Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Last of March

I think it's Tuesday, yep, just checked. Tuesday!

I ended up going to be early last night. Maybe a tiny bit of depression. One more month of teleworking and the world turned off. Let's hope life can resume after that. Fingers crossed.

I have watched so much Netflix lately.

Yesterday I went to change the laundry and saw the hedge trimmers. I ended up trimming all the bushes on the one side of the house.

Later I went to take the dogs out and we went for a walk around the block. It felt good to stretch out a little I feel like all I've done for a week is sit. I definitely need to buy an office chair.

I finally saw my neighbor's son and confirmed that he did pass away last weekend. (well 2 Saturday's ago now) He said he died in his sleep. He'd been having dementia for a couple months and then problems with his legs. He was 92 so lived a long life. He said he heard his dad talking to his mom the day before he passed away. She passed away about 5 years or so ago. I may have cried standing in the street talking to him. I asked him if he was going to live in the house now and he said his dad left it to his 2 granddaughters. One with two children might move in. It would be nice to have some little kids on the block again.

I didn't do any sewing yesterday but I did cut out my bags from the pieced pieces. Now I need to pull out some coordinating fabric for the lining.

For dinner last night I made Chicken Orzo Soup I had taken a screen shot from a recipe from Pinterest but then the instructions didn't totally match up with the ingredients so it ended up being a toss this and that in the pot haha. It turned out ok. I made some drop biscuits to go with it and they were so good! Not sure why they were so good since it's just basically flour water and butter. It had to have been the butter right? lol

Now to decide what to make with some more chicken breasts for diner tonight. Cooking is like the evening entertainment around here. Sadly I don't find laundry as exciting.
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Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Sewing & Cooking

Hello!! Happy Monday!  I've done the one item I had to do for "work" so far today and answered the phone 3 times. I still think that's so weird haha.

What did we do this weekend? SEW and cook and get fatter lol.

Friday night! Corned beef in the crock pot used for sandwiches. Turned out pretty good. Scott some really good rolls from Rayley's on the way home from work. I'm pretty sure they were like a week's worth of carbs in one ;)

I had bought a 2 pack of whole chickens at the store awhile back and finally thawed them out. Saturday night we had roasted chicken.

Sunday I put the other one in the crock pot. The idea was to use it for soup but there wasn't much actual chicken left so I'm going to cook up some chicken breasts for soup to go with the juices from the chicken. Also I made mashed potatoes and gravy which didn't turn out all that great but eh no one is starving here.

All weekend I worked on pink scraps. Sewing them together and then making the right size strips for some zip bags. Last night I had 12 sets made up for bags and still all these strips left. Each bundle is 10 strips. Anyone want any strips? They went into a bag for some other day lol.

Today I can iron these and then cut them into bag size. I finally had an ah ha moment and realized if I just do 10 strips together that is one bag. I think the first one or two I didn't coordinate the prints, just colors but then I started putting together strips with the same fabrics so they are more matchy matchy.

That's all the excitement around here. I should probably do some laundry today since I'm down to the not so favorite underwear ;)

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Friday, March 27, 2020


Seems to be weird to be happy it's Friday when I'm not even leaving the house, but I'll be glad to not have to fire up the work computer and find things to do for 8 hours.

Wednesday night I finished up all my little yellow bags. I think they turned out cute, nice and bright! I even got them added to my Etsy store with my handmade stuff.

After I got that done I cleaned up the floor of my studio. Thread everywhere! I'm kind of sad I don't have anyone to send my tiny little scraps to now. I debated on saving them but ended up tossing them. I have boxes of fabric I don't need to save 1" and smaller pieces..

Dinner Wednesday was stew and cornbread again. When we went shopping I didn't have a menu made because I thought it would be hard to find food. So now I have meat and have to figure out what to do with it lol.

Thursday we had a super gourmet dinner, I know you are jealous haha

I decided that I should finish up the mug cozies I had abandoned before moving onto something else. So I got those all sewn up, I just have to add the buttons. 

Once I get those done I think I will go through and add all the new ones I've made onto my Etsy shop. 

