Monday, October 14, 2019

Another Kitty Post

Pictures of some of my animals from August. You're welcome haha.
This is Buster getting some loving from my friend Cassi. Buster LOVES Cassi. 

So we had some exciting stuff happen in August. Buster's face just started swelling up over night. The side of his face where he is missing an eye. It went from a little bit swollen to REALLY swollen pretty quickly. 

I took him to the vet and they took some fluid out of it to see if it was an abscess or "something else". If it was cancer I knew I would put him down since he is 16 and obviously not going to beat that at this age. It came back that it was an abscess. I debated on what to do since ugh, this cat is so old! 

But he's perfectly fine (except for missing an eye) and now this swollen face. I called my mom crying asking her if she thought I should just put him down or get him fixed up (for $500+). She was like uh I don't think you're ready to put him down yet, which yeah  I wasn't. So he's now on life 8.75 of his 9 lives and has cost me more money. It's a good thing he's a happy purring boy.

And yes my cat got an abscess and he's not even allowed outside. WTH.

Poor guy. I felt really bad when I saw how bad his face was. A month and a half later though and all the fur is growing back and you can't even tell (well other that his eye is still missing) Leaving pic small for the squeamish. 

Jess made him a little bed under the kitchen table and he stayed there for a couple days. I was like we'll know he feels better when he pees on the towel. Only took him about 5 days..

Jess took him in her room for some sunshine

Getting better already

Helping me sew

I've started calling these blue baskets my "Kitten Catchers". I use them for my little projects while I'm sewing. As soon as they notice them they climb in with or without items in them. (TG for tape rollers)

Tina showing how "if I fits I sits"

Tubz aka Tubby

Sigh. I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't getting anymore cats not that long ago but they sure are cute lol.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Little Joe Turns 1, Adrian Turns 10 & Other Fun Stuff

Little Joe turned 1 at the end of August

This is what happened when he found out his mom made him a sugar free cake

Just kidding but ha! Too funny. 

I went over my mother in law's one day and she brought out this picture (I'm sure I've seen it before) and so I snapped a pic. This is from when she played softball in high school (she's 89 now for reference) She said she had a scarf on her head and her niece said "that's not her, where is her hair?" so she drew her hair in. I didn't even realize it wasn't her real hair til she told me that haha. Front row on the right.  She said the girl on the far left was her cousin but their family was so big she wasn't close to her at all.

The other department at work is SUPER busy thanks to the Tariff relief program (which has a more official name but I don't want to put it here). At what point do you think they might want to take a break to do some filing?

That stack of files is taller than me. I was just waiting for it to fall over on the girl sitting in the cubicle. Super dangerous.

I missed Adrian's 10th Birthday party since I was at a craft show but my mom sent me this cute picture. She had a mermaid theme. So cute! 

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

First Day of School

A little late but here are Trevor's 1st day of school pictures for JUNIOR YEAR. Which so happened to happen the day after we got back from camping.

I need a chain saw to trim that tree now. Apparently I'm going to have to buy one since my husband won't get the one he had from his mom's house.

Anyhow. I was taking Trevor's picture and then read his shirt.

So here is TAKE 2 after I was like uh dude you need to change your shirt for the first day. Sheesh.

And probably the last 1st day bus ride. Probably next year he'll be driving himself on the first day.

Can you believe I only have one 1st day of school year left? Crazy.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Camping Trip to Hermit Valley

We made our almost annually trip to Hermit Valley in early August. This was our first time having "boyfriends" with us. I was a little nervous on how it was going to go lol. 

one million dollars for food...
TG I brought my pop up tent. BUT when I took it out it was bent from the last person that used it (not me). Luckily Scott got it to still set up. I was also glad I had brought the side piece for shade. It got really hot in that area for parts of the day.

For next time we need to bring at least one more stove. Or easier food lol. Not all the kids were there at the same time so that kind of worked out well too. We went for 5 days I believe and only had everyone there for 2.

had to buy more chairs of course. I swear someone steals them between camping trips..

The dogs complaining it's dirty

This is what I get when I ask for a picture lol

These crazy kids slept in hammocks the first night. Did I mention it was cold? Melissa said it was ok except she couldn't roll over so they slept in the tent the next night.

we can go home now?

Where's my couch?

We camped in a different spot we had kind of scoped out the last time we were camping. It had more room for everyone to spread out but no "beach" just rocks to climb on.

There's the beach that is next to one of the other camp spots we use

Melissa brought me some wildflowers back from a hike she went on with her boyfriend

We ventured back to the little "waterfall" area. Should bring some shade next time. So hot back there. Maybe I'm just old haha

We all survived! Good til next year haha.

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