Thursday, August 18, 2022


Good morning happy Friday eve! I am working from home today, TG since yesterday was so boring. I had some comp time I had to use before it got yanked so I left work at 2:30. I went to the new Wal Mart down the street from my work and it is a huge super Wal Mart. Still relatively clean since it is new. I picked up some kitten food for the kittens at Jessica's house, buns and a bell pepper. Then I hit the Dunkin Donuts in there on the way out. I inhaled a donut and an iced coffee which of course I regretted for like 3 hours after. Love having a super sensitive stomach.

Jess is down to 2 kittens that need homes. This one appears to be a boy but calicos that have orange on their heads are usually girls. Weird. 

This one had the most stuff messed up on it's fur. I'm wondering if it is actually from something sticky like tape or a mouse trap or if it has a skin condition. Might have to take it to the vet if no one claims it.

Sheba was stalking them a bit lol

Miss Lilly

She can sit in the bouncer a little now

Daniel was bobbing around. They read a book and then he curled up on her lap and fell asleep

Came home and made this broccoli and chicken recipe  it was pretty good. 

Trevor wanted me to go for a walk with him and Simon. I went around one lake and then headed home. They did all 3 lakes.

I'm so out of shape my hips are all sore today. Hard to believe I used to run around the lakes like it was nothing.

I came home and sewed the other side of the zippers on these coin purses. All pinned up and ready for the last round of sewing.

Trevor made us some pancakes and a fried egg for breakfast. I think I am going to make a chicken enchilada recipe tonight. 

I'm all caught up on my work stuff until I get another email already!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day! Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store with my list for my "menu" shopping. I spent $249 for food through Sunday. If I don't bring breakfast and lunch to work I spend about $25 a day so maybe I will save some money haha. 

I saw this at the store. WTF. Who would buy water that's called Liquid Death?  Also water in a can it just weird tasting.

When I got home I made turkey stuffed peppers for dinner. I had to add one more pepper than the recipe to use up all the filling. That one was for another recipe so I'll have to pick up another (and buns since those were missing from my list). 

Then I made this Spinach and Mushroom Crustless Quiche to have for breakfast. It was pretty late so I asked Trevor to take it out of the oven and put it in the fridge for me. It looked nice and pretty this morning. We'll see how good it tastes in a bit!

So no sewing last night! Maybe I'll get some stuff done tonight.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! Made it into the office today. Hopefully I stay busy!
Yesterday after work I worked on my Mickey fabrics a bit, but not for long since Jess called and asked if I could go help Daniel's sister babysit while her and Daniel went shopping. 

I got one side of the zippers sewn on these and pinned for the next round

Lilly was awake almost the whole time. She is getting so big and strong for 2 months old already. She was holding her head up and looking all around.

I said she's our little goth baby in a black onsie haha

Daniel was bobbing around. He's watching Coco here and eating otter pops lol.

I played with the kittens a little bit too. They are playing with each other now so that is good. I came home and made some tacos and then went to bed! I actually fell asleep pretty early too.

The plan is to go grocery shopping after work. I have my menu made and the ingredients on a list I just need to organize them a bit and then I'll be good to go. It is supposed to be 107 today so I brought some shorts to change into after work.


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Monday, August 15, 2022


Good morning happy Monday. As happy as Monday can be. Especially since I don't think I spelt much, had horrible dreams when I was sleeping and never heard my alarm go off (but it was on snooze when I went to look at it so weird). Sounds like a good day to telework.

Yesterday I spent all day cutting up the Mickey fabrics and getting to them pieced together for the right sizes.  I got tired of them around 8 and went and laid on my bed. Next step is to iron on the fleece and interfacing. I used up all the fleece I had so I'll have to go to the store before the next round. Also getting to slim pickings with my zippers. Need to order some more. Probably be out of interfacing soon too, I didn't get that part measured out yet. 

Scott came over yesterday to nap in the recliner. I guess we might get some home projects done if we outlive his mom. Maybe.  I know he's exhausted though. 

Here is Tina being a good sewing buddy yesterday

Oh wait she had to stretch haha. She's so funny when she's not knocking my stuff over.

