Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Drinking tonight. Long day! Glad it's over. 2 more days of work. Thought tomorrow would be my last day but have to work Friday too. Sucks. 5 more minutes to kids bedtime.Pin It

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthdays Done!

TG, we are done with kid's birthdays until next year!! So we all went to La Villa for dinner. Get there and they say it will be a few minutes. After like 20 minutes and all 16 of us waiting they say it's going to be another 20 minutes. Jessica was totally pissed off. I told the girl, WHY did they say they could reserve a table for us if they weren't going to hold it?? They were just like oh sorry. So we all left! Hope they realized how much money walked out the door. We went to Applebees. Only had to wait about 5 minutes, they set us up all in one long table and everyone was happy. I was hoping we weren't going to get there and have to wait like 1/2 an hour. That would have really sucked. Especially since Scott's parents came and they hardly go out at all anymore. I was kind of worried about them but they did great. So here's a few birthday pics! Next Birthday is my real dad's and all we are doing for that is a phone call ;o)

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Have A Nice Day!

This was my view for part of my ride home today. You can't help but smile :O)

So today is my oldest daughter's birthday!! She's 14. God I have to be old to have a kid that's 14!! Here she is when she was about a day or so old. She was sooo alert as you can tell by the picture. Eyes wide wanting to know everything that is going on. Of course she is still that way! She's such a smart cookie! We are going out to dinner at our favorite local Mexican Restaurant tonight with our family and one of my best friends and her girls. Table for 16 please! We need to stop on the way and get a cake since I forgot to order one yesterday (bad me!) and she doesn't like any of the cake mix flavors we have left.

**edit, I need more pictures, she was sooo cute! Sometimes when they are 14 they aren't so cute when the attitude flares up and you have to look at their old pictures to remember lol.

Just a little bit ago I took Trevor for his Kindergarden Orientation. Feels so weird having my last baby going to kindergarden soon and my oldest going to high school! My nephew will be in the same class as Trevor also so my brother and sil were there too. It will be a fun year I hope!Pin It

Garfield For Today

I get an email with the Garfield comic in it everyday. Sometimes they are really stupid. Sometimes they crack me up.

This reminds me of my Mother In Law, who is 78. She got a new cell phone awhile back and was showing us all the "bells and whistles" it has. Nevermind the fact that she doesn't call anyone, doesn't turn it on, and doesn't go anywhere but the grocery store and the bowling alley, both which are within walking distance of her house lol.Pin It

New meaning to Cat In The Hat

LMAO, saw this on I can just imagine how PISSED OFF my cats would be if I did this lol.

Oh and if you really like it and want to piss off your cat you can get the directions through the link above lol.Pin It

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Softball Day Done!

Both the girls had games today so we got the week's games done in one shot! Scott was with Melissa's team since he helps coach her, so I was watching Jessica's game with his Mom. They were losing SOOO bad. Then the last time they were up they had an unlimited inning and EVERY GIRL was getting a good hit. They scored 8 runs in that one inning. Not enough to win but at least they didn't get totally blown out!

After the game we went to KFC for dinner. Jessica was throwing a little hissy fit for some reason. I think she just didn't want to eat there, and then they were out of mashed potatoes. ::the horror:: Anyhow she really wants her own room so I think we are going to move Melissa in with Trevor for awhile (since Trevor spends most of his time sleeping on the couch right now anyways) and let Jess have her own room. Now to just get up the energy to do all that moving around. Maybe next week when I'm off of work.

**Editing to add some pictures

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Bash

So we are home from my Mom's house and my step dad's "birthday party".

I got my step dad this boxed set of movies. They are old movies and the set is called "Gansters" (volume one of course lol). Hopefully he likes them, he seemed to think it was cool. He loves Godfather movies and stuff like that so he should like them.

I think my mom worked her ass off, literally getting ready for the party because she looked like she could hardly move. I know that feeling! She always stresses so much when people are coming over and then ends up not enjoying the party because she's so tired. I did that on Easter and it sucks. It would be nice if our houses were always "party ready" but the only people I know that are like that are either OCD or have people come clean their houses lol.

Well we have to do that W thing tomorrow and I'm exhausted already. Going to go throw some more clothes in the washer and go read my book. Hope you had a nice weekend!!

**Edited to add a picture

The Birthday Boy
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It's HOT

The AOL weather thing says 89. It's got to be hotter than that. I wish I had a pool. My dog is freaking shedding all over the place and it's totally grossing me out. I just took her outside and brushed her with the big shedding tool thing and there's half a dog left out on the lawn. And she still has hair coming off of her.

I've been doing laundry all morning. No end in sight still. I need to go to the store in a little bit to get my step dad a birthday card and a present. My mom's having a BBQ for him today. Tomorrow he will be 60! He so doesn't seem like he's 60 but maybe my vision of what is old is getting a little different than what it used to be lol.Pin It


So I've recently found the world of blogs. I'm really enjoying finding new ones to read. The name of this one just cracks me up!

If you've visited and not left a comment please do so I can visit your blog too
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Hurry up coffee pot!

