Thursday, January 13, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday!
I am hoping I'm not getting sick. The baby was sick last week and now Jess was sick yesterday with a low fever and coughing. Please God don't let me be sick. Hoping I'm just having sympathy illness haha.

Since Jess didn't fell well she asked me to watch the little guy for a bit. He came over and played for awhile and then was a little bit cranky so we went for a walk around the block. He was mad that we were done when I went to take him out of the stroller lol. I gave him his bottle and he crashed out. 

He got too hot and woke up, I uncovered him and he went back to sleep. Look at his hair, so curly haha.

He stayed for dinner and then went home afterwards.

I had this baked pasta recipe I was going to make with spinach and a flavored cream cheese but the store was out of those the 3 times I or someone else looked for them. I decided to just make it work with reg cream cheese (lower fat) and some peas thrown in for color lol Didn't turn out too bad.

I spent most of the day working on my Etsy listings. They look so much nicer with the deleted backgrounds. Now hopefully some people will buy them lol. Etsy has this new "star seller" thing and I had it for 2 months and then someone left me a 4 star review. Since I don't have a ton of feedback that made me go down to 93% for my 5 star feedback so I didn't qualify for this month. How rude!  Hopefully I'll get some more 5 star reviews to bring it back up, although I don't think it really did much to boost my sales.

I have some more stuff to take pictures of for my shop so might work on that today. I sold a couple things, one through posting on Instagram and one through my Facebook page by sharing what I was selling so that was cool. 

These meme was made for Scott lol. Although he probably talked about it to himself out loud about it. He worries so much about how to respond to texts that it takes him forever to answer if he does at all.

All caught up on work emails for a bit. We'll see if anything else comes in.

Scott took his truck to work today so I got my car back, woohoo. Not that I am going anywhere, although I really need to go to the grocery store.

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