Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Birthday To Scott


I took a little break there. I got all wrapped up in that vintage sheet business. Then the other day I got KICKED OFF one of the Facebook groups. WTH? These people take their sheets too seriously. Apparently I had posted some "not vintage enough" things for sale on there or something.  No warning or anything, just BAM! that group you've been socializing and selling on is now blocked from your view. Pretty nasty if you ask me. There's other groups out there, but of course not as fun as that one. (Obviously this is a 1st world problem)

Today is Scott's birthday and he is the big 46! I told him happy birthday this morning and he didn't respond so I'm guessing he's not liking this birthday business too much. He did however finally decide where he wants to go to dinner tonight so that's good. I need to whip him up a cake when I get home. I forgot to buy candles though so I might have to dig and see if we have any we can recycle ;)

His angiogram on Tuesday went pretty well, he didn't have any blockage to speak of just some "plaque" but his arteries are really big? so they weren't concerned about it (then). At my insistence they told him to take baby aspirin along with going back on his Coumadin and then also take Eliquis so that his blood levels would get back to where they need to be. I may have kind of got annoyed with the doctor and him with me when I asked him what we do next since he doesn't have any blockage. He was like "oh he just needs to exercise". I told him he used to exercise all the time but stopped because his heart rate goes up so high, so fast. Then he actually drew me a chart on the white board explaining how he has to "train up". Apparently he doesn't read my blog.

So that was pretty discouraging to think that now they were just done trying to figure out what was wrong, like it's all just in your head. We spent a couple days moping around. Yesterday he went back to the doctor (I didn't go this time) and he's taking him off the Coumadin and just having him take the Eliquis and the baby asprin. We'll see how that goes. I think the only way you know it's not working is if you have a reaction or get a blood clot. Hopefully he'll have neither of those. Also now the doctor wants to do a cholesterol work up, which I thought he probably would have done when he just did fasting blood work before his procedure but what do I know. Apparently he didn't. (Anyone else think this is just a way to cha-ching! get more money out of the insurance). According to the EOB's it's $160 for an office visit.  It's a good thing he has two insurances now.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

TGIF & A Long Weekend

Oh I am so happy it is Friday! The best part is that Trevor has next week off school so no homework. Unless of course he gets some of the math homework he needs to make up. The teacher said she would email it to me but so far I haven't seen it.

Scott's angiogram is now approved by the insurance. At first they had denied it, which, hello it's a test to find out if you have heart problems ordered by a cardiologist. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't just be doing that for fun. So that is scheduled for Tuesday. That means I have a 4 day weekend although that last day is going to be super stressful (Monday is Columbus Day so I have that off).

I've went off the deep end and I'm in a couple of Facebook groups for Vintage Sheet collectors/sellers. On this one people will take pictures of their "sheet changes" and how their beds are made up with their vintage sheets/blankets etc. Check this one out.

I had to save the picture to show my friend Traci since she loves LOVES loves the Wizard of Oz. Like obsessed lol. The woman who owns it said that she bought it at an auction.

Trevor found Buster sleeping in this box. I use that box to store my serger in (some day I'll get a grown up one). He's so funny. He is such a lover. When I go to bed each night he'll come and lay down between me and whatever I'm reading (usually my phone) and demand pets. Hard to believe he's 13 now. Old kitty!

Yesterday I made this recipe (kind of) for dinner. I goofed a bit and had just poured all the liquid in the pan and then decided that was good enough. Also I removed the chicken skin because that's just gross. It was really good and sadly no left overs.

After dinner I went to "Entertainment Committee" where we were working on making some tombstones to decorate for the Halloween Trunk or Treat. They want to put these on the main road going into the club for fun. Ginny had them pre-cut out of some Styrofoam and painted so we just added some shading and "words". How do you like mine?

I got this idea off the internet of course.

It will be fun to see them all put out.

Are you decorating for Halloween? I still need to get my boxes out. I haven't decorated in a long time but I kind of feel like it now!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday when I got home I went out and tried to find a place to take a better picture of my little denim garland I made. I think I'll put a couple nails in the side of the garage or shed next time I try it. These will do for now I guess!

One from in my room
 2 tied together

close up for Etsy lol

For dinner I made this homemade hamburger helper type recipe. It was basically like spaghetti with more vegetables. It was ok but I'm not a huge pasta lover (I used gluten free pasta & ground turkey for this)

After dinner I went over to my friend's house to work on some Halloween party prep. Actually I more like ran away because Trevor was working on homework and I was getting stressed out.