Listening to the coffee pot, take FOREVER. I bet they make coffee pots that brew faster don't they?Pin It

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Ok this is just too cute! And since I love the movie Grease..

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Saturday Sunshine!!

Yeah Mother Nature was smiling on us today and gave us some beautiful sunshine. It got up to about 87. We actually had to use the umbrella for some shade at the softball games today.

So this morning started out REALLY crappy. Scott has this big hissy fit every Saturday when we have to find a place to park at the school where they have the softball games. Especially when we have to be there for an 11:00 game because there are already games going and then all the people are getting there for the next set of games AND the school always has things going on in the gym. So basically a few hundred people trying to park in one parking lot and up and down the street. Sooo my way of doing it is I drive through, looking to see if people are leaving and kind of just go real slow until I see something opening up. HIS way of doing it is freaking out before we even get IN the parking lot, driving through the parking lot cussing at everyone in general, screeching out of the parking lot, going down the street, screeching around the corner and going down another street and parking by the other school that is across the street. THEN doing some kind of war with Trevor and his scooter while they are walking across the busy street (of course everyone is leaving now so everyone is watching). He picks up Trevor's scooter and FLINGS it onto this little grass section. OMG I wanted to just freaking go off on him. Which I kind of did. Remind me next weekend to drive to the game so I can park...

So anyhow, Jessica had her game and they were playing my friend's daughter's team. The two worst teams in the league lol. AND guess what??? They won!! It was pretty freaking exciting. They won when Jessica, MY KID slid in to home and was safe :O) Proud mamma moment!! Here she is playing catcher today.

She rocks!

After her game was over we had a little bit of time before we had to be at Melissa's game so we ran over to McBarf's and had lunch. Then back over to the school. We found a nice parking spot that time without any freaking out thank God! Not sure if me screaming at him that he could go home with his mom earlier had anything to do with that or not lol. I'm such a bitch sometimes. I think they said Melissa's team won. I was there but my mind kept wandering off. The little kid games are so boring.

Here's Melissa playing outfield.

Notice she has her sleeves pulled up for maximum tanning.Pin It

Softball Saturday

So I really need to go get in the shower and stop playing on the computer. :O( I don't wanna go to softball today mommy...Pin It

I survived!

And I didn't even drink any booze! So this is where we went tonight. We had a nice dinner, although mine was HUGE. We actually ate in the lobby of the theater. The play was REALLY good, although I'm sure it would be better if I was over 50 but I can still relate to a lot of the scenes. Very nice! The one woman not sure what her name in the play was had a BEAUTIFUL voice. I had a nice time visiting with my mom after she got off the whole "losing weight" saga she seems to never stop talking about.

Back to earlier today. I was at work and had to go on some field checks with this gal at work. So I'm driving, she's acting like she's navigating but she sucks at doing that so I am sneaking peaks when she's not looking to figure out where we are going. Anyhow, she asks me, "Do you ever kill your food and then cook it?". UM yeah well since the only thing I don't feel bad about killing is ants (freaking HATE those things), of course my answer is "no, I only get my food from the grocery store!" Then she goes on to tell me this story about when she was a kid, around 6, she was at her Grandma's house and this neighbor girl was in medical school. She said that she had to do a project that involved going to the cemetary and getting a body (they had to be so old-the body). At this point I was "ummm in Mexico??" because I really can't see anyone letting you go to the cemetary and picking out an old body here and letting you take it home. She says "jes". So anyhow, guess this neighbor girl and her friend who was also a medical student each get a body, one man and one woman. They then BOIL the bodies in the backyard. UM HORK?? HOLY SHIT. Then she went on to tell me that sometimes they cooked pigs too. yeah ok :::twilight zone music playing in the background:

So after that fun 2 hours with her I got back to work and then jumped in my car and jammed over to my favorite mexican place to meet my friend for lunch. It was taking forever so I decided I'd just not go back to work (I called!) since I was going to leave early anyways. Had a VERY YUMMY Midori Margarita. It was nice catching up with my buddy. I so miss having her at work everyday to make my day go faster! She was my comic relief.

After lunch ran to Target to find some pants to wear to the Red Hat thing. I had 8 things to try on and the limit is 6. How stupid is that? Had to leave 2 things at the counter. So then the dilema is, at what point do you go out and exchange 2 things for the 2 other things you want to try on? Obviously you can't just run out there in your undies so you have to get redressed to go out and exchange the clothes. What a freaking pain in the ass! Anyhow got that done and got a new pair of shoes, ran home and redid my make up, straightened my hair and got done just in time to jump in the car with my mom and then get on the bus for the trip. I swear I hardly stopped running all day!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet up with my friends to go to the Farmer's Market in the morning but I think I'll take a pass on that. They aren't going to be happy with me but obviously I'm going to need to sleep in since I still haven't burned off the cup of coffee I had after dinner. :bzzz:Pin It

Friday, April 25, 2008


So I was TRYING to post a cute picture but it's not working. Oh well. So it's FRIDAY!! Doing the Friday song and dance in my head. Have you ever heard that? Might have to find it and post a link here, they play it in the morning on a local radio station here. My daughter Melissa loves when it comes on.

