Thursday, May 16, 2019

Broken Husband

So when I last posted here Scott was complaining about his knee hurting from "stepping off the train wrong". That was on Thursday. Thursday night he started running a fever. He was home Friday still with a fever that got up to 103.

Friday night my brother was having a birthday party for my (step) dad so I just came home long enough to swoop up Trevor, Jess and Daniel, peek in on Scott (still miserable) and get to Stockton. We were there about half an hour when Scott sent me a message that I should probably buy a new toilet on the way home. What? Apparently he went into go to the bathroom and woke up on the floor next to a broken toilet. Awesome.

I told everyone goodbye and we loaded up and went back home. I told Scott he needed to get dressed to go to the ER (he was like can't we just go to Urgent Care lol). Trevor helped him get into the car (he could barely walk on his knee) and I took him to the ER while the kids went and bought a new toilet.

At the ER the line was almost out the door to check in. I got Scott a wheel chair and had parked him to the side while I waited in line. They did the triage and surprisingly got us back pretty quickly.

Of course their first concerns were the angry looking ulcers on his legs. No people, that's not why we are here. Eventually they decided he had cellulitis on the same knee he hurt while getting off the train. Most likely from the ulcer that was also close to his knee. Apparently having cellulitis by your knee is really bad because if the infection gets in your joints it's all causes all kinds of problems.

At 4am he was upstairs in a bed and I could finally leave to go home. I slept a couple hours then got up and had my booth at the car show out where I live. I figured he was good for a few hours and I could use the distraction lol.

Later that night I went and hung out with him. He was getting THREE rotating antibiotics through the IV and they were tending to his ulcers on his legs with some fancy bandages (which I've tried to get since he's been home and they are THREE DOLLARS EACH-he had 5 on at one time and they were changed daily).

He was in the hospital for ten days. They tried to send him home one Friday with IV antibiotics for 10 days, which our insurance was like yeah that will be $238 out of pocket PER DAY. The same insurance that has a cap of $895 out of pocket per hospital stay after 5 days. Can you see what option we chose? From Thursday night to Friday morning his leg improved about 50% and by Monday when they were sending him home the color was so much better.

Oh also while he was there they did an MRI on his knee and he had actually injured it stepping off the train too, he had a sprain in him ACL and MCL but not bad enough to need surgery or anything.

So on Monday they sent him home with 10 days of oral antibiotics (2 kinds) which out of pocket was a grand total of $8.  Crazy isn't it?

He went to the doctor last Friday and the is off work for 2 more weeks so far. We are still waiting for the disability to kick in. Thank God I had a some money saved up and also get a paycheck.

I've been having him make us dinner since he is home and I'm working. He can barely stand to make dinner and usually sits down while it's going so there is no way he can make it though an eight hour work day and 4 hours of commuting.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019


Since I'm always complaining that I'm bored at work I'm finally getting some more stuff to do. Kind of. It seems a bit half assed while it's getting going. BUT I got to go on a training! And it wasn't even in Davis. We have an office in Salinas which is by Monterey. The girl that I'm going to take over part of her job (one tiny part of her job) works there. So I got to go down and spend two nights in a hotel and play around in my off hours. I decided to take my own car because it's just easier that way (don't have to have someone take me to work and pick me up since we don't want to leave my car in the work parking lot).

ahhh there isn't anyone yelling at the TV or video games here..

So I drove down Monday night (after Easter, that was poor planning on my part) and I got situated in my hotel and then I proceeded to watch a bunch of episodes of Escaping Polygamy and nap. Woohoo such the party girl. In my defense I was really sick Wednesday through Friday, cleaned all day Saturday and half the day Sunday, then had 25 people come to my house for Easter. I definitely deserved that napping haha.  At like 10:00 I was like ok I should probably go get some dinner so I drove out to Taco Bell (TG for GPS these days, makes everything so easy).

Tuesday I had to be there by 8 and we did some one on one training all day. But it was Tuesday so I went with some people for a Taco Tuesday lunch.  While I was working my friend drove down to stay with me for a night in the hotel. She drove by the place I was working and got the hotel key so she got some relaxing time in until I was off.

After work we went for a ride to the beach for a little bit of tide pooling. We got some food on the way there so we ate on the beach watching the sun go down. She had never been to Monterey so we did a little driving tour and then back to the hotel for maybe cocktails but turned out to be just being lazy and watching TV and snoozing lol.

