Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Busy Day!

 Ahhh I've finally got all those letters done. Now just waiting for my boss to sign them all and then go back into work to print them out and mail. 

Yesterday I went to swap cars with Jessica in the morning and when I got in my car it had 7 miles of gas left in it. It is 11 miles to the gas station. So I had to come back home and had Trevor put what we had in the gas can for the lawnmower in my car. Then I'm on my way and just down the road and get to wait for this. I'm like I'm never getting to work.  They were putting gravel along the side of the road. Yeah more broken windshields to come. I still need to replace mine..

I got off work at 1 (more like 1:15 but whatever) and then came home for a few minutes to take the dogs out and brush my teeth. Then off to the dentist. I swear the people that work at the dentist office are so awkward.  I got some x rays and then they put me in the room to wait for the hygienist with this on the screen. Like LOOK. JUST LOOK at how ugly your teeth are. Who wants to look at that?

The hygienist here is like a little ninja  with knives cutting up your gums. Hurts so bad. I always have to get the extra cleaning because I'm old.  This time she had the water sprayer thing shooting right into that part in the back of my throat that always makes me cough and sputter when I sip water the wrong way. I had to stop her several times so I could choke cough. TG I was wearing a pad since of course that makes me pee my pants too. I'm so fancy. I told her it felt like she was drowning me. Which she brought back up later so I know she didn't like that. What is so funny is my daughter said she had told her the same thing when she did her teeth. Guess it's not just me..

Apparently I have no cavities but who really knows since the Dr didn't actually check my teeth other to blow some air on them after I told him that they are sensitive when getting cleaned. Yeah thanks! The cute dentist apparently only sees the big cases now. The last 2 times I had a woman dentist who was like eh ok. This guy did nothing. I have to go back in three months for another torture cleaning so I'm sure if I have any problems that's enough time to fix things. Next time I am going to do a couple shots in the parking lot before I go in so I can relax a bit sheesh.

After the dentist I went and got my hair cut. It looks nothing like I was hoping so no picture haha. I did come home and decide I definitely needed bangs instead of just some blended in bangs so cut some of those myself. We'll see how it looks next time I try to do something with it. Probably tomorrow if I go into work. I think it might need to be a little bit shorter.

This is Rusty when I get home. MY GOD MOM I THOUGHT YOU DIED. How did the dogs ever survive with me being gone 9 hours every day.  Look how gray his face is getting :( He is getting so lumpy too. It's too bad dogs can't live forever. 

My mom has been going through pictures. She sent me this one last night. She said it is my brother Louie but it looks a lot like my brother Joey. Hmmmm

This is at my step dad's mom's house. If you look real close you can see his dad in the background. I don't remember a whole lot about anything he ever said but I remember he would poor his coffee in his saucer and drink it from there when we sat at the kitchen table visiting. She made the coffee in a metal percolating coffee pot on the stove so it was probably pretty hot. I imagine that was his way of cooling it off. My mom isn't a big coffee drinker but she used to add like 1/2 a cup of water to the coffee there because it was so strong haha.

And see those ribbons hanging down, those were my barrettes. I think we might have made those in girl scouts. This was either 1982ish or 1984ish depending on which brother that is. 

Here is what they looked like (not my store)

Anyone else remember making those?

Well that's all the excitement I have today. I need to make a shopping list for Easter stuff. I asked my kids what they want for Easter Dinner and 2 out of 3 said nachos. Well that's easy. Was thinking maybe some steak to go with it. We need a new BBQ. We keep borrowing the one at Jessica's house but we need to go buy ourselves a new one. Ours has died. At one point my mom inquired about maybe coming for Easter but now she says no even though her and my dad both had their vaccines. Sheesh. Never going to hang out with them again apparently.

Ok have a great rest of your day!

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Home Alone!


My son went to school this morning! And he drove himself. Finally!  It is only for half a day but I don't have to listen to his teacher who coughs up a phlegm ball every morning. He goes Monday and Thursday for now.

Now I just have the dog whining at me.

I spent all weekend mostly working on selling patterns. Between selling the patterns and the books I had I have made over $600 woohooo!  I think I have 2 people that asked for stuff that didn't pay so that's not too bad compared to some other times.

I think later in the week I will repost them $1 less and see how that goes. It is nice clearing things out. I might start working on selling some fabric next but I'm trying to decide how I want to do it.