I wish I could say that after work tonight I can go home and relax. Instead I'm going with my mom and the Rad Hat Ladies to a play. We are going on a bus, having dinner and seeing a play. I should have known that when she asked me if I wanted to go see a play it was with the "Red Hats". Usually I beg off on these things but she asked about going to see a play, which I could have sworn she said was "Cats" but when I got the paper is something about "Hats". Dear God, thank you for having an open bar at this event and allowing me to have enough money to purchase drinks there. Wish me luck!Pin It

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nachos? Hot Dog? Soda??

Home from Jessica's softball game which I didn't really see any of since I was working in the Snack Bar! Had a nice time visiting with the other moms and serving up the nachos and lots of candy for the kiddies!

We didn't get home until almost 9:00 after stopping at Jack In The Box for dinner or JIB as hubby likes to call it.

While Trevor was riding is scooter around at the game, I notice him bringing this napkin over to Scott. I was like hmm that looks weird. Scott jumps up and walks out of my line of vision. Some little prick teenager had wrote a bunch of FU's on the napkin and said to stay the F away little boy or something like that and then gave it to Trevor and told him it was his autograph. Of course when my 6'6" 280 pounds of husband is walking over to the kid he trys to say his friends did it lol. Scott gave him the napkin back and told him to dispose of it and to be nice to little kids but probably not in that polite manner lol. Kid probably crapped his pants when he saw him coming.

Oh and Jessica's team... LOST.. big suprise!!Pin It

um yeah

If my kids ever look like this I'll have to smack them around a bit.Pin It

wrong wrong wrong

Ok I just saw this one At what point do you TAKE THE FOOD AWAY?? OMG. You can read the story here: Pin It

bored bored bored

So I just read on a message board that someone's child #5 is a "SURPRISE". Ok this puzzles me a bit. By #5, wow you still have sex??? You still like eachother? and You still have enough energy to get down and dirty?? And then WTH?? You forgot how babies are made? Well obviously not lol. If this happens to you please please please never tell your kid they were a "surprise" or even worse a "mistake". Sheesh buy a rubber already.Pin It


I'm wondering, when I don't work here anymore who's going to help the people at the counter since apparently no one else can "see" that someone is up there??Pin It

A Women's Poem

He didn't like the casserole

And he didn't like my cake.

He said my biscuits were too hard...

Not like his mother used to make.

I didn't perk the coffee right

He didn't like the stew,

I didn't mend his socks

The way his mother used to do.

I pondered for an answer

I was looking for a clue.

Then I turned around and smacked the crap out of him...

Like his mother used to do.Pin It
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something done!

Well what I really wanted to do when I got home was go climb in my bed but instead I just cleaned up most of the kitchen. I went and got my pearls and heels on so the kids could get a pic of me. hehe. I can see the top of the table and I'd almost eat off the floor. Pulled out the fridge and the kids got all excited to find their long lost toys :hork: Of course there was plenty of dog hair to go with it!

Scott called around 4:30 to tell me he got in a fender bender. So funny because just about a week ago we got in a little squabble in the car because he was riding the car in front of us so close and I of course being the best "backseat driver" I can be was freaking out. He was pointing out that HE had never rear ended ANYONE, unlike ME. Hehehe so needless to say I think it's kind of funny. Obviously he's driving a POS truck and the other guys car was fine and he will still be able to drive the truck most likely.Pin It

So depressed

God I hate this time of month. I feel like crap and wish the old hag would just show up so I can go on with my day! I feel like a meanie and want to just go cry in a book somewhere. Probably doesn't help that I have the big layoff coming up too. :sigh:

So let's see yesterday after I got done bitching I took Melissa to her softball game. Of course she didn't want to go and was whining and complaining about going. We were just inside of the city limits when a few big rain drops hit the windsheild. I was thinking it's ok, I'll drive back home if it starts to rain!! But no, it didn't. It was cold and I only had 2 layers of long sleeves on. HELLO, we're in freaking California??? Mother Nature are you listening?? Usually by this time of year we've been swimming a couple of times and have retired all closed toed shoes and long pants and sleeves to the back of the closet. It's just not FAIR lol. Of course it could be worse and we could be living somewhere that is still having blizzards but if I liked snow I'd live where it snowed you know??

Anyhow back to softball. So got to the game and Scott's parents got there right after we did. Trevor brought his little scooter and Tony came with us too. Had a pretty nice time visiting with his mom and dad. I was slightly annoyed though that when Scott got there he walked right past us and went straight to the dug out. Would have been nice if he would have just stopped for a sec and said "hey" and gave me a little smootch or something. Guess I should be used to not getting that by now (uh oh pms witch is coming out again).

So Trevor and Tony were playing with some boys. One is the big tattle tell boy that he was playing with one other day and don't remember the other boy but of course Trevor wasn't getting along with them that great. I looked over and everyone was on one side and Trevor was on the other so I told him to go play away from them. So after a couple of reminders he went and rode around on his scooter. I asked Tony to play with Trevor too and he did, which was nice. Anyhow, think the girls didn't win their softball game, hard for me to keep track with the younger girls, but they appeared to be getting whooped lol.

