Thursday, April 28, 2022


Good morning happy last day of working from home! Well I guess we can still work at home 2 days a week but we have to ask for it in advance and it can't be set days which is :cough: bullshit :cough: since other offices aren't doing that. Oh well back to normal life I guess. 

My friend who works at a school actually tested positive for Covid yesterday and 2 of her 3 boys. Her 3rd boy who is still negative went to school today. Can you believe that is allowed? Makes no sense to me. Every one of them were vaccinated and boosted too. It will be interesting to see if he comes down with it or not.

I finished the rest of my keychains that I had hardware for, I need to buy some more now. I had bought some larger sized clips when the ones I usually get were out of stock and I actually like them better. I'll buy those from now on. 

Finally had chicken last night along with some rice and asparagus. There is no left over chicken though the boy wiped it out.  No idea what we are gong to have for dinner tonight. Maybe cereal ;) It is kind of nice not having to cook anything for suresies lol. 

Today's plan is to update my accomplishments for work for this stupid quarterly review. Then any emails that come in. I have one set of coasters I need to make for a neighbor so I think I'll work on those and then do laundry and clean up the house. It's not too bad just a bit cluttered from stuff my mom brought over when she was cleaning HER house lol. She brought over this little portable crib, I think I might put it in the shed for now, and a bunch of toys she cleaned out. I need to go through and look at them still. 

This weekend is going to be so busy I'm already tired for Monday AND I'll have to go into work. I really should just request it off or work from home. Nothing like requesting the first day back off tough so we'll see.

Oh and today is my step dad's birthday. My mom had said something about maybe having pizza at my brothers so I need to find out if that is actually happening or not. Also my other dad & step mom's anniversary today but they are in Arkansas so no going to see them to celebrate. 

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday I'm home alone day! Just have the animals to be noisy today haha.
Yesterday I went to lunch with my mom which turned into being my lunch and dinner so now I have to cook that chicken TODAY. Anyone else have this problem haha.

When I got home I was feeling a bit stressed and Rusty was like come on mom we need to go take a nap! So we went and laid on the bed for a bit.

Eventually I got up and finished up the first round of the keychains I had going. Lets see if this video works!

My mom sent me this picture, it looks like my sewing room. Even has a cat in the window haha.

Today's plan should include doing some cleaning and doing some laundry but we'll see if I do it or not haha. Also I have about 30 keychain clips left so I'm going to make some more keychains up.

Couple email for work so far, need to go pour my coffee so I can make sure and not send dumb emails haha.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! One more day of Trevor's "weekend" haha. He spent most of the day yesterday napping. Ahh to be young with no responsibilities other than going to work and socking away the money.

I have one email to work on this morning and that is it so far. I caught up everything I could for the apps to contracts so it's just hang out and wait for emails day apparently.

I ended up not making the chicken last night since Jess had made a tri tip and had extras and invited me over for some. Twist my arm! So I went and hung out and ate her food.

Other than that all I did yesterday was work on keychains. This group is ready to be sewn up. I decided I should do some batches so I actually get some done before the weekend instead of doing all the prep work and then running out of time. There is a bunch of Carebears in this group. I had made a ton of them before and have sold a lot of them on Etsy (and at craft shows). I'm debating on not doing much on Etsy now, it is a lot of work for not much money. I am only selling like one thing a week so it's not really worth it at that pace. I might just put my focus back on doing craft shows since things are going back to normal now. 

Well that's all I've got for this morning. Chicken for dinner tonight (maybe haha)!
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Monday, April 25, 2022


 Oh My God Happy Monday! I've started mine off by accidentally copying the ENTIRE STATE of our agency in my email where I'm talking to someone about supplies they want to order. THANK GOD it wasn't some email where we were talking crap about someone. I think I had started typing in the wrong spot and didn't realize it and it somehow changed it to the whole CALIFORNIA group. Fuck me.

Then I had to send a 2nd email telling everyone to disregard the first one so they'd stop asking if it was meant for them. Obviously not sheesh. Glad I work with all these smart people.

So I will finish this entire cup of coffee before I do anything else haha.

Here is Tina showing off the new trash cans, they make an excellent spot for her to watch the faucet. 

I finally made stew for dinner, it was great! I did well with my carbs all day but obviously they went out the window for dinner. And then I had an apple with some peanut butter for a snack so that was carbs too but it's ok. Just playing around with the low carb app my friends have been using.  I have a whole chicken defrosting to cook for dinner tonight. I will cut it up though since I like it better that way.

I got all my zip bags I was working on done. The rest that are cut but not finished have went into my unfinished projects box lol.

I pulled out all the unfinished keychains I had. These were a couple steps in so started with those.

