Thursday, May 12, 2022


Hello happy Thursday from my kitchen table! I took today and tomorrow off to help get ready for the baby shower this Saturday. I was thinking after this we will have a break and not have to get ready for anything but then the baby will be here at the end of June. That will keep us busy ;)

I'm still hoping to finish up this little quilt, I think I'll leave it this way that I have it now. Just add some borders, back and binding and call it done. It's just supposed to be a little fun quilt so I need to stop worrying about changing it around and stuff. Lesson learned to plan things out better before sewing together. I'm glad to finally use up these little panels too. 

Yesterday my mom's dad passed away. She was estranged from him for most of my life so I feel no emotion what so ever. It is weird to know you are related to someone and have no feelings. But like I told my mom he knew where we lived (he actually lived right down the street from me and would even go visit my neighbors) so if he wanted a relationship with us he could have if he tried. He was 93 so he lived a long life of not trying haha. 

I will have to go out one more time to get stuff for the baby shower. Maybe 2 actually. I need to go to the grocery store and get some stuff and then Saturday morning go pick up the cake and I wanted to grab some fresh flowers from Costco to put on the tables. Hopefully all the random stuff I've bought will look cute. Oh I need to get some baby shower game prizes too. 

Today I am going to work on printing out some game cards for the baby present bingo and make some tissue paper poof balls and I don't know what else haha. Since we got an actual cake I don't have to make cupcakes or little topper things for them like I had originally planned. 

Ok I guess I should do something today other than think about everything I should do haha
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