Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!
Well not too happy since I'm cough cough coughing my head off again. Wouldn't be as bad if I didn't pee myself constantly when I cough. UGH so annoying!! TG for pads or I'd just have to sit on the toilet all day.

I was supposed to have darts tonight but had to get a sub and changed my training for tomorrow to one on the 5th but now I have to go to Fresno (yuck).

I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up my sewing room a bit. Then I got about 50 more fat quarters ironed and listed. I think I have claims for 3 lol. After I get through them all I think I'll take whatever is left and make them in sets for the next round. 

Simon is outside until the rain comes later. This huge storm we had has been nothing but a little rain. Everyone got excited for nothing lol.

Oh I started cutting out my black and white fabrics for some rag quilts last night too. My mom's friend wanted a black and white with some cats but no cat faces (weird lol). So I'm going to make one like that and one with other cats for my booth and/or maybe one with no cats depending on how many squares I get out of my stash lol.

After I get my morning stuff done today I am going to work on ironing more fat quarters so I can get those up. Eventually I'll run out of them. If only they had all been 1/2 yards like the lady said they were when I bought them. 

I got my Hello Fresh order yesterday. I am going to do that for a bit again so I don't have to think about what's for dinner for awhile lol.

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Monday, February 19, 2024


Good morning happy President's Day from Julie Coughington!

Yes once again I'm coughing. So annoying!! Hopefully it doesn't last forever again. Someone sent this to me last night, it's so pretty. 

Yesterday I took all the fabric off the bolts (originally I thought maybe this is why I was coughing, maybe it still is?) I measured it all except the ones I am keeping for now or that had issues. 

I think I will take a bunch of these to work with me and toss them in the dumpster. Maybe all of them.. Hopefully I'm not coughing my head off too much and can actually go to work tomorrow and the big meeting on Wednesday in Davis. I don't want to have to drive to Fresno later if I miss it. That's a LONG drive. 

Taking up a lot less space this way. I think maybe I have enough totes in the shed to use. Need to go out there and look. I also had 2 more claims so need to pull those out and pack them up.

Still need to finish ironing/going through the rest fat quarters and half yards. 

I wanted to serge the edges of the fabrics I was keeping before I put them in the washer. My serger came unthreaded and OH BOY was that not fun. I had to do a You Tube video to figure out what I was doing wrong. Who ever designed these was an idiot. After a lot of cussing and digging out better tweezers and using my phone as a flash light I finally got it going.

I have one basket full in the washer I need to go change it over and then the top part of this basket. The bottom has clothes in it. Scott finally unpacked his suit case that was full of dirty clothes.

Tomorrow I need to take these to the post office too. Hopefully I'll have a few more. I think I'm down to one person who hasn't paid yet from the other day.

I think I'll participate in this challenge!

I made stew and cornbread for dinner last night and took some over to Jess. I used my big pot instead of my usual one and I could taste the difference lol. I used to have 2 of the ones I use but I gave one to Jess. Might have to get a 2nd one again for cooking larger quantities. Funny how you have to have the "right pot" for making stuff.

Last night I was dozing and Jess called that Daniel had taken her car to town and it had died. Scott went to go see (luckily it was on the long road to where we live) and it took THREE HOURS for a tow truck to come. So ridiculous. I think he said it was the alternator. He just replaced that in the other HHR we have so maybe it will be a quick fix. He was super tired this morning and left for work late.

Simon is outside for now since it's not raining. She was so happy when I took her out there and ran around zooming lol. Looks like we have a chance of rain at noon today then lots of wind and maybe a tornado? We'd be f*cked for sure if that ever happened.

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. I'll start with some more coffee.

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Sunday, February 18, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! 
Yesterday we went to my brother Joe's house for Stella's 3rd birthday party. We picked up Rosie and Daniel to take with us. They had fun playing on the inside climbing thing. They both really wanted to go outside and play on the swing set but it was raining so that was a no.

