Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love it!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's all just go to Subway for lunch

So a week or so ago one of the departments at work put up some flyers for a potluck.

We'll call that Dept A
Apparently the ladies in Dept A got permission from their boss.
Who is not the boss of Dept B but is apparently also the main boss for Dept A.
I'm in Dept C, who has an entirely different boss.
Dept D has ANOTHER different boss.

That's a lot of Chiefs to go with all the Indians.

My Dept C decided that instead of just having a "Harvest Potluck" we should have a "Halloween Party & Potluck".

Usually we don't have parties with holiday names on them since we do have a Jehovah's Witness that works with us who can't attend if it's a Halloween Party but can attend if it's a Harvest Party Potluck.

So now Dept A is going to cancel the potluck so Dept C can take over and Dept B people that I was having lunch with were all  "Dept A person 1" just thinks she can call a potluck without getting permission. I'm thinking Dept B people are just rude and Dept C people should just let Dept A have their potluck and think faster next year if they want to have a Halloween Party. Which I probably won't go to since I hate dressing up.

Mostly because if you are fat you have to be a witch or something equally fat and robed and if you are thin you have to dress like a hooker.

How about Dept A, B, C, and D all just bring a dish to share for lunch and we'll all just call it a "coincedence" that we all brought extra food on the same day.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Scott's Birthday Invite

Well I got Scott's Birthday Party Invite made! Since, you know, we don't have a million things going on I'm going to throw him a party for his 40th! How do you like his card I designed and made on the computer?

Important information changed of course!
 I'd love to get into making things like this for some extra money. I really enjoy doing it!

What do you think?
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Can I get a couple more days?? The weekend went by too fast!!

Was that the fastest weekend EVER or what??

Saturday Trevor had a football game. We had to be there at 9:00 am for the 11:00 game. I'm not sure WHY they have to be there that early since they just stand around for an hour. One hour would be plenty early. He made weight just fine. The game started and they just had him sitting on the side lines. Finally towards the end of the game they put him in. He played 2 plays and then they took him out again! So let's just recap this.

Tuesday practice from 6:00-8:00
Wednesday practice from 6:00-8:00
Thursday practice from 6:00-8:00

Saturday game actual playing time 11:45-11:47

Something is wrong with this picture don't you think??

Not to mention what all he's went through to get his weight down so he could play and all the money we paid to get him on the team and the extra things he needed. I WILL be talking to the coaches tomorrow at practice. That is just rediculous! The kids are 6-8 years old and they should be playing an equal amount of time on the field. Especially since it's "non competitve" and they "don't keep score" (my ass!)

After the game I went over to my brother's house for my niece, soon to be sister in law's bridal shower. The only people there were me, Jess, my mom, my other sil, the girl hosting, her niece, and one other girl.
Once the other girl got there they started the shower and the hostess girl had wine and snacks that went with the wines. Everyone got slightly tipsy! My mom ended up walking home after the shower (she only lives a couple of blocks away). I stayed and hung out with my niece for awhile since my brother was gone somewhere. We had a nice time hanging out and Trevor spent the night over there with my nephew.Pin It

Friday, September 24, 2010

Overflowing Basket

Last night I had a dream.

I was in some kind of foreign land. Someone was chasing me and I was trying to get all my important stuff in a basket. People were yelling at me to hurry and to just leave those things behind. 
I was insisting "no I need them"!

Someone was chasing us so we needed to HURRY.

I was trying to juggle everything
but things were falling out of my basket .
I just couldn't keep up with the other people I was with!

That's about where I woke up.

I don't think we need a brain surgeon to figure out what that was all about!

One of the radio stations I listen to has this "Dream Lady" come on once a week or so and people call in and tell her their dreams and she tells them what they mean. She says that when you dream your brain is trying to work things out that are going on in your waking life. Certain objects symbolize things. It's really quite interesting!

With everything going on right now I'm obviously trying to "keep up" without "dropping things" and I just have too much in my basket!

I'm looking foward to the weekend so I can catch up around the house a bit. Saturday we have a football game and a bridal shower but Sunday appears to be free.