Today's plan is to make a menu so that I can go grocery shopping after work tomorrow. I need to stop eating out so I'll be less fat and have more money haha. Although with the price of food that might be a toss up. 


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Sunday, August 14, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! I wish I had tomorrow off like last week!

Yesterday I mostly sewed all day with about a 3 hour break for a little Daniel play time. 

Scott was here for most of they day and made us a tri tip for dinner. So good!

I finished up all the Little Mermaid's 

Now onto Mickey & Minnie. I have so many Minnie keychains started I just picked out 10 to sew up. Lots of small pieces of these fabrics so there will be a lot of variety :) I have a couple panels too. I think I might just wait to do those sometime and do a bunch of bags with them. 


Just ordered Instacart and someone is already shopping, they must have been in the store already! I really need to make a dinner menu again and get back in the habit of doing that. They are done with working on our kitchen at work so we can use the fridge and break room again. 

Ok off to be crafty :) 

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Saturday, August 13, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday!

I remembered last night I forgot to do our last day in Reno! We had breakfast in the casino cafe. It was yummy! After we played around in the casino a bit until check out. Then we put our bags in the car and played a bit more. I ended up winning enough to be about even and then we left haha. We went to this big sporting store called Scheels and walked around. It is a huge outdoors store. They even have a small Ferris wheel inside. It was pretty neat. I would have loved it in my running/cycling days. We had In & Out for lunch and then drove home. I'm ready for another vacation already ;)

I cut 2 of Snookie's nails the other day before she got too mad. This is her being pissed off at me lol. Usually she lays right next to me.

Big Daniel brought these home from work yesterday. I guess one had already got killed in the parking lot. They were very very dirty. This is after their bath. They have some kind of stuff on them I think they got into. Mostly on their paws and faces, a bit on their ears.  Their poor little noses are all pink now from scrubbing them. Hopefully we can find some home for them. They are at Jessica's house for now. We gave them some tuna and then the baths and they perked up so much. 

Simon LOVES me. I swear she won't leave me alone. She comes in and loves on me so much. Lucy was whacking her here it was funny. 

She is so big and she's only like 4 months old. She is almost as big as Rusty now.

Lucy says it is time for bed mom. She comes and gets me around 10 every night.

I finished up the Lion King bags last night

Here is the Little Mermaid fabrics that are next. I have a few keychains started so that is good. I'm getting tired of making the little bags lol. I have to keep going though! I want to use these fabrics up. People love the Disney characters at the craft shows too.

Going to have to do an Instacart order we have no food here again. I really need to go do a big grocery shop but I don't want to.

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Friday, August 12, 2022


Hello happy Friyeah! Already home from work and I could go for a nap lol. I am going to start sewing these Lion King bags up shortly. Last night I got them all cut out and ready to go.

Look at little Princess Lilly isn't she the cutest smiling!

She is 2 months old today! Pictures stolen from her mom lol.

Today is a tad bit disappointing. They flew the job I was going to apply for but I don't think I am going to apply now since it has nothing to do with the current job I am doing. We all thought it was going to be like a current job that people have but the questions it asks for your experience are like budget and weird things I don't do. So poop on that one. Oh well I'd rather keep doing most of what I already do. They are going to change that around a bit too but apparently it's just going to be a surprise here's your new job duties in October or something. Stupid. 

This upper boss guy just popped into the office today and wanted to talk to everyone. He was like your office is doing great. I'm like yeah we have a system and now you're going to change it. Stupid. lol.

Anyhow! I may have picked up 2 big bags of fabric yesterday off Marketplace to add to my selling collection. I haven't even brought it in the house yet lol. I need to do at least one listing this weekend and try to sell some stuff. Also put what hasn't sold on eBay or Etsy. I like Etsy better but eBay doesn't have any fees to list so if it doesn't sell you aren't out anything. 

Well that's all the excitement here. Guess I'll get to sewing!

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Thursday, August 11, 2022


Good evening! Another late day post! I just got all the dishes done and fed the animals. I picked up a chicken enchilada thing from Costco and that just came out of the oven. Hopefully it is good. I had to take a pair of my glasses (of course the ones I really like) into Costco because the lens was cracking. I have never had that happen before. So weird. They will fix them for free so that is good. I was telling her how it didn't seem like they put the bifocals in my other glasses and she was like lift them up a little and bam I could read. So she adjusted the nose piece so they would sit up higher.  