I found out about a week ago that Trevor has not been doing his homework like he says he has been and is basically failing all his classes (including PE!?!) So now it's time for an ass whooping and I feel like I'm the one being punished since I have to sit next to him to make sure things are getting done.

So that was my Wednesday night after work. Oh you had stuff you wanted to do? Too bad, you get to help with homework. Being a parent sucks sometimes lol.

For dinner I made turkey chili from Skinnytaste and of course cornbread from my Better Homes & Garden Recipe book.

So while my son was doing his homework I was going through some mail. This piece of junk mail is PLASTIC. Like why would you go through that expense? It's from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. No wonder their insurance is so expensive.

After we FINALLY got done with homework Trevor and I went to the gym. He missed two days of school when he was sick. Apparently you have to MAKE UP PE when you are sick. The teacher had this huge list of detailed reports and stuff to do and then at the bottom of the page it said you could just exercise for 45 minutes with parent verification. DONE!

Well almost, he has one more day to make up.

I did some walking and running on the treadmill. Would have been easier if there was something more interesting on the TV's.

Added a few more miles to my Yes.Fit Alice's Adventure Virtual Run. Only 7ish more miles to get my medal. I really need to get a hanger to put them all on.

My friend was emailing me how she was depressed, and I was depressed too. I was looking through some Pinterest things and noticed this board someone made. Too funny! "Icky Man Board". I sent it to my friends and they laughed too.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another Day another Unfinished Project and Such

Monday after work I went "to town" to pick up a few things. First I went to Target to get laundry soap, (yeah fun!). I tried to use the restroom there but someone was cleaning it. It's ok, I can hold it.

Next I went to Michael's in the same shopping center to see if they had all the little things I needed so that I wouldn't have to drive to Manteca. I went straight to the restroom where 2 women were talking and I about died of the smell. I stood holding my nose waiting for them to exit the stalls for a couple minutes and then went and waited outside the actual door. Waited...waited.. Then I was like well I'll just grab a couple things that are kind of in the area. I did and then really couldn't wait much longer so I went back. Yep, they were STILL in there. OMG! So I looked around real quick and went in the men's room. Shhhh don't tell. It actually smelled a lot better in there too haha.

They didn't have everything I needed there so I had to go to JoAnn's in Manteca anyways. But FIRST, I might as well stop and check out Goodwill real quick since it's in the same shopping center. Usually Goodwill is thinking they are all boutique now and charging way too much for stuff but I someone had been really nice with the pricing stickers! I found 6 of these plates and they were in bundles of 3 for 99 cents. NICE! I was thinking they looked "vintage" so I pulled out my phone to see if they sold for anything. They are going for around $30 for 6 plates so I bought them to resell. (this is not my auctions)

There was a few pieces of Partylite there but I looked them up and they didn't really seem worth the hassle to sell them (small profit margin) so I left them there.

Next I finally went to JoAnn's and got a few little things (mostly I needed hook & eyes to put at the top of that little dress I made since didn't put the zipper up high enough). While I was there I looked for some Shopkins fabric like I had seen at WalMart. I finally found it and whew it was expensive but I had a coupon on my phone which made it about the same price as WM without having to go there haha. I got the cute stripe for the side panel contrast.

I'm thinking if I just coupon the fabrics for each pillow (since they do so many coupons on line and text and stuff now) it won't be quite so spendy. Fabric sure did get expensive in the few years I took off from sewing. That's kind of why I like the whole vintage rescued fabrics from the thrift stores so much lol.

When I got home I threw some dinner together real quick. It was much prettier in the pan.

Next up! Sew up the little bag that goes with the dress outfit. I had this stuff cut out but needed some interfacing. I probably have some out in my shed but I wasn't going to go out there and search for it (oh for the day when I have a craft room!)

I think I did an ok job but I did mess up one of the handles a bit. Oh well it's for a little one. Good enough! Next time I'll triple check that before I sew.

Scott had 2 pairs of jeans that recently tore in a "not so nice" place and I had been trying to decide what to do with them besides throw them in the donate bin. I did a little Pinterest pinning and got the idea to make a garland/bunting out of them. I was trying to decide how I wanted to join them together and ended up using some miscellaneous red buttons I had. I ended up with two of them and I think they turned out cute. I'm going to put them in my Etsy shop after I take some better pictures.

