Monday, June 30, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Well it was relaxing AFTER we got home from the softball game. It was a one game elimination so needless to say we were home around noon and that was after stopping for lunch. The place they were playing at was different from the day before. This was a Christian High School. It had pretty nice fields but apparently they forgot to empty the port a potties before the weekend. We were sitting down wind and OMG every once in awhile wheewwwwwwwwweeeeee.

Jessica played 3rd base for the whole game.

After the game was over she went with one of the girls from the team to go swimming at her house. Melissa was still with her friend (they went out on their boat) so we just had Trevor. He was begging to go to McD's so we went there for lunch. Scott had pissed me off right before we got there so I played Tetris on my phone the whole time we were there. I think he got the hint.

Got home and watched all the Netflix movies we had.

Into The Wild which was very good.

Becoming Jane pretty good but kind of sad and I finally turned the subtitles on so I could understand what the heck they were saying. Much easier that way!

Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story which was so freaking stupid!! Scott thought it should be rated X since it showed a frontal nudity of a guy. HELLO they do that all the time with women lol.

Oh and Scott went out and helped Trevor try to ride his bike without training wheels. He kept begging him so finally he took him out. He did pretty good! This is his old bike which is smaller than his new bike. Guess he figured not as far to fall.

Now I really need to get off here. We are going to meet my friend at the movies. We are going to see Wall-E or however that is spelled. I'd rather stay home and take a nap but I told her we would go. When did I get so anti-social??Pin It

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Softball

Today was the "travel ball" tournament (the first of many) for Jessica. This one wasn't too far away so that was good. We asked Grandma to watch Trevor and Melissa went to her friend's house to play and spend the night tonight. Just having Jessica is like being on vacation!

We got to the field at the required one hour and fifteen minutes early. Nothing like spending ALL day at the ball field. This place was pretty nice. On the website it says no outside food, only one cooler per team for drinks only. So we didn't bring any food except for some waters Jess put in her bag.

The first thing I notice when we get there is coolers everywhere. People have food and drinks from all the local fast food places. Guess they don't enforce that rule much! So first lesson learned is that next time we pack a cooler and at least stick it in the car if nothing else.

The games here were only one hour long and then they called the game over. That makes for some quick games! The first game Jessica played 3rd base and did a great job! She didn't do too well with batting though but I'm sure that was all nerves. They lost their first game :O(

Between the first and second games we went to the grocery store and got deli sandwiches. I think we spent as much as we would have getting fast food somewhere, and they weren't even all that great. Another lesson learned I guess!

The second game Jessica played catcher. She was so nervous and the girl that was pitching seemed a little wild. Jess really beat herself up mentally during that game. I felt bad for her but nothing she could do and she did do a good job. She didn't get any hits or on base in the 2nd game either but hardly anyone else did either.

Between the second game and the third game we had two hours to kill so we just hung out on the grass. I read my book a bit and we chatted with some of the other parents. Jess went with another girl's family to get some ice cream.

Third game Jess played third base again. The whole team seemed to really choke a lot. They lost that game too, although she did get walked so she got on base and a run came in.

After the game was over the coaches made them run around all the fields because they lost? Yeah that's the way to keep up the team spirit. Whatever. I don't really get it. They had played 3 games, been there all day and it was hot and they all felt like crap because they had lost so lets make you run...

So this was my first time being around all these kids and parents on her team since I always just drop her off for practice. One guy was pretty friendly but seemed a little weird. I dunno, didn't really get him. His wife wasn't all that friendly but they are the ones that took Jess for ice cream so they can't be all that bad.

No one was very friendly but then again maybe I wasn't either. I dunno. Hopefully I connect a bit with some of the other moms so I'm not just sitting there not talking to anyone all the time. It's more fun when you are all kind of visiting.

I guess a lot of the girls on the team are younger, I thought everyone was supposed to be 14 but apparently there are a lot of twelve year old girls on the team. Hopefully they will get better!

Tomorrow they the "playoffs" for the tournament. I'm hoping we don't have to be there for the 9 o'clock game since that means no sleeping in at all! They are supposed to call tonight and let us know.