I watched a few shows on Netflix the last couple days. Tiger King of course, because everyone is talking about it. I had listened to a podcast about this whole thing awhile back. 

Self made, I really enjoyed this one

and then Lost Girls, so sad.

I just saw the next season of Ozark is out so I'll probably watch that next! I love that bad girl in there, can't remember her name at the moment. She's such a good actress.

My friend who works at a school in another district just got noticed that school is going to be closed through May 20th, but they have notebooks for all the kids for virtual learning. They are planning to have the last 2 weeks of school in person if it works out. Freaking crazy. So for my son's school district just has paper packets they can do for busy work that won't be graded so we haven't bothered with that. I don't know what they are going to do to finish out their school year. They are closed through April 20th as of now.

Things are going to be crazy once everyone can go back to work. I saw someone post that they had to cut their own toe nails. I find that kind of hilarious.  (unless you are diabetic)

Everyone is going to have long hair unless they cut it themselves. Not to mention roots unless they go the box route! I don't dye my hair so far so I'm good lol.

All the Reseller You Tubers I watch are like trying to come up with ways to source more stuff to resell so they have content for their You Tube channels. It's been interesting seeing what they come up with.

Well no big plans for the weekend. SURPRISE haha. Hope you are all staying home and staying healthy.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Yellow Scrappy Bags, Teleworking Day 4

Day 4 of teleworking.

My little Snookie is really annoying in the morning. She thinks I need to hold her ALL DAY. She makes the most annoying little whining grunting noises until I pick her up or yell at her to go lay down. Yesterday I put flea meds on everyone which made them ALL clingy. Who knew my animals coworkers were so annoying. I had to run over to my mom's cabin and I told her if she had wifi over there I'd go work there for awhile for a change of scenery. If Scott gets laid off I might even pay for it to be installed (assuming someone is still working for their company..)

For work I'm basically waiting for someone to email me something to do, or should be doing Ag Learn which is like online courses and OMG so boring.

After work time yesterday I worked on my yellow scrappy bags. This one turned out to be more brown than yellow and I didn't like it all that much so I tried doing some machine quilting on it. I like it now!

and I got 2 yellow ones finished! I like these a lot, nice and bright and cheerful which is what I was wanting to look at. I have 4 left to finish, just need to sew on the rick rack/yo-yos if I pinned that on already and then sew the sides together.

Don't really like the 3 of the same fabrics together on the back of the top one but nothing I can do about it now lol.

I'm really enjoying doing these scrappy bags! I think I might do reds next!

For dinner last night we finally used up the hamburger buns we've had forever (seriously they cannot be good for us they never went bad). Originally Scott bought them to make burgers but then I used the meat for something else. When I went shopping I bought some patties to just toss on the BBQ so we had those last night. All I had to do was put the salad together. Easy!

I'm going to make a stew for dinner tonight. I guess I'll probably make some corn bread too since that's how we do it here :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My Mother In Law Is 90!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday was my mother in law's 90th birthday.  We debated on what to do but went with the "Under 10 people" gathering. Scott is doing her shopping so our germs are pretty much over there anyways. So hard to make decisions on things like this.

So I had to go into the office yesterday to do a report (I had left my binder with passwords in my locked desk drawer, not expecting to be staying home). It was kind of nice going in and working. Weird, you wouldn't think that right? Got my report done.

Sent my mom a text asking if she needed anything while I was in town. She went back a little list so 3 stores later, still no TP. I tried a few different stores to check out what the inventory was like (and to not go too far out of the area I was in).

In Dollar Tree there was 6 teenage boys with their skateboards. I'm like where are your parents? You shouldn't be out and so close together (in my head). I overheard one boy saying they weren't worried about getting the virus because his family has strong genes. I hope you're right boy!

Then I ran into the Mexican grocery store. No TP there but I got a pack of paper towels just in case.

After that I went to Cost Less (I think that's what it's called) and got everything else on the list except flour and TP. But I did get an 8 pack of paper towels (just in case).  I'm glad I got an extra thing of flour when I went shopping I can just give mom some of mine.

