Friday, May 27, 2022


Good morning happy 4 day weekend Friday!! So glad I have 4 days off with 0 plans.  Yesterday I ended up teleworking for 1/2 a day so I could come home to check on the pup. She was crying when I drove up and had a mess in the crate. 

I listened to a teleconference training thing then tried out what they talked about and it is a bit confusing so hopefully I can figure it out on Tuesday or find where they put the recorded meeting so I can reference it. Enough stuff to keep me busy for a day or two at work so that is good. 

After work was done I started working on the 1" string blocks again. I finished up all the pink strips. I was doing pink, purple and a little bit of blue.

I had A LOT of purple so decided to do some all purple ones. My friend wanted me to come hang out down at the bar so I went down for a couple hours and hung out, then came back and finished these lol. Obviously we did more talking than drinking.

I had the window open so these two were hanging out. Lucy doesn't really like Tina but she'll sit in the box and give her the sink eye lol

Todays plans? Sewing! Woohooo


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