Thursday, March 11, 2021

Potatoes In The Fridge

Good morning! Today is not Friday even though I thought yesterday was Thursday for 1/2 the day. Kind of sad about that.

Well it's time to come up with a grocery list and get some food. The fridge is looking bare! It was a good time to wipe it out again though. Yes none of my drawers are actually "drawers" anymore they have all broken. I need more duct tape to put that bottom left one together some more. I am not going to go buy a new refrigerator because the drawers suck. 

I posted this picture on Facebook and I had a few comments on putting the potatoes in the fridge. I've always put them in the fridge. 

1. Because I don't have a pantry
2. Otherwise they go bad really fast

We do go through a 10 pound bag of potatoes fairly quickly too.

Scott goes shopping for his mom on Tuesdays after work now and a lot of times I'll ask him just to get a few packs of meat. He keeps getting stew meat but not making sure we have the other stew ingredients. This time I just made due with what I had, so we have some misc frozen veggies in there. You can't see them that much here since some of them cooked down a bit.

I haven't sewn all week. I have a couple mask orders I've been procrastinating. I'm really tired of making masks but for some reason I can't say no lol. Once I run out of the nose pieces or elastic (that's going to be awhile I have 2 full rolls) I think I will be done. Hopefully with people getting vaccinated we won't need them much longer. Hopefully these vaccinations WORK.

For some reason I'm in a vintage clothing group on Facebook and it popped up in my feed this morning. Someone posted was everyone skinny in the 50's and 60's? They can't find any clothes to fit them.

I think that the reason there are so many skinny clothes from the 50's and 60's is because they got too small and they boxed them away!

It's like going to the clearance rack in the department store, plenty of small clothes because hardly anyone fits that size (worked out great for me when I was skinny for a bit). 

Almost everyone in my family pictures was bigger. The only skinny people are before kids! They didn't save their clothes probably because they wore them to death.

Of course everyone in that group was like "it's the fast food now". Yeah that's why everyone died of heart disease and cancer back then. I'm sure cigarettes and booze helped too. 

Ok off to Pinterest to get some dinner cooking motivation and to figure out what to buy. 
Have a great day everyone!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My fridge is as empty. I hate to grocery shop and I hate unpacking it even more.
I'd love to have someone do my shopping. Pitiful aren't I?
I think what was skinny in the 50s would be a size 12 today. 60s was twiggy and being anorexic and flat chested was all the rage. I was not in style. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, I love Instacart, hopefully you can get it soon. I had a super quick shopper today!

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