Thursday, January 20, 2022


Good morning, happy Friday eve! 

At the end of last year/beginning of this year, I can't remember exactly when they gave us a free day off to take whenever we want before January 29th so I'm taking tomorrow off. I'll probably be sick all day but I have the day off lol. I've been doing a little couch with some chest tightness. Fun. TG nothing too bad, mostly just annoying.

I finished this bag yesterday. I love the colors! I got all my recent projects listed on Etsy last night. Started them a bit higher since anything over $35 has free shipping. Figured I can always come back down or put them on sale. 

I'm pretty much out of batting so I have to wait until I'm not feeling sick to go to Joann's and get some more so onto some other project. 

This was breakfast/lunch yesterday and the day before, yummy! I ended up having extra calories left over last night because I didn't eat breakfast until lunch time.

Dinner was Petite Lasagnas I think I should have left them in the oven just a bit longer to crisp up the wontons a bit more but they were still good. My new oven is not as hot as my old one and I have to cook stuff a bit longer than a lot of recipes say.

When Scott went to the grocery store on Tuesday this was the cat food aisle.  I've been getting cat food delivered monthly from Amazon but apparently I should be on a 3 week schedule instead of 4 since they are almost out. I was like oh just grab a couple cans of tuna they all love that lol. The 3 cats get 1/2 of a can split between them 2x a day. I had started that for some reason and now we can never stop lol.

This was the top ramen/cup of soup section when we went last weekend. Scott said it was still the same when he went. Only beef left, so weird. I looked on the wrapper of the ones we got (Trevor wanted some) to see where they were made and it is in Irvine, CA so not like they have to go far to get here. Must be sick people in the manufacturing plants or something.

I sent this to my mom last night to send to her BFF, they both got a kick out of it. My mom's friend has always had dachshunds. 

Today's plan is to do some laundry. I'm scared to go out to the garage it's been that long since I've went out there lol. Down to the icky pants and under ware and almost out of towels so guess I'll just have to be brave.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Our shelves are the same. They keep saying they aren't getting the shipments. Who knows. And now "they" say on the news that there is a virus for orange growers on their trees. It causes the oranges to be less juicy so it takes twice as many to get the same amount of orange juice so we will be seeing that price go sky high. Our world is a friggin' hot mess. I hope you enjoy your day off and you are not sick!!
Oh no, out of underwear, that's time to do laundry at my house! LOL

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