Wednesday, December 31, 2008


THIS is a sign that you have too many people working for you.Pin It


I'll be ringing in the new year by doing what I do best:

Being a Mom Taxi!

haha not quite sure how that happened but I'll be driving one of Jessica's frinds home.

She has 4 friends over. They seem to be having fun. I'd be having more fun if I was drinking but since I'll be driving

I'm only drinking Diet Coke.

And watching the Disney Channel.

And doing laundry.

It's so much fun being a mom.Pin It

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Bookmarks

I was supposed to make some kind of sign for my mom but made bookmarks instead lol. I'll make the sign tomorrow :)Pin It

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kitty Snuggle

Buster on the left, Sydney on the right

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Onward! (again)

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Thank God Today Is Garbage Day!

Last week Scott forgot to put the garbage can out. This is the WORST week to have a full garbage can. It was already overflowing before so now we have garbage bags everywhere. I think he took a few to work with him to throw in the dumpster. I hope the garbage man takes my 2 extra bags I have sitting out there because the can in the house is overflowing too! You never realize how much garbage you have until there is no where to put it!Pin It

Sunday, December 28, 2008

ahhh ick

I was busily putting away the Christmas Tree and all the ornaments today. (Target has ornament boxes on sale for $6 and some change!). After I did that and put away the tree I went around the house gathering all the Christmas stuff and putting it on the kitchen table so I can put it all away tomorrow. (It's too dark to go out to the shed tonight.) Then I went around and cleaned up today's mess.

Then I was exhausted.

So, I decided to take a bath. A nice hot bath ahhh doesn't that sound nice to relax in the tub? So I went in the bathroom and locked the door and amazingly no one bugged me the whole time I was in there. While I was laying there in the tub I was remembering why I don't usually take baths.

1. Looking at the underside of the soap dish that is connected to the wall. EWWWW must clean that tomorrow

2. Our tub is slanted so I can't lay down in the tub and have my whole body under water. My nipples stick out. Seriously. Totally sucks.

3. For some reason the water slowly drains out while you are soaking. You can seriously plug the tub, fill it up and come back later and all the water will be gone. While I was in there half the water went down the drain.

So now tomorrow I have to clean the tub. Jessica cleaned it yesterday but her version of clean and mine are obviously not the same.Pin It

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I spent all day cleaning for my Dad and Step Mom to come over for dinner. They just left. Ahhhh

Now I can take down the Christmas stuff :O)Pin It

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday, Day After Christmas

Today I got up and messed around on the computer for a bit. I tried to ignore all the Christmas boxes and toys and wrappings all over the living room by playing on the computer. Then I got ready and took off all by myself to go see my friend Sarah who is here visiting her family from Texas. We met up at Michael's and then went to lunch. We went to Mexican food because that is our tradition :O) It was yummy and great and lovely to see my bestest friend. Hopefully we can get together again on Monday like we are planning.

I went to the grocery store and then came home and immediately took a nap. It must have been all those carbs not to mention all the nights I stayed up until after 1 in a row.

After I got up I was bombarded with all the CRAP. Not to mention the fact that Trevor was starving since apparently no one fed him all day (bad bad husband). I popped in the frozen pizza I had bought and cleaned up the living room and most of the kitchen.

Tomorrow evening my Dad and Step Mom are coming over for dinner.Pin It

Christmas Day doesn't quite suck

We always go to my Mom's house on Christmas day. We go as soon as we are done opening presents at home. This year was no different. I almost went Christmas Eve night since it was feeling so sad. For me, this is when Christmas really starts!

My Mom's tree with my nephew posing with his gifts from Santa. I think that board is as big as he is lol.

Santa fills stockings for EVERYONE.

Jessica got a new crown in hers.

We always open presents youngest to oldest. Everyone waits (sometimes impatiently) for their turn lol. Trevor has been the lucky one to have been the youngest for 6 years. One of the only times it pays to be the baby.

I won't bore you with the rest of my pictures (since most of the rest are on my mom's camera!)

My Mom got me a new BIGGER crock pot (which is what I asked for) so I'll be visiting the crock pot lady's site a lot! I also got some Christmas ornaments and bathroom accessories and towels (cash, cash, cash is good in the future..)

We played a ton of games all day. It was really nice! This is the first year without my soon to be ex sister in law who usually sat around a bit grumpy. My little brother's girlfriend is getting more comfortable around our family and we had fun hanging out.

I made a lasana around 2 and my step dad put in the huge prime rib he bought. It was his first time cooking one but it came out great! He also made meatballs (he's 100% Italian so you gotta have Italian food for Christmas!) Dinner was just great.