Here's my girl catching during the second game.

A few more things I noticed during my day there.

WHY would you name your kid "Starlina" WTH? What kind of name is that?? Her nick name is "Star". So when you grow up you can either be a porn "star" or a rock "star" or maybe a softball "star" but I don't think that is going to happen.

If your child is about 8 years old, she is too young to have acrylic nails and a fancy pedicure. I'm sorry, there is no arguing on this. She is just.too.young. Oh and the pink in her hair, that kind of makes her look trampy too when you add it to her nails..

If you are over the age of 12, you should not wear multi colored butterfly clippies across the top of your head. Really. Look around, see any other adults wearing things like that?

If your daughter acts like she hates softball, she probably does. So you should probably not make her play anymore. Even if you ARE the coach.

When someone makes a bad play, you don't have to scream at them and tell them what they did wrong. They already know.

If your kid is playing sports, you really should make some kind of effort to come to the game. Really. At least SOMEONE from your family should go. It's sad to see the one kid with no one there to root them on.

Well that's all I have for today. I'm sure I'll find something else interesting to talk about tomorrow!Pin It

Friday, June 27, 2008


Only 9 more days of driving Jessica to summer school. I will be SO HAPPY when this is over! I've already made up my mind that whatever it costs for her to take the bus to school when it starts, I will pay it. It's worth it!!

I just went out to water the yard and OMG there is a ton of bees out on the texas privot trees I have. I about crapped my pants when I bent down to get the sprinkler and heard the buzzing.

I don't think I've mentioned it here, except for compaining about driving to practice, but Jessica is playing Travel Softball. They had their first tournament last weekend but we missed it because of the concert. They have another one this weekend so it will be her first. Scott took her out last night and bought her her own catcher's gear, since the stuff the coaches had didn't fit. They bought everything but the glove, which I'm sure they probably should have just bought. They coach had said they would reimburse us for the equipment but I think Scott just wants to keep it so we have our own. Sounds about right that my kid would play the one position that requires extra equipment doesn't it??

Anyhow, they are playing 3 games on Saturday. I'm not sure about Sunday. Luckily the place they are playing isn't too far away from us so we won't have to spend the night. I think I'm going to ask MIL to watch the 2 other kids, I can't see Trevor sitting for one game let alone 3!

I was browsing blogs yesterday and came across this picture of Matt Damon.

Please God make the movie be really good. I don't know how actors can do that whole gain weight and lose it for movies. All I can say is bring my pretty Matt back soon!Pin It

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just another day

Yesterday I got a bit of scrapbooking done. Did the dishes, and made a cake to take to my friend's house for a get together with some gals I used to work with. Oh and stopped off at Michael's for more Cricut supplies. I heart my Cricut. Oh and I got a gift card for my friend since it is her birthday on Friday.

Here is the pages I got done yesterday. Making good progress on the Portrait Album. There aren't nearly as many pictures of Melissa and Trevor as there were for Jessica (sorry kids!). They do have full scrapbooks though so I don't think it's all that bad lol. (click pictures to make them bigger)

My cake looked like crap, broke apart when I tried to take it out of the pan, think it wasn't cool enough or something. I am so not a cake decorator. But I thought about paying $15 for a cake and decided to use my cheapy cake mix and frosting I had in my pantry instead. Once I put it together you couldn't even tell it was messed up though. Hard to believe! Here's a pic from the get together.

I'm the fat girl in the front. I really need to stop.eating.crap.

So this morning my mom came over for a bit and brought my nephew over. By the time we were done visiting he decided that he wanted to go back to her house and Trevor went with him so it's all quiet now.

Melissa is watching a vhs tape of Pretty In Pink. It's buzzing so loud I think I'll toss it when she is done watching it. Should I get it on DVD or not even bother lol. She asked me if it was from the "olden days". I said no not really, just the 80's! (please God tell me that is not the olden days!)Pin It

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Thanks for coming over this morning. I know I looked ultra lazy sitting in my computer chair and looking at the internet (again) but really I was almost done reading all my blogs and I was about to get up and be productive. You were here for over an hour so now I have to catch up again.