After that I went and picked up the pizza, we always do Papa Murphy's. After Scott got home we went to his moms and had pizza She ate 3 pieces and then sat back and said how horrible it was. LMAO. No surprise she always complains about food. I think it's kind of hilarious. Like why did you continue to eat it if it was that bad? (Also she totally wanted some of the left overs for later)

I made her a little smash sized cake for her candles (getting all weird about blowing candles now since someone always has something) and cupcakes for everyone else.

She sat there for awhile before she blew out her candles. I was like so there's a lot of wax there so I guess you can take your time haha.

She ate half that cake and then pulled out a huge cookie and ate that too. Not sure where she put it.

She got flowers from one of her daughters. She didn't hear anything from three of her children. WTF Is wrong with people? Who doesn't call their 90 year old mother for her birthday? They should have all been planning a party (that would have got cancelled-but no one even planned one).  Sad that people are so into themselves they don't think about their parents.

Anyhow, several of my mother in laws siblings lived into their 90's. Her father was 96 I think she said. Pretty good track record!

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weekend Fun-Grocery shopping & Grandma's

Hello all! It's Sunday morning here today and I've decided I need to limit my time on Facebook today.

The thing that is annoying me most is that everone is posting to me about the "make your own masks". I will not be making homemade masks to donate anywhere. I have 4 cats and unless you can guarantee to me that they will be sterilized I don't think that's a good idea! A tape roller works great for fun novelty stuff but not for something you are going to breathe through. Plus I think it's a huge liability that any professional facility would be taking on handing out. Yes they are maybe better than nothing but I'm sure everyone has a sheet they can rip into strips and wrap around their head if they are that desperate.

Ok off my soap box for that.

Yesterday Scott and I went to the store (not super early like I wanted of course) and waited in line to buy his mother's groceries and groceries for us. While we were in line my mom sent me a text to get her some stuff also. I wasn't sure how stocked the store would be but they had everything but Toilet Paper.

Apparently you can make take measures to keep yourself safe and also just be a slob.

So all together we spent $600! Crazy. $100 for his mom, $50 for my mom, $10 for butter for my neighbor and the rest is me trying to buy enough groceries so that I don't have to go back for at least a month. I keep telling Scott he needs to buy his mom A LOT of groceries but he won't do it because she thinks everything goes bad (even in the freezer). I'm not sure what happened to her survival skills from when she was young and people were poor lol.

I may or maynot be hoarding dog food. I had bought a bag off of Amazon last week. They had some in the store so I bought another bag. I do not want to experience Rusty getting sick from changing dog food abruptly every again.

I posted on someone else's blog that these times remind me of my Grandma's who grew up in the depression. Grandma Pecka was an adult during the depression. They lived on a farm though so they had plenty and would even help out their friends and family with their rations. She always saved things and bought things on sale.

She probably had 10 boxes of detergent on the side of her washer when she passed away (not sure why that sticks out in my memory) and it was just her at that time. She had this big closet in the back bedroom that was full of stuff. She had worked at a hardware store until I was about a pre-teen. She would buy stuff that was marked down cheap and keep it in the closet. Every time I came over when I was an adult she'd go into the magic closet and pull something out for me. Silverware, my lovely nesting Pyrex bowls (coveted by many now!), a waffle iron that we used until it died, crystal glasses (we broke a few in the early days but they've been up in the high cabinet forever now, not sure what I'm saving them for..). When she died I brought home boxes and boxes of band aids, hotel soaps, shampoos etc.

My Grandma Marilyn (ten years younger that Grandma Pecka) had a food pantry in her laundry room with cans of peas and the like lined up. My mom still does the same. Always keeping extra on hand. I used to do this also but when I switched over to eating more fresh vegetables it kind of went by the way side. Once you have fresh veggies, canned stuff is just yucky lol. Well unless you have nothing and then beggars can't be choosy.

