Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Hello happy hump day! 
Here are a few bags I finished yesterday. 

All of these had yellow linings so yellow is done lol

Now to pick a new color to work on. I started using my new to me sewing machine yesterday and it sews so much better. No skipping stitches woohoo. We'll see how long until I mess this one up haha.

Took Simon for a walk. I was going to just go around the block but I was feeling pretty good so we went a bit farther. 52nd fastest lol! Moving up. Think my one before that was in the 80's. 

Full picture of her fluffy tail.

Anyone want some furniture? So gross. Why don't people just take their crap to the dumps. I wonder if he's getting letters from the board to clean this crap up. It looks like it's sat out there for years.

I was thinking maybe no one lived at this house anymore but there was 2 dogs in the window going crazy lol.

If you think about planting olive trees I probably wouldn't. My neighbor has a ton and the ground is so gross!

saw this and thought it looked like my craft room right now haha

I have a dermatologist appointment in a bit to get this ugly mole on my back looked at. Hoping they can take it off and it's not anything bad. Also need to take a shower so hopefully this meeting we have going on right now ends soon ;)

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