I know you said that when WE work on the flower bed (that is non existant) on the side of MY house you can help plant some trees (trees?) on that side of the house, but really, I don't want or need your help but thanks for the offer. Please get it out of your mind that you are going to help me landscape my yard. When I decide to do it I will do it and you won't even have to help me!!

Sorry I forgot to come over this morning and help you move that huge fucking piece of concrete. I totally forgot. I really really did forget (but I really don't want to help you move that either...

Sorry also that I don't want to go to that Red Hat Ladies Mystery Dinner. I know I act like it sometimes, but I'm not over 50 and I feel REALLY out of place with all those older women.

Oh and thanks for yelling at the kids to stop jumping on the couch. I know I apparently don't yell loud enough or nag at them enough to stop jumping on it so thanks for pitching in.

Ok now that I got that off my chest, I'll talk to you later!

Your Darling Daughter.Pin It

Scrapbook Day

Since it's been so hot outside lately and SMOKEY from all the fires burning I did some scrapbooking yesterday. I'm making pretty good progress on my "Portrait Album". (click on pictures for a larger view)

I am planning on working on it some more today but first I need to do some cleaning up around here. Apparently when you are absorbed in scrapbooking that means everyone can use every dish you own and leave it in the sink and throw toys all over the family room!Pin It

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's a random kind of day!

So Jessica talked me into not going to summer school this morning. It didn't take much since I was all comfy with my pillow and blanket and had hit the snooze button about 10 times already. She better not get sick anytime soon because now she can only miss one more day. She only has 13 days left to go so I think she can suck it up and finish it off!

I spent almost the whole day in my nightgown! I did all the laundry, did the dishes like 5 times. Made 2 loaves of banana bread, a macaroni salad and cooked up some veggies in the fridge. I REALLY need to go shopping so all this was done in a effort to show that SEE we do have food! Just no milk, bread, water or dog food lol. I was not going to make a trip to the grocery store since I know I will have to drive to town tomorrow!

Trevor has been playing Legos almost all day! I have a huge box of Legos. Most of which were bought at garage sales. He's been building and building all day long. Well except for awhile when my nephew was here and they were playing bury eachother in the clean clothes on my bed. That was all fun and games until someone got hurt!

Melissa has learned the art of channel surfing today. I keep getting all into these programs and then she click clicks. I'm like hey!!!

I've hardly talked to Jessica all day today. She's either been in her room texting away or on the computer on myspace. Who said technology was bad?? Beats hearing I'm bored 100 times a day!

I watched one of our Netflix movies today, We Own the Night When it was over I was kind of like HUH?? Although Joaquin still makes me happy just to drool over him.

I'm on my second mudslide for tonight. yummmmPin It

Warped Tour

So we started off Saturday morning by getting up really early for Warped Tour. Hubby dropped the 3 of us off at the Bart station. We didn't even have to wait just walked right on a train, that was cool! Got to SF and then went to find the Hotel. We walked the wrong way I think at first but we finally found it. We stayed at theGrand Hyatt. We got there early but they let us check in early which was nice! So we got up to our room to drop off our extra stuff. The girls were looking out the window and OMG! You could see people in their showers in the building across from us! WTH??? After we all got done busting up about that we closed the curtain lol.

So we still had a couple hours and we were all hungry so we went out in search of food. Finally found a Jack In the Box. We were waiting in line to order and this bum woman with no shoes and hardly any teeth was saying real low to Jessica's friend. "You said you'd give me a dollar!" But she's whining it. I was like WTH?? Megan kept annoying her so she moves over to me. "will you give me a dollllar?" Of course I'm like um no. She goes around and asks everyone there. Everyone says no. So she goes over to the garbage can and pulls it out and gets a cup out of it and starts slurping off it. A girl that works there got the manager and he's telling her to leave and she's just standing there slurping on the cup. Finally she goes outside, just as this guy throws down his lit cigarette. She's all "THANK YOU" and snatches it up and starts puffing on it. Then walks off following some people down the street. I was "well girls, welcome to San Francisco!".

