Sunday, May 15, 2022


Good morning! Happy post baby shower Sunday! Only a bit of resting this morning since I am going to the A's game with Scott and the neighbors. Hopefully he'll remember I'm there with him this time haha.

The baby shower was nice and now the baby girl will have enough clothes to keep her dressed for a bit. Since she's a summer baby she won't need too much because it is so hot here. Onsies and diapers!

Me failing to get a proper baby bump picture. whooops.

This one is better with my next door neighbors :)

This little guy loves his Grandpa. Why do all the little kids always like him so much, I don't get it haha. Super sweet though!

Safeway cake was delicious. I got the marble cake with fresh strawberries for the filling and whipped cream frosting. SO GOOD. 

Oh look who is having cake with Grandpa.

We only played a couple games but this one is always so funny, make a baby with playdough. This is my bestie Carolyn

Melissa won with her swaddled baby (think it was the dk green one). Trevor made a dinosaur lmao

oh look dirt

Besties Carolyn & Dee

Girl party on the porch with Daniel's sisters and their friends

Daniel's grandma and cousin 

Melissa & Mom

Playing the baby shower bingo. Scott trying to figure out what people will buy babies to fill in the boxes lol

The party was nice, now to go to the A's game! I need to finish getting ready. I found the appropriate colored green shirt ;) 

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