Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas Day 2 (Thursday)

Read about Day 1 here and here

Thursday was a big day! My sister in law was being induced. I was really sad that I wasn't there at the hospital. But, there wasn't much I could do since I had booked the tickets thinking she would have had her baby by then!! About 8 they started inducing her. I tried not to bug my brother too much but I sent him a few text messages asking how it was going. Things were going rather slowly. It was probably early afternoon when they broke her water.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I were headed to the coffee shop. There is NO STARBUCKS in Dalhart. Sad?? No, not really. Because they have a Super Star Coffee. This little coffee shop is a drive thru, pick it up on the go, better than Starbucks coffee. YUMMMM-O!! I think I had their coffee everyday I was there lol. Anyhow, we stopped there and visited with the owners, Lisa and her husband (Gary? I think).

I kept checking my phone looking for updates on my new neice! I finally called my mom and got a little bit of news from her, which was basically that things were still moving along slowly.

For lunch we went to the "country club" for a producers (dairy men) lunch for the Hilmar Cheese Company. The cheese plant is the whole reason Sarah moved to Texas in the first place. They moved their whole dairy there, then added about 1000 more cows. Crazy!! (You can read about their Dairy here). The lunch was good, although I couldn't help checking my phone for updates. After that it was back to the house.

Sarah was having a Scentsy party. She did some clean up while I sat and looked at my Facebook (sheesh what a bad friend!). But really it wasn't bad lol. I think I wiped the counter!!

Right after the consultant lady got there, Sarah asked me to run to the store for her and get some ice. Here's my directions.

Go to the corner, make right. Make a left, then the store is on the right. I got to the store just fine and got the ice. On the way back? I got lost!! Duh what a dork lol. Had to call Sarah and get help getting back. All the while driving her truck, which had their last name on it. I'm sure all the gals that came to the Scentsy party were wondering why Sarah was driving around in circles in her neighborhood lol.

So made it back, smelled lots of candles and met all Sarah's friends. Blou (short for Betty Lou, how southern is that!!), who is such a cool lady, Juli my replacement in Texas (she is cool though!) and Juli's mom who was visiting from California also! Oh and Phyllis (I met her son when Sarah moved there). Anyhow, all her great friends that she hangs out with all the time.

I was still checking my phone. Still nothing happening.

After the party was over we sat around munching on chips and playing on the computer, iPhone and lots of facebook. Just call us addicts lol.

About 11 or so my brother said that Megan was pushing! I was so excited, my new niece was going to be here soon.

I tried to stay up until I heard something but I was exhausted and went to bed around 1 or so.Pin It

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~Sheila~ said... got lost turning the corner.

How funny is that!

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