Monday, May 30, 2022


Good morning happy not working Monday! Sadly I'll have to trek back to the office tomorrow. I should probably wash some clothes today.

Yesterday I finished the last of my 1" strips, these are almost all prints.

Here is all of them that I made over the weekend

Next I had started going through the rest of my scraps that are 1.5", this is the size I use for my keychains. I got those sorted by color again and then worked on putting the pink scraps in a roll

and then realized that this roll I had made awhile back is 1" strips so I decided to make those up. I'm still working on those

This is how far I got, definitely enough for a tote bag with these. It is nice having them all sewn on a roll and then I can just sew and cut as I go. I like to do 4 squares at a time so then if the colors/print is too close to the last row I can just swap out the block.

Here is the little pink roll, might do those a bit different and use them for zip bags. Maybe. 

Tina entertaining me while I sew. look at her head lol. 

I've been feeding the dogs twice a day now, I used to free feed them but with the puppy I don't want them to mix up their foods. Although her and Rusty love to trade bowls. I think I am going to start doing the cat food the same way since they are huge loafs now. Maybe they'll all lose a little weight. Hey maybe I should do that for myself too haha.

I took the puppy for a walk around the small block yesterday. I started with all of them but Snookie was acting like she couldn't walk just going to the corner and back. She's like I'm done. The puppy did pretty good on the little walk but I though she was getting tired so took the short cut back. Then she zoomed around the house a bit lol. I guess she can go a bit farther next time ;)

No plans so far today to do anything to celebrate the holiday. Sounds good to me lol.

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