Here's to the weekend!!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stop the bus I want to get off.

Life feels so overwhelming this week.Everywhere I turn there is something that needs to be done. No one else seems to see it and it's driving me batty that I basically kill myself trying to get things cleaned up and as soon as I walk away someone throws crap on the clean counter. It's just makes me want to scream.

My oldest has been telling me a lot of little white lies lately. It's scaring me a bit since I know if she's lying about stupid things like taking my bra than she'll have no problem lying about the more important things. I feel myself pulling away from her and I know that's probably not a good thing.

I didn't do any laundry over the weekend so I had a ton piled up. Scott finally got the plywood up on the garage roof so I can throw it all out in front of the washer and dryer without the sun bleaching it all out. I had about 6 loads to put away. To make it easier to find Trevor's socks (always looking for his socks!) I  sorted the clothes out in baskets, each person's stuff in a basket. Imagine my surprise when I went to grab his socks and someone dumped all the flipping clothes together. Of course everyone denies it (see paragraph above, pretty sure that's the culprit). I quickly sorted the stuff out again and later came back and they were all freaking dumped together AGAIN. I wanted to blow a gasket. As soon as I had some time I put them all away. Then I went and changed the laundry over again. One more basket of clothes that need to be put away. I swear if I could hire someone to do anything it would be to do the freaking laundry!!

Last night I left Trevor's football practice early (Scott was there and I'm starting to wonder why I'm sitting there when they hardly even put the kid in for the practice plays). When he got home he was saying that Trevor was saying something about wearing a black jersey the next day to practice. I was asking him if that meant the whole uniform or what and he was like "I DON'T KNOW" being all snappy to me about how they don't tell the parents, just the kids. I was saying maybe you should have went up and asked the coach, tell him that you were just double checking or something. He continued to bite my head off about how no one says anything blah blah blah. This morning I got up and there is a paper from the coaches saying they need to wear their black jersey on Friday to the homecoming parade. Seriously? Did he not get that the night before and read it?

I was kind of upset between the laundry and the "black jersey" so I just went to bed. At 9:00. Sometime in the night I had a dream that Scott died. In the dream I was a little upset but was mostly just worried about money. I wonder if that had anything to do with how he was talking to me and the fact that I paid bills that day...

Of course this morning I was feeling bad that I didn't feel bad in my dream. Nice, feeling guilty for something that didn't even happen!

My teeth are aching today. I hope it'sjust a sinus thing because I just got some fillings on that side of my mouth and that's the same side I need a root canal on and I really can't afford it right now.

I'm feeling a little depressed today. Sorry to be a downer.Pin It

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Momma needs a vacation

So where to begin, where to begin?? Such an exciting day. Let's see there was WORK, which was so freaking fantabulously exciting that I left 45 minutes early before I stabbed myself with a fork. ::DING:: I was done! If only I could just walk to the mail box and pick up a check. I really wish I could find something to do at home that I could make $15 an hour at. I was even thinking on the way home, if I could make something that sold for $15 and sold 7 a day, I could JUST STAY HOME. Let's all put our brains to it and find a way for this mama to be a stay at home one again ok?

And since we're on the subject of work, you all know how I was kicked out my desk (that I was already sharing with someone else) when the new person came in? So now I'm a "floater" and have to walk around and find a vacant desk to sit at every day. Works great on those days when SURPRISE! Everyone is at work. It doesn't happen often but it really really sucks. I usually just walk around pouting threatening to just go sit outside at the picnic table. If only I had a laptop to work on that would work REALLY well. Well only for a couple months. Then it will be getting too windy and rainy and cold.

But anyways, so there are two people that have been out for a week and will be out the this week also. I called the one guys desk before he even left. MINE MINE MINE. Stuck my little cardboard box that says "Julie's Desk" there and plopped my butt in the chair and made myself at home. Until yesterday. I walked in and the little intern girl was starting to sit down IN MY CHAIR.

Oh HELL no.

I was like umm I'm going to be sitting here, OK?!?! You can take the other desk with the really slow computer. She's like ohh. Ok thought someone was sitting at the other desk since there was some stuff there. I'm like well don't know what to tell you but I'm sitting here so get hte hell out of my way.