In other news, I'm pretty sure my elderly neighbor passed away yesterday. A fire engine came and they ran inside and then immediately walked back out. They hung out for about an hour til the Sheriff got there. He was there for hours, I'm sure waiting for them to pick up his body. Henry was such a nice guy, loved to garden. He had hundreds of iris and would have a bit of a competition with some of the other neighbors with them.  I will miss him.

Tomorrow is Scott's mom's 90th birthday. We are trying to figure out what to do. She requested steak but then she always complains that meat is too tough so not sure what to do lol. Texas Roadhouse is having drive thru pick up so I thought we'd just do that but Scott thinks she's going to bitch about the food. At least that way it's someone else's fault for cooking it wrong and not ours ;)

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Teleworking with Animals Is Fun

Well life keeps getting more and more exciting even though we are staying home! California is now on mandated orders to shelter in place. Which means that we aren't really doing anything different than the day before but I guess you could get in trouble for hanging out in the street with your buddies or something.

Also now at work the doors are locked, no one can come inside but the employees (2 at a time for our agency) and no field visits (which I never do anyways). Almost everyone is just telework but the 2 other girls that work directly with me because they are contract employees. They are splitting up the week for who is working what day.

So day 2 of teleworking. I can take phone calls directly from my computer when someone calls my desk at work even though I'm at home. How cool is that? Just have to get my cat to stop loudly bathing himself when I'm talking to someone...

Also my dogs wanted to go out like 12 times and someone still crapped on the floor in the house. Monday I think I will move my boxes I have in front of the door so I can keep the dogs out. They are super annoying, especially Snookie who wants to be held all day.

I have to go in for part of the day on Monday to finish up my end of the month report for the purchase card I am in charge of. My binder with all my passwords is locked in my desk drawer.

Here is my exciting dinner from last night!

Earlier in the day Trevor made us some home made french fries. They were pretty good. Maybe I should send him to culinary school. 

My neighbor was working on weeding yesterday, he's the one that feeds the "yard cats" as I like to call them. He gets the ones he can catch spayed and neutered, then gives them a name and a collar. They mostly only like him. He used to hate cats years ago and now he's the cat man lol. They follow him around the yard.

We have new neighbor in that red house there. I was talking to him from across the field and I think she thought I was talking to her so she came over to where he was standing and was all like "want to see my chickens!" Uh ok if you are 6' away... she tried to shake my hand when I introduced myself and I was like sorry no.  So we walked over to her back yard and saw her chickens and her cute little chihuahuas that are probably going to get eaten by coyotes. Her husband was building a chicken coop in the back yard. I'm pretty sure she's a bit cray cray. Maybe on prescription drugs. I was like so your dogs can get out through your fence... also your cute little cat. We have coyotes here you know? She's like oh they are good so far. I told her yeah I've lost like 5 cats out here over the years, I don't let mine out. People never believe me until their precious baby never comes back.  Hate to say I told you so but eh.

Oh she's also not afraid of the virus because she's a stage 4 cancer survivor. Uh bitch get your ass inside you shouldn't be talking to anyone.

I've been working on my Etsy store this evening. I had someone buy 6 patterns. I also sold 2 books yesterday so maybe people are looking for stuff to craft with. I have A LOT of stuff they can craft with! Trying to get back to listing at least 5 things a day. 

Talking Scott into making dinner tonight. He is getting home a whole hour earlier every day and leaving an hour later in the morning. He's loving having less commute time. He says they are busy at work, I hope it stays that way with minimal customer interaction. They are mostly a specialty place so they don't get a lot of people walking in.
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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Teleworking With The World

Anyone else wondering how long til the Zombies appear?  Like are we living in a movie or is this really happening?

I'm home now teleworking. Yesterday we had an employee come to work in our office. This employee was previously working in another office which was closed due to exposure. Like What the Actual Bleepidy Bleep! Poor girl we're all acting like she's the cooty girl and she's just trying to get a paycheck but this is some scary shit.

Through the mill I found out that the man that went to their office was a dairy farmer who had been on one of the cruises. He DIED 2 days ago. I know two people that knew him personally.  Super sad. They all say he was a great guy. Once they release his name, if they do then I'll share a fun You Tube video I found.