Ok so we get done eating and then we go find the bus stop that I had printed out from online. We get over there and get on a bus. The bus ride is taking FOREVER. It's supposed to be like 5 minutes and then we would trade buses. So Jessica is FREAKING OUT. I got ask the bus driver and he said we got on the bus going the wrong way. SHIT! So we get off and get on the one he tells us, which goes back all the way from where we just came from, past where we got on and towards the correct direction. This is taking even longer and it's now after 11, the offical start time for the concert so she's just totally pissed off at me that I got us on this wrong bus and we are NEVER going to get there and we are going to miss all the bands. So finally we get to the transfer point but we are supposed to walk a block or so. At that point we see a Taxi and I called to him to ask if he was busy and he said no so he flipped around and we took a taxi the rest of the way. WHEW!! Here they are in the taxi after she was done flipping out.

Funny, they don't look stressed out at all do they!

So we get out of the cab and start walking up and there is a band outside selling their cd. So the girls stop and talk to them and get them to sign their shirts and buy a cd and get their picture taken.

We get inside and there is this guy LMAO

After this point they ditched me, which I knew they were going to do. So I wandered around looking at booths and people with interesting body piercings. Ended up sitting and standing under tents for shade because it was freaking HOT. This is SF people, it's not usually hot here! But of course it's all on asphalt so it's going to be hot. So after a couple hours my head was doing the pounding thing that is my warning that "you will be sick". So I called Jessica (she checked in every hour or so) and told her that I was leaving and I'd get her directions on how to get back when it was over and met up with her and gave her $20 just in case they had to take a cab.

I wandered out and there is a train right across the street. Hopped on there and rode it right down the street from the hotel and walked to the hotel. HOW EASY! Sheesh don't know why that stupid thing online told me to use the buses when that train was right there and it cost the same thing. (a whopping $1.50!) So I got back in the hotel room, wrote down directions turn for turn and then took a cold bath and watched some tv and snoozed. And went to the bathroom.

When I flushed the toilet it didn't go down. OMG how freaking embarrassing! So I had to call down to the front desk and they sent a guy up with a plunger. And let me just say it wasn't a "yellow let it mellow" situation. So I thought I was going to die for a few minutes lol. So he gets done and leaves.

The girls were ready to leave around 6 so I walked them through how to get back. Other than her stressing about getting the ticket thing to work and if they were supposed to be still walking up the street when they were one block away they did fine. She's such a stresser, she definitly doesn't get that from me! So much like her dad sometimes!

Anyhow, so by the time they get back I had went pee, and once again the stupid toilet wouldn't flush! Called back downstairs, same guy comes up. I was like sorry! He starts telling me basically that the toilet paper they have is too thick and not to use so much. Yeah ok, this is a freaking hotel get a toilet that can handle the paper or paper that will work for the toilet! So finally he gets it to work. I told the girls don't use a lot of paper! He's going to get mad if he has to come back. Aren't you glad you don't have that job. Yuck.

So after laying around for awhile we went down to Macy's and had dinner in their little food court, then back up to the room where we ordered Fool's Gold to watch on tv. I dozed through most of it. But it wasn't that good anyways.

We all went to sleep and around 8:30 Megan's mom calls. She is FLIPPING OUT on the phone and Megan is all "I'M SLEEPING!". I don't know what the hell she was yelling about. She called back one more time and Megan repeated the whole thing over and she hung up. So I was wide awake and watched some tv. The girls finally got up around 10. We hung around the hotel until almost 12 and then checked out and walked down to the mall to go to the food court there for something to eat and then caught the Bart there in the mall back home.

So other than the messed up bus ride we did ok with the whole public transportation thing. I wish we had trains like that here! And that Bart actually came all the way to our city.

Here's a few of Jessica's pictures from the concert. I think they had a lot of fun! Next year I'll ride to the concert with them then they are on their own lol. I'm just going to go shopping at the warf or something!

Pin It

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I survived!

I'll post tomorrow when no one is watching me type lol.Pin It

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok Mom!