As I've been going through things I have been kind of stacking them on the side of my room and it's starting to look like quite the tower. I have a bunch of fabrics I had picked up to sell (or use) that I need to take pictures of. It's been kind of fun to go through stuff I had picked up before and then just stowed away when life got in the way.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap

My busiest day of the weekend was Friday night.

I had to go to the grocery store on the way home. I've finally figured out this is worth doing on the way home instead of wasting a day on the weekend. Of course I bought some frozen pizza while I was there since who wants to cook dinner after going to the grocery store after work lol.

After my frozen pizza was done I went over to my mom's place for a bit. She had Robert and Adrian so my two wanted to go and visit with them. The kids and I all played a game of Frozen UNO so that was fun.

I had made a date with Scott to go down to the bar at 10:00 (yes pm) since it was the last day of the month and I needed to pay my (our) bar tab. So at 10 I took the kids home and then picked him up and we went and paid our tab and had a couple drinks.

Saturday I spent most of the day on my Etsy store. Last weekend I went to a big garage sale they had at our little church and bought a milk crate of books for $2. When I was going through them I found this one. Hmm looks old!

Since I couldn't find anything EXACTLY like it I put it on eBay instead and it got the minimum bid of $25 in just a couple hours. Nice! Hopefully it will get some more and the people pay lol.

After that I was just kind of messing around cleaning some stuff up in my room (and putting clean clothes away) and my friend Traci called and told me to come over to hang out with her and Nancy on her porch. So I went over there and we played a round of this card game called Dirty Minds, which was really funny!

I had made a date with Trevor to do the fire pit at 8:30 though so I had to come back home. He had mowed the whole back yard by himself the day before and set up the fire pit but it was too windy. So Saturday night we HAD to make s'mores and do the fire.

This gal Cassie who was a bartender at the little bar was bored so I told her to stop by if she wanted so she did and hung out with us in the back yard. She said I was the first person to invite her to come over since she had lived here (a couple years I think!) She is the same age as me and has 3 grown/late teen daughters so she is fun to hangout with.

At one point on Saturday my aunt had said something on Facebook about working on unfinished projects and that got me thinking about a drawer in my closet. So Sunday I pulled everything out of it and then the two little drawers that just had misc junk in them. I found all the Girl Scout badges that were in there and the girls vests that I needed to finish up. My old shirt I used for myself when I was a leader was in there too. So I got all the loose badges sewn on all our stuff.

Melissa's Daisy vest (I didn't even know I needed to sew anything on this but I put my hand in the pocket and found the petals.

These were already sewn on the back

Melissa's Brownie vest, she quit after she was done with Brownies. Too much forced "friendships" for her I think lol. Plus one of the leader's (an assistant) was a nut job. She used to drive me batty just listening to her.

They did do a LOT of badges though. I had to put on most of the triangle ones. They were mostly iron on but the iron on badges always end up falling off so I just sewed them on.

I put on about half of these on the back

Then Jessica's Juniors vest. I didn't have to put anything on the front

but put on about half on the back

And last but not least my shirt. I cut apart my old Girl Scout sash and sewed it on my shirt. I'm never going to wear this again so now everything in one place lol. Plus now my badges from when I was in like 4th grade are finally sewn on something haha.

I put the top portion of these on.

After getting those done I felt so accomplished! I've only had those tucked away for like 10 years lol. Now I can fold them up and just put them in the hope chest or the kids keepsake boxes for them to do whatever they want with when they get older.

Next up I took out a bag that had this wadded up project in it.

and several hours later and a You Tube video on how to correctly sew bias tape on (which I think is why this got set aside in the first place-who knew it was so easy!)

I had this! Of course it was dark in my room when I took the picture but isn't it cute?

I think originally it was Melissa's size but now it should fit my niece Ava so I will give it to her for her birthday. There is also a little purse but I need some interfacing to finish that so that will be done after I go to the store.

Now I have 3 mostly empty drawers in my closet and all the unfinished projects in the house done (well craft wise lol). I know there are several projects out in the shed that I didn't finish but I'm working on my room for now.

Now, what to put in those drawers..

And what should I make next haha!

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