So between that and having to ask people at the counter if they have been sick, someone in their family been sick, been to another country etc,  and the above I requested if I could just telework and my boss said yes. Today we've already got an email that if you are telework ready you can just do it all the time now. TG less exposure to people.

The cougher girl came back to work yesterday still coughing. She told someone on the phone that she had a note from the Dr that it was allergies and she wasn't contagious. Yeah sureeee lol Everyone is afraid to cough or sneeze now because of people like me (did I mention I am still coughing here and there from when I was sick weeks ago? Usually just one cough though)

All the cities around me have the shelter in place except for where my parents live and work.

All the events but one that I had signed up for are cancelled or postponed. Everyone is going to have a hell of a lot of inventory once things get back to normal!

So for something not scary here is my cabbage soup I made for St. Patty's day!

I started making it on the stove until I got to the part where it said to cook it for 3 hours. Uh yeah it was after 5 already. So we switched over to the Instant Pot directions lol. That took about 2 hours so a little better. The soup was good although I wish i would have cut the meat smaller and added more potatoes. I added some rice to the leftovers I took to work and that was good too. That's me always adding more carbs to things!

Starting to make a list of things I'd like to get from the store when I try to go next. Instead of bread I have things like FLOUR, YEAST etc. Going to have to go old school I'm afraid. Both of those items are not in stock on Amazon as of yesterday. I do have dog food and cat food being delivered from there today though! TG For Amazon. Their poor workers though. I hope they all stay healthy.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Weekend Recap! Bugs, Food & Sewing!

Oh my gosh has the world just gone crazy or what? Since Friday so much has changed. Except work, I'm still here. Although the girl that coughed next to me for 4 days has not come to work since she got sent home on Thursday. I hope she is ok.

So what did we do over the weekend??

Friday after work I went to Joann's to buy some sewing needles and fusible interfacing. I got some more thread while I was there. This time I went for some pinks and a few more of the aquas since I used those sewing my aqua scraps!

Since I was already out I went over to Panda Express and got dinner for Trevor and I. Scott gets home so late it would be gross by the time he got there. He's been getting home between 7:30 and 8 most nights.

Saturday we decided not to go to the kids birthday party since I still have a little cough and they are all full of germs usually. We almost always get sick after a family party.  My mom who is the germaphobe told me to just take some cough syrup. I'm pretty sure she's been taken over by an alien.

Saturday night for dinner I made some chicken and rice with frozen veggies. I just cook the chicken with some onions and a bit of oil, cook the rice, warm up the frozen veggies and then throw it all in the skillet. Add some soy sauce when it's done.

I'm starting to ration out our meat a bit so it lasts longer. The stores are CRAZY here. I told Scott on Saturday night that he should have his mom get her list ready and go to Winco when they open at 5am. They are closing down to restock now. He didn't listen and tried going at 11:30am. He stood in line for 1/2 an hour with hundreds of people waiting to get into the store. Then he had to pee so he left lol. I'm like hmm told you so!

He went back Monday morning at 5:30 and was about 40th in line waiting for them to open. He stood there for almost 2 hours before they opened up. He got JUST what his mom had on her list (and cat litter and coffee for us). Wouldn't want to get any extra or anything! Men are so funny.

My Dad went to Food 4 Less in Stockton. No line to get in but the line to check out was 45 minutes long with the line going all the way to the back of the store.

My friend Allen at Safeway over the weekend.

I'm like you should have grabbed that pasta on the top shelf!

Sunday night I made this recipe for Sesame Encrusted Chicken. My phone died while I was making it and I got tired of waiting for it to come to life so I ate it before I could take a picture. I thought I had sesame seeds when I went shopping so I didn't buy any. Surprise, no seeds!  While I was looking for those I found some "salad toppers" so I crunched those up with a rolling pin and added that to the panko. Turned out pretty good!

Monday night I made Asian Glazed Chicken Drumsticks. This made a really weird smell when I added the liquid to the meat in the skillet and kind of turned me off. I don't think I'll make this one again, it was just "ok". My asparagus on the other hand was delicious! I roasted it in the oven with some olive oil.