Wednesday more training and got taken out to Chinese Food for lunch (I got paid for my meals but everyone kept buying them for me lol). The girl training me kept telling me I need to make sure I go slow when I do this stuff and I'm like why are you making it so difficult. Basically what I'll be doing is office will order office supplies, I push the button for them to go through and then I have to make sure and get their packing slips and that the orders were right, put them on a spreadsheet and then reconcile them later on the bank website. Easy peasy. So once the girl that is going to approve what I do gets trained up we might be actually doing it lol. I swear everything is always ass backwards in the government.

Check out this old fridge in their break room, It had the old metal shelves in it.

After work Wednesday we did some thrift store shopping. There was a Goodwill Outlet "the bins" as people call it, right next to the office I was working at. I was excited to check it out since I've only heard about it. They sell by the pound. It was definitely a little dirty and I was wishing I had gloves like some people wear.  There was one lady just standing over a bin of books scanning them all with her phone to see what they sell for. She had 2 carts, one was completely full. She'd scan and cart or toss into another bin. I figured if there was anything good in there she already got it lol.

I spent $3, well $2.97 but the guy didn't even offer me my three cents. That really annoys me but I didn't want to make a scene lol. Plus I was practically getting stuff for free (which is really the way they should sell all their stuff instead of marking so much of it up).

After a bit of shopping my friend and I parted ways. I took my time going home and stopped at Casa De Fruita for some dinner. 

Ugh Scott is grunting and hobbling around. He said he stepped wrong off the train. Should be good for some knee surgery or something. He never just gets a little bit hurt. Of course he didn't even take any Tylenol let alone anything else. Wouldn't want to help yourself out or anything. Sign me up for another work-cation lol.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Bunny Is Coming

As usual I'm so far behind on posting. I have a bunch of birthdays to post one of these days.

Next weekend is Easter, which of course is at my house. This sparks the annual OMG my house is disgusting and my yard is a mess panic.

I hired Jessica's boyfriend to do some yard work for me which took 100 lbs of pressure off of me. There is still a bit to do but the huge mess in the front yard is tamed a bit.

Yesterday I got rid of our dog pen. My "you haul" ended up being Scott, Daniel and the other guy having to take the thing all apart to get it in their teeny tiny trailer.

Today someone is coming to get the lawn swing that has been broken for almost a year. I told Scott someone was coming to get it and he says "I was going to fix that, I got the stuff to fit it." I told him he could take the stuff back lol. At what point were you planning on fixing this thing? 5 minutes before people come over? It's huge and I can't move it to mow under it by myself. I'll be glad when that's gone.

Usually he makes coffee in the morning and breakfast but I think I'm being punished. "We have no water." Oh look the faucet works. I think we might not die drinking sink water for coffee today.

And it's not even 9 am people.

My new life goal is to make things simple. Minimal yard work, minimal things to dust. One can dream right?

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Downtown Modesto Event & American Legion Hall

February 23rd I did the Downtown Modesto Event again. My mom came with me which was nice. I didn't have to RUN to the bathroom and she went and got us lunch. Also helped set up and take down and lots of chatting :)

This time I was closer to the other end of the row. There was an empty space next to me so I was able to do a corner set up.

This area is relatively busy all day. There is the movie theater but there is also a conference center right at the end of the street that has various things going on each weekend. This time it was a home and garden show. I sold about the same amount as I had done the last time I was there. I will be going back soon!

This last Sunday I did an event at the American Legion Hall. This was put on by the same gal that does most of the events I sign up for. They had been saying how wonderful this event was, everyone did so well, she had asked me to come do it. 

I got there and was like OMG this place is soooo small. Almost claustrophobic. I had 2 tables that they provided and it was inside so that part was nice but man, so tiny. I could only put the tables like parallel or one against the wall and that way I would have been sitting in front of my stuff.

If I was in my booth I had to get up and walk out so people could see what I had.

The people across from me barely had room for their chairs.

And it was DEAD. I made back my booth fee and like $13 more. (And spent $10 on lunch that Jessica brought me). Some people didn't sell ANYTHING.

I was surprised they didn't have any food available for sale since there was a little kitchen. That was a missed opportunity for sure. Most people selling were there by themselves (no room for an extra person lol) so that makes it difficult to get something to eat. I was lucky that Jess brought me food.

I don't think I'll do this venue again unless it's close to a holiday or something else is going on in the downtown Manteca area.

