Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Good morning happy I almost called in sick Tuesday! I am so tired today for some reason. Probably since I haven't had a down day since last Thursday. 

Yesterday wasn't very exciting. Just work where this beotch kept making my day more difficult. I freaking hate this printer. First of all we have to use our card to make it work. Which is fine if it will read your card. I had to restart it once for that not working. Then later I'm working away printing stuff and get to the printer and there is nothing there. WTF. I had to restart it again and then it started printing them out. Piece of crap. Oh and I think I did kill the shredder. I emailed the two bosses and told them it was dead and no response. Might try using the other departments to get rid of this pile of stuff on my book case that needs to be shredded.

After work I ate a plate of nachos and finished off the cheese we had at our house and then washed all the dishes. I took the neighbor's bowl over to them and hung out for awhile and then came home with a set of Pyrex nesting bowls for Melissa. She was talking about how she wanted some like mine and the neighbor was like I have some you can have. She's super excited. I had to open the box to see what colors they are. Yellow and green :) Mine are yellow and orange and my mom also has yellow and green. I use mine all the time, which is probably why Melissa wants some lol. One time years ago I bought a whole set at a garage sale for $1 and sold them on eBay. Now they go for like $75 and up depending on the color (plus shipping). 

Today's plan is to make it through the work day and then maybe take a nap? Who knows what I'll end up doing when I get home lol. I should probably go to the store since I'm out of creamer. Tomorrow's Julie will be upset with me if I don't have creamer.


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