When I was wasn't working on that I was organizing the small pieces of fabric I had cut for zip bags. I had this whole box of fabric and first I went through and matched them up with zippers and then I woke up the next day and decided I really didn't want to make those up. So I took them all back apart and just put the fabric on little boards and put it away. It feels so freeing to get that "job" off my mind. Plus I emptied a box which I then filled with other stuff that was cluttering things up so it got some stuff a bit cleaner!

Now that I'm signed up for 3 craft shows I am going to work on making up some more things with character fabrics since those always sell well. Plus they are taking up a lot of room in my scrap drawers. Although I'm probably good on inventory since I have sewed for over a year and didn't sell much other than a few things on Etsy (and masks but those don't count).

Scott worked on his laundry all weekend and even put it away. It's a miracle! Also he worked on something outside grinding metal a lot. I might have a small twitch.

Ok off to do some work. I had signed up to go into the office on Thursday but wish I had picked a different day since Trevor will be at school. Might see if I can switch it. Tomorrow afternoon I have a dentist appointment. Hopefully just a cleaning.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Random Friday Thoughts

 Good morning! Wohooo it's Friday!

I have so much stuff to do today it is crazy but first I need to drink some more coffee. I didn't take any pictures yesterday except for one of nothing I took when I was falling asleep haha. Anyone else ever do that? I usually look at Tik Tok until I start nodding off. 

I was awake early today since Tina the naughty cat kept getting on top of the seedlings we planted the other day. The lid is very noisy like one of those clam shell cake containers. I had it on top of the refrigerator and I kept waiting for all that soil to hit the floor. God that would have been a mess to clean up. So it is relocated to the top of the stove at the moment. I need to put it by the window in my room I think but I need to make it a little bit more naughty cat proof.

Also awake because I forgot I didn't have a gall bladder and ate all the fatty things yesterday. My stomach is like WTF you beotch you must pay!  Some day maybe I'll learn.

I should probably do Instacart again today since I have no food left. Or send Trevor to the store, he'd probably like that. 

I got the stimulus money deposited into my account the other day. I have now got all the payment methods. Check (went towards the septic), Card (still have most of that since ugh have to go somewhere to get it off of the card..), and now the direct deposit. So now I'm like should I plunk that all down on some bills?  Go on a trip? Pay off most of what's left of the Parent Loan I have? Decisions decisions. 

Many moons ago I sent everyone in my house a text explaining that I had retired from doing their laundry. Sometimes I'll wash Scott & Trevor's just to be nice. Well I haven't washed Scott's clothes in awhile and he's down to like 5 things in his closet. Like at what point should you maybe wash some of your clothes? I think he's just waiting for me to give in again. All his dirty clothes are going to be taken out to the garage today but he'll have the whole weekend he can work on washing them so I think I'll leave them for him ;) 

OH yesterday I finally signed up for a craft show! It is April 17th. The woman who is putting it on is someone I have done a few shows with (she had booths there) and she is quite the character. Usually end up talking to her the whole time when we are near each other. So even if it is small or a flop I am still looking forward to it to get out. I don't even know what I have anymore since I just keep making stuff and putting it in my boxes. I will have had my 2nd vaccine by then too so I will feel a bit more comfortable about that.

Also I did not have to go into Jury Duty. Mixed feelings about that. I'm good until January now. 

Ok off to get another cup of coffee and figure out my time card. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Break Day

Good morning! 

Is it bad that I'm glad to go into the office today to get a break from everyone? And my everyone I mostly mean the animals. They were OFF THE HOOK yesterday. Drove me nuts most of the day. I put the dogs outside on a cable for awhile just to get a break from them and then the cat cried at the window because they were out there!

Yesterday I was going through some stuff and came across all the little tissue packs I had bought so decided to make up some of the covers for them. Most of the fabric I had cut at some point a long time ago. Maybe eventually I'll get all these things I started finished ;)

Also I really need to do some craft shows to sell some of this stuff...

I have a ton of shredding to do today so I need to get busy! Hope you all have a great day!


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Happy 91st Birthday!

 Good morning! Slightly freaking out this morning. I tried out this filter thing on Tik Tok that shows up "energy" that people say you can see ghosts with. I didn't have the camera on because I didn't know what I was doing but we definitely have a child ghost that was hanging out in the kitchen this morning. When they saw me see them they headed for the hallway and then were gone.  Craziest shit ever. Going to have to try it some more with the camera on later but I totally have chills. 