Went home and put my jammies on and climbed into bed and attempted to read. Think I only got a few pages in before I conked out! Hopefully today will be a better day!Pin It

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green..

Ok obviously I was in a pissy mood yesterday so I'm just going to edit this post right out :O)Pin It

short timers syndrome

Ok bad me, tell me I'm getting layed off and I get the aww fuckit feeling. What are they going to do, fire me??? This is going to be a long 2 weeks!Pin It

Monday, April 21, 2008


After work today I came home and took Jessica to softball practice. Melissa was at her friend's house so it was just Trevor and I to do a few errands. We went by the EDD office to find out about unemployement benefits. The guys said it's all done online or on the phone now and he recommends on the phone. Hmm still think I'll try it online when the time comes. He said I have to wait until my first day of not working to apply. After that we ran to the library and took back a ton of books and got a few more for Trevor's bedtime stories. Then on to Costco for some food and lunch stuff for the kids. Got done in time to run back to the softball field and pick Jess up.

Got home and Scott was already home so had him do the Curly's ribs on the BBQ. I went out and mowed the back yard. Killed the hose back there by running over the end. WOOPS! Still need to mow a tiny bit along the garage but the recycling and Scott's car crap is there so need to clean that stuff up. I think tomorrow I'll work on cleaning out the grass around the tree in the middle of the backyard. Then hopefully I can get some more flowers to put around it. Well Melissa has game tomorrow so maybe I won't be able to get to that but I'll try.

Watered the whole front and side yard, made the rest of the stuff to go with dinner, did the dishes, and did a load of laundry. Trevor's in the shower, can't wait until he's done so we can read a story and I can hit the hay. I'm exhausted! Kind of debating a nice long soak in the tub.Pin It

(un)wanted freedom??

My boss just told me there are 63 more hours for me to work then I get to be layed off unless they find some more money somewhere. Not sure if I should be happy or sad!!Pin It

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Neat little email I got just now

To realize
The value of a sister,
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years,
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years,
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year,
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months,
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month,
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to
A premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week,
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute,
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second,
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special

To realize the value of a friend or family member:



Hold on tight to the ones you LovePin It

Mom Taxi

Well today seemed pretty unproductive! Picked up Jessica and 2 of her friends after church and took them to the mall. Afterwards went to Home Depot and got a new hose and new sprinkler. Planted the flowers I bought yesterday at the Farmer's Market. Started to organize some of my scrapbooking things but the computer called me away lol. Tried to watch a movie but Trevor kept making too much noise so gave up. Went and got Jessica and her friends and brought them back here. One of the moms came and picked up the other two. Guess she wasn't happy that I didn't stay at the mall but funny thing is no one said anything to me either before or after. I never planned on hanging out at the mall all day with 3 14 year olds. Guess maybe next time she'll take them :O) Made dinner and finished watching the movie, which was kind of dumb. It was In The Land of Women. Could maybe have been a better story with some better acting and a little more excitement. It was REALLY slow. Made Easy Chicken Cacciatore for dinner, that was pretty good, only thing left is the 2 wings which no one likes but me. Waiting for Trevor to get out of the shower so we can go to bed. Scott is already in bed. He had a busy day of finally painting some of the pieces to his car that he's been working on as long as we have been married (almost!). The day that thing is all in one piece again and RUNS we'll have to throw a freaking party. Of course he painted his pieces outside in the back yard so I couldn't finish mowing back there, which is what I REALLY wanted to get done today. Oh and I watched Oprah's Big Give. Which I haven't seen all the rest of them but this one wasn't too exciting, and it was the finale. Scott of course is an Oprah hater and thinks she only does things for a tax right off which kind of pisses me off that he thinks that way. Since of course he NEVER does anything for anyone else so he wouldn't understand anything about giving to people that are need help unless you are getting some kind of personal benefit out of it. Tomorrow is back to work. boooooooooooooPin It

Farmer's Market Bread

I picked up this bread yesterday at the Farmer's Market. I toasted it and put some butter on top. YUM!! Scott said, "This would be really good with raisins in it." I said "I bought it because it DOESN'T have raisins in it". Which I'm sure he knew. Raisins are just icky!Pin It

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Full of dirt

That's how I felt today after the softball game! I swear the wind is just so much stronger out on that softball field. Here's a few pictures from the game.

Dad gently telling her that when he's screaming at her to move over to 2nd base she needs to actually move over.

The In-laws

Up to bat

and on 3rd base with Dad as the 3rd base coach.

