Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading Time, Torture For Bad Moms

Trevor is in 2nd grade. In 2nd grade I think the kids are pretty much supposed to know how to read, although he seems to be struggling a little bit. They are supposed to be reading for 20 minutes a night, out loud to someone. Which is next to impossible when we have football practice every night.

Now he only has practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'm TRYING to remember to get him to read. One day I had him read on the way to football practice, which almost turned into a disaster because apparently he gets car sick.

Twice we've been to the library and picked out a few books.

I'm probably the most horrible mother in the world because when the kids are first starting to read it feels like A-G-O-N-Y when they are reading. I'm sure that probably has something to do with me "fitting it in".

This weekend I got him to read a couple books. He seems to keep going back to his room and pulling out all the Cat In The Hat and Disney books I have collected over the years.
When I was little my Grandma bought me the Wonderful World Of Reading Books. You know, the book club type books that come in the mail. One the insides she would write my name, along with the date and Love, Grandma Marilyn.
I have to say I think they are one of my favorite possessions. Over the years I've added to the collection at garage sales, thrift stores and so on. Anytime I find one that isn't in my collection I buy it.
Scott really likes all the Dr. Suess Books, which had a similar mail order collection of I Can Read Books. I've also collected a ton of those at garage sales, etc.

Tonight Trevor picked out Scamp and The Kitten

He actually read it really well!

I was impressed!
I have to say this is my least favorite part of the kids going to school. I can't wait until he can just pick up a book and read by himself. But in a way it's a little bitter sweet since he's the last of my "babies" and it probably won't be long before he's kicking the books out of his room and saying

"These are for babies!"

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Sara Strand said...

Ugh- totally agree. Olivia wants to learn how to read so badly at age 5 and I try but then I get bored. And now she wants me to read a chapter every night out of a chapter book. Which is fine, because I'm reading things I liked as a kid. But when she wants me to read the SAME five books about princesses that are really long??? Awful. I skip pages on purpose. *sigh*

Jennifer Owens said...

I remember having to help my cousin Jonathan read over the summers I would babysit all day long - and it was torture! He would cry and sob through every three letter word and I thought I was gonna go insane. Without a doubt, I can say that I am definitely not looking forward to going through the teaching to read phase with my own kids....

Barb said...

I don't mind the "learning to read" part as much as still having to "MAKE" them read through the rest of their school years.

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