Then I have the ones that I found backs for fronts so I sewed those together, that is where I stopped last night. On the far left is a pile to return to put into the colored scrap bags since I don't think they will work good for keychains now.

I thought Scott was going to come home yesterday but he never did. Probably tired from the day before.

Peg, his mom just keeps the spoons for some reason. He took them away to wash them and put them in the drawer. She will get up and get herself snacks and we'd bring her food to eat on her try with silverware so I'm assuming she just squirreled them away haha.
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Sunday, April 24, 2022


 Good morning happy Sunday! Please don't go too fast today!  At least I am up and already have a cup of coffee. Yesterday Scott came home and worked on cleaning up outside around the garage/back patio & shed. He filled up the truck but decided to just leave his truck here and have me drive him to town (he has my old car he's been driving there).  I think he wanted to bring his truck back to the house anyways, less likely to get messed with here than parked in his mom's driveway.

Trevor and I took him back to town and went to dinner at La Villa. It took forever to even get a basket of chips, I think they had some new staff. Good thing we like that place and will wait lol. After dinner we dropped him off then Trevor and I went to Wal Mart to get me a new iron. The cats are always knocking my iron on the floor and killing them. This time it wasn't even knocked over (at the moment) it just wasn't heating up. So we got another iron then spent about $150 more dollars on 3 new trash cans and some misc stuff lol. Trevor hated our trash cans for some reason and kept bugging me to get new ones. We got 2 nice ones that open when you step on them and then a regular one but I think I will go get one more that you can step on since it will fit in the spot. I have one for regular trash, one for the curb side recycling and one for the recycling we take in for money.

When we got back I just worked on my sewing stuff until I got to a stopping point and it was also 10 so I was like I guess I should just go to bed. Hoping to finish up these vehicle bags today. I have a stack that are cut out but I am going to save for later since I have a bunch done already. I think when I get these done I'll work on some keychains for a bit.

My rose bush out front is going crazy. My yard has been totally neglected and apparently it likes it that way haha. This thing was like 1" tall when I got it in a teeny tiny pot for mother's day or something. It's amazing that it has grown so many years. Sometimes the flowers are more pink and then sometimes yellow right now they are orange. Weird!

This morning Scott said he found where all the spoons keep going at his mom's house. She had been wrapping them in tissue and then putting them under her pillow. When he took them out she told him noooo she needed them. He said they'll be in the drawer when you need them. Minds are freaking crazy sometimes I tell ya. I knew she was hoarding spoons before too since I had found about 5 of them stuck in this toilet paper roll she uses as a pen holder on her little tray. 

My ears are just a bit plugged up this morning so trying some over the counter generic Zyrtec I bought to see if it helps. I started using my inhaler the other day and I think that is helping a bit too. Maybe eventually I will not feel like I'm sick. Getting closer. This last one was a doozy!

My friends have been using this carb tracking app and having great success on their diets with it. I downloaded it this morning to play with. I am making stew for dinner tonight since I didn't make it last night so I know that has a lot of carbs but that's ok lol. Gotta work my way back into eating better again. I ate crap for the last month or so with being depressed and then getting sick.

Hopefully today will be a successful sewing day!

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Saturday, April 23, 2022


 Helloooo happy Saturday! The day is almost over and I have done nothing but have fun playing with the little one of a bit and help contribute to the truck load of stuff for the dumps Scott is making. Oh and found the top of the kitchen table so I guess I did some stuff ;)

Yesterday I went to work for the day. How different life is going to be going back to work every day soon. Not all bad though it is good to have a routine and talk to people in real life. I love to organize stuff and MAN is there stuff to organize at work since we've been gone so long. Hopefully I don't kill the printer catching up printing stuff out soon. Yesterday I mostly just worked on finishing up the new apps that have become contracts. That is my favorite part, moving it from the app shelf to the contract shelf. It's like ahhh we did it! Yes I'm weird.

After work I went to the grocery store. I realized I am only cooking for Trevor and myself, what do I even buy? So weird. I managed to pick a few things but didn't buy any junk so I won't eat it. Tonight I am going to make stew since that was the only meat left in the freezer before I went shopping and I had defrosted it.

We thought my mom was going to bring her trailer over today but I guess she decided to wait until next month since we've been sick (she got a little bit sick from me). I sent Scott a text this morning but apparently he didn't see it so he showed up. He started to work on cleaning off the patio area but he's now been in the shed and garage cleaning stuff for a dump run. Whatever, clean that shit out!

Jess came over for a bit with little Daniel so we sat and talked to them too. Then I was hungry so I had some soup and now it's 2pm. Eventually I'll make it in to work on my sewing projects!

I went to Joanns on the way home yesterday and got some interfacing and batting so I'm back in business to work on stuff. Next weekend is going to be crazy busy. 