Instead of cooking my whole big pack of drumsticks I saved about 1/2 to use for another night. I know if I cooked it all the boys would eat it all.  I have about 6 nights worth of meat left before I have to go to the store. I ordered some cat and dog food online, I hope it gets delivered. Rusty gets really sick if I change his dog food. I have some still but heard that it's getting hard to find so thought I'd try and get some before I'm out.

Tonight I'm going to make a corned beef and cabbage soup recipe. We're not huge corned beef fans so I thought it might be fun to do a spin on it with other things added in.

SEWING! I did a lot of sewing over the weekend (surprise!). I am going to have a lot of stock once the world returns to normal! I feel really bad for event organizers who are having to cancel all the events they worked so hard on. They are having to refund people's money. I saw a negative post about the one I do the most with because she told the people that she couldn't refund immediately but would try to soon or they could use it towards when the shows start happening again. People are losing their minds I tell ya!

Finished up the key chains I had started. I ordered more of the clips off Amazon and got those already so I'll have more if I need them.

Then switched over to mug cozies. Here is what I got FINISHED over the weekend. Still working on a basket full. Trying to do at least one of all the animal fabrics I had cut out when I went through those plus a few more to "restock" if I had them cut out already.

My sewing machine was being a pita with it's tension. I got pissed off yesterday and really messed with it to try and fix it. I was like that's it! I'm just going to go buy a new sewing machine and then miraculously it started working right. I swear it heard me haha.

Just heard that our Stockton office is closed due to exposure and cleaning. I'm like who gets to clean? All the Bay Area offices are closed and people are teleworking. I think we will be doing the same by the end of the week. Scott works in the Bay Area but is considered essential because he's automotive. I think it's weird that automotive is included but hey he is still getting a paycheck so I'm not going to argue! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I forgot to wear green this morning so I might get pinched if someone comes dares to come closer than 6'. 

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

It's All Going To Shit

Well the world is shutting down. I'm glad I still have some groceries. So far my kid still has school and we are both still going to work. Scott takes the commuter train usually but said yesterday he might just drive since there is no traffic. Everyone working in the bay area is teleworking but him lol. Kind of hard to tele-work on a car engine.

Spring break for Trevor's school isn't until Good Friday so we'll see if they stay open. All the neighboring districts are all open still.

We had a teleconference this morning that was basically if you're sick stay home (the girl next to me FINALLY got sent home yesterday, I swear she coughed non stop for 4 days. I told her she needed a breathing treatment, I hope she got one) and that they are putting plans in place for if we have to close down the offices so we can work from home. We'll see, we'll see.

Yesterday I asked my friend that is in charge of the club parties if they had talked about cancelling the dinner on Saturday. She acted just like I thought she would, that I'm stupid and she's been to three crab feeds and hasn't got sick so she's good.  Hours later she sent me a text that I got my wish and the party was cancelled. I was like awwww that wasn't my wish. WTF. We live in a community that is mostly 60+ year old people. Just looking out for them. In a room of 100 people which 1 are you ok with dying if they get this thing. That's the average death toll on the slight side right? In the big pictures it's just a dinner and some games, I can't believe how people act like it's the end of the world that a party got cancelled.

Dinner last night was Skinnytaste Crock Pot Picadillo. I prepped it all the day before and put it in the crock in the fridge so I could just pop it in the cooker. I know myself and mornings are NOT my thing haha. I did make the recipe with ground turkey instead of ground beef. I've been using ground turkey so long now that ground beef doesn't taste all that great to me anymore (except a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr, for some reason those are delicious lol).

I think this is the first time I've made this recipe and it was just blah. I think it needed more liquid (I actually added more water to it since it seemed like it was going to burn if I didn't). I think a can or two of diced tomatoes and a can of Rotel would make this much better.