I helped my mom clean up and then we played Christmas Bingo. Jessica got a bit bent because my nephew won 2x in a row. Trevor was being all sad that he didn't win too. My baby brother won 2x so he let Trevor have one of the presents which was nice of him. That was about the only rough part of the whole day. Who would have thought, my kids, poor sports :eyeroll:

After that we started playing spoons. It was both my brothers, baby brother's gf, Jessica, Scott and Me. It was a lot of fun. Jessica once again was bent that she got out first. We played for a good couple hours and then it was time to go home.

While the kids were getting situated in the car Jessica's tote bag fell out. Of course we didn't know that until after we got home and she was flipping out that she couldn't find it. I had to call my mom and they actually found it out on the sidewalk. Which is surprising because things get stolen really easily in her neighborhood.

All in all it was probably the best Christmas ever since I've been an adult with kids. I guess that makes up for the Christmas Eve.Pin It

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning (1:30 AM) when Santa got done.

Trevor's pile

Melissa's pile

Jessica's pile

Tabbie saying where MY pile?? (Dogs that roll in poop don't get presents around here no matter HOW sad they look!)

Me looking scary

and Scott

After opening presents I jumped in the shower and we all got ready to go to my Mom's housePin It

Christmas Eve

Here's some pics from Christmas Eve

Trevor excited to opened his first presents



Brother in Law 1 hour into the party

Me dying of boredom & Trevor

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Blows

When you are a grown up.

I woke up this morning to the back door being open. I was thinking "Fucking dog!! Now I'm going to have to go find her." But I got up to close the door and she was right there laying on the floor. Then I realized that once again she had went outside and rolled in her own shit! Stupid dog!! So she spent the day outside.

This morning was ok actually. The kids and I made cookies. Well the little kids and I made cookies. We made up the sugar cookies I had mixed up last night, snicker doodles, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter pie. After Scott got home the little kids and I went around and dropped off the cookie presents to the neighbors and the bookmarks and some cookies to the gals in my book club.

Then, went to my in laws. We were supposed to eat at 4 and my brother in law wasn't there yet so I ran to the store to get the stuff to make lasagna tomorrow. (My mom was going to get frozen, ick) Got back and he still wasn't there but he got there shortly after.

MIL made turkey for turkey sandwiches and then chips and a veggie tray. She was totally wiped out. FIL and her were bickering the whole time we were eating. Which is exactly the reason why we quit going there for regular dinners years ago. After we ate the kids opened their presents. MIL's back was hurting so I had Melissa move off the couch so she could lay down.

BIL fell asleep in the chair,
MIL fell asleep on the couch.
We went home after being there 2 1/2 hours.

Got home and gave the stupid dog a bath. Of course she was so excited to NOT get in the tub that she pissed all over the bathroom floor first. Gave her a bath, had to wash her twice. Used the hair dryer on her a bit but she's a big freaking dog. Dog hair is everywhere.

In the tub.
On the wall.
On the door.
On my hands.

Finally release her from the bathroom and attempt to clean up a bit. Throw towels on the floor and say it's good for now! Shit that reminds me I still need to get in there and clean that up.

Tried to get Jess off the computer so I could play online. She wouldn't budge so I went and went to lay down on the couch for a bit. Dozed off until I heard her sign off and now here I am. Weeeee

Waiting for the kids to fall asleep so Santa can come. At the rate they are going I'm going to need to drink a cup of coffee soon.Pin It

Playing Opossum

Aren't these the ugliest little creatures??

Pic stolen from

When ever I hear or see anything to do with Opossums I think of the time when Jessica was a baby. I was all Martha Stewart like back then (before I knew who Martha even was) and did cloth diapers. That was back when NO ONE used cloth diapers. No one cared about being green or being frugal and yet I was both! Anyhow, that phase didn't last long.

But back to the story. We were going camping and since we were going to be gone I thought that was a great time to put the diaper pail (left over from when I was a baby) out in the garage with a little bit of bleach water in it.

When we got home I was out doing laundry and noticed a trail of ants. I looked inside the diaper pail where the ants were marching to and OMG. ICK. Dead baby Opossum.

Yeah so whenever I see a picture of one of those ugly little things I think about the time I killed one on accident. Sorry guy. But you really were ugly.Pin It

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm done!

Got the booze out. The kids are driving me nuts. The sound of "MOM" makes me want to scream. We are only on day TWO of the kids being home. OMG I'm going to be a basket case by the time they go back.Pin It

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's can't be almost Christmas

Really! Where are the days going??? The day after tomorrow is Christmas Eve so that means tomorrow is my last day to bake. Ummm yeah we haven't even picked out what we are going to make, let alone buy the ingredients yet. What happened? Where did the days go?? It seems like we usually have a few more days of the kids being home before Christmas. It must just be because it's on Thursday this year that is messing me up. So I guess tomorrow we'll start off the morning by figuring out what we are going to make and then making a trip to the store to get everything.