I've worked there for 4 years (counting my one year where I just walked to my mail box to get my check) and I could possible be the girl's mother. Yep, I'm calling rank.

I'm such a nice person to work with.Pin It

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading Time, Torture For Bad Moms

Trevor is in 2nd grade. In 2nd grade I think the kids are pretty much supposed to know how to read, although he seems to be struggling a little bit. They are supposed to be reading for 20 minutes a night, out loud to someone. Which is next to impossible when we have football practice every night.

Now he only has practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'm TRYING to remember to get him to read. One day I had him read on the way to football practice, which almost turned into a disaster because apparently he gets car sick.

Twice we've been to the library and picked out a few books.

I'm probably the most horrible mother in the world because when the kids are first starting to read it feels like A-G-O-N-Y when they are reading. I'm sure that probably has something to do with me "fitting it in".

This weekend I got him to read a couple books. He seems to keep going back to his room and pulling out all the Cat In The Hat and Disney books I have collected over the years.
When I was little my Grandma bought me the Wonderful World Of Reading Books. You know, the book club type books that come in the mail. One the insides she would write my name, along with the date and Love, Grandma Marilyn.
I have to say I think they are one of my favorite possessions. Over the years I've added to the collection at garage sales, thrift stores and so on. Anytime I find one that isn't in my collection I buy it.
Scott really likes all the Dr. Suess Books, which had a similar mail order collection of I Can Read Books. I've also collected a ton of those at garage sales, etc.

Tonight Trevor picked out Scamp and The Kitten

He actually read it really well!

I was impressed!
I have to say this is my least favorite part of the kids going to school. I can't wait until he can just pick up a book and read by himself. But in a way it's a little bitter sweet since he's the last of my "babies" and it probably won't be long before he's kicking the books out of his room and saying

"These are for babies!"

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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Letter To Food Maxx


I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how disappointed I am in your store. When I was there last night I had to use the restroom. The restrooms at this particular store have never been the nicest. While it did smell clean, one of the stalls had a broken toilet seat. One half of the side of the seat was gone. Obviously this is something that the staff would know about. Afterall I'm sure they use this bathroom too, and obviously clean it. Why would the managment not spend the $20 or less to replace the toilet seat? In my opinion having things like this in your store shows that you do not value your customers or your employees.

Mom Taxi JuliePin It

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teen Drivers Suck

Well this is obviously my bitch week. "Cause everything is fucking pissing me off! Mostly at the moment my ungratful teenager who can kiss my ass and won't be driving MY car anytime soon.
Tell me I'm a bad "teacher" while she's driving. Yeah. I'd like to see how calm she would be if someone was driving her thirty thousand dollar car that only has nine thousand left to pay it off, which by the way is still going to take a WHOLE NOTHER FLIPPING YEAR PLUS. I'm sorry I scream a bit when I think we're going to DIE!! I'm sorry I make that scared noise that you hate when I think you're going to HIT ANOTHER CAR!!

Fuck yeah I'm a bad teacher!

Please someone tell me it gets easier when you've been through it a few times???Pin It

We Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Around Here...

Today we stayed home.

Trevor was coughing his head off yesterday and was very slow moving and so I decided he was due for a sick day from school. (not to mention that I could use a "sick day" myself!)

He stayed in his pajamas most of the day and I went around the house picking things up.

I even did a little digging in the dirt outside.

Inbetween the housework and the digging I made a Twitter account and read a billion blogs.

While I was sitting at the computer I hear a weird sound. 

I looked over and this is what I saw

Yes, that's my boy laying on the floor.
With milk all over.

The cup of milk HAD been on the TV Tray.
Which he pulled on while he was laying on the floor.

At first I was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?"
But then I looked at him
and he was kind of laying there in shock
with the milk dripping down the side of his face
and I just busted up laughing.


I'm glad I don't have carpet!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Men are wusses

I got woke up at 3:30 this morning. Unfortuntely it wasn't for something fun and exciting. As exciting as some things can be at 3:30 in the morning.