Jessica's friend is spending the night. I beat them to the computer. I have half an hour! So sorry if I don't get to your latest blog entry before my time is up!

This is so me..

OK!! Down to business!! I only went to town 3 times today. Plus another city and then another city. Freaking spent all day in the car and used up the last of my gas I bought on TUESDAY!! Insane! So I had to put another $70!!! worth of gas in my car!

BUT, my middle child is home from camp! She had a lot of fun but apparently she didn't eat much, she's been eating since she got home.

Jessica's play for church is D.O.N.E.!! That will save me 2 trips to the other city a week (plus going to pick her up so actually 4 trips per week).

So we are down to summer school and softball.

I need to go to bed soon. Tomorrow I am taking Jessica and her friend to Warped Tour. I'm so freaking stupid for doing this. I hope they have beer or some kind of alcoholic beverages available. Stupid me should have just spent the money to bring MYSELF a friend to hang out with. I know the girls are going to ditch me right after we get there. AND we are spending the night in the city so I won't be back until Sunday. So don't miss me too much and have some sympathy for me. I'll be with her loudest friend in a really loud place ALL day tomorrow. HELP!

Well my time is up so unless I get on here for a sec in the morning I'll see you Sunday!Pin It

I almost forgot

I snapped this picture yesterday of Jessica (TG she doesn't read here she'd kill me lol).

This is what happens when you have a friend spend the night, go to bed at 1 then have to get up at 7 for summer school. I had to wake her up to go to softball practice. She wasn't too happy about that lol.

I have to say I haven't heard her say "I'm bored" much so far this summer.Pin It

I'm exhausted

No idea why really. I didn't do anything too exciting yesterday except make 3 trips into town and back. Yep THREE times.

Oh and I mowed the back yard but that's not very big so it didn't take very long or too much effort.

I went over my brother's for a little while last night. I went to pick up Trevor but ended up sitting outside talking. Our cousin, who is the same age as my brother just "moved back" from Missouri.

Cousin a kind of long story, but I'm procrasinating so how about I tell it?

I remember when I was little and my mom and cousin's mom were pg at the same time. It was kind of neat. But cousin's mom was kind of wild, as was my uncle. They were the party and drinking all the time type of people. You, the ones that can't just have a drink or two but have to get to the point of being REALLY LOUD and causing a scene.

So apparently she either drank and/or did drugs when she was pregnant with Cousin. When he was born they had to take him to some kind of specialist because his eye ball bounces back and forth. It's not a lot but just enough to make you go WTF?? is wrong with that guy!

Anyhow, of course Cousin's mom didn't hang around very long. So he was left with his alcoholic father to raise him.

Which of course turned out about like you would expect. He dropped out of high school not too long after he started. Didn't really ever have a good job, drank, did drugs and got into trouble, and eventually moved back to Missouri to be with his mom and older brother who has a different dad.

The story is that he was doing pretty good in Missouri. Had a job, somewhere to live, got his driver's license, etc. He's been there for quite a few years. But for some reason he decided he was moving back here.

So I saw him last night.

He is missing a front tooth.
Has no job lined up.
Is going to live in his Dad's house.

He brought a six pack of beer to my brother's house and wouldn't put it in the fridge since he'd just drink it.

Anyone else thinking this is not going to turn out good??Pin It

Girlie Wisdom

(from my email box)

Women over 50 don't have babies because they would put them down and forget where they left them.

A friend of mine confused her Valium with her birth control pills... she has 14 kids but doesn't really care.

One of life's mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain 5 lbs.

My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely.

The b est way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes.

The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don't know what you are doing, someone else does.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends..

Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today.

Sometimes I think I understand everything, and then I regain consciousness.

I gave up jogging for my health when my thighs kept rubbing together and setting fire to my knicker's.

Amazing! You hang something in your closet for a while and it shrin ks 2 sizes!

Skinny people irritate me! Especially when they say things like...'You know sometimes I forget to eat!' ......Now I've forgotten my address, my mother's maiden name and my keys, but I have never forgotten to eat. You have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat!

The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing and then they marry him.