In other news, yesterday was Scott's mom's 91st birthday! Scott said we were just going to do cake and ice cream because she is so picky. So we're over there and it is like 8:00pm and she's like "so are we going to eat some food or not?" She apparently forgot what he told her and was just so used to us bringing a birthday meal. She decided that she wanted a cheeseburger so we went to McDonald's and got her dinner. Would have been nice to get her something more fancy but she was happy with it.

baby getting his height marked on the wall haha

Last weekend Scott took her to get a new cell phone and they only have smart phones now. Oye. Five bucks says she never answers it. Melissa's boyfriend set it up for her to make it simpler (it's an android and we all have I phones but him) and then Jess showed her how it works and we practiced her answering the phone. You know first she'll have to find it when it rings then she'll have to remember how to push her finger on it correctly to open the screen up. Sounds easy but it's not!

She won't ever answer the house phone and her old phone that had a message machine on it died. We used to be able to talk to her through that and be like "hey we're coming over". But now she wasn't answering any phones and his sister doesn't answer it either. (Thanks telemarketers!). Hopefully she'll get this one figured out. I asked Scott if it had a return time and he said 16 days. Might have to get her a flip phone off eBay or something.

I just got an email that Trevor is going to go to school hybrid schedule starting on Monday. Yeah just in time for Easter break lol. He will be happy though, he's been wanting to go back. The county where I work changed to a better color tier now but I think we still won't go back for at least 30 days. We've been getting emails that they will still want us to telework more once things do open up. The difference between when Trump and Biden began. One took all teleworking away and the other says hey stay home.

I sold a bunch of stuff on the Facebook group. I have a bunch of notifications to go through from last night to this morning to put together more stuff! I might have got rid of all my books and misc patterns I had laying around. Next I think I'm going to go through the patterns I have left in my cabinet that are on Etsy and list those. Once I get rid of all that stuff maybe I'll do some fabric. We shall see!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Another Day

 Good morning! Today is my mother in law's 91st birthday! I imagine we'll be going over there for cake if not dinner too. I couldn't get a straight answer on if we were taking her dinner tonight or not when I asked her son ;) 

Yesterday I put a bunch of patterns and then I went through all the books I have left in my Etsy store and listed them up for sale cheap on a Facebook Destash group. I got rid of a few things and made some money too! Now I am tempted to go through and start putting up the patterns I have on Etsy in the group and see if I can get rid of some more. My store has been dead lately and there isn't much left in there compared to what I used to have. It would be nice to get rid of stuff I've had for awhile. 

I finished up the green crumb squares I had started last night too. I still have more green fabric scraps but I'm tired of making these for a bit so I'll just put them in the scrap box for another day. My next thing I want to do is make a curtain for my room here. I've been hanging up a sheet with push pins for a year and I'm about tired of that. I found a big tension rod that I'm going to use. I might still use the sheet I've been using but actually make it into a curtain. I like the colors in it. 

That's about all I've got for today. No work emails to work on yet. I am going into the office on Thursday (if I don't have Jury Duty) so I'll have lots to do then. I have to check for Jury Duty again at 5. So far it's just been the check back tomorrow thing. Kind of annoying. I have put myself down to work in the office one day a week pretty much through April. It is kind of nice for a change of scenery to go in every so often. 

Last night I finished watching the documentary about the Bikram Yoga guy. Pretty gross. Sad that people that have so much influence always have to turn out to be dirt bag. 

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. Have a good one!

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Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekend Fun For Old People

Hello it's dragging ass Monday again! 

I'm so tired today, I think I stayed up too late last night. Friday night I made some more masks to get those done and out of the way and I spent the rest of the weekend working on my cleaning up my scraps I had accumulated from making them.

This is what I started with and then I added in what I had in baggies in my scrap box. I have been adding to the bag and then when it is full work on cleaning them up. Seems to work pretty good.

All the blocks I got done. Still working on green, I have a lot of green since I was playing around with them awhile back, and pink which I didn't have a lot so I just put them in a bag for later. Pretty much tired of making them but I'll finish up the green ones I'm working on. 

These two crack me up. Rusty is like killing the small dog bed and Snookie is like this is mine.

That's about all the excitement around here. Dogs and sewing. We did get some baby snuggles yesterday but I didn't take any pictures. Love me some squishy baby.

Oh I've been on a documentary kick. I watched a bunch this weekend. The one about the college scandal, Plastic Ocean, one about a rape with football team members, Red something. A few others but those are the ones that stick out. Have you watched any good movies lately?

I think I am going to put the patterns that I bought last week up for offer on the Facebook destash group first before putting them on Etsy. See if I can save myself some fees ;) Also need to pull some that expired out of my Etsy store that haven't sold and add those to the destash group. If they haven't sold in a year they probably aren't ever going to sell.

