Friday, December 30, 2011

Flea Market Fun

I finally had a light bulb moment and figured out how to get a link to my Facebook page on here, go me! Click on the little coffee cup over there on the left and give me a like! Bear with me since I'm new with the whole Facebook Blog page.

So today I got out of work early due to the holiday.  I decided that since it was Friday I'd finally go over and check out that little flea market that is down the street. I've been driving by it for years and always thinking I should go check it out. After a little tour of the parking lot I finally found a place to park. I walked with the crowd figuring they knew where we were going.

First thing I noticed? People selling oranges, other fruits and plants in the parking lot. I was surprised they let people sell outside of the gates. The first thing I was greeted with INSIDE? CAGES! Filled with Doves, Finches, Cockatiels, and bunnies! On the way out I looked at the booth a bit more and they had snakes, hamsters, rats and mice. Crazy!

There were a lot of booths selling the usual "new-knock off" stuff, a lot of vendors selling ethnic foods-cooked and uncooked, people cutting hair??, selling medicine (pretty sure something that says AMOX is illegal to sell??) and tucked here and there people selling junk.

Ahhh my favorite!! It's like a multi family garage sale for rows and rows. If you need tools this is the place to go, although, I wonder really if any how many of these items are stolen? You gotta wonder how these people are getting 30 used computers...

I found a couple things to buy, a nice big Pyrex bowl, a really large brooch and a necklace pendant.

After looking this up it's called a Pyrex Verde Square Flower Cinderella Nesting Bowl 4 Quarts #444

Check out the brooch! It's about 2 1/2" and raised, I think it's pretty cool!

A little necklace pendant, I will probably will keep this one :)

So a few fun things. I might go back... I'll have to take out my camera next time to capture some of the really bizarre things!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did you Swatch?

Did you have a Swatch when you were a teenager? I saw a picture of a clock today that reminded me of them. I remember when they were all the rage. They were too expensive for my mom to buy me one, but I remember lusting after them in the big display case at Macy's. Then one day I was shopping with my stepmom and she let me buy one. It was so hard to decide which one to pick. I don't really even remember what it looked like but I remember having the little face protector on it. Eventually I had a couple of them. I think I must have bought one with my babysitting money. I'm pretty sure I made some trades with my friends and ended up with one like the picture here. I wonder what I did with them? I must have given them away at some point.Pin It

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did you go flush?

Nothing too exciting going on here today. I just saw this picture and it reminded me of the other day when we were at Scott's parents. For some reason we started talking about what direction the water went down the drain here and in our hemisphere. 

Scott had to get up and go flush the toilet to prove his point, although I didn't follow after him to make sure he was telling the truth. The stupid things we talk about! (But I did just go flush the toilet while I was thinking about it and see which way it went and the answer is counter clockwise). 

Now that I've looked it up I guess he wasn't totally correct about it being the Coriolis Force. Learn something new everyday. Thanks Google!

And you might ask WHY my husband knows this random thing called the Coriolis Force? From The Simpsons of course. I keep telling him he needs to go Jeopardy or something. I swear his head is so full of useless information. I won't even let my friends try to play trivia games with him unless they've been warned that he WILL win!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She'll Be Gone Before I Know It

Well it was back to work today. Can we get a little ::::booooo::::hissss::::: I was really surprised to see so many cars when I got to work today. I thought more people would be out on vacation.

I got my last paycheck of the year today. I made the most money ever in my life and I'm still poor. How does that work??

Work wasn't very exciting except for someone having a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ERIC!

I had to leave before cake since Jess was waiting for me at the AT&T store.

Her phone has really crapped out (no longer charges the battery at all and the sliding part just slides freely) and she was set on getting a new iPhone. I have told her that I'm not paying for the data plan for an iPhone. She said she will pay the extra money for that and paid the upgrade fee for her new phone. Gotta love Christmas money!

On the way home I got the mail and she had an envelope from one of the colleges she has applied for. Nice and thick. She got an acceptance letter for Humbolt. So she's been accepted there and Fresno now. Which just happens to be the two schools that almost everyone I work with went to. How funny is that? She's holding out for Monterey still. Hopefully we'll hear from there soon. I did good this time and didn't totally cry my eyes out. Just a little misty. I can't believe it's really not that far off and she'll be gone.