Jess shared this picture on Instagram. That is me and her on her and then her and Daniel. I'm only like 20/21 in this picture, such a baby. Jess is 25 in hers. I used to love those little sweat suits. They probably wouldn't be considered safe now since they had little hoods on them. We had a whole bunch of them from Wal Mart, some were Garanimals. So cute.

Ok off to do maybe do something productive. Maybe.

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Thursday, April 21, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! I'm going to have to go put more clothes on it is kind of cold this morning. This weather is so weird.

Yesterday I finished up my cozies. I got them put on cards but my printer thinks it needs to be fed some fresh ink so I didn't finish with the labeling and packing them up. Debating on even putting them on Etsy, leaning towards no.

Sewed up these mug rugs too. Then I worked on some piecing for zip bags. Haven't finished up that pile yet. I need to go to Joanns to get batting but might just wait until tomorrow after work when I'm already out and about.

I ended up going back onto to play around a bit after getting an email that said there was a possible match with a prison record for my mother in law's dad. I have not heard a story about that one so I was intrigued! Check it out, I know it it is him because he was missing an eye (MIL has told 2 different stories on how that happened, one was a hunting trip and the other was coming home with groceries, both involved wolves) His hair! They must have dragged him around by it. He was bald for most of his life so at least he had some fun locks for awhile. The date is hard to read but it is 1904. I wonder what he stole.

Of course once I go into Ancestry it's a huge time suck. I found this picture too that I have never seen before. That is my mother in law in front, the tiny one. Her name is Evelyn but they called her Anita and then later she got called Ann. 

Melissa had to take her kitty Felix to the vet yesterday (one of the kittens I bottle fed). He did something to his claw and had to have it declawed for one or 2 toes. Poor thing! Got stuck on something it sounds like.

Snookie is making the most God-awful licking and snorting noises this morning sheesh. Dogs are disgusting sometimes. 

Ok off to find some socks. Not that I'm complaining it will be hot soon enough!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day! Trevor is at work today so I get the house to myself for a bit. Well except for the dogs who are walking around barking at nothing.

Yesterday I finished up these coasters

and almost finished up these mug cozies, I just have to add the buttons. I have a few mug rugs ready to be sewn up and then I have to figure out my next step because I'm out of batting and the rest of my cut out pile requires it. I might have to run out to Joann's and get some more soon.

Work is pretty slow right now so nothing exciting there. I have nothing I have to get done this morning. 
Bloglovin' won't open for me again today. I think that website must be on the fritz. Making it hard to keep up with the blogs that I like to look at.

Nothing else exciting going on in my life, which is nice haha.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! I finally made it back in the sewing room woohoo. 
I got all these bags finished yesterday. They just needed the edges sewn together to get finished off.

When I got done with those I started working on the coasters I had cut out, still working on those but almost have all the fronts and backs pinned together. Shouldn't take too long to get those done.

I had more stuff cut out of the "wheels" fabric but I need to get more batting. I might decide that is enough for now too though and work on something else, although I am trying to finish up things I start!

I put my thread on my new thread holder, I love it! 
Here is Lucy next to that and the coasters this morning.

Peg, my mom's trailer is a tiny Vintage Lil' Loafer. I think it is about 6'x9'. She likes to do like a little doll house in it. I told her she can put it in my back yard and hang out there if she wants. She doesn't have room for it at her house and she is selling the cabin where she had it to my daughter. She'll probably drive me nuts at some point and I tiny bit regret telling her she could bring it over here. 

I'll be going back to work full time in May so I won't hardly be home soon anyways. I'm going to miss working from home and being able to just do little things when work is slow. Back to shredding shit when it gets slow in the office haha. It will take me awhile to get all the piddly stuff I used to do caught up again. Bonus is that I don't have to share my job with the two other people anymore since they got laid off. Hopefully they don't try to send us a new person once we are up and running again. 

Haven't heard from my husband since yesterday morning. Assuming he's still alive. Hopefully we don't end up divorced after his mom dies since we're having no contact now with me not going there every day. He's always been lousy at communication so this will be a big test. We definitely should have some date nights or something.

Still stuffed up a bit and doing my morning cough this morning. Just did some nose spray so my nose is a little bit better. Almost out of Sudafed. I only took one does yesterday morning then did ok. Morning is the worst of course. Hopefully this crap goes away soon.

It looks like it is going to rain this morning, My weather app says rain from 10-11, we'll see what it does. Also Thurs and Friday have a little bit of rain on there. Odd weather for us for this time of year. Hopefully it will keep everything from catching on fire a bit longer this year. Now that Melissa's boyfriend is interning at a fire house that makes fires a bit more scary.

Well that's all my one cup of coffee morning brain has so far today!