Their team won 2 to 1! Close game for them. At their age though they never really know if they are winning or not until the game is over and they ask who won lol.Pin It


Yesterday was such a busy day! I took the day off for a "mental health day" lol. Started the day but mowing most of the yard one one of the lots next to us. Then Trevor and I washed the car. We went and met Carolyn for lunch at Gerard's Deli, ummm that place is so good! Then we went to Target and did a little shopping. Trevor got a new scooter (with his birthday money) and then we went over to Home Depot and got some flowers. Came home and planted flowers and then rushed over to Jessica's softball game. At the game the gal in charged of the older girls teams was talking to me and pretty much now I guess I'm going to be the team mom? LOL Really didn't want to do that but no one else seems to be working on keeping communication going for things like the snack bar and the team basket and things like that. Whatever, guess I know it will get done now. In my spare time. hehe

So I'm up this morning to go to the farmer's market with my friends Dee and Carolyn. We are going to meet downtown for some coffee and walk the market. Should be fun! Melissa has a game at 1:00 but should be home way before that.Pin It

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to the Library!

I just finished reading ?this book. OMG it was soo rivoting! I'm not going to say it was "the best" book but it was very very interesting. My daughter had told me kind of what the ending was before I read it so I wasn't suprised by the ending but still! To have to make those kind of choices, I hope and pray I never have to. Now I'm out of library books, guess I'll have to go by there tomorrow.

So today Jessica had 2 guys asking her to go out with them! UGH, in a way I'm excited for her and in a way I wish they would go away :O) This is going to open up a whole new chapter for her. I must be old because it seems like just yesterday I in 8th grade, at a party and had my first kiss! They were playing songs by Tiffany of all things lol. Remember her?? She was SOO popular, for about a minute! Wonder whatever happened to her. OOooo I found her lol, gotta love the internet! Wow she posed nude for Playboy. Guess just about everyone has now ehPin It

Pay It Forward

I signed up for a PIF on The Queen Bee's Buzz blog so now it is my turn. The first three people to comment on this post will receive some kind of handmade item from me, mostly likely in some kind of scrapbook form- and then it will be your turn to PIF!Pin It

Whining Wednesday

So yesterday the girls both had softball games at the same time. Tony didn't want to go with us so Trevor didn't really have anyone to play with. He saw some boys and went to try and play with them. I was noticing that they were kind of trying to run away from him. :sigh: Later he's playing with some other boys. I look over and they are poking him with sticks. I yelled at them to stop. They said that he doesn't go to their school? I was like WTH, how old are you?? Kid says 6. I sad he just turned 5, he doesn't even go to school yet! I asked him if he would be mean to a boy that was smaller than and he said no. I said he's smaller than you in AGE so you need to be nice. So they run off and Trevor sits with me for a few minutes. Not too long after that they are playing together again. Then I look over and Trevor is kicking one boy and punching another???? So I run over there and that same boy says he punched me. UGH so made him come back over to the chair (kicking and screaming all the way) and told him he had to stay by me for the rest of the game. OMG he was screaming and crying and carrying on. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and packed everything up and told him we were leaving. He cried behind me all the way to the car. Called Scott and told him he'd have to bring the girls home. Trevor cried almost all the way home.

So I just don't understand why he always seems to get picked as the one to be mean to when he's in a group of kids. Does he show some hint that he is weak somehow? It really sucks because he is as tall as a 7 year old but he's JUST 5 so he's doesn't really understand what they are doing when they are being mean to him. I hope this isn't a little preview into the future of what it's going to be like when he goes to school.Pin It

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ugh so dumb!

I joined and accidentally invited EVERYONE in my address book! AOL adds everyone's address that you have ever sent an email to into your address book so I just sent that to WAY too many people and people I don't even know. I feel like such a dumb ass!!Pin It

Ramblings from Monday

Yesterday was pretty tame. Went to work, took Jessica to practice after I got home, took Trevor to get a hair cut. We had Tony with us so when we left we had 3 helium balloons. I'm starting to think balloons are more of a PITA than fun (for me anyways lol). First you have to make sure they are not going to fly away on the walk TO the car, then once you get in the car you have to make sure they aren't going to fly away when you open the door again. Not to mention keeping them in the back seat so you can drive without a big red balloon in your line of vision. Luckily the ballons made it home without anyone losing or popping them. They are probably all deflated on the floor now, all my hard work down the drain ;o)

Oh and also yesterday, this girl that Jessica goes to school with got beat up! Usually I'd be all sad but this girl is such an antagonizing bully (and she did start it) that I'm really hoping it brings her down a peg or two. Maybe she'll stop being so mean. We can only hope!

Last night for dinner I made No-Fuss Tex-Mex Roll Ups. These things are so good! Here is the recipe. I've made them a ton of times now. Unfortunetly we didn't have any left to bring for lunch today. It

Sunday, April 13, 2008

woop woop

I found the top of my desk in my room. Doing a happy dance!!! Only one box left of idunnowhatkindofcrapisinit.Pin It

Taking a break

from the dreaded laundry. I think I just put away about 10 loads of laundry. Of course there is still tons more to wash. It amazes me that we have so much dirty laundry when it seems like no one ever has enough clothes!!

Scott is grocery shopping with Jessica, kind of enjoying this sending him to the store with a list. He's done it a few times now and does a great job! One less thing for me to have to do.