No it was my husband who is suffering from some kind of gastro-intestinal nightmare.

I'm sure it's just some kind of virus.
Or the fact that he ate all the food I made the other night for the whole family almost by himself.

He's sure he's dying of salmonella via chicken taco from the taco truck.

And in true husband fashion, if the man can't sleep? The woman must be woken up. You know, because I really want to know
that he didn't make it to the bathroom.

Thanks Honey!!

But even though he couldn't make it to the bathroom
he still left to go to work. Which is a one and a half
to two hour drive.
I hope he took some extra undies.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Party Pictures

Isn't this cake adorable? The little pink bags are the party favors for the kids.

My nephew had hurt his arm at baseball practice and was worried that the bandage was going to come off so the boys spent the day at the park playing games on the iPhone

Gee aren't we cute? Still thinking lypo to my neck would be great....
Melissa spent most of the day looking real happy like this... she was tired from helping set up the party.
Looks like she's saying "can I have a drink?"
Buried in presents.
(That's my step-dad's brother on the right there)
Isn't this the coolest car? It's a REMOTE CONTROL car, my brother was steering it!
The girls gathered up all the balloons after the party and gave them away to random kids at the park.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

You're going to do what?

So my sister in law got it in her head that she had to have the baby's party at a park. All the parks in their area have to be rented. Except for one, which is first come first serve. They started stalking the park to find out just how early they had to get there to be the "first".

Turns out? It's like more than 24 hours! Isn't that crazy? They made a plan to take turns camping out there. My sister in law got there at 9:00 am the day before the party. She stayed there all day and other people took turns hanging out with her. I went there at 8:00 that night to bring the girls to spend the night so they could help with the set up on Saturday morning. We hung out for about 2 hours before I took the kids to my other brother's house.

While she was there a ton of other people showed up prepared to camp out. One of the other groups went for the much much smaller gazebo on the other side of the playground. I was thinking that they were definitely going to get kicked out by the cops at some point. She said that they drove by a couple times but never even stopped.

I kind of thought she was nuts! Camping out for two days for a baby's first birthday party? Seems like it would be easier to just clean  your house! But it turned out to be really nice. Not sure anyone would ever do it again though!Pin It

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adrian's Birthday

A lot of people had beautiful tribute posts to 9/11. 9/11, while it's such an important day in our history, has taken on a new meaning for me. It was the day that my little niece was born! Last year I had made plans to go to Texas. My sister in law was due a week or so before I was supposed to leave. I was hoping that she would have the baby before I left, but of course, that didn't happen.

So while I was in Texas she finally went in to get induced,  and we waited for TWO days for little Adrian to arrive. Finally she was here, but she had sucked in some fluid. This was one of the first pictures I got of her.

with the message "breaks my heart".

Eventually I got this one

A whole year later they still bring tears to my eyes!

Luckily she's totally fine now!

And cute as can be!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes I just don't think ahead...

I have to say one of the worst possible things about living wayyy out in the country is that


I really should have went to the bathroom before I left town.
Tonight was no exception. Football practice was over and I decided to do a few little errands before I went home. Bank (drive thru atm), Gas (no bathroom there it's a rinky dink place), Library (closed drop books in bookdrop). Then I was like hmmm really should go to the bathroom.

But Trevor was already asleep so I was like oh I'll be ok. Let me tell you. I was thinking of stopping and peeing on the road not too far from town. And a little farther, and a little farther. Pretty soon I was going 80!

Finally home, left poor Trevor to fend for himself and darted inside.


Then Scott noticed that Trevor never came in. Poor kid was still asleep out in the car!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving the long weekend!

Yesterday we went over to my brother's to hang out.
Trevor entertained himself on the way over there with my phone.

Future Facebook/Myspace Profile picture taker.

My other brother wasn't going to come over because he had to go into work at 3am but after some begging they came over for a little bit so we could see the baby.

Isn't she cute? We always sit at a table outside and they hooked up this swing right next to us. Nothing like being rocked to sleep!

My parents came over too. They BBQ'd some tri tip, and chicken. I always kind of raid my cabinets before we go over there to add a few things to the meal. Yesterday it was a pasta salad and some baked beans. Yummy!