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Monday, April 18, 2022


Good morning! Sadly it is Monday again already. I could use a couple more hours of sleep. Working from home today though so that is nice.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice Easter, I did most of the cooking then went over and hung out all day. Scott snuck away from his mom's for awhile and joined us. Sounds mean but she doesn't seem to enjoy going anywhere and then wants to go home after an hour so it's just easier.

We sat outside for most of the day and then went in the house and hung out. I went home for a bit when Scott was leaving (mostly to get my car since Trevor came over in the golf cart) and then came back.

The little one opening an Easter basket from his great grandma

playing outside


A little swing turned into a nap

Daniel's brother Matthew's birthday is the 20th and Jess is the 29th so we did birthday candles too

Catching everyone standing around singing happy birthday lol

and that's a wrap! Next weekend my mom is going to bring her trailer over and set it up on my back patio so that will be the excitement for that. We need to clean it off so might try to work on that a bit this week. All kinds of crap out there. 

Ok guess I should do some actual work this morning blah. 


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Sunday, April 17, 2022


Good morning happy Easter! I was thinking this morning this is probably the first Easter ever I woke up with no one home. I moved out when I was 18 but it was after Easter and then Scott and I were together for the next one. Trevor had to work today and he left early in hopes of getting off early.

Yesterday it was sprinkling and raining a bit in the morning. It still looked like it was going to rain when it was time for the egg hunt so I put on jeans and real shoes. Got there and the clouds parted and it was so hot. Weird weather!

There was new people running the egg hunt this year so they did things a little different. They took awhile to get to the actual egg hunt part so we had to keep the little one busy. Well actually we had to chase him around so he wouldn't go get the eggs, end up in the canal or touch the dog that wasn't all that friendly (why bring a non friendly dog to a children's event sheesh). 

I went for a swing with him on my lap he loved that. I started to feel a little dizzy though, probably because of my ears being all messed up.

Not a fan of the Easter bunny lol

This bubble wand was cool but it got broke right away. It made HUGE bubbles

He tried to feed the goats some sticks. I did a video of the egg hunt but I'm too lazy to try and put it on here right now. He got a ton!

After the egg hunt I went home and tried to take a nap but just laid there. I ended up ordering frozen pizzas from Instacart so everyone would have something to eat for dinner. I cooked them and cut them up and put them on a cookie sheet then took them over to Jessica's. Daniel enjoyed his walking around lol.

Egg time! He's like what am I supposed to do with this?

My girls, Daniel's sister and her friend

dying the friends hair haha

He was having fun with the crayons

My mom stopped by with baskets for the kids and snapped this picture, she brought Adrian with her (on the other side of Melissa)

Playing with his toys from Grandma Sandy

Today's plan is to drink another cup of coffee then get some beans going in the crock pot (trying a new recipe) and making some cup cakes. Dinner is around 3. Trevor has my car since his truck has a nail in the tire and he's already using his spare. Someone one will have to come pick me up since I have all the food here haha.

Ok that's all the excitement I've got so far today! Have a nice Easter :)

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Saturday, April 16, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! Yesterday I worked from home all day. Started to do some cleaning but then Scott came over to escape his mother for a bit so cleaning went out the window. Jess brought the little one over so Scott could see him. Toy explosion haha. I keep thinking I need to pull out the little baby toys but he still likes some of those too.

Trevor and I had fish and chips from the bar/kitchen for dinner. When I went to pick it up the bartender had a drink half made for me so I went ahead and got one. Then I was drunk for like 2 hours since I hardly ate anything all day lol.

Trevor got a meat grinder he bought off Amazon. He didn't have any meat to put through it so he used SALAMI. I swear he cracks me up. One more thing for him not to wash. He's going to have a whole kitchen of small appliances if he ever moves out.

Jess and I made a list of things for the store when she was here and then she went shopping. I went over to her place to get the stuff for my house and ended up hanging out for a bit to play with the little one. Mostly just watched him play but he was having fun zooming all over.

Today is the club Easter Egg hunt and it is currently sprinkling. Kids are going to have some wet feet lol. The egg hunt isn't until 1 so hopefully it stops and dries up a bit before hand. 

Going to start cooking some stuff in a bit here. Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, some beans and cupcakes. That should keep me busy for the day.

The kids are going to dye eggs at Jessica's house after the egg hunt so only my messes to clean up here today.

Oh Scott's mom had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Scott started getting her ready way before and 10 minutes before her appointment time she got in the bathtub. What the heck? He was livid lol. She hasn't tried to bathe herself in years (that we know of). So he had to reschedule for this morning (apparently they have some weekend appointments). He's already complaining about her. Wonder if they'll make it there or not. 

Ok that's all