I've been picking up around the house a bit. Meatloaf is in the oven for dinner. Some people love it, some hate it. But it's easy and filling so they'll just have to deal! I need to have Scott get the Christmas boxes down so I can put everything away, the stuff is just starting to annoy me now. Ready for my house to be clean and tidy!Pin It

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Hangover Day

Anyone else feeling a little bit lost this morning? Poor Scott had to go to work. No Holiday day off for him. I guess we should just be grateful he has a job instead of complaining. I guess. :) Trevor went home with my brother last night and the girls may never surface since Jessica has her laptop in her room and Melissa has her Kindle. First thing I showed Melissa was all the free books on there. I think they might eventually come out for the bathroom and maybe some food.

I've been walking around picking things up here and there and starting to make a spot of things to put back in the Christmas boxes. I'd probably be loading those up already if they weren't up in the rafters.

Here's a few pictures from yesterday.

Trevor was so excited to get Rayman Origins. We had got it from Redbox two times and he was sad everytime we had to take it back.

Melissa got a Kindle Fire and Jessica got a lap top. I promised I wouldn't post their pictures on here since we open presents the minute everyone is awake :)

Scott got me this nice seed starting kit and a gardening book. He included some seeds for his favorite thing, SALSA that we learned how to make. That's one way to get him excited about tilling my garden area I guess!

After we opened presents I cleaned everything up while the kids did whatever it was they were doing and then we went over to my mom's house. We were surprised we were the first ones there since they all live within walking distance. It was a good hour or two before my one brother made it over. I guess they get a pass since they do have a baby!

My niece Adrian came in with the most adorable PJ's, Minnie Mouse had and slippers. Of course we couldn't get her to put the hat back on and pose for a picture even with marshmallow bribes. That's Tinkerbell in the chair with my Mom and Mr. Wiggins giving her a sniff.

Here's my Mom's Christmas Mantel. She loves all things that light up, sing and move. She fills the stockings for all of us. I think that mirror started off belonging to her Grandpa (my great). I remember it being at my Grandma's house when I was a kid.

My Mom's tree. This includes the presents that I brought over and one of my brothers. When the other brother got here it was insane! That thing on the top of the tree moves around in a circle. It's Santa with his reindeers.

Mr. Wiggins hates everyone but me and my Mom. And maybe Adrian sometimes. He was almost sitting on my lap until him and Moe got kicked outside. They are two cranky old men.

I love pictures like this

Anyone that wants a baby should spend twelve hours with one. It's non stop feeding, changing, hoping for napping and repeat.  Adorable but SO.MUCH.WORK.

Here is the aftermath of opening all those presents. That's even with most of the paper picked up as we went.

We had a fabulous dinner of prime rib, Italian sausage and meatballs in spaghetti sauce and lasagna. We had some other stuff too but those were the main events. I'll have to get my mom's pictures from at the table.

This house is on the way to/from my Mom's house. It's always all decked out for the holidays, what ever they are. They have so much crap going on it's not even really pretty, it's just all lit up.

and this year their neighbor next door added this

Too funny!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas! I guess I should get out of my jammies soon!Pin It

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peanut Butter Pie & Christmas Eve

So this morning we slept in, which was lovely!

Then Scott made us breakfast :love: and we were just lazy for a few hours. Then I realized that I needed to wash all the dishes before the neighbors came over so I did that, showered and got ready for the day.

Then I made some Peanut Butter Pie. My brothers are ALWAYS asking me to make them Peanut Butter Pie. I usually only make it for Christmas just so that they will want me around more. Just kidding! But really, I usually only make it for Christmas. This recipe I got from my fifth grade teacher. We did a class cookbook. Everyone brought a recipe and she brought this one to add to it. The cook book is long gone but I've been making this since the fifth grade.

Peanut Butter Pie

2 cubes butter (I usually use stick margarine just because it's cheap and that's what we used to eat, I need to try it with real butter and see how it tastes)
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 1/2 cups crushed graham crackers (or one package)
1 cup peanut butter
12 oz chocolate chips

Mix it all up except the chocolate chips. Spread in a 13x9 baking dish (or 2 pie plates). I usually stick it in the freezer for a few minutes so it hardens up a bit.