Stella looking fashionable for her party. The kids all loved playing with the little kitchen.

and the piano of course

My nephew Tony & Fancy

and the rest of my brother Louie's kids. Ava, Emma & Vincent. They are all getting so big.

A donut cake!

She was so cute giggling after she blew out candles

Scott babysitting Buzz. 

Rosie getting the toy she wanted lol

and passed out for the ride home

Tina sat in this box all day yesterday lol. It's a sad little box.

After we got home I measured out the fabric I sold and then unbolted the fabric from those bolts so I can put them in a box. They are a little musty and I think they are making me cough. I have a bunch that I didn't sell anything off of yet so I still have all those but some are done. 

My stomach was bothering me all day yesterday. Last night I went from being bubbly to having to take Imodium at 6 am. Hoping I get back to normal soon. 

Simon is outside for a bit while we have a break from the rain. We have rain through Tuesday on the weather app. Last time I looked it was through Wednesday so we'll see. 

Today's plan is to put the labels on the packages for the stuff that got paid for. I sold 2 more things this morning so need to measure those out and do the invoices. Then I might list some of the upholstery fabric samples I overbought and see how those do. I feel like starting a new project to sew but I have fabric everywhere lol. Might start one anyways ;)

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Saturday, February 17, 2024


Good morning! Happy Saturday! Yesterday I did some work and then made banana bread. Washed lots of dishes and then made pepper steak for us and the kids for dinner.  

Decided this morning to work on selling some of the fabric on the bolts I have. I have about 76 yards sold. I will have to measure and cut later. Going to go to Stella's birthday party. It starts in about an hour so I should probably go get into the shower lol. Last time I was on time no one else was there for quite awhile so not going to rush. Also need to find a bag to put the butterfly quilt I'm giving her in.

Hope you have a good Saturday!


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Friday, February 16, 2024


Hello happy FriYeah! 
I guess we aren't getting an early release email today for the holiday weekend since we haven't got one yet. Bummer!

Yesterday I was in the office and spent at least half the day just chit chatting. The other half I was putting applications in the computer system and trying not to fall asleep because it was so boring.

Chatted with one co-worker who was telling me how her granddaughter went to San Francisco to the pride event and how it was so dangerous for her to be around all the trans/gay people. I was like well of the people I know that have been molested & raped it was more like an uncle or a family friend so there is that. Hard to keep my opinions to myself with people I like until they talk stupid haha.

On my lunch I went and dropped off packages at the post office and then went to the thrift store and dropped off the bags in the back of my car. I didn't go in! Go me lol.

After work I went to the grocery store. On the way I saw they finished this building. Huh. I thought "self help" was going to be some kind of medical or community building but nope just another bank. Weird. This is a really depressed area too so an odd place to put it.

The road was flooded on my way home from the grocery store. It was more flooded than I thought once I was going through it. Wasn't like carry you away but I probably would have went more to the left if I had realized.

The sky was pretty on the way home with the swirly clouds

I took some groceries over to the kids and got to hold little Nate. He's so cute!

Smiling or Pooping? Could be both haha

I held Rosie too and she fell asleep :)

I came home and just laid on the couch and then I just went and laid on the bed. Got up an hour or so later and had a piece of chicken then went back and eventually fell asleep.

Lucy is forever my resting companion ;)

This morning I listed some more fat quarters on FB. I got the comment notice towards the end of the posting so we'll see if it lets me comment on anything again later or not. I didn't get the LOCKED notice lol. Hopefully I sell a few since that took forever. Now to iron some more to list later. Someone who picked like 20 from 2 days ago still hasn't paid so hopefully she's not going to be a flaker. Not looking good.

Before I do anything else I need to do some dishes and I want to make some banana bread with the sad bananas we have. Making Pepper steak for dinner for my house and Jessica's.

Possibly going to my niece's birthday party tomorrow. So far that's all the weekend plans I have.


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Thursday, February 15, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! Back at the office today. Thinking of changing my days to come in to Monday and Friday. That way if there's a holiday on a Monday that counts as my day to come in ;) and Friday they have the flea market across the street from work so that would be a good lunch time activity.