I read this article that said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That's my idea of a perfect day!Pin It

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Car Expressions

So today I was driving behind a truck that had a window decal on it something like this:

Which got me to thinking. Why would you want to put something like that on your car?? I mean, I can understand the fun ones like

BTW I need to get a new one of those for my new car. Hubby scraped my old one off the old car when we brought the new one home. I don't know WHY he didn't want to drive with that on the back of the car...

We see a lot of these here in the Central Valley

and these

and don't forget these! I'm always counting how many kids and pets people have on the back of their Suburbans.

The first time I saw one of these I was seriously tripping out. Then I started seeing them all over.

Living close to San Francisco sometimes we see these..

This one cracks me up but don't want to explain that to a kid who is just learning to read

Oh then then there is the whole ribbon magnet thing. I used to drive a Saturn, which has plastic door panels so I couldn't ever get one. Not that I really want one. They have them for every cause possible now.

Oh and of course you can't forget the antenna ornaments! I love the Jack In The Box ones. My car kind of has a weird antenna though so I don't think they would stay on very well now

AND license plate frames!

Not to mention vanity plates

And bumper stickers (I can't believe people actually stick these on the PAINT of their car!)

And if that isn't enough of a statement for you, you can just wrap up the whole thing in an ad!

So next time you are bored while waiting at a traffic signal just look around. You might find out that the person in the car ahead of you is catholic nymphomaniac with a soccer playing kid!Pin It

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Price of Conserving Gas

Today Jessica had softball practice at 5:30. She gets done with summer school at 1:30 and we live 13 miles from where everything is at so I thought we'd stay in "town" in an effort to save on gas and get some errands done.

Problem was I didn't have all that many errands to do.

So I pick her up and we go to the library. We browse a bit and get some books. Back out to the car. We only spent $1 on one book in the books for sale room and it's one she's been wanting to read. Good deal!

Hmm it's about 2 now. What should we do now??

Oh yeah I need to go to the bank. Deposited my sad little unemployment check and then we were done.

What next? Oh you're hungry??

ok we'll go to the mall and have something to eat and walk around a bit.

Oh look we are almost out of gas, might as well get it here since I haven't went to the store again to get my 10 cent discount again. UGH only $4.50 a gallon. Sheesh $67 to fill up!!! God that sucks. Good thing we are staying in town so we don't waste anymore gas.

Ok here we are at the mall. Umm Chinese food my favorite. Everyone wants Chinese. $17.63 for a late lunch early dinner for 3. Linner as we like to call it. OUCH that was kind of expensive..

Done eating, let's go walk around a bit. Ok you go to Hot Topic and I'll follow Trevor around he wants to go in the book store. Hey I found the book you need for your English class, did you get it from the library yet?? No?? Ok I'll just get it for you. You know, I have my Barnes & Nobles membership and we get a discount now! Ok it's $10.50, almost a dollar a page! Sheesh.

Well it's only 3:00 now what are we going to do?? Ok we'll go walk around some more. Hey Trevor, you want to go to the play thing. You know that FREE thing you can play on and Mommy can read sister's book? Ok! Let's go!

Oh wait you want to go in the shoe store?? Ok go ahead we'll go down to the play thing. Wait Trevor, why do you want to go in Big 5?? You want something?? What do you want? I'm not buying you anything in this store, we spend enough in here for softball stuff! I'm sorry. NO! We aren't getting anything here!! Ok we are leaving!! I don't care we are leaving!!

What?? You don't want to play?? Ok we'll go back over to the shoe store and see what your sister is up to. No you don't need new shoes too. No, you aren't getting new shoes. NO I am NOT buying you new shoes until school starts. Oh there's Jess, she's ready she found some tennis shoes. Her other 12 pairs aren't good enough anymore for PE. Wow these are really ugly are you sure you are going to wear these?? They are so cute?? Ok. Are you going to buy them? Ok, save your money I'll get them for you. $16.15 for ugly plaid shoes. Yikes. Stupid ugly shoes. She better freaking wear them.