I melt the chocolate chips in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each 30 sections until it's all melted. Then I pour it on top of the peanut butter mixture and spread it so it looks nice (spatula works best). Put in the fridge until a little bit before you are going to eat it. It's easier to cut if it's warmed up a bit. We all tend to flip it over on the chocolate side after it's cut and just eat it with our fingers. Yum Yum.

Then the neighbors came over.

and we got a half way decent pic of all of us

Gotta love Scott's shirt, I bought that for him to wear to the Ugly Sweater Party. I'm probably going to have to hide it so he doesn't wear it after Christmas.

Then we went over to his parents house. Dinner was at 3, home by 7:30 and there was a lot of time sitting there with the kids asking if we could go home yet. Scott's sister made a meat and cheese tray, veggies, deviled eggs, etc.  It was a nice linner. (Anyone else say that?)

I was so stumped at what to give his parents for Christmas. My friend mentioned that she got someone a photo collage they made on the Costco website so I checked it out. For $1.40 something I was able to make a nice 8x10 photo collage (although it would be nicer if they let you move the pictures around where you want them instead of them doing it randomly for you). I picked up a frame a the dollar store and look at this, they loved it.

I know it sounds cheap but they never want us to spend money on them and they are SO HARD to buy for.

Scott's brother wasn't feeling good. I'm hoping he doesn't have something contagious that we are all going to come down with in the next couple days. His sister kept trying to tell him he probably had e coli or something. I'm thinking it's a virus and we're all going to be connected to the toilet in a couple days. Let's pray that's not the case.

So we're home and I just need to put a little bit of goodies in the stockings because for the first time in 18 years no one believes in Santa and so I wrapped all the presents and don't have to try to outlast everyone to put things under the tree. Feels weird.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow and hoping the kids all love their presents and everything works the way it's supposed to.

Sweet dreams!

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Christmas Eve Eve

My Dad, Step Mom and my Step Brother's son came over for dinner last night. I made a HUGE lasagna (and a second normal sized one to take to my Mom's for Christmas). I got some of those Normandy frozen veggies (always makes me think of Sarah) from Costco and a mixed salad also from Costco. All pretty simple. I've never made that much lasagna at one time though so that was a bit of a challenge. It all turned out good though!

Table is set. Not too fancy. I somehow don't have any large Christmas table cloths. I will be looking at the after Christmas sales for one or two.  I brought in our little table so everyone would fit. I love sitting at the table with everyone. It's so much better than everyone balancing plates on their laps everywhere.

We never moved from the table and just sat there chatting (well except Scott and the kids, they came back and forth).

I think this is the best picture I've ever taken of my Dad. He hardly ever smiles in pictures.

My fantastically talented Step Mom

The kids played some Playstation, Wii and finished off with Jenga!

I think it's so funny when people say I look like my Mom because I really think I look like my Dad. What do you think?

Scott and Jess

My Step Mom made me this fantastic keepsake box. I was looking at it this morning and it must have taken her hours to make.

I'm pretty sure each one of these little pearls is glued on by hand.

AND she made me my favorite dessert in the world, Coconut Cream Pie. No other CCP tastes like hers. I would seriously rather have her make that for me than give me presents :)

It's almost 11 and I still need to take a shower so I'm thinking this making Christmas cookies this morning probably isn't going to happen. The neighbors are coming over after the Raider's game is over and then we are going to the in laws.

Here's a wonderful Christmas Flash Mob that I saw on Facebook this morning. I had to pause it to get tissue since it made me all wheepy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm off work today! I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Can we get a whoop whoop!!

My plans are:

Eventually get off my ass, take a shower and go to the store because we are down to two eggs and the cider that no one drank at my Ugly Sweater Party.

Pick up collage pictures at Costco for the in-laws.

Find cheap frame for said collage.

Come home and make my children do slave labor because my dad is coming over for dinner tonight.

Make lasagna for dinner tonight and another one for Christmas.

Maybe make cookies some where in there or tomorrow before we go to Scott's parents house. BTW I guess I'm not taking any food to their house and I have no idea what time we are going because his sister has taken charge this year. I've texted her and called his mother and no one can tell me anything. I guess they can call us when we are late?