I have to check and see if I have jury duty again tonight for tomorrow. I wish they could just give you a yes or no. I don't even know what I will wear if I have to go in, most of my clothes are too small now. Thanks Rona.  I swear I don't eat as much but I think it's from just sitting so much. IDK. Fat loves me. 

Have a good day everyone!

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Grandparents Visit

Wednesday I started off my day with PG&E showing up with a big ass truck and a tractor. I went out and was like WTF are you doing now? They had to fix something on my meter and it took them hours. The guy said the tractor is just for emergencies. Luckily it stayed on the trailer. One of the neighborhood cats was having fun checking it out.

The inspectors. I was waiting for Lucy (white cat) to smack Tina but she just got down. 
They are friend-enemies.

The girls came over around 1 to go to the cemetery. Melissa opened her St. Patty's gifts from my mom and this was in there. Need to tell my mom that's not appropriate haha. We had a good time joking about that. 

We stopped and got some flowers on the way to the cemetery. Here is Scott's Dad's headstone, easy to find in "Little Arlington" area last row by a tree. 

Didn't take me too long to find Grandma Marilyn. We got smart this time and made note of the row numbers. She is in row 82 (putting this here for next time we go ;))

I can never find Grandma & Grandpa Pecka. I think it is because it is so low to the ground. The kids finally found it. I know what area-ish it is but I always walk around forever. They are in row 37

And Gene's mom's gravesite. She was gone before I was around but we always stop to see it. We didn't put flowers there since she hated flowers (that's the story anyways) She is row 3 tier 9.

After the cemetery we went and ran some errands for Jess. Home depot for a new faucet and Target for some baby stuff. Then we went to lunch at Perko's. I think officially we aren't supposed to be eating inside but now most of the smaller restaurants are open. Probably figure either go out of business or take their chances. There was only 2 other tables of people the whole time we were in there and not at the same time.

I think I'm ready to chop all my hair off now. It was so fun hanging out with the kids with just us. Haven't done that in YEARS. 

I made the Skinnytaste soup for dinner. I got it all in the pot and it said simmer for 3 hours. WHAT? It was already 7 lol. So it went in the Instant Pot for 1 1/2 hours instead. I was still kind of full from lunch anyways. Melissa picked out what she wanted to eat with a fork haha.

Yesterday I went into work for the day. I worked until 5 and then came home and laid on my bed and never got back up. Finally able to get up a bit early today. Maybe I can be over the time change now!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Good Morning Happy St. Patty's Day!

I've already done anything that was in my email box, going to be a slow work day I think! I am going to go into the office tomorrow so that will make up for being slow today.

Yesterday I looked out the window and there was all these cats in the field. My neighbor feeds the strays and takes them in to get fixed.

These dog beds are like daily entertainment to me. Here we have Snookie in the big bed and Rusty ON the little one haha.

I finished all these masks for my friend. She works at a school and will sell them to the other office ladies and give them as gifts to people. I still have a big pile I'm working on and about 10 more orders that people have placed since I got them all going.

Last night we ended up going over to Jessica's house to visit with Daniel's family that are visiting. Got some good time in with Mr Squishy here before he got mad and cried for his mommy.

Today the kids are planning to go to the cemetery to visit their Grandpa's grave since this is the anniversary of his death. I was thinking it was like 6 years but it has only been 4. Seems like ages ago and his mom has just went downhill since. Not sure if I will go with them or not. They planned it all on their own.

I had Scott get some corned beef so I could make the soup I made last year. Probably make that for dinner although if Melissa is here she might not want that :)


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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Thrift store buys and more!

Good morning! I had a surprise this morning of an 8am Teams meeting with the state boss that I had forgotten about. They made me switch the camera on for a minute. TG I had a sweater nearby so I could cover up my shirt I slept in and being braless. 

I got my messy table cleaned up yesterday. Here is some of the stuff I bought at the thrift store.

I got the cookbook for Melissa, it is the same as the one I have. Jess already has one too. The other book is to resell and might sell or keep the cards on the right.

I bought 2 big bundles of fabric for $4 each. Here is one of them laid out.

This cute Halloween fabric for $2 there is over a yard there.

Several yards of this train fabric for $4, I will resell most of it.

BIG stack of patterns, mostly quilt and craft, I looked them up and there were several that go for $10 each.

Dinner last night was this Cheesy Taco Pasta It was super easy and fast to make. Tasted pretty good too!

