Saturday, September 4, 2010


My baby finally got to play football today!!
One of the coaches took him to the board member's house to get weighed and he was

What did he have to be to make it?



Got back just in time to get in the game.
Scott and I had to work on snack bar set up for our volunteer duties. I had signed us up for the first home game to get it out of the way. We got done just in time for his game. I pulled out my camera and took a picture and it says CANNOT SAVE, NO MEMORY CARD!

SUCKS!! Apparently I forgot to put it back in the camera before packing it up. Thank God for cell phone cameras!! I got a few pictures even though they are far away. There's my boy #70 waving to mom!!

He's in the very back here with his hand in his mouth.

Their team did great. They don't offically keep score but the coach said they had SIXTEEN touchdowns! The kids would get the ball and just take off like a rocket.

We celebrated afterwards by going to his choice, McDonalds. He got a cheeseburger, apple dippers and a milk. Not quite party food but he was happy!
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