slicked my hair back and hair sprayed it in place so at least it wouldn't be hanging on my forehead all gross.

We went to luch at this really nice Mexican restaurant. Can't remember the name. Then we went to Wal mart and got our hair washed! I decided to get a little trim. BIG MISTAKE. First the girl couldn't find her scissors. Then she was talking about how she's been so sick (thinking FUCK! don't want to get sick!!) and then when she starts to cut my hair she doesn't divide it into sections. Just does about 5 nips across the bottom (I have really thick hair and it's long right now!) and a couple off my bangs and she's done. TG I was thinking that at least she didn't take to much off so I can get it fixed later lol. She was really kind of scary. The other gals in there, one had hickies all over her neck and the other one was busy texting away. I was the only one in there! Crazy!!

I went out and met Sarah out at the truck and although I felt better that my hair was all clean I was totally out of whacks from the weird hair cut girl.

Lesson learned, never go to Wal Mart for a hair cut!

So then we went to "The Big Texan"

to have a look around,

and got my all time favorite vacation photo lol.

Aren't we cute!?! That was one freaking big chair!

Do you think you could eat all this? I think my husband could!! We might have to have try it if I ever let him go to Texas with me hehe.

Check out some of the stuff in the gift shop. Makes you wonder what kind of people would actually buy this stuff!

Then all too soon we were on the way to the airport. I realized what I don't like about Texas, and it's that there is no landscaping anywhere. Everything is just buildings and concrete. Well if you don't count these

That was about the most exciting landscaping we saw lol.

My flight was uneventful, complete with a short layover in Denver (I can check that state off my list now too lol) and then it was the last stretch home. There was a baby crying almost the whole way from Denver to San Jose. I felt so bad for the parents, they were all stressed out. Didn't really bother me at all though, weird!

I got to the airport and told Scott I was there. He pulls up, barely stops, doesn't get out to help me put my bag in the back or give me a hug or anything. I get in and he's all stressed about how to get out of the airport and the pick up traffic.


Nice to be home!Pin It

Texas Day 5 !!! Sunday

Sunday we were going to Amarillo. While Sarah was getting ready, her kids tried to kill eachother while I sat quietly on the couch and watched.

And for the record "he started it!"

We were headed for some shopping and a hotel to hang out and then Monday we were going to get massages. COOL!

So on the way to Amarillo we stopped at Cadillac Ranch. We should have stopped for some spray paint on the way!

Thinking they should have a garbage can out by the cars

After that we kept driving and then stopped for lunch at Boot Hill Saloon & Grill.

We were greeted by a cute girl in a western style sequined dress with boots and a feather (if I remember correctly) in her hair. We sat in the "bar" area and the only other customer was a rancher that soon was having a regular conversation with us.

I got a yummy sandwich,

Tascosa Bordello
Shaved Black Angus Beef sautéed with Peppers and onions smothered in melted cheddar and pepper jack cheese tastes illegal

and sweet potato fries which were THE BOMB!

The guy at the bar was pretty friendly and I started to get that "stranger danger" going in the back of my head. Don't tell him where we're going... lol. But I think he was just a friendly guy, afterall we aren't chopped up on the side of the road somewhere.

After that we made it to Amarillo and did some shopping. Sarah's daughter's birthday was in two days so she was looking for some presents and I picked up a couple little things for my kids.

Oh, and lots of baby clothes for my niece :) Because on the way to Amarillo my brother sent me these:

My Mom & Niece

My brother & his girl

My SIL and her girl after they took her off oxygen!!

I think I'm in love!! She has to stay in the NICU until Friday so I can't go see her, but I will soon!!

Anyhow-after shopping we checked in at the.Drury Hotel

Then headed over to have some cocktails. We started at Logan's Roadhouse and had a couple. Then went around the corner and went to the movies!

We saw All About Steve which was kind of dumb but funny in that dorky way.

THEN we went to Dave's BBQ and had a bunch more drinks and met an Australian named "MICK". Thought for sure he was going to show us his "big knife" at some point.

We closed down the bar and walked back to the hotel and for some reason we were really tired, go figure!Pin It

Texas Day 4 Saturday!!

Saturday I woke up and I was alone in the house with Gerret, Sarah's son. I called Sarah and told her to come get me. Her friend Blou was having a garage sale and everyone was going to go hang out there. She said she was at the coffee shop and that Gerret would walk me over to Blou's house.

Gerret walks (more like sprints) me over to Blou's house. I'm wearing a tank top and my flip flops. One block in I'm thinking I really should have worn a sweatshirt!! We get there and none of the other girls are there?? Blou is busy running the garage sale. So I just kind of hang back and visit in between customers.


So this hispanic man picks up this baby doll and tells his friend that "this is one ugly doll" in spanish. Blou says "I know what you just said!"


"and you're right, it is one ugly doll!!"

You should have seen the guy's face, it was so funny! Everyone started laughing. So a little while later he's done shopping and his total is $9 and she tells him he needs to round it up to $10. So he's looking around and goes and picks up the ugly doll. Her hair kind of falls off (think it was glued on) and Blou says "she's having chemo right now". LOL, she cracks me up. So the guy buys the ugly doll and all is good. That's Texas for you!!

Here's Blou's cat "Bunny Rabbit" she said he used to stand up on his hind legs all the time. He's so flipping cute!! Made me miss my kitties though!

After awhile I walked back to Sarah's house since she told me on the phone she was "learning to run the coffee shop". I think she was just rubbing herself all over the espresso machine. ;o) I read my book a bit and Sarah came back awhile later all hopped up on caffine. WILL WORK FOR COFFEE tattooed on her forehead!!

So THEN it was field trip time!!

We went out to the their dairy

Well hello there!!

I swear the cows are SO CURIOUS!!

Then we went for a ride to the Oklahoma border, which is only about 10 miles away from the dairy site.

Made it!! Sarah was freaking me out about snakes..

At least I can say I've been to Oklahoma now (looks just like Texas, go figure...)

Finally got to see one of those "big spiders" she kept seeing. Tarantula anyone??? They cross the road all over, we saw a few more after this one.

This is a little turtle, we saw 4 on our road trip.

This picture is like "where's waldo" only it's a HUGE Antelope Buck. Too bad I didn't have a camera with zoom with me, just my little iPhone.

This is the calf ranch I think it was called. Something like that. All the dairies send all the baby cows to this place to be raised until they are milking age. Rows and rows and rows of baby cows.

Aren't these babies adorable!!

When we were leaving the calf ranch we saw a snake on the road. Ewwwwww. It appears to be a rattler that is missing it's rattle. Sarah thought maybe it had gotten run over earlier (but it was still alive)

After we got back to town we went looking for the house that is for sale that I always drool over online. It's my house that I would buy if I ever moved there!

Here it is:


Here is the real one! Isn't it an awesome house?? It's only like $100K which is nothing here in CA!

Too bad this is the main shopping area. I don't think Jess would go for it.

That night we went over to Lisa's house (the coffee lady) and hung out a bit. When we went to leave there were a couple of frogs/toads on her porch.

AND THEN on the way home we stopped by this guy's shop to see if he had the part for Sarah's refridgerator that has been held ransom for at least a month. They didn't have the part but they did have this awesome bird "Gracie".

Gracie loved me and had to be practically spanked to get her back in the cage. Too funny!

The owner is kind of a big guy and he kept trying to get her to show us her "big wings" and he'd spread his arms out and flap them and hop up and down. HILARIOUS!!

That was about it for that BUSY DAY!!Pin It
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