I am almost done with my huge pile of masks I'm working on. Just need to finish the elastic casings and do the elastic. Which still takes some time but it feels like I'm almost done. I had to go to bed early last night because Rusty felt a storm coming on and wanted me to go lay down with him. As soon as I laid on the bed he calmed down. He's the only dog I've ever had that gets worked up for storms. TG he wasn't too bad last night. 

Ok off to do a few emails worth of work. Next week I will probably be super busy with work. They have a deadline this week to get people ranked and then once they pick people that is when I will be super busy. Going to enjoy the calm before that storm!


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Monday, March 15, 2021

Weekend Mash Up

 I don't know about you but I'm going to need a lot of coffee today. I am so not a morning person and then this time change? I'm dead.

Friday I went to work but left on time, no extra hours. I started by doing some shredding of old files. I've been printing and filing payments that have been done while we've been working from home. So then I see the file is completed and has to go in the back but there is no room so I have to pull out the files that are old enough to be shredded/archived. It's a big circle. When we were working in the office the one gal was being super hyper about shredding the files since there really wasn't enough work for 3 of us. So all the files have the date written on them for when they can be shredded. Makes it super easy.

I left 2 big piles of files to do when I go in again next time too.

I went to the flea market on my lunch but didn't buy anything but food. I got Trevor some too to bring home since he is always requesting the "noodles". We ended up just having that for lunch/dinner.

Since I got off at a decent time I went to the thrift store after work. I got a ton of patterns and some fabrics. I'll share those later. But I had to send Jess a picture of this cookie jar. We used to have one and they always give me shit about getting rid of it. This is the 2nd time I've seen one in the thrift store but she doesn't ask me to buy it for her.

Here is a few things I cooked over the weekend (and Thursday)

Fajita chicken wings, these things are so good! I usually triple the recipe since that is the weight the wings come in. This time it was just double and everyone could have ate more.

and last night I made this Instant Pot recipe but made it on the stove Pork Chops with mushroom gravy
That was the first time for this one and it was really good.

I have three recipes left to make that I bought groceries for.

Friday night and Saturday I worked on sewing up masks. Scott asked if I wanted to go to Home Depot with him so I went along for the ride. I got a new seed starting tray and some soil. I bought some seeds last year I never planted so figured I'd start with that. I will probably have a hard time keeping the cats away from them though so we'll see how that goes. Trevor went with us when we went. It is funny trying to find them in the store they are both built the same these big huge tall guys. 

We decided to go get some lunch on the way home and ended up going to the Mongolian BBQ place. I called ahead and they were open. They have you wear gloves and get your own tongs to fill your bowl. There was one other table of people eating when we got there and then they left and another table while we were eating so hardly anyone in there. I don't know how all these businesses are surviving. To add insult to injury they are remodeling the outside building fronts.  The food was really good and I had to get a box to take a bunch home.

Scott spent almost the whole weekend working outside which was nice. I feel like mentally that is so much better for him than sitting in front of the TV playing video games all weekend. He started a fire in the fire pit too to get rid of a bunch of random wood we had. Some was from our trees and we still had a bunch of stuff from my mom's house before Jess moved there. It was cold outside though so I didn't stay out there long. 

I didn't watch a lot of movies this weekend I felt like I had ADD not being able to focus on one thing to watch. Kept going back and forth from the You Tube videos I like to Netflix to Tik Tok.

This one just came out and was good though. I have only seen a couple of her movies, I am going to see if any others are online to watch. I wasn't a big fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I couldn't believe she threw her cat out. What a bitch! 

This movie East Side Sushi was SO GOOD. It's a bit slow but just keep watching. Also subtitles are needed.

This is what I came in to this morning. When I'm sewing I tend to throw everything on the work table. What a mess! I have 1/2 of that cleaned up so I could find my keyboard. I'm working on about 45 masks at the moment. I did a ton of super hero ones for someone so I was like hey anyone else want some of these while I have them out? Then my friend wanted Disney so I had those out. And everyone keeps asking for Easter so that too. 

The cats pulled down my make shift curtain. After this round of masks I'm going to sew something up. I found a large tension rod that will work in this window so I'm going to use that. I notice someone took off with one of the bunny window cling's ears too. Wonder where that went haha.

I have ONE email of work to do today so I might be able to fit in some other stuff while I'm waiting for more.  But my boss if off today so the chances of more are very slim. Ok off to read blogs and act like I'm working. Hope you all have a great day!
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