I just got done wrapping all the Christmas presents. I really felt like I hadn't bought much but everyone has pretty close to the same number of presents and it kind of looks like the tree threw up so it's all good. I do think I should probably get one more little thing to set out with Jessica's Santa gift (whoops hope all you readers know that I'm Santa, if not SORRY!)

Jessica had her guy friend over today to hang out. Then one of her best friends came over (she's trying to hook them up), and THEN her boyfriend came over. So I had the 4 of them all here at dinner time. I made some hamburgers and some mac & cheese. I forgot to set the timer on the mac & cheese though so I messed it up. Seriously they must all think I'm a horrible cook because how hard is it to cook a box of mac & cheese?? Anyhow, they all seemed to have a great time and the bedroom door stayed open for the most part. Our house is small so I can pretty much hear what's going on from any room in the house and they were laughing and having a good old time in there. No long quiet moments lol.

The boyfriend is going to Tahoe for 6 days. I feel kind of bad for Jess but at the same time I'm doing a little YES!! (raise arm and punch the sky) because I don't have to worry about them sneaking out to hang out together. Last night when I was going to bed I noticed the front door was unlocked. I always lock the door before I go to bed. It was REALLY cold in the hallway so I opened Jessica's door. Well tried to anyways since she had a full laundry basket pushed in front of it. I opened the door and ummm hello?? No Jessica. Window was open a crack and the screen was off. NICE. So I looked the window and the door and went to bed. The only other way to get in the house is through the sliding glass door IN MY ROOM. Hahaha that was kind of funny when she came back in. I was going to lock that door but thought that would be kind of mean. We had a "discussion" this morning and I told her that was her one free pass and if she does it again she will NOT have a door and will NOT have a phone to start off with. Her friend is spending the night and I just went and checked a few minutes ago and everyone is accounted for. Going to check one more time before I go to bed. They BETTER be in there or I'm freaking going to kick some teenage ass.

Anyhow, wow where did that rant come from??

Took Jess to the ear doctor this morning and her holes in her ear drums from her tubes are NOT closing up (well one ear is and one is not). We have to go back in a few weeks to recheck. Let's all pray they are closed up since we have a $2500 deductible before the insurance pays anything and only about $600 in our HSA. That will NOT be a fun way to start off the year.

I really need to finish printing off all my mom's pictures. That and the baking are all I need to get done for Christmas. I worked on them a little bit but ran out of one of the ink colors again. I've only been getting one at a time since those little fuckers are ten bucks a piece x six. I finally realized that the value pack doesn't have as much ink in them and I have about 4 of light blue and pink. Apparently I don't do many pictures with those colors!

Well YAWN it's 12:00 am. Last day to make cookies. Better go to sleep I guess. As usual I'm the last one standing around here!Pin It

Christmas Card

Here's our Christmas Card, I picked them up at Wal Mart today. I love being able to upload them at home for the one hour pick up in the store.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

There's only how many days until Christmas??

This is the way Melissa counts down too lol

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

Every year we take our Christmas card picture on the night of the school Christmas program. I know, it's late but I usually just hand out the cards with the Christmas presents. I'm a slacker and don't usually mail them.
I told the kids, time for pictures! Two out of three were ready and OMG how cute are they :O) Jessica did Melissa's hair. I was like wow I can see your eyes!!

There we go, big sister in the mix. Hey Melissa, what the heck kind of smile is that??

Well that's a little better. Trevor, you're trying to hard!

Still trying too hard.

That's better!
My Mom came by so we handed her the camera to take a picture of all of us. How cool we might have a FAMILY picture for Christmas!

Ummm when did Melissa get so stinking tall? I mean it's ok you can't really see my body but you should probably be able to see my face.

Yeah, that's not working very well.

Better! (Notice Melissa took her hair down already lol) What is Trevor doing??

Hmm something was funny, Jessica looks really weird lol

The dog was trying to figure out what was going on but we couldn't get her to turn around. THAT would have been CUTE.

Better, think this is the one I used lol. They are all blurring together now.

Ok we are done, CHEESE for MySpace!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Melissa's Sax Recital

Melissa had her Saxaphone recital today! Here she is before it started

And her playing. She's on the right hiding behind her stand :O)

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Guess what??

More bookmarks ;O)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm beat! Spent all day today (and yesterday) making bookmarks. Actually I should say when I wasn't driving kids around I was working on bookmarks. I should probably do some laundry and cleaning tomorrow! Here's what I've made the last 2 days.

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