The youngest brother left right after dinner and my parents not too long after. We stayed until after 2am. I haven't stayed up that long since I went to Vegas I think!
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Saturday, September 4, 2010


My baby finally got to play football today!!
One of the coaches took him to the board member's house to get weighed and he was

What did he have to be to make it?



Got back just in time to get in the game.
Scott and I had to work on snack bar set up for our volunteer duties. I had signed us up for the first home game to get it out of the way. We got done just in time for his game. I pulled out my camera and took a picture and it says CANNOT SAVE, NO MEMORY CARD!

SUCKS!! Apparently I forgot to put it back in the camera before packing it up. Thank God for cell phone cameras!! I got a few pictures even though they are far away. There's my boy #70 waving to mom!!

He's in the very back here with his hand in his mouth.

Their team did great. They don't offically keep score but the coach said they had SIXTEEN touchdowns! The kids would get the ball and just take off like a rocket.

We celebrated afterwards by going to his choice, McDonalds. He got a cheeseburger, apple dippers and a milk. Not quite party food but he was happy!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Married. With Children.

Yesterday Scott was laying on the couch and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy towards him so I went over and jumped on him and started tickling him and he was all "don't!" "stop it!". Which of course just made me do it more but he wasn't really playing back much so I climbed off and somehow we started talking about how there was a mosque being built at ground zero..

Yeah fun times.

Later I was thinking how in the "early days" that tickling would have turned into an all out make out session, probably followed by some hanky panky and good times on the couch.

No worries about sitting on my couch though, we've had it over a month and haven't even christend it yet. I'm guessing it might be like years never before that happens.

THEN my mind went to "Married With Children" where poor Peggy is always trying to get affection from Al and he's just like "I'm watching tv here".

Yeah, I think that's about where we are now.Pin It

Mama's Graceful Child

This is what you look like when you fall on your face
on the concrete at school
(obviously he's my child)

and then your mom takes you in the car to go get weighed in for football,
but the guy that's supposed to weigh you stops answering his phone,  
and the coach can't get ahold of him
and your mom just drives
around and around and around town.
Then she just parks in a parking lot for awhile.
Then she goes and gets a Starbucks
because she doesn't dare eat in front of you
when you might be getting weighed
and then she just drives home
because it's obvious that the fucking guy
is never going to answer his phone and you wake up
and you're right back where you started from!
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Nights In Rodanthe or How to fall in love in a day..

Today at lunch I finished reading Nights In Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. If you haven't read the book and you don't want to read spoilers stop here.

Here's a little bit about the book off the amazon listing

Sparks (A Bend in the Road, etc.) logs more miles on the winding high road of romance with the story of two middle-aged people who meet by chance in the small North Carolina coastal town of Rodanthe. The impassioned but doomed romance seems to owe much to Robert James Waller's The Bridges of Madison County. Once again, a housewife who has focused on everyone but herself indulges in a brief, intense, secret affair with a stranger who changes her life forever. As the story begins, Adrienne Willis is 60, the divorced mother of three grown children. To help her troubled daughter cope with the untimely recent death of her husband, Adrienne tells her the tale of her love affair, which took place 15 years before. At the time, Adrienne was an uptight matron whose ex-husband had just left her for a younger woman. This rejection colors her entire life, and Sparks realistically portrays a vulnerable and isolated woman who throws herself into raising her children to escape her despair. Paul Flanner, her paramour, is a surgeon and an obsessive workaholic with no genuine connection to his wife or son, whose world completely falls apart when one of his patients inexplicably dies. Sparks builds a taut, plausible relationship between his protagonists, but even fans may be irked by the obviousness of their story and the inevitability of their fate.

So as I was reading the book, about half way through, I'm thinking "nothing has happened yet".  It really takes that long for the book to get going. When finally they decide that they find eachother attractive and after a day of spending time together they are "in love" that's when I decided the book was stupid. Seriously. Who falls "in love" after a day? I know plenty of teenagers who :sigh: are in lurrveee. But for two adults to say they are in love with eachother after spending 24 hours or less is just stupid.

