Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So yesterday I went to an "Invasive Species Management Symposium" for work. I had to sign people in and take their money for lunch. It was very interesting for about 5 minutes and then I lost interest and found someone that would text message me back and forth for about an hour. TG for silent text messaging! I'm just amazed that over 60 people showed up for this thing and actually stayed awake the whole time and some people (well mostly one annoying woman) even asked questions! I snuck out after my free lunch so I didn't have to here the 2nd long long half of it lol.

After work I had about a WHOLE 30 minutes to myself before we had to go to Melissa's softball game. She was playing Claire's team today. I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera to the field. They are both the same number this year too which is kind of neat. So anyhow I got to sit with Carolyn and visit for awhile. My mother and father in law came to watch the game which is good that they are getting out of the house a bit. I think they can use a little more social interaction than just one day a week at the grocery store. Claire's team ended up winning but Melissa got the game ball for hitting and getting on base all 3 times she came up to bat. Claire caught a fly ball when she was playing 3rd base which was way cool for an 8 year old!!

After the game we went by the library to drop off a ton of books and get some more. Trevor picked out his 10 books that I let him get. I've discovered that the super huge Costco bag is a good one to use for a library tote since we always have so many books to take back.

When I got home Scott was on the computer and said "before I send this reply to this email I want to make sure". I'm like WTH? He was telling someone that he couldn't buy his mustang for $500 since he had too many projects going on right now. I said um yeah we don't need another car. Seriously we have my car (HHR), his little commuter truck (Toyota pickup), the big truck (Ford F150), the Saturn that was my old car that he doesn't want to just give away but doesn't want to drive either, the Galaxie that is in pieces in the garage that he's been working on for 14 years, his &^%^*( race car that he promised to cut up to get the shell of the mustang that is at his parents house. Yeah I'd say we have enough projects and/or cars and that isn't even including the boat that we couldn't take out last year because he needed to do some work on. He said well I could have flipped it. I was thinking yeah I got something to flip you!!

I was also annoyed since I had asked him to start dinner and he had not done anything yet. Of course as soon as I start getting everything out he jumps up and says he'll do it, which he did. He made tacos which were yummy even though we were eating dinner at 8:00.

After dinner Trevor took a shower and he still had a big welt on his leg from when he got his vaccinations last week. I really hope he doesn't end up with anything permanent from that. I can't believe it's been inflamed for a whole week but I know there isn't anything the Dr is going to do for it.

The girls did the dishes without complaining and I did some laundry and between me, Scott and Trevor we finally got all the legos picked up off the front room floor, that's about a miracle!Pin It

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African Kelli said...

Sounds like an awesome day with your family!
And that photo with the margarita looks so good!

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