Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dead Woman Stuffed Bell Peppers

         Source: via Mom Taxi on Pinterest

So I made this stuffed bell pepper recipe tonight. I took some pictures of mine but it doesn't look much different. Except I ended up making it with white beans and no corn since :cough: somehow those things weren't on my grocery list. And Scott MAY have had to go to the corner store to get some new salsa since the huge container I had in the fridge smelled scary.

Everyone kind of turned their noses up at it but I thought it was good. I have like half of the stuffing mixture left over though. Either they have HUGE bell peppers or they said to use too many ingredients.

So anyways, I've never actually made stuffed bell peppers before. Anytime I think of them I think of when I was a teenager. The woman that lived next door to us killed herself. In the house. When her ex-husband (they had just got divorced, thus her killing herself) cleaned out the house he gave my mom a bunch of stuff out of the freezer. Later I remember eating stuffed bell peppers and finding out the dead woman next door had made them. Totally creeped me out.

Probably why it's taken me twenty plus years to make them myself.Pin It

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