After such a short time you can't possibly really know someone enough to want to spend the rest of your life with. Sure you might be attracted to them and/or be in LUST with them but to say you are going to pledge the rest of your life to someone after such a short amount of time is just rediculous.

Amazingly I kept reading after that part. The book goes on and to me, it's just so flat and boring. I was going to work my way through all the Nicholas Sparks book but I'm seriously having second thoughts after reading this one!

These are all my own opinions and no one asked me to review this book for them (they'd probably hate me if they did)Pin It

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well we had another football weigh in tonight. HALF A POUND. After it's all said and done THEN the kid has to go to the bathroom. UGH lol. They said that we can try again tomorrow. Hopefully he can play on Saturday since we are signed up to work at the game AND it's picture day. I have no doubt he'll make it next week if not this one! Poor kid!!

Got home and Jessica had COOKIES sitting out on the table and didn't understand why I was like OMG put those away! Of course I'm just being mean. Everytime I sneeze she thinks I'm being mean and picking on someone. I think she's having a month long PMS. Heaven forbid I "raise my voice" or ask someone to do something in those 2 hours a day that I'm home and not sleeping.

I'm so glad that this is a three day weekend! Other than football on Saturday we have no plans. It will be nice weather too.

It's so late by the time I've gotten on here I can't even remember what I've thought about blogging all day.

Oh here's a good one. A few people from work went out to pick peaches on some study site today. One of the girls came back and was like "oh you should have went!". I was like ummm hellooo no way I'm going out in a field and doing manual labor.  Later at lunch another gal (I call her power point girl since she only seems to be making power points for her job) was saying how it's too bad we can't hook up a high school with a farmer to pick peaches and fruit so that they will learn what happens when you don't get an education. Took everything I had not to tell her how stupid she was. 

Well off to comment on some blogs! Leave me some love :)

(oh and no need to tell me how unfair it is that kids get weighed for football, I KNOW)Pin It

Paying For Torture

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment to get my three small cavaties filled. This dentist seems to pride herself on "no shots". Jessica went last week and was complaining that her tooth hurt so bad after the filling that she felt like she was going to throw up.  I kept thinking that for sure since I had 3 fillings to get and she only had one that I was going to be in so much pain. I had myself worked into quite a tizzy but the time I actually got there.

It didn't help either that when I dropped Trevor off at football practice I accidentally spilt half his bottle of water down the front of my t-shirt. Which was very thick dark purple. The water started right at the boob so I looked like I had leaked all over myself. It's been a few years since I lactated but I so remember how moritifying that was when that happened. I felt the need to explain what happened to the guy behind the counter at the dentist. He seems to be about as sharp as a box of rocks anyways so he was like "what?". Like I wanted to reexplain myself. Should have just kept him wondering.

I sat down and waited for my turn for my fillings and there were quite a few people in the office. Usually there are hardly any people in there. There was the preschooler that just wanted to get the hell out of there, and a lady with a baby. Big fat rolly polly baby that probably would have been really cute if I wasn't so focused on freaking out about getting fillings. The baby (not sure if it was a boy or a girl since it was dressed in a green onsie) alternated between farting and eating and fussing. I don't understand why people bring babies places and not bring them any toys. Obviously they are going to get bored quickly without something to keep their little hands busy.

FINALLY after forever I finally got called back and nothing was painful, just awkward with all those hands in my "small mouth" as the dentist calls it. I wish everyone thought I had a small mouth. And why did my body stop being small at my mouth? Couldn't it have carried that down to let's say my midsection? Oh and does your dentist hand you a mirror and try to show you your cavaties and fillings? Finally I was like "I really can't ever see what you are showing me".  Probably because all I can focus on when she is doing that is my big huge neck. Seriously I think I need some lypo on my neck. Do they do that? I'm going to add that to my if I ever become a billionare list.

After it was all done I was just a  little bit sore, mostly from trying to crank open my mouth Coneheads style. I was even able to eat dinner afterwards. So now I just have to get that root canal done and my teeth will all be fine. Anyone have a stack of $100's laying around?

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