I don't have anything scheduled for this weekend which is good since I need to work on making some more stuff for my upcoming events :) I like to always have some new stock!

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Trevor's Birthday

Well I'm home early today since Trevor had an ear ache. I took him to the doctor and he has an ear infection. The doctor prescribed a 10 day 3 times a day antibiotic. I hate those, why can't they just do the Z pack and get it over with.

Last Thursday Trevor turned 16! I measured him and he is now 6'2" tall. I knew he had to be over 6' now. I wonder how tall he will get. Scott is 6'6" tall. Trevor told him "I'm coming for you" lol.

We decided to try Musashi's for dinner.  It was cool but a bit spendy. The food was good but they were sneaky about adding a tip to the tab without telling us. It said something besides tip and I wasn't sure what it was so I asked. Yep, tip. Which is fine if you are straight forward about it.

My mom and dad brought Tony with them. They are 10 weeks apart, Tony is older.

Melissa was working again so no Melissa :(

Jess and Daniel 

Dad and Mom


I brushed Trevor's hair all out, it's really long. He's talking about cutting it now. I told him he could donate some and still have long hair lol.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Birthday Pictures Finally

I'm procrastinating (what I'm not sure, dishes? probably) so hey great time for a blog post! Tomorrow is Trevor's 16th birthday. Good God my kids are so old! Honestly he seems older than that to me so it's not like it's shocking. He has to wait until June to go for his license so we still have a little bit of time before my insurance goes through the roof even more than it already is.

So here's a few pictures from my birthday that I never posted. We went to Famous Dave's and got the family dinner that they serve on the garbage can lid. Love that meal! Also we had nachos for an appetizer. Nachos I love Nachos!

Mom brought me a German chocolate cake. I think I ate the whole thing myself over the week.

Trevor and Mom

Mom and Dad (mom always closes her eyes lol)

Jess and Daniel

Us old people

Jess got me flowers which are amazingly still mostly alive 20 days later

and we didn't know if my mom was getting me a cake so she got me a cake too. I was so full after dinner I didn't eat any of this one and never did have any of it since I was busy oinking out on the other one haha.

Melissa came over after dinner since she had to work. We were going to go hang out at the bar but for some reason they closed early so I just went to bed. Happy 45 haha.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

It's My Birthday!

I'm 45 today. I'd complain I'm old but I know the 3 or so people that read this are actually older than me so I won't. Although yesterday someone was talking about early retirement at 57 and I was like OMG I'll be a senior citizen (some places) in 10 years. That's f*cking crazy lol.

Yesterday I contemplated quitting my job because it's so freaking boring. Sadly we need the insurance (and the money) so that's not really an option. Unless we get Covered California or something. Might be time to start looking again. Sitting there doing nothing all day makes me feel like I'm wasting my life.

After work my friend took me out to dinner at Sizzler. Yum Yum. I ate about a million calories. Although the only thing that was really unhealthy was the apple crisp with ice cream for dessert.  Later last night we went in the hot tub at the house she is pet/house sitting at. This is Gypsy, she is so sweet. She also protects everyone from animals on the TV lol. It's funny but probably not if you lived with her!

Today I'm off work since I always take my birthday off. One year I didn't and it was shitty so I always take a vacation day on my birthday lol. Planning on Famous Dave's for dinner with the family although Melissa has to work so she won't be there. Ok off to read some blogs. I had to get up to take Trevor to the bus so I'm too awake to go back to bed. Have a good day!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Busy Weekend

Trevor and I are home today with stomach aches. Pretty sure mine is just diet related, hoping his is too. It's so cold today I just want to stay in bed but my bedroom is really cold so maybe not!

Last weekend Scott went on a guys trip to Colorado to hang out and watch the Superbowl. Which meant I had a quiet weekend haha. I spent most of it sewing with the exception of Saturday night. Every year my mom has a "girls night" which turned into more of a cousin's night this year. We watched the movie Oceans 8 which was an ok movie but afterwards I kept thinking why are we celebrating people getting away with crimes? Mom made us dinner (meatloaf) and I didn't even fall asleep during the movie. Oh and Trevor drove me there and back on the freeway for the first time which is frightening by itself but it also started raining. He did pretty good though.

