Friday, November 17, 2017


Well I'm back from my week vacation, I mean my week of working in another office. I've decided that if I am ever sleep deprived I'm going back to this hotel and asking for the same room.  I had the hardest time waking up every morning because it was so nice and DARK and although I was the end room with the door and stairs there I must have slept like the dead because I only ever heard people going in and out if I was awake already. It probably helped that I didn't have a cat laying on my head & pillow and dog sleeping between my legs and another one on the other side of the pillow and an occasional fat cat on my side or walking across my back.  But really what I missed the most was my stupid animals haha. When I got home they acted like they thought I had died and came back from the dead. Kids are like "I'm hungry" and Scott still isn't even home yet.

So my day basically went like this:

Alarm goes off, hit snooze 10 times until I finally force myself to get up, shower and get ready
Go down to the office area and make myself one of those gigantic waffles, delicious sausage, coffee and orange juice.
Work til lunch, go back to the hotel and watch "The Fosters" on Netflix and eat lunch in my room
Go back and finish off the day
Go to the hotel, turn on The Fosters and work on cutting out stuff to sew and or sew finally last night.

I'm so exciting!

The first two days I may have taken a nap after work and went out to find food to eat before I decided I needed to stop being lazy and go to the store and buy some food I could make in the room. I swear everywhere to eat is at least $10 even for fast food. Plus I can only eat so much Jack In The Box.

So now I'm home. Only cleaned up one pee and poop mess that I've found so far (punishment for leaving I'm sure!) I just packaged up some stuff I sold on eBay because of course things that haven't sold in 50 days will sell the minute you aren't home to send them out. Thankfully the person that bought something on Monday is being cool just as long as they get it by the beginning of December lol.

Melissa picked me up from work since I had a work car and then we went to Joanns on the way home so now I'm set for a weekend of sewing. BECAUSE I signed up for a 3 day event next weekend. On black friday the setup time is THREE AM. I'm pretty sure if I had seen that before I signed up I wouldn't have.

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