Back to our Reno Trip! Tuesday we got to sleep in and it was so nice. I don't think I've really slept in since Simon joined our house. She likes to jump all over me in the mornings. We ended up going to these crepe place for brunch. It was called Kaffe Crepe and was yummy. Probably should have got the savory one instead of the sweet though so it wasn't just like having dessert for breakfast lol.  We both got the "Sweet Tooth" which was Nutella, bananas and strawberries. Definitely sweet. 

After we got sugared up we went to the 2 antique stores I went to with my mom. This little picture was just a print out sadly and taped to the wall lol. It would have been cute in my sewing room.

Poor Woody was not only missing his hat, his hand was missing too. His pull string still worked though. 

This was cool, it said propagation station. Tons of little vases all connected. I probably would have bought that if I had somewhere to put it where the animals wouldn't break it. 

Here is the pretty blue egg plate I bought

After the antique stores we went to the big fabric store (Mill's End) that I always go to. Here is what I got. Not too much, just a few different pieces I don't see every day. They had scissors for $4 and I keep forgetting to buy a new seam ripper so finally got one.

By the time we were done with all those stores we worked off some of our sugar and found a place for dinner. Redwood Rotisserie & Grill and it was yummy. We got pepper jack cheese sticks,

Raspberry Lemon drop for me

Steak tacos for me and trip tip, mashed potatoes and veggies she didn't like for Melissa. 

I saved a taco so I'd have some room for dessert and promptly forgot it on the table when we left. Somehow we ate this. Then we went into a food coma and just laid around and slept the rest of the night. Kind of a waste of an evening. Punishment for gluttony haha.

Back to  last night after I got home I had a few hours before bedtime so I finished sewing up these bags. they were all pinned up so just had to be sewn around the edges. 

All done with Lilo & Stitch. A girl from work saw them on Instagram and gave me money for one of the zip bags. I have to remember to take that to work tomorrow. 

Next up is LION KING! This is all the fabric I have for that. The one piece on the left and I think I have 4 of the small pieces on the right.  That won't take long to sew up. 

Off to try my chicken enchiladas, hopefully they taste ok!


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Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Hello happy Wednesday night! I made it back from my trip. Was totally not excited to see that Trevor had rearranged the living room though. That shit needs to get put back before I get home from work tomorrow. 

We left Monday before noon and took a back way that is more fun of a drive.  We stopped at Mel & Faye's Diner for lunch and started off our 3 days of eating too much haha. Afterwards we went to the antique store. There are actually 2 an upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs was startling empty. The gal said that they were getting new vendors and would be all set up soon. I asked if they had a change of ownership and she said yes so that explains it lol. Probably hiked up the rent and everyone left. There was still a few booths to look at and I bought a large Pyrex measuring cup for $5 which was a good price. Then we went downstairs which was still full of stuff to look at. 

There were quite a few quilts

Look a string quilt like I make only fatter strings, and that picture above it is all fabric

a little curtain made out of embroidered pieces

and I thought this was a fun idea that could be made for a craft booth.

I ended up buying a bag of buttons (I know, I definitely do not need more buttons) because I thought this button was so interesting. It is actually dark brown not black and then has hands on both sides. 

We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort. 
I did the online check in so just had to wait in a tiny line for our keys. That was nice since the line was HUGE for check in.  Here is the view from our free room. Not too shabby even though part of it is the roof lol. I could have upgraded to a nicer view but didn't think that was necessary. It was pretty at night with all the lights.

We went to the frozen margarita (and other drinks) place and got some drinks. Melissa wasn't all that fond of hers so she only drank about 1/2. Mine was yummy though haha. We got the refillable for a discount cups but never made it back there. 

Melissa wanted to get Round Table for dinner (it is in the Casino) and we took it up to our room. We had a little nap after eating and watching Shark Tank then went down and played in the Casino a bit. We played off $40 ($20 each) and I came back with just under $30 so not too bad haha. 

I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Blah. Probably time to go in though since I teleworked last Thurs/Friday and then was off for 3 days. Darn!

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