I only took a couple pictures, here's Jess with baby Joey (Melissa and Eric in the background). Little Joey only wants his mama lol

When we got home someone had accidentally turned off the pilot light so I had to figure out how to light it. I ended up Face Timing with Scott and just when I had almost given up it lit. One more thing I can do on my own now lol. Our heater is from the dark ages and the we turn it off and on manually with the knob Scott made when the old one fell apart. It's only for a few months of the year so it doesn't seem worth it to buy a new one. When I'm like 80 maybe we'll get central heat and air lol.

While I was sewing all weekend I watched the show Russian Doll on Netflix. What a weird show! I had to keep watching it though to find out what was going to happen.

And what did I sew? I finished up the 52 mug cozies I had been working on for a couple weeks. Lots of dog and cat cozies in this group, they have been added to my Etsy Store

Then I made up the 27 special order mug cozies for a customer. I think they are for a retreat of some sort.

And then I  made 3 bags for my friend's boys to put their Pokemon cards in. 

I'm tired of mug cozies now so I'm going to make some wine bags. So far I cut out a ton of them and got the interfacing I had on hand cut til I ran out. I need to match up some lining fabric now. I think I'll just make up the amount I had interfacing for since I cut out a lot and I know I'll get sick of making them before I get them all finished. I will just stick what's left to make up in a box and go back to them when I'm ready.

Scott took some mug cozies to give to the hosts for the party he went to. He cracks me up that he paid me for them. 

I was supposed to do a show last Saturday but it got moved to this Saturday. I'm hoping it doesn't end up raining all day. The rain keeps coming in and out of the forecast.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2 Days of Sewing & Netflix

It was so nice to have yesterday off of work since I did the craft show all day Saturday. I spent all day Sunday and Monday sewing. My friend had wanted me to make some stuff for her before Christmas but I was too stressed out. She asked me if I had time now so I got them made up for her.

2 drawstring backpacks

a mug cozy and a make up bag.

And then I worked on some keychains I had started. These are always kind of a work in progress. I'll do a few steps and then go until I run out of something. I really enjoy making them. Something from little bits and pieces of fabric. I sold several this weekend. I had one person buy 3 different keychains so that was fun. (I sell them for $4, they cost me about .20 to make if you don't count the fabric scraps which would probably just have been tossed.) Other than that it's just time but hey I get a lot of Netflix watched while I sew ;)

This weekend I watched the latest season of Grace & Frankie. I think that show has about ran it's course. What's up with all the F bombs? I hang out with a lot of older people and they might throw one in every so often but nothing like that. I did think it was kind of funny when they were having the vision or whatever it was with Grace's face all done up.

Then I watched the new season of Friends From College. I was totally cracking up with the skunk scene if anyone has seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's so weird to see Fred Savage play a gay man. I was totally into Wonder Years when I was young and so was he ;)

Now I need to find something else to watch. I watched Derry Girls a couple weeks ago, so funny!

I also watched the Marie organizer lady that is all the rage. I was kind of laughing to myself that I kind of already organize the way she teaches except for all my crafting/resale stuff. And everyone else's crap in the house. I have slightly given up on my house. Once someone moves out it will be easier (not picking anyone just when everyone is in a bedroom again!). I don't really appreciate having to clean up after adults who don't appreciate me cleaning up. And I don't need a lecture on withholding things or what not because hello I've been married 25 years that obviously doesn't work in my house. I just get angry and that doesn't get us anywhere besides me being angry haha.

PS my Etsy link is on the left side top of the screen. I do not put any character/sports items on there so if you are interested in those just message me :)

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Another Craft Show Downtown Modesto

I did a new venue on Saturday in Downtown Modesto. It was the first time in this location for the venue organizer so I thought I'd give it a try. I got lucky and it was the one nice day in a week of crappy weather!

I was set up right in front of the movie theater.

This set up worked really well since there were people walking on both sides (in front and behind my booth). Also it gave a lot of room for multiple people to be looking at my stuff. Definitely a winner for a non corner set up.

There was live music played by teens all day. They did a FANTASTIC job and were so entertaining! Some people complained that it was too loud but I was down a bit from them so it was ok.

It would have been nice to have a helper with me for when I had to go to the bathroom and to be able to look around a bit but the people next to me were nice enough to keep an eye out while I ran to the bathroom lol

I did a tiny bit better than the last 3 shows I have done so not too bad for not making anything new since my last show. I signed up to do another one on the 2nd. I want to try and make up a few Valentines wine bags. I'm down to THREE non Christmas bags and 2 of those are part of the original ones I made lol. I think I might just put those in my donation pile for the next time I need to make a raffle donation. 

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