Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Good morning! It's back to the office Tuesday! I was a tiny bit glad to get out of the house today, we'll see how I feel tomorrow haha.

I spent a big chunk of yesterday finishing up these light blue string blocks. This is all of them, they look so nice when laid out, definitely making a tote bag with them. Then I went through my green & yellow scraps to mix with the pinks I had. I got side tracked though hanging out with Scott and then Jess & Little Daniel came over for a bit. Scott brought a box of VHS movies his brother had almost thrown away home. There was one that said Jessica on it so she went home and was sending me little clips of it. I went over to her house and watched it. We got a video camera her first Christmas but these were before that. Scott's mom had one of the giant video recorders from the 80's and they were from that. Super cute! I'll have to share a few snippets. I'm on there at 20 years old feeding baby Jess.

So a neighbor had asked me if I'd like some quilting fabric. Someone she knew was moving or something so I was like yeah sure. OMG. Her and her crew dropped all this off for me last night. GOOD GOD.(don't mind the walker Trevor dragged that home from work for some reason lol)

The first TINY box had all this in it.  Definitely some stuff to sell. I'm going to have to get some more tote boxes to put stuff in while I sort it out. There was also a bag of books that I looked through real quick. I'll probably sell those too.  I dumped out a huge bag of batik fabrics that I'm going to work on putting on cards tonight I think. Batiks are so beautiful!

Trevor is home today and tomorrow so he gets to be on puppy patrol. I hope she can start figuring out to go potty outside soon. I'm starting to think I should just roll up my rugs til she gets it figured out. Definitely going to have to use the carpet cleaner on them. Not my favorite part of puppies AT ALL. 

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Monday, May 30, 2022


Good morning happy not working Monday! Sadly I'll have to trek back to the office tomorrow. I should probably wash some clothes today.

Yesterday I finished the last of my 1" strips, these are almost all prints.

Here is all of them that I made over the weekend

Next I had started going through the rest of my scraps that are 1.5", this is the size I use for my keychains. I got those sorted by color again and then worked on putting the pink scraps in a roll

and then realized that this roll I had made awhile back is 1" strips so I decided to make those up. I'm still working on those

This is how far I got, definitely enough for a tote bag with these. It is nice having them all sewn on a roll and then I can just sew and cut as I go. I like to do 4 squares at a time so then if the colors/print is too close to the last row I can just swap out the block.

Here is the little pink roll, might do those a bit different and use them for zip bags. Maybe. 

Tina entertaining me while I sew. look at her head lol. 

I've been feeding the dogs twice a day now, I used to free feed them but with the puppy I don't want them to mix up their foods. Although her and Rusty love to trade bowls. I think I am going to start doing the cat food the same way since they are huge loafs now. Maybe they'll all lose a little weight. Hey maybe I should do that for myself too haha.

I took the puppy for a walk around the small block yesterday. I started with all of them but Snookie was acting like she couldn't walk just going to the corner and back. She's like I'm done. The puppy did pretty good on the little walk but I though she was getting tired so took the short cut back. Then she zoomed around the house a bit lol. I guess she can go a bit farther next time ;)

No plans so far today to do anything to celebrate the holiday. Sounds good to me lol.

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Sunday, May 29, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Happy because I still have another whole day off tomorrow haha. What a nice little weekend vacation to unwind. 

Yesterday I mostly worked on my 1" string blocks some more. This is what I made up yesterday

This is all I have left. I debated on just tossing all the gray & black prints that have characters on them but I decided I'd just make them up and maybe make myself a little bag out of them. We'll see how many I end up with (9 so far-the top 2-ish rows)

I took a break when this little guy came over. He's still not feeling all that great but his mom needed a break. He sneezed on me like 4 times so I'll probably be sick next week haha. He wanted to sit with me for most of the time he was here. 

Then he fell asleep for 1/2 of Toy Story 2 so however long that was lol

Then he felt a bit better and played (not allowed on the table, can you tell haha)

His mom cleaned his room up while we were gone. A picture before he destroyed it in 10 minutes haha.

After I took him home I went and met Cassi for a drink and one game of darts (we played the Tick Tack Toe game) and then the bar closed early since it was pretty dead. There is a whole weekend Memorial Day party at the campground. I hardly ever go down there for that party since people have their RV's and stuff. I'm good with like 2 hours of the neighbors not all weekend lol. 

This is what I call "recharging"

Poor Snookie. She's not impressed AT ALL (and yes she has cat litter on her face. Such a naughty dog)

Her other ear decided to join the party today! Looks like she's ready for take off haha

Tina wanting loves (notice Buzz and Rex there on the table, little man carries those around)


Look at this little shit! The other day I picked up that softball off the floor and was like that's weird. Well now I know why it was knocked down.