Yesterday afternoon/night I went shopping with 2 of my favorite people, Carolyn and Dee. We went to Fashion Bug and then to Kohls and dinner at Panda Express. My friend Dee had gastric bypass last June and has lost over 165 pounds. She is looking great! It's fun to go shopping with her. When she weighed 385 pounds shopping was no fun but now she is just above 200 and is having a great time! Carolyn & Dee helped me pick out 2 pairs of sunglasses. Now I won't have to be all squinty when the sun is out :O)

Afterwards we went over to Brenda's house for a scrapbooking crop. I finished up my titles on the pages I have been working on since January! Just need to do New Years Eve and my book will be done for last year. Brenda had a bunch of people there and actually had to turn 2 people down! Probably helped that she was having a sale 30% some items she had in stock, that's just breaking even for her so a great deal for the customers! I got another little memory mate case thingy, I'm sure I can use it for something :O)Pin It

Friday, April 11, 2008


ahh a lovely end to a LONG week

Pin It


Well nothing too exciting happened yesterday, just the usual runaround taking Melissa to her softball game, home, pick up Jessica from church. I had cereal for dinner at 8:00 last night, joy!

Today the kids don't have school for a teacher development day or something like that, maybe I can talk Jessica into doing some laundry for me. Jessica is supposed to have Girl Scouts but so far she doesn't want to go and that's fine with me because then I will not have to go out again after work. Ahhhhh a break!

Sarah is supposed to come into work today so we can go out to lunch. That should be fun. Work just isn't the same without her here, she was my comic relief!Pin It

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Is it Friday yet? I need a break ;O)

Did the usual boring work today, yeah can't wait to do it again tomorrow. NOT!

Jessica's softball coaches are such freaking idots I wish there was some way she could be put on another team. On Saturday I went and looked up when they were supposed to work in the snack bar and told some of the other parents. Well it was today. The coach never told anyone anything. I took Trevor to Scott's Mom's house so I wouldn't have to worry about him just in case I had to work in the snack bar. So I got there and told the coach, you know, we have to work the snack bar today. He said yeah. I said well I'll go work it but we are going to need some other people to work too. So he says his wife will work, so I go tell her. She eventually goes over the snack bar and I told her the main gal said we need one more person. So she says ok, I'll go get someone, I'm not abandoning you I'll be right back. Well the bitch never came back??? WTH??? That just really pisses me off. So I was the only one working for our team. Some other girl came in, not even sure why she was there so it was her and I and then the gal that runs the whole thing that usually doesn't stay in there kept coming back to check on us. I think I'm going to tell the coach a reminder of his other day the team has to work and tell him I will not work it. Usually I wouldn't mind and it is kind of fun but this guy has his head so far up his ass he doesn't even know what's going on. Their team ended up losing again today anyways. So far they have won NO games. When we left there was a big group over talking to the coaches. I guess he kept one girl on the bench for the whole game except for batting. NICE. It's not like she's going to make them lose either, I mean really, they haven't won AT ALL. Not that winning is everything, but I paid $120 for my daughter to play softball, I hope she doesn't come out of this year hating softball all together because of this guy!Pin It

Another day another donut

I was too exhausted last night to post so I'll do it this morning while I drink my Starbucks and eat my apple fritter. WHY do the things that are so bad taste so good?? Anyways..

So yesterday was Melissa's "real" birthday. We didn't do anything too exciting but we went to the mall so she could spend her Target gift cards and get Jessica a new pair of pants since she ripped her favorite ones at Power Tumbling. Melissa got some Bratz something or other that is going to require me reading the directions so she can hook it up to the computer. Hopefully I can get it to work. Jessica got ONE pair of pants from Hot Topic to replace her favorites (she got the same ones she had before). Then she spend the rest of the time at the mall brooding because she hates her thighs. Welcome to womanhood. Trevor was so wound up by the time we left the mall and went over to Applebees to wait for Scott I ordered myself a nice MUCHO Strawberry Mojito. YUM! After that kicked in I was feeling much better lol. I got Scott talked into going to the grocery store to get stuff for the girls' lunch. After he got home Jessica and I (and the dog Tabbie) went for a walk around the lake. We had a nice time visiting while we were walking which was really nice since you never know with her if she is going to hate your guts and you might be annoying her by breathing wrong ;o) Sheesh my thighs were killing me by the time we got back home. I read about a chapter in my book and was out like a light!Pin It

Monday, April 7, 2008

So tired!

So I got up early this morning so I would have enough time to make Melissa a nice breakfast before school since she had her Pioneer School today. I really should get up at that time every day since I was ready before anyone else was up! That was nice. Anyhow, got her up and made her some eggs and toast (usually she eats breakfast at school or has a bagel or something on the go). I got her to pose for me in her outfit.