Yesterday I worked on ironing the fat quarters I got from the fabric buy. I listed my patterns I pulled from my eBay and this stack of fabric.

Then I got about 50 more done so started doing a 2nd post but apparently I was posting too fast and Facebook locked me out from commenting on my own posts for 24 hours. So stupid. So I have about 11 hours left on my lock out lol. I did still sell about $90 worth of fabric so about 1/5th of the way to getting my money back on my investment and have  hardly even made a dent in it.

Rain yesterday afternoon means a sad Simon. I finally yelled at her to leave me alone and she went and laid down. Bad doggy mom. I even gave her a bone to chew on. I am going to go to the store after work to replenish her snackies.

Check out my high scoring word on Words with Friends. Wohoo

So today be here dying of boredom at work. For lunch I need to run to the post office and drop off my packages and then by the thrift store to get my donations out of my car. I cleaned out my closet last week or so and then had some other stuff that's been floating around for awhile. I forgot to do that on Tuesday when I was out and about.

I'm glad we have a 3 day weekend. Who wants to work a full week? Not me ;)
Oh and I was going to go to my niece's birthday party on Saturday but my mom is sick again and she got it from them so might not go. I don't want to get sick for a month again.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Good morning happy Valentine's Day!
No romance here, just a sink full of dirty dishes to deal with later haha. 

I spotted this whole set up at the gas station on my way home from work today. It was at a country gas station that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully they sold some stuff for all that effort. 

Lucy says BAH HUMBUG!

What do you think about religious items at work? I work in a Government building. Always makes me wonder if it was something not Catholic/Christian how would it be perceived? Would it still be allowed? 

I started ironing some fat quarters to try and sell. I was going for 50 but I ran out of time. More to iron still! Then I will put them on the FB group to try and sell. They look so much better all ironed pretty. 

I had darts last night so that was my reason for stopping. We ended up winning by one game! It was super close at the end with us trying to close out at the same time. I got 2 bulls eyes in one round so that was pretty exciting.

Jess sent me this picture of Rosie enjoying the baby swing lol. 

No plans outside of the house for tonight. I never made it to the grocery store yesterday and since Jess got me some toilet paper I think we're good for a bit longer. I was supposed to go to dinner with my friends after work tomorrow but my one friend's kids are sick. One had RSV and now the others are getting sick so I don't want to take the chance of spreading that to the baby and the kids. 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! 

This is what greeted me when I came into the office today.

They moved my desk over one cube. Moved everything but stopped at this spaghetti. Now the docking station for my computer doesn't work so that's fun. Had to go to the IT site and request a new one. TG I brought in my computer charging cord or I would have just had to go home. Well maybe that wouldn't have been so bad ;)

So far today I've just been going through 2 weeks of emails. I'm on round 2 of going through them. Only a few things to actually do left in there. That's what happens when they have someone cover for you while you're gone. Back to nothing when you show up!

The kids came over yesterday for my last grandma day.

Daniel was fully dressed with a sweatshirt on and then comes out of my room next to n*ked lol. Kid hates clothes like I hate shoes.

Rosie was sporting her cute Valentine's outfit my friend got her.

Here's a picture of Nate at home in his swing

Here is my latest rag quilt finished. This one I am donating to the car show for the raffle. Glad to be done with cars & trucks lol.

I brought in all the fabric I bought from the car. These bins were all supposed to be 1/2 yards but only about 1.5 were 1/2 yards. The rest were fat quarters. That's ok though since there is a lot and still worth what I paid for them ($25 a bin) I wish I had the lids for them though. I went through and unfolded them a bit and stacked them differently I'm going to iron them and then try to sell them on the FB group. They do smell a little musty though so hopefully people will still want them. If not I have fabric to sew for the rest of my life ;)

Most of these were fat quarters too. I got them all unrolled.

and then the bolts. I think I will take them off the bolts. I'll probably unbolt them to put them in bins to save space/get them out of the open.

Simon is such a cuddler when the kids are over. She's like save me mom!

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