Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yard Update for September

I wish this picture wasn't so dark!
Here is the garden September 23rd.
The big show is still the petunias and the alyssum.
And the COSMO'S!!
Check out how tall they are!!
I had Melissa stand next to them to show.
She's about 5 feet tall.

A little bit of the bloomers

The front beds are very crowded!
I had no idea some of these plants would actually get as tall as they are.
Guess it goes to show that if you water they will grow!!
I was messing around and made these little collages, we've come a long way!!
Still not done but getting a bit farther.
It's been way too hot to work out in the yard lately.
I try to get a bit in here and there though.
It's finally suppposed to cool down to the 80's next weekend.

(April, May, June)
I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather so I can get more done. Today I picked up a few mums at Orchard Supply. They were having a sale, buy one get one free for their 4" mums. I got 4 each of 2 pretty purples.
The petunias are slowly dying off and I don't want to lose all the color pop in the yard!!
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KatBouska said...

So pretty!! Will you come over and take care of MY yard now?

Chris H said...

OMG your garden is just gorgeous! You put ours to shame, we don't plant anything! Well .. some veges do get thrown in!
I love how much the garden makes such a difference to the look of your home. You have done so well chick!

Anonymous said...

that looks SO AWESOME Julie!!!!

Laurie- FFSI

gloria b said...

WOW!! What a beautiful garden! You did a great job!!

Susie said...

So pretty Julie!! It looks so different from before! Has to make you happy every time you go out and see all the pretty flowers!!

~Sheila~ said...

WOW!! Look at all of that color.
It's so great. I think I am going to have to settle with just grass in my yard. Flowers means I have to weed it and I don't want to have to do anything but let the rain water it.

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