I'm out of TP so I guess I'll do an Instacart order. I don't want to go anywhere lol. TG I have napkins and paper towels ;)

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Saturday, May 28, 2022


Good morning, happy one ear is up Saturday!

Scott is here to go get Trevor's truck smogged. Hopefully it passes on the first try. I have been awake since 5:30 since this little one was up and partying. Lucy was on my dresser speaking in tongues when she came into the bedroom. I didn't even know she knew how to make those noises lol. She is definitely not a fan of the puppy. Rusty on the hand is like hey she's kind of fun haha. 

I worked on my string blocks all day yesterday. Still working on the 1" strips.

Green is done

Yellow and orange

Did some purple and black. I found some more purples that had got buried so I am going to make a a couple more of this color combo

Red, white & blue, I think I have enough of these to make a tote bag. Hopefully! 

I am probably going to end up babysitting today since Jess is already texting me that she's exhausted and needs to sleep. Hopefully the little man isn't as cranky today. He had a croup cough yesterday so that is probably why he was so cranky the other day.

Might have to move my sewing machine into the kitchen if he's here all day ;) Although usually I just end up sitting on the couch while he's here. 

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Friday, May 27, 2022


Good morning happy 4 day weekend Friday!! So glad I have 4 days off with 0 plans.  Yesterday I ended up teleworking for 1/2 a day so I could come home to check on the pup. She was crying when I drove up and had a mess in the crate. 

I listened to a teleconference training thing then tried out what they talked about and it is a bit confusing so hopefully I can figure it out on Tuesday or find where they put the recorded meeting so I can reference it. Enough stuff to keep me busy for a day or two at work so that is good. 

After work was done I started working on the 1" string blocks again. I finished up all the pink strips. I was doing pink, purple and a little bit of blue.

I had A LOT of purple so decided to do some all purple ones. My friend wanted me to come hang out down at the bar so I went down for a couple hours and hung out, then came back and finished these lol. Obviously we did more talking than drinking.

I had the window open so these two were hanging out. Lucy doesn't really like Tina but she'll sit in the box and give her the sink eye lol

Todays plans? Sewing! Woohooo


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Thursday, May 26, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Today is my work Friday since I took tomorrow off. Monday is a holiday so HELLO 4 day weekend woohoo.

Today is this little ones first day at home without us. She is in her crate lets hope she isn't too sad all day. She has not spent much time in there because we are pushovers. Last night she slept on my bed lol.

Yesterday after work this little guy came over. He was not a happy camper for most of the time, very fussy. I think his teeth are really hurting him. We went for a walk around the block (it was still hot out) and he fell asleep and stayed asleep in the stroller for awhile. Then he kind of woke up but was fussing so I held him and ended up falling asleep with him on me on the couch for a bit. I woke up all sweaty lol.

He didn't want to eat much, still fussing, tried the bath tub that worked a tiny bit but not for long. Put his shoes on to let him run around and he mostly kept going to the car so we went for a ride around the club and listened to music. That finally got him happy for a bit. Then back at home he was fussing some more and I was like can we hook up the laptop to the TV? Trevor got it hooked up and I put a Toy Story movie on and he was finally happy. He loves Toy Story. It was 10:30ish when the movie was over and I took him home to a more rested mama and he was happy haha.

Today's plans are to be miserable at work all day because I forgot my purse. WTH. Not sure how I managed to do that but thankfully I have gas in the car and brought my lunch yesterday. I don't have my headphones so I can't listen to my phone like I have been. Boo. So boring here. I just remembered I forgot to take something out for dinner too. I made chicken thighs and potatoes last night. There was a little chicken left but not a lot.  I got side tracked with the little man so didn't do the meal prep stuff how I had wanted to. Well I have 4 days off so I can work on some meal prepping maybe! Or maybe I'll just take a nap and sew. I have no plans for the weekend and Trevor will be working so unless someone comes over I'll have the house to myself and the animals ;)


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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! It is going to be another hot day here, we are in the 100's already this week. TG For air conditioning. 

After work yesterday I went to the store then came home and Jess came over for a bit with the little guy to see the puppy. He did not even LOOK at the puppy. He was so into his usually routine of going to find his little animals and running around the house. He did like the cage though. 

He always dumps out the video games, I need to find another place to put them so I don't have to clean them up every time. Tina took the opportunity to sit in the basket haha

After they went home I worked on my 1" scraps. I focused on pink, purple and a little bit of blue. I got 4 blocks done.

