Monday, January 24, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!
Trevor is off work today but going on a trip to the snow with Melissa & Eric so I get the house to myself.

A girl who works in another office is messaging me that she has to go back into the office three days a week and  was wondering what I got told. Nothing yet but yuck. I hope it is no more than three days if I do have to go in. Two would be better. Obviously I don't need to be in the office to do my job except for every so often to print and file things. So we have that notice to look forward/dread. Oh now she is saying that is says "post pandemic" on it. hahaha I wonder when that is and who decides that.

Today is my official weigh in day. I am down 7.6 pounds since January 3rd. There was a lot of up and down this week. I think part of it is that I under-ate my calories several days and then my little cheat meal (which I don't regret lol).  

Since Scott was out of commission yesterday morning I made my own breakfast ;) An omelet with mushrooms, pepperoni and pepper jack cheese, I'll probably have this again today. I've been eating more of a brunch/breakfast for lunch lately.

I had a smoothie later and then for dinner I made some "tacos"

I was still a little hungry and had a lot of calories left to eat so I made a little dessert.

The baby came over and immediately fell asleep. Snookie thinks she is his nanny.

He played with Grandpa while I made dinner. (Yes I still need take the Christmas boxes out to the shed and apparently on one else can see them).

I finished going through the big box of paper and trimming them up. These are all like themed things that were mixed in, mostly from my friend's stash that she gave me awhile back. I have themed folders of paper and stickers in my tote that I will put them in.

My cleaned up paper

and I am going to make up little kits to put on my Paper Etsy site with what I have. I made a few up last night. Just need to take some pictures and list them. If they don't sell then no biggie, at least they are all nice for if I want to use them later.

I'm going to have to pause from that though and work on my sales stuff so I can file my CA sales tax thing by the end of the week. Looks like I did through April lol. I don't think I sold a whole lot after that but I can't remember when I did my big pattern purge to get rid of them all. I'll find out shortly. Other than that I just had a little bit of handmade sales here and there and only a couple craft shows.

Ok off to go find some socks my feet are freezing. Hope you all have a great day!


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Sunday, January 23, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Scott went over to our friend's house yesterday afternoon and did a few too many shots and ended up spending the night there. He's now doing a nice soft snore in the recliner. I expect him to be there all day lol.

I stayed home and played with my paper some more.  Here is the start of yesterday's day

and today I'm down to one basket of trimming up.

I was thinking about the Coal Miner's Daughter movie yesterday so I rented it on Amazon Prime for $3.99, remember when you used to have to get in the car and hope the video store had the movie you wanted. One good thing about the future lol.

This popped up in the free movies after so I watched it. Cheesy as can be. Yeah it's nice to think only good thoughts will make the world better and money and love magically appear. 

I had texted Trevor Dad's gone pick us up something but he didn't get it in time so we went and ate Mexican food. This place's portions keep getting smaller and the price keeps going up. The taco nearest me had one piece of meat on it. The other one was fine though, weird. They used to fill the entire plate with food. Not that I need that much but just interesting seeing how they are "making it work". The salsa was so good I could have just ate that all night. And yes, the scale is up a bit today but not too bad lol. Trevor also brought home some pastries from work and I ate one. Sigh. There are 2 left calling to me in the kitchen right now. 

Not sure If I'm babysitting today or not, need to check with Jess. If I am I need to vacuum and clean up my donate piles in the entry way. He'd love playing with that stuff lol. Ok off to chop up some more paper :)

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Saturday, January 22, 2022


 Good morning happy Saturday!

After all that paper stuff I went through this is what I kept (small little bit bigger than shoe box tote). Go me! I'm so proud of myself haha. I think I am going to go through these and put them in a sticker binder I have.  I also cleaned out some cards I had saved in my desk.

Since I could actually get to the closet I went through the totes in there too! I am down to ONE big tote in the room, which I am going to go through again and try hard to get rid of. How exciting is that? 

Jess took all my empty totes so those are out of the living room.

 I might put the wrapping paper in the shed (my wrapping paper box doesn't hold the really long rolls). Then I can get rid of that trash can mess there. I still need to go through the top shelf and the stuff on the left again. The basket of stuff on the tote is stuff for scrapbooks. I need to get more of the paper boxes to put those in or actually work on some scrapbooks lol.