Since I had dinner done in the crock pot I made up the 2 big artichokes I had bought. Just one for me and one for Trevor since we are the only ones that like them (Jess ate them too but she lives elsewhere now) Got my "special sauce" to dip them in (ketchup and mayo lol)

After dinner sewing! I got all my key chains connected and pinned and started sewing. Had to give up at 10:30 to go to bed though. Darn being responsible. I set the bedtime alarm on my phone to go off at 10 every night to remind me to go to bed. It helps haha.

No plans for the weekend other than to go to the twins birthday party on Saturday. Debating on going or not now since I know my one nephew is sick (other brother's family). Mom was holding him when he had a fever so there we go with another virus if we all hang out again. I've been sick most of the year so far so I'd rather not catch something else.

Anddd and 6:30pm Friday night school is cancelled until April 6th!

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Here is my pretty breakfast casserole I made. Skinnytaste Veggie Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole I warmed it up for 40 seconds, I think I should have done a minute, but it is good reheated. I didn't feel like I needed to add ketchup or salsa to it, so that is good. I used to make this all the time way back when I was healthy haha.

My coworker came to work again and coughed next to me ALL DAY for the third day. I was hoping my boss would send her home, but no. We got an email saying that we need to take our laptops home with us every night now. Yes please have me telework!  I have nothing to do at work so I can get a lot of laundry done doing the same thing at home ;)

After work I washed a ton of dishes. Where do they all come from? I swear they multiply while I'm sleeping.

Then I made Chicken Enchilada Soup (on the stove instead of the crock pot), cornbread and prepped tomorrow's dinner for the crock pot.

My son keeps hogging my (personal) laptop so I haven't listed anything on Etsy or Ebay in awhile. I bought a ton of spiral bound community cookbooks for .10 each when I went thrifting last Saturday. 

I was looking through that Dinner for Two book and it has some of the best drawings in it. The book itself isn't worth much but it would be good for people who do junk journaling. 

This one is my favorite. I was thinking it would be fun to take off the recipe part and use it for something.

After dinner I worked on some keychains. I have enough hardware for 21 so that's how many I'm working on. I think I was tired when I matched up some of these fabrics. We'll see how they look once they are sewn together haha. Pinning them together takes so much longer than the actual sewing part. About 1/2 way done when I put myself to bed.

While I'm sewing I've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee, there sure are some talented people out there. I'd probably be like the guy in season 2 who just gets up and leaves once he realizes that he isn't talented enough to be there! Poor guy! I'm almost done with Season 2. I kept falling asleep trying to watch the last episode. Going to have to start it over!

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Scrappy Bags Finished!

Yesterday after work I had to pick up Trevor from his after school event (some day his truck will be finished, but then I'll miss our time we get to spend together in the car). After I picked him up I went to the grocery store. I never realized how much I lick my finger until I was trying not to. Mostly for getting the stupid bags separated. I need to make some out of net material and just reuse them instead of the plastic produce bags. And maybe remember to put my reusable bags in the car too. 

I still have a cough which I think is basically just asthma at this point so I was sucking on a cough drop in the store. I only saw two people wearing masks (debating on making some fabric ones, I think I might get rich!). The shelves were fully stocked with toilet paper (I bought a bigger pack than I usually do just in case it runs out again!) but there was no hand sanitizer or ingredients to make it (I have a huge tub at home, we hardly ever use it but I have started using one in the car). I find it interesting that all the cleaning WIPES are gone but there are the big gallons of bleach readily available.  Guess people don't know you can use that to clean with too.

I'm tired of the Hello Fresh meals again so I made myself a menu and grocery list from it. Pretty much all Skinnytaste recipes for the next week. 

I also made a breakfast casserole thing but didn't take a picture of it so you'll have to wait for that. I know, the suspense is killing you.

So it was 9:00pm by the time I sat down to finish up my scrappy zip bags. I really wanted to get them done so I did. Only took me about 2 1/2 hours to finish them up. I'm so tired of these colors now. I think I'll make up a couple key chains that I partially sewed when I first started playing with this scrap bag and then move onto something RED or at least not aqua haha.

Now they are in my tote ready for my next sale day. Although with this crazy virus going around those might get cancelled. I'll have crazy inventory if I keep sewing haha.