Remember to take wine in a secret flask for Christmas Eve.

Buy flask.

That brings us to Christmas Day!!

I hope everyone likes what I got them. I didn't get a lot of gifts because nice shit is expensive!! If you are my Facebook friend you know that my gift from Amazon came yesterday in a box that said exactly what it is on the side of the box :-/ The child that it's for says she didn't see it. I don't know if she's lying or not. Next year any online orders are getting delivered to work. (I'll take a pic of the box after it's opened, and yes I marked that it was a gift when I was ordering it!)

After we open presents at home we will go spend the day at my Mom's house. Hopefully everyone is happy! It's fun when everyone is in a good mood.Pin It

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping, oh the J-O-Y!

I've been out shopping every since I got off work today. First I went to get something for one of the kids that was "in stock" online. I couldn't buy it online, I had to go to the store to buy it since it said "in store only". So I went to the store and finally got someone to help me because they had ONE person working in that very busy department. The gal found out that they were all out. She then started chatting with another employee and then just kind of walked away. WOW!

This was a store that has the capabilities to find out if another one of their stores has the item in stock. I was at least expecting that they would attempt to track one down for me.  I had about $100 worth of other things in my hand but I was so annoyed I set them down and walked out.

I just bought the same item on Amazon and paid a bit more to get it shipped really quickly so I wouldn't have to drive about an hour to get one, but if they would have found out for me earlier I so would have been on the road and picking it up. Their loss! Not that it matters to these big stores anymore. You apparently don't have to have good customer service because someone else will buy it if you don't.

Anyhow, off my soap box.

Yesterday we went to my brother's house for my nephew's birthday party. At one point we moved to the other room which is down about 4 steps to hang out. I was walking down the steps and MISSED THE LAST ONE. Total old lady move. Totally hurt my foot. It still hurts today but not bad enough that I can't walk on it. But while I was out shopping my back started hurting so bad! I must have wrenched it a bit. I sat in one of the massage chairs in the mall for $1 and that helped for about 10 minutes.

I went through a few more stores and was seriously thinking about just calling it quits. Then I was in Bed Bath and Beyond and came across their massage chairs they have out as demos. I forgot about those!! I probably sat there for 15 minutes massaging my back. HEAVEN. It felt so much better and still feels better than it did earlier. I really really wish I had one of those, they are so awesome. Felt kind of bad when I didn't actually find anything I wanted to buy in that store. Well I did but it was all stuff I wanted for ME not for presents for other people so I refrained!

Just about got all the kids shopping done. Just need to get a few more stocking stuffers for one of them. I need to find something for Scott (so hard to buy for), my dad (also hard to buy for), the neighbors (hard) and the in-laws (hardest EVER).  While I was shopping I started thinking of how much more fun it would have been if my mom was with me.

When I was a kid we used to always spend at least one day shopping at the Modesto Mall with my Grandma, Aunt, Mom and me. We'd all go together (parking in the same area each time-upstairs by Penny's). We'd shop and shop, those ladies are all master shoppers. I would be so exhausted by the time we went home. We used to eat at the Hofbrau that used to be there. Getting something delicious like an open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. I tell ya, all the good places always go out.

Although if you ever come to Tracy you should try out Gerard's Deli, one of the only Hofbrau's I know of around here. I used to work right across the street (doing Customer Service, go figure) and we'd go there for lunch all the time. I recommend the meatloaf :)

I think next year I'll have to set up a shopping day with mom. Maybe with the sister in laws too if they can get out without the little kids. Marathon shopping is so much better without kids tagging along.Pin It

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party

Last night was my Ugly Sweater Party. It was a lot of fun! Everyone had  a hard time finding any sweaters so they resorted to hand made, which were just as much fun!

Here's my table before everyone got there. I made the tissue paper pom poms and then put 4 of them together. I hung the ornaments with fishing wire so they looked like they are floating. I like the way it came out.

I set up a hot chocolate station (my mom brought over some thermoses after I took this)

I love all the different marshmallows they have out right now.

My first guest. She slept the entire time they were here!

Here we go!

So who's your favorite?
I think we'll have to start shopping for next year's party in January!

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