The start of my free table, I added some more stuff while I was cleaning. This lady drove up when I went out there one time and she was like "OMG I love when you do this, look I'm wearing a sweatshirt from last time!" Lol cracked me up! Maybe some day I'll run out of stuff to clean out (not yet that's for sure, I have a ton in the shed when I get back to that project)

What's left, I should put it back out but I haven't got the energy yet lol. There was some Christmas stuff and nick knacks from before that I had put back out there. 

extra baskets and stuff that I'm mentally attached to. Cardboard box is stuff to shred at work some day (or if I buy a shredder, which I should do)

This is what I did most of yesterday. Took this bag of misc paper scraps

and cut it into squares lol. I'm almost done I just have some small pieces to finish (look at my poor glasses laying on the lenses, I never do that they must have tipped over)

When I get done with these I'm going to go through this big box of paper stuff (on the right) and straighten it out (it's all scrapbook stuff).  Right now I have an empty cabinet section under my desk that these and some other junk came out of. 

Dinner last night, beef stew! Melissa and Eric came over because I forgot to remind them the bar was still closed for darts. Whoops. So we had a nice visit while I cut paper ;)

Rusty keeps yelling at me for staying up past 10pm. Look at how he's looking at me. 
God mom wtf it's time for bed!

I forgot I had more ground turkey in the fridge so I can get away with one more day of not going grocery shopping lol. Still need to make another menu. I've gained .6 pounds, lost .6 pounds and gained .6 pounds again lol. Need to work on my water today and will probably have a smoothie for my breakfast to help get things moving ;)

Oh and I watched the 2nd season of Cheer yesterday. I don't know why this show is so good but I like it. Probably have a few you tubers to catch up on today now.

Scott just left to try and get the truck smogged again today. Lets all say a little prayer that he gets it done. Last weekend the machine was down at the place he went to.

Ok off to finish cutting up this little pile of paper and do some more organizing :)

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Friday, January 21, 2022


 Good morning happy I'm not logged in for work Friday!

OMG I started going through the boxes in my sewing/crafting/office room. My original goal was just to go through one box. I did, got rid of that one, then over the course of the day I ended up going through ALL the boxes. I am down to one big plastic tote box and a bunch of stuff lol. I was so into it I was up until 1am going through stuff. 

This was my progress picture at one point yesterday, all proud of myself for getting rid of 2 boxes.

This is what I started with this morning minus the one box on the left. When I woke up I was like wtf am I saving all this crap for. I keep telling myself I'm going to put it on Etsy but I am not going to put this all on Etsy lol. So I'm going through it again (organized it all last night by themes) and only saving stuff I really want to keep and maybe sell if I don't use it myself. So far I've got 2 of those square boxes full to put out for free/donate.


much crap

I did pause to feed the cats and make dinner last night. I made these Pizza Logs, they are good but I wish I had gave myself some more pizza sauce to dip them in lol. Too lazy to get back up ;)  Tonight we are having stew since that is the only meat left in the freezer. I need to make another menu and go shopping tomorrow probably. 

Sometime between now and the end of the month I need to figure out all my sales stuff for last year. I was horrible at keeping track of stuff last year, mostly because I didn't do much. Just a slow trickle on Etsy and a couple craft shows. I keep getting emails to get my CA sales tax stuff submitted so I guess I should do that soon. 

Ok more sorting and purging!! I'm excited to get all these boxes out of here. I am going to have to find somewhere to put what's left in that last tote box so I can be large tote free lol.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022


Good morning, happy Friday eve! 

At the end of last year/beginning of this year, I can't remember exactly when they gave us a free day off to take whenever we want before January 29th so I'm taking tomorrow off. I'll probably be sick all day but I have the day off lol. I've been doing a little couch with some chest tightness. Fun. TG nothing too bad, mostly just annoying.

I finished this bag yesterday. I love the colors! I got all my recent projects listed on Etsy last night. Started them a bit higher since anything over $35 has free shipping. Figured I can always come back down or put them on sale. 

I'm pretty much out of batting so I have to wait until I'm not feeling sick to go to Joann's and get some more so onto some other project. 

This was breakfast/lunch yesterday and the day before, yummy! I ended up having extra calories left over last night because I didn't eat breakfast until lunch time.

Dinner was Petite Lasagnas I think I should have left them in the oven just a bit longer to crisp up the wontons a bit more but they were still good. My new oven is not as hot as my old one and I have to cook stuff a bit longer than a lot of recipes say.

When Scott went to the grocery store on Tuesday this was the cat food aisle.  I've been getting cat food delivered monthly from Amazon but apparently I should be on a 3 week schedule instead of 4 since they are almost out. I was like oh just grab a couple cans of tuna they all love that lol. The 3 cats get 1/2 of a can split between them 2x a day. I had started that for some reason and now we can never stop lol.