I was joking with a friend of mine who is convinced she has the corona (low fever, head stuffed up, coughing) that I have a plan B for toilet paper. WORK! I guess that's not going to work now, this shelf is usually stocked full and now they are rationing it out it looks like haha.

We got an email this morning from the big boss saying that we need to take our laptops home with us every night now. I'm sure that's in case they decide to close our buildings for safety. If that happens I will have mad sewing time since I have NOTHING to telework with. I barely have anything to office work with. 

On the plus side the girl that has coughed non stop for two days didn't come to work today. TG! She was giving me so much anxiety. I hope she feels better soon, she was just miserable yesterday. I'm sure she just has the cold we've all been passing around (or is it the corona!?!)  but hoping it doesn't turn into pneumonia or something for her. Poor gal.

Alrighty, off to read some blogs, busy busy day here. (PS I'm blogging one day behind real time at the moment)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

More Scrappy Bag Sewing

I worked on my little scrappy bags after work again yesterday. I ALMOST got them done. I was slightly crossed eyed when I gave up at 11 to go to bed. One more day and they'll be done. (Although I'm going to have to fix that rick rack on the top left, it's super crooked it seems)

Then I have the left over pieces I cut off to do something with. I had bought some small zippers so maybe some scrappy tiny bags lol. Figured they'd be cute for coin pouches. 

I can't believe I got 11 bags out of small scraps. Hopefully they will sell. If not they'll make good items to put in donation baskets when events have those. 

I don't have an event this weekend (Twins birthday party on Saturday!) but I have 3 really long Saturdays coming up at the outlet mall. The more inventory the better! I bought some lights for my tent that I need to try out. Hopefully it doesn't decide to rain every Saturday ;)

I pretty much have nothing to do at work. Wish I could bring my sewing machine. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Scrappy Sunday Sewing

I spent all day Sunday sewing little bits of fabric together. I think I must have a hole in the head! But it was relaxing for the most part. I didn't really know where I was going when I started but I decided to turn them into some little bags. I don't know what it is about this size bag but people love them. I finished one up completely before I went to bed so I could feel like I actually accomplished something.

Here's what I started with in my blue/aqua bag. (The rainbow colors were pulled out for another day)

I have some key chains I (partially) made up with the character scraps. Then I had all these just random similar color pieces (they were all already cut to 1 1/2" wide) I just started sewing them together.

Here is my little zip bag I made

Of course when I was almost completely finished I found one tiny spot that didn't get sewn on the edge. I did a little whip stitch on it but I think I'm going to embroider a tiny heart over it in matching colors. Can you see it? It's right in the middle.

Here is the rest of my pieces ready to put together into bags. I do have some smaller pieces that were left over to play with when I'm done. I probably will not put yo-yos on all of them since not everyone likes that kind of thing and to have some variety. I was thinking of stitching a big heart outline with embroidery floss on one. We'll see how that looks. Just having fun playing around.

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Monday, March 9, 2020

Another Long Saturday Show

I had an event on Saturday that was supposed to be outside but at the last minute they changed it to inside (due to rain). So we went from being on a busy street to inside where no one knew we were there. Such a long slow day. I made just enough to cover my booth fee, raffle donation and lunch.  I actually packed up an hour early because I couldn't believe they didn't just tell everyone to leave. Sitting in my booth for over an hour with no customers is a total waste of time.

I kind of think that if an event fails to bring in foot traffic they should give you a partial refund. Why am I am paying $50 for you to just allow me to be there if you aren't doing your part to advertise.

I had my "outside" table cloths since we were supposed to be outside. I have holes in them for tying down my displays when it's windy.

After I left I hit the 3 thrift stores in the area lol. I will have have to take a picture of my hauls. That's way more fun that just sitting there waiting for someone to buy my stuff. My next three events are at a very busy outlet center. Hopefully the virus hysteria will calm down by then but we'll see.  The girl next to me at work has been coughing ALL DAY. She's been coughing for weeks though, just like me and half of the other people at work. No one has had a really high fever though so I guess we're ok ;)

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