Isn't she cute? She handed me her bonnet in the car, I was like, that cost me $14 at least put it in your backpack!! lol. I don't want to KNOW that you didn't wear something I went out of my way to get you!! Anyhow, she said the teacher at the Pioneer school was mean, guess that's how they were back then?? Anne of Green Gables comes to mind with the mean old man teacher and then the super sweet Miss Stacy. Anyhow, the dress is washed and hanging to dry, thinking I might ebay it since I doubt she will wear it for Halloween and I don't want to store it until I have grandchildren ;O)

After work today I didn't have anywhere I had to go (except the grocery store but who REALLY wants to go there??). My room has been driving me crazy with all the clutter so I decided to work on cleaning it. Apparently that's a more than one day project. I had pushed a bunch of stuff out in the front room and was really feeling like I was making progress. Then the phone rang. Melissa's announced that the neighbors were coming over in 15 minutes to bring her birthday present. I was like OMG right now?? I scan the front room, food all over tv trays, crap all over the floor (well not real crap). I was like OMG everyone has to get up and help clean RIGHT NOW!! We actually got the front room cleaned up for the most part before they came over. Of course I had to shove some stuff BACK into my room. Maybe I'll get it done one of these days :sigh:

So the neighbors left and it's 7:30. DH says what's for dinner? I said whatever you are making lol. So we had dinner from our corner store/deli/bar. It wasn't all that great but I didn't to cook it OR go get it so I'll take it!

Tomorrow is Melissa's official birthday. She has softball practice and I imagine we'll do something for dinner after that.Pin It

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know your old when...

you wake up out of a dead sleep and think "did I.."

"bring the dog in??" check.

"did someone put the food away?" oh man have to get out of bed for that one. I went in the kitchen and sure enough no one put the left over chinese food in the fridge. See I knew there was a reason I had to get up!

Well while I'm up I might as well load Melissa's birthday party pictures to Winkflash. and check my message boards. and post an update about the party on my blog.

So here I am :O)

Scott decided to come home after the motorcyle thing to eat? Guess he couldn't find any place to eat all day? So he went from breakfast until 1 and came home for 15 minutes so him and Trevor could eat before the party. Now if this was me we would have stopped at the nearest McD's and just relaxed until it was time for the party, but that's a guy for you. So we were in the car and I think, I better make sure my camera batteries are ok even though I just charged them the night before. So of course to make things more fun they don't work. Scott got a set of new batteries when he went into the store to get ice. Of course they are Panasonic which I know from past experience aren't very good batteries. He says that this is all they have at our little corner store. Great! We are going to be late to our own party! So I called mom, she already left. Call Scott's parents and his dad said they will bring some. TG someone always has batteries! So we get to the Power Tumbling place a few minutes after some other people but it doesn't seem to be a problem. Whew. Not sure how we ended up late when I had all the time in the world before!

Carolyn curled Melissa's hair all cute and she had on her new outfit she had bought her for her birthday. I guess the one she bought didn't fit right so they ran to Target and she let her pick out a replacement. How cool was that?

Scott's mom got there and gave me some batteries, and my camera still wouldn't work?? WTH?? So she takes the ones out of her camera and we tried those and then it worked. So weird. Gave her the Panasonic ones and they worked in her 35 mm but I think only for a bit since she was taking pictures with her camera phone. Woops! I'll give her some pics of the party though.

The party went well, only Trevor did some crying but I think he was just tired. He really needs to have a nap still even though he seems to big for it. Oh and Jessica's favorite pants ripped. TG it was longer than Daisy Duke length so she borrowed some scissors and cut them off. So now I need to take her shopping for more pants this week since she is down to 2 pairs again. I think it was only a month ago I gave her $100 for new pants. I think she must have a super sized moth in her closet eating them or something lol.

Everyone really liked my candy bar wrappers :O)

Here's a few pics from the party






and a "sisterly love" pic lol


After the party we got home and Jessica did her drama thing. She was flipping out because she couldn't find her phone. We couldn't call it since something happened to it and she somehow locked herself out of it. Scott finally found it after a ton of screaming and yelling. I found a phone store that was still open and he said he could try putting a new sims card in and it wouldn't cost anything so the 2 of us jumped in the car and went there. And it worked! Hopefully she will appreciate what I go through with her some day. I swear she makes me exhausted sometimes. I decided to pick up some Chinese food for dinner since I wasn't in the mood to cook. Came home and ate and tried to read my book (on O is for Outlaw now!) but just fell asleep. But now I'm back up loading pictures.

Hopefully this week will be calmer. My house is starting to look like a bomb went off in it and I think almost all our clothes are dirty.Pin It

woop woop

I'm all by myself at home!! That hardly ever happens! Scott and Trevor went to meet up with Allen and the girls to all go watch some dirt bike thing and then I THINK they are all just going to meet up with us at the birthday party place. So I have the first round of cup cakes in the oven (got home WAY too late last night to make them). After I get all the cupcakes done we'll be all set except for packing up the cooler with the drinks and getting some ice. It's so much easier having a party NOT at your house :O)Pin It

Saturday, April 5, 2008

busy busy busy!

Just got done making Melissa's "favors" for her bday party tomorrow. I made candy wrappers for Hershey bars. They turned out pretty cute I think.


Didn't take me too long to make them.