I'm sorry Trevor! What! What do you mean you didn't get anything and you want something! What do you want?? Ok we'll go walk down here. Ok let's go in Sears. Oh look Movies, you can get a movie. Please hurry up and pick a movie I've had enough of this place. Ok it's only $16 for a stupid movie let's go check out. Wow it's on sale, only $10.76!

Ok I'm done with the mall let's go. Where's the car?? Oh there it is. Sheesh I really need to start paying more attention to where I park, that's kind of embarrassing. I must be getting old..

Ready to go. Oh man it's only four fifteen!! We still have about an hour to go. Sigh. Oh look we never got your hair cut yet did we Trev! Ok we'll go get a hair cut. Never mind it's kind of way on the other side of town. It's something to do and it will keep you busy. Y

Hey Jess, we forgot to bring you water for practice, why don't you run next door to the grocery store and get a water. I have some money in my wallet there. Just take that $5 bill.

Oh your back and you a buck left. $3.28 for 2 waters! Way to shop!!

Yeah we are done and it's time to go to softball now! $17 with tip for a 5 year old buzz cut. Weren't those like $8 when we started coming here about 4 years ago??

There you go Jess! Yep Dad will pick you up on the way home from work. See you when you get home.

So let's see, how much money did I spend today??

Book $1
Gas $67
Linner $17.63
Book for school $10.50
Ugly shoes for PE $16.15
Movie so Trevor "gets" something $10.76
Water $3.28
Hair cut $17.00
Price of staying in town to save gas=$143.32 - $67 for gas since that SHOULD last a few days = $76.32


I think Thursday we'll just come home!!

Edited to add: OMG I just totally fucked up my template and thank God I got it back this far. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.Pin It

August Rush

Oh My God. I just watched the movie August Rush. I think this is now my favorite movie. I think my eyes are bugling from crying through the whole thing. But it's not a sad cry. It's a beautiful cry. The sheer brillance of this movie. SIGH. If you havne't seen this you NEED to watch it. Absoultely beautiful!Pin It

Monday, June 16, 2008

Off to camp! And 14 year old Drama..

I took my baby girl to the bus this morning to go off to Girl Scout Camp! It's her first time going and she didn't have any friends going with her. She will be gone until Friday! I know she will have a great time though! I ended up following the bus 1/2 of the way home (I had to take her to a larger city for the pick up). As soon as we turned off the freeway I had two big tears drop out. I can't believe I'm becoming such a softy!!

Yesterday Jessica got her hair cut. After we got home I saw her with the straight iron and putting make up on, so knew she was taking pictures of herself to put on myspace. She left her camera card in the computer so nosy mom looked to see what she did.

I guess the new thing now is to take a picture with a message in the mirror lol. She's so funny. Cracks me up how she always makes these weird faces. I've told her if she would just smile she would look so pretty, but she apparently think the nose scrunch and the tongue to the side is much more glamorous. I don't get it!

And see the glasses? She bugged me LIKE CRAZY to get contacts. She wore them all the time when she first got them. For a couple weeks. Now it's back to the glasses?? Apparently it's takes too much time to put them in in the morning.

She is going to summer school and over the weekend she decided she wasn't going to go anymore. She is taking PE from 8-1:30. In that time period they have one or two breaks and a lunch so really not that long of actual "work". Part of me wanted to let her drop out but the other part was like WTH?? You put me through going to get you the "proper" clothes for the class, not to mention having to make sure she got signed up right and taking her all last week. And it's only 19 more days. 19 days and a whole year of PE is done!

So this morning I told her it was time to get up and she did the whole "I'm not getting up" thing. I was thinking HTH am I going to get her up. I mean really she's almost bigger then me now (she IS taller). I just said you HAVE to go. Then LIGHTBULB. I opened her door back up and said "If you don't get up I'm taking your phone for the week!"

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I made the necessary phone calls and hubby took the girls to the batting cages. That's about all we have planned for today! I need to take Melissa to the store and get her the last items she needs for camp tomorrow.

Yesterday I worked on my scrapbooking a bit. Mostly titles for pages that were almost done. I also added some embelishments to some pages. These are all "portrait" pictures. I still have a lot to go but I went ahead and put these in a book for now :O)

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