This was the top ramen/cup of soup section when we went last weekend. Scott said it was still the same when he went. Only beef left, so weird. I looked on the wrapper of the ones we got (Trevor wanted some) to see where they were made and it is in Irvine, CA so not like they have to go far to get here. Must be sick people in the manufacturing plants or something.

I sent this to my mom last night to send to her BFF, they both got a kick out of it. My mom's friend has always had dachshunds. 

Today's plan is to do some laundry. I'm scared to go out to the garage it's been that long since I've went out there lol. Down to the icky pants and under ware and almost out of towels so guess I'll just have to be brave.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day!

I finished this bag yesterday. I LOVE how it turned out with the denim strips. I am going to be a hoarder of denim I can see it now haha. I made this bag a little big narrower than the pattern I use. If I had it to do over again I'd make the bottom boxed area a bit smaller and shorted the length of the bag but overall it is still a good size.

 I had pulled out the 2nd denim top I had made to maybe cut up but I kind of like it since it is more of pattern than the other one was so I might just finish that one off into a throw blanket. I think some fleece would be nice on the back.  Or Maybe I'll just make it a bag of it's own. Hmmm. Oh hey by the way these denim quilt tops came out of that box I keep saying I need to clean out, one way to do that ;)

Now I am working on this cute cat panel. I have to see if I have enough batting to do the back side and the straps. If not I'll have to add that to my someday when I go to Joann's list and find something else to do haha.

Dinner last night was SO GOOD and super easy.  The recipe is a Skinnytaste one, baked chicken breast, which normally I'd say blah but these were actually good.  The recipe has you put your herbs together and rub them on but that didn't seem to go far so I just took my containers and sprinkled them all on, much better and easier for next time.

I am down another .8 this morning which is super exciting. Almost out of the 190's woohoo. 3.8 more pounds to go.

Here is Tina not being a very helpful co-worker yesterday. She kept getting all in my business. I am really going to miss the animals when I have to go back to the office all day. Which sounds like it might happen next month. Literally everyone I know either has covid or their family member does right now so it seems like a great time to all go back in the germ poll of an office for 8 hours a day.  Maybe once we have all got it it we'll be done? One can hope. I started coughing a little big last night and am still doing it this morning. Hoping it's just a little cold. Jess and Daniel were negative for covid yesterday and I was with her last week when she had a cold so I'm thinking I have a touch of hers.

My aunt posted this picture of my Princess (now named Minnie). Isn't she so beautiful! I can't believe how dark she got. All grown up.

I spent all day working on one application yesterday (for the most part) so I have a few emails to catch up on today plus work on another large project. I will be busy all day I think. It makes the work day go by faster so that is always good! Ok off to tackle that!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Good morning happy back to work Tuesday!
Trevor is also home today playing on his new computer he bought himself. That means that soon I can take all his game crap off my computer woohoo. I'm sure it will speed up tremendously.

OMG I've had so much fun playing with this stuff this weekend.

Here is my finished Sunny Bag. I love it and if no one wants to buy it I'll just keep it forever.

and here is the next one I've been working on. I could have just stayed up and finished it last night, it's close to being done but it was like 11 so thought I should go to bed. Then I laid there and couldn't fall asleep for an hour and a half.

The strips were all done before I just cut them down/joined them together. Just need to sew the 2 sides together, do the bottom boxing and the top section top stitching and it will be done. I made this one a bit narrower so we'll see how it turns out when it's all sewn together.

Last night's dinner was Kung Pao Chicken minus the snow peas because the store didn't have any and minus the cashews because I forgot to buy them lol. This is one of our favorites that I make all the time. I cut down on the red pepper flakes on this one too. I was going to make something else but when I was reading the directions it was like soak it for 1 hour. Uh yeah so we'll have that today lol.

I lost the rest of the Chinese food weight so glad I've recovered from that. Getting into to the low 190's, I can't wait to be back to the 180's haha. Never thought I'd say that again. Sigh. 

I'm just going to have to be on a diet for my entire life so I'm not a round chubby ball. I wouldn't really care but I don't want my insides to give up on me because I like to eat crap. Sucks.

Today I have a scratchy throat. Please God don't let me get sick again. Yesterday I cleaned the windows in my room which had mold on them. Obviously that wasn't helping me and also explains why sometimes I'd wake up feeling sick but I'd feel better throughout the day. Just need to clean the big glass door now. I need to remember to check those more often in the winter. Old houses are fun. The windows are "new" but that new is 20 years ago now. It's amazing how fast those years go by for stuff that cost a lot of money haha.

Ok off to do some more work, the new girl was driving me nuts this morning and I have to keep reminding myself she doesn't know how things work so I just need to explain it and be nice :):):)


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