This morning I woke up to Lucy hissing at the puppy who was peeking in the room. She came up on the bed and bounced around a bit until I had enough and got up lol.

I made up some salads to have on hand for work and took a shower. Wow I never do that much before work ;) A few still need more stuff added to them but I brought 2 to work for today and tomorrow. I'm off Friday-Monday. Tonight I'm going to cook up some chicken thighs and maybe have left overs if Trevor and I don't eat them all haha.


I have like one thing to do for work this morning other than the boring letters I've been doing a bit here and there. They are **yawn** so boring.  I can only do a few and then I just want to do something else.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Good morning it's only Tuesday booo. Work was pretty steady yesterday and then I came home to Trevor and his new puppy Simon, who he thought was a boy but we just realized is a girl LMAO. He said the people he bought her from were calling her a him and then she's so fluffy we never bothered to look. My friend Cassi came over and picked her up and was like uh, I think Simon is a Simone lol.  Trevor said he still wants to call her Simon and it doesn't really make a difference ;) She is super cute and the dogs don't care about her much. Tubby HATES her guts. Hopefully she'll relax soon.  Melissa came over to visit with her after work too.  Trevor is off today and tomorrow so that is good to help transition and get things figured out. I told her to sit when I was leaving this morning and she actually did it so she's definitely smart already ;)

I worked on more 3/4" string blocks last night. I tossed what was left of that size after these since they were mostly super short pieces.  Next are the 1" wide pieces in the green bucket there. 

I should probably go to the store after work since we have nothing for dinner (or lunch) and I don't want to keep going out to eat. Sigh. I hate thinking of what to get. I need to just cook and have a bunch of meals made up to chose from. Maybe I'll hit Pinterest today and make up a menu again.

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Monday, May 23, 2022


Good morning, its is Monday already :( Seriously debating if I was "sick" this morning haha but made it into work.

Yesterday I worked on my scrap pile and started making some string blocks with the 3/4" wide strips. They are tiny but they are so pretty. I thought I was done except for the green but then pulled out some more out of my "scrap box" to play with.

My mom came in around 11 and we ate the leftover bagels and hung out for a bit chatting then she went back out to her playhouse lol. She stayed most of the day but she was quiet out there just cleaning it up.

Melissa came over and her and Trevor and I went to get some puppy supplies. I am Trevor is getting a puppy today after work. We'll see how that goes lol. We went to dinner at New China in Manteca, it was so yummy.

After we went over to Jessica's to hang bring some fried rice for her & big Daniel and see if she wanted some help with anything. We put her scrapbooks up in the loft so she'd  have some room for stuff in her closet and watched this guy go up and down his new slide. He was having a great time.

He loves Toy Story and carries the Woody doll I bought him around all the time.

I came back and worked on my scraps a bit more and stayed up too late. I'm sure tonight will be all about the new puppy!


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Sunday, May 22, 2022


Good morning happy no plans Sunday! Well other than cleaning up the toys all over the living room and then being a bum. That's my plans for the day. I'm so tired from being so busy lately. 

Friday night my friend Cassi finally got back here so we went to the bar and hung out and played darts. She has been down south taking care of her granddaughter for months.  Saturday morning I was awake nice and early and then my mom and her whole crew showed up to put up this covering she bought to put her tiny trailer under. It took them almost all day. Scott, my brothers, my dad and my cousin Al.

My mom doesn't do anything a little bit haha

My niece Adrian and Little Joe came too. Little Joe went from hardly talking to non stop talking. OMG I was so tired by the time he left lol. I didn't really expect to be babysitting him all day but that is kind of what happened. He would be like Aunt Julie Aunt Julie Aunt Julie. He couldn't just play without input from who ever was with him. Little kids are fun haha. Around 2 or so I went and got Daniels so maybe they could play a little bit. 

Once they finally got it all done we sat out front and hung out. I managed to get sunburnt but being in the shade and inside most of the day. WTH. 

The view from my bedroom window lol. Yes the backyard looks like crap and the grass is all dead. I need to work on that. Mom had a sleep over in her little trailer last night. It's like her little playhouse lol. Whatever makes her happy. We weren't using the porch for anything other than storing crap so it's fine.

Daniel fed Woody some dry cereal while he ate some too. So funny.

He played for a long time. I looked over and he was sitting in the toy basket. He sat in there for probably 10 minutes. Eventually he went home and I was just laying around. Cassi messaged and asked if I wanted to go play darts again so we did that.

They had had a spaghetti dinner so they had pretty flowers on the tables. 

We hung out until about 11 then called it a night!


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