Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Hello Happy Tuesday! It's almost over but I just got home from work, took the dogs out and changed my clothes. Ahhh. I was dying hot today at work moving files around. I was just telling my friend I'm going to have to pace myself or I'm going to run out of stuff to do by the end of the week haha. Today I got all the payments printed off from the last 6 months, helped a customer with stuff for his contract for about 1/2 an hour (then realized after he left I forgot something doh!), reorganized a lot of the file room and pulled out a bunch of files to shred & put into their retired folders. That will keep me busy tomorrow.

Yesterday after work I inventoried all my cup cozies and then took off the sold ones from Etsy. Tonight I'm going to work on my zip bags which will probably be a bit faster since I don't have them on an inventory spreadsheet BUT I think I am going to add them. It is nice being able to take off what you sold from your list and see what you actually sold.

Last Friday I got off work, ran to the Mexican grocery store to see about getting premade taco dinner. There was like 6 people in line and the selection was looking a bit rough so I decided just to run to the regular store and get stuff to make my white girl tacos haha. Amazingly I worked, went to the store, made taco stuff and was all ready by 6:30 when I told everyone to come over.

Jessica turned 28, she looks so adorable. 7 more weeks until baby Lillian is here. Now they have decided not to use the middle name they were going to use so we'll have to wait and see what that is.

Little Daniel sporting a man bun haha.

My mom brought my little nephew Joey. I think he was overwhelmed when he got here and promptly fell asleep and slept through almost the whole party. Too funny. My mom had brought over a bunch of my toys from when I was a kid and some other old toys so Daniel was having fun with them. I need to go through and take out some of the stuff so I don't have such a pile in the living room.

Dinner pic! Just missing Eric since he was working. Extras are my niece Adrian and Nephew Tony.

I had put Rusty in the bedroom but he never settled down so I let him out and he was a good boy. Usually he scares my mom and dad lol. He's just barking to see if he can scare them because he thinks it is funny.

Selfie to show I was there. I need to get my hair cut SOON. I think I trimmed my bangs the next day lol

Singing happy birthday

Daniel was clapping

Trevor annoying Tubby.

Waiting for my margarita stuff to thaw out. It was in the freezer and totally froze. I think it is almost drinkable.  For some reason that sounds fantastic tonight.

Life is definitely back to being busy and almost back to normal. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay this is where we're different. If there is alcohol in it it doesn't freeze 100% and I'd have put the slush in my cup and drank it. :-)

I just can't believe how fast these damn kids are growing!!

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