Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween: CHECK

So my day today:

Woke up, took Jess to bus stop.
Home, internet not working. Call tech support and it's supposed to be working by 2!
Go back to bed.

Get up get little kids to school.
Come home, internet still not working, guess they meant it.
Take a shower.

Go to mom's house invite her to go to Wal mart with me and use her computer on DIAL UP while she gets ready.

(what? I don't have a problem...)

Go to Rite Aid and Wal Mart to get pumpkin carving tools.
Lunch at Togos.

Go to the school for the kids' Halloween Parade. Got there just in time instead of early like we thought we were. No where to sit.

Trevor's class

Melissa's with her class

Pretty sure my Buzz Lightyear is THE cutest kid up there.

My nephew looks like Jesus. Apparently it's a Star Wars person? I think he's Jesus.

Tall kids in the back. Can you see her?? Cute witch in the hat.

Such a pretty witch!

Time to carve pumpkins!

Jessica got home and PISSED that everyone carved pumpkins and didn't save one for her. I told her um yours is on the front porch.

"Stop taking my picture!!"

All ready for Trick Or Treaters

Melissa ready to go to her friends


This is Jessica's CREATION. Some kind of Batgirl Princess or something. She's so funny. She actually wore this TO HIGH SCHOOL only without the mask (not allowed). I tell you this girl has GUTS.

Cracking me and herself up.

So I was a little nervous about the whole going trick or treating thing this year. Melissa got invited to go with her friend on this "float". Then I found out my brother and my nephew were going on it too, and my nephew wanted Trevor to go. So that meant of course, that I had to go too. SO.MUCH.FUN. Probably helped that I had a couple bottles of Smirnoff in me.

Here's the float

There was probably 15 kids. They RAN SCREAMING from house to house. It was SOO FUNNY!! Melissa was the biggest kid on it so it was mostly little kids. Here they are at my mom's house.

Trevor got tired so I got us a ride home and so our house was his last stop.

Jess got home not too long after us and then I drove her to her friend's house.

One more year is done! Now onto Turkey Day!!Pin It

Happy Halloween

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Funnies

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Book Club Meeting

So this month's book was Atonement by Ian McEwan.

Before I started reading the book I was flipping through the channels on TV and came across the movie.

So I watched it.

Which may or may not have been a good thing. The book is really close to the movie so that made the book seem really drawn out and boring to me. I did like the movie though even though it's sad.

We discussed the book for quite a bit longer than we have discussed some of the other books. 2 ladies didn't read the book but watched the movie. One lady read about 1/2 the book then watched the movie and one other lady watched the movie and read the book like I did and 2 didn't watch the movie at all. Funny how all the different perspectives came about with the people who watched/read or didn't!

Next months book is

The Chocolate Lover's Club. I need to go reserve it at the library site!

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Happy 70th Anniversary!

The place where we live is a unique "Club". Yesterday was the 70th Anniversary Party! Thanks to my mom drafting my oldest to come help and my other kids to come participate we all had a great time. If it wasn't for her doing that I hate to say we probably would not have went. I'm glad we did!

Jessica working a game booth

Step Dad and Tony (nephew) decorating his bike

Trevor making food art

Melissa decorating her bike

Trevor playing games

Bikes being judged

Tony won 3rd place! $3 and a 3rd place ribbon! All the kids got participation ribbons.
Mom and Jess
Trevor won at the Cake Walk
After the games they provided a free lunch! Your choice of PB&J, Tuna, or Egg Salad sandwiches, chips, cookies and koolaid or water. After lunch was the golf cart races. Then a white elephant auction (donated items). I won 2 nice book shelves for my scrapbooks (working on getting those set up how I like them). Then it was a dinner and dance. I'll share some pictures from that later since we used my mom's camera for that!Pin It

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

Tonight I went and saw The Secret Life of Bees with my 2 girls and my mom. My mom and I had both read the book. The movie is very true to the book, which was GREAT for once! I hate when they change the story line all up. This is the best movie I've seen in I don't know how long. If the 6 teenagers sitting in our row weren't there talking through the whole movie it would have totally been worth the $10 I paid to get in!Pin It

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This has got to be the FUGLIEST thing EV-ER. And someone bought it! For almost $400!! People amaze me!



Yeah if you don't mind birds landing on you and making nests in your clothing!!

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Long Day

Today seems like it has been such a long day. And yet I don't really feel like I DID anything today. I mostly worked on my ebay stuff.

Played a bunch of games of cards with the kids. They finally got to use the card holders I won from Steals and Deals. They really were great for the little kids. I didn't have to help at all! Don't mind the crap in the background, little kids make messes much faster than I have energy to keep up with. We must have played 20 games of Go Fish.

Did a bunch of laundry, can't even tell I washed anything still so much to do (where the crap does that all come from??? I could have sworn I was all caught up the other day..)

Made dinner with the Tupperware Stacker again. The plan was to make all this:

Started with the bottom one. Ok getting the ingredients together. Umm yeah it's called CHILI BEANS and rice and um I didn't write chili on my list so of course I didn't buy it either. I found a can of black beans and figured that would be good enough.


Instant Rice=had
Green Pepper (1/2)=.38
Chicken Boullion=had
Chili Powder=had
Chili Beans=didn't have but had black beans :O)
Cheddar Cheese=had
Total cost=.38

Then onto the main course Burrito Casserole. (forgot the olives for the picture)

1 lb ground beef=2.80
Tomato sauce=had
Chili Powder=had
Kidney Beans=.78
Taco Sauce=free thanks to Taco Bell (had in fridge lol)
Monterey Jack Cheese=.57 for 1/2 cup (used cheap taco blend)
Lettuce=.64 for 1/2 a head
Olives=.64 for 1/2 a can
Tortilla Chips=.89 for 1/2 a bag but it was really only a handful. TG I had pulled them out the kids were drooling over the bag of chips when they saw it and devoured it in minutes.
Total cost=6.47

It starts off telling you how you can cook the ground beef in the microwave. I thought about that for a sec and then decided to just do it on the stove. Scott got home before I was totally finished with this course and so I decided to skip the apples for tonight.

Here's the finished product.

Total cost to make:$6.85=serves 4 for $1.71 a plate

Tastes just like Taco Salad. Could have made that without the microwave lol. The other rice/beans thing of course looks nothing like the picture since I didn't have the correct BEANS. Duh might have to try that one again some time. One serving or so left. Not sure if Scott will take it for lunch tomorrow, if not it's mine :O)

I think I've decided for my next "Menu" I am going to go through the cupboards and find things to make with the weird stuff I have hanging around.Pin It

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cat Lady

This will be my house if my husband dies first.

Drank 2 cups of coffee trying to stay awake so I can go pick up Jessica. Think it's kicking in. WeeeeeeeeePin It
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