Jessica's team lost their game AGAIN today. BUT it was only by one run! Not too bad. I had to go in the snack bar and find out when their team was supposed to work in there since the coach is a moron and doesn't realize if no one works in there the game is forfeited. I went around and told the other moms that I talk to so hopefully some people will show up to work.

Melissa's team won today. I was sitting in between their 2 games so I could kind of watch both. They both played really well today.

We are going to go to dinner at my friend Carolyn's house. The girls went home with them after the game. We bought some tri-tip and have some chicken that we are going to take over there for dinner since they supplied the meat last time. We have 10 people between us so that can get expensive!Pin It

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm done and it was only 11:45 when I finished. Crappy picture but it will look better on and with the bonnet.



Now to unwind for a few minutes and go to bed. We have softball games tomorrow at 11!Pin It

Pioneer dress in the making!

I'm just about done with the bodice! Just needs the zipper in the back, but I have to attatch the skirt first. The skirt part is pretty easy so hopefully I can zip that out! Of course I have my helpers, Trevor bouncing around all over asking a million question, Melissa singing repetative songs while sitting at the table with me. Cats laying on the table onto of the pattern pieces. Fun fun!!Pin It

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another exciting day on the softball field!

Jessica had another softball game yesterday. They lost. Again. Jessica played catcher for all but one inning, she is getting really good at it! She was getting so mad that they were losing yet again yesterday that she started basically running people down and getting them out when they were anywhere near home plate. I feel really bad for her that she got on such a sucky team this year but maybe it's helping her build some character. After all, we can't always be on the winning team.

While we were at the game yesterday I "almost" caught a parakeet that was flying around! How cool would that have been. Of course I probably would have just taken it over to my dad's house since they are the bird people and have an avery. When I was a kid they had the neatest avery in the old house that they rented. It was out in the country and really was kind of a crap house so they got away with doing things to it. Anyhow, it had a back porch and then on the other side of the porch was a shed. My dad built an avery in the space between there and part of it went outside too. They had tons of zebra finches. When they bought their house in town they ended up losing quite a few of them when they were trying to move them. Some how for many years they didn't have any finches at all. A year or so ago my step mom got 2 and now she has an avery full again! If I didn't have cats (which will probably never happen) I might think about getting a bird, but they are rather messy!

I was pretty proud of us last night because we didn't give in to fast food and went home and cooked again. We had spaghetti for dinner. I think I'm starting to get used to eating dinner at 8:00. Which really isn't a good thing since I went to bed at 9! I was trying to read my book (yes I'm still on N for Noose) but kept dozing off so I gave up.Pin It

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So yesterday I went to an "Invasive Species Management Symposium" for work. I had to sign people in and take their money for lunch. It was very interesting for about 5 minutes and then I lost interest and found someone that would text message me back and forth for about an hour. TG for silent text messaging! I'm just amazed that over 60 people showed up for this thing and actually stayed awake the whole time and some people (well mostly one annoying woman) even asked questions! I snuck out after my free lunch so I didn't have to here the 2nd long long half of it lol.

After work I had about a WHOLE 30 minutes to myself before we had to go to Melissa's softball game. She was playing Claire's team today. I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera to the field. They are both the same number this year too which is kind of neat. So anyhow I got to sit with Carolyn and visit for awhile. My mother and father in law came to watch the game which is good that they are getting out of the house a bit. I think they can use a little more social interaction than just one day a week at the grocery store. Claire's team ended up winning but Melissa got the game ball for hitting and getting on base all 3 times she came up to bat. Claire caught a fly ball when she was playing 3rd base which was way cool for an 8 year old!!

After the game we went by the library to drop off a ton of books and get some more. Trevor picked out his 10 books that I let him get. I've discovered that the super huge Costco bag is a good one to use for a library tote since we always have so many books to take back.

When I got home Scott was on the computer and said "before I send this reply to this email I want to make sure". I'm like WTH? He was telling someone that he couldn't buy his mustang for $500 since he had too many projects going on right now. I said um yeah we don't need another car. Seriously we have my car (HHR), his little commuter truck (Toyota pickup), the big truck (Ford F150), the Saturn that was my old car that he doesn't want to just give away but doesn't want to drive either, the Galaxie that is in pieces in the garage that he's been working on for 14 years, his &^%^*( race car that he promised to cut up to get the shell of the mustang that is at his parents house. Yeah I'd say we have enough projects and/or cars and that isn't even including the boat that we couldn't take out last year because he needed to do some work on. He said well I could have flipped it. I was thinking yeah I got something to flip you!!

I was also annoyed since I had asked him to start dinner and he had not done anything yet. Of course as soon as I start getting everything out he jumps up and says he'll do it, which he did. He made tacos which were yummy even though we were eating dinner at 8:00.

After dinner Trevor took a shower and he still had a big welt on his leg from when he got his vaccinations last week. I really hope he doesn't end up with anything permanent from that. I can't believe it's been inflamed for a whole week but I know there isn't anything the Dr is going to do for it.

The girls did the dishes without complaining and I did some laundry and between me, Scott and Trevor we finally got all the legos picked up off the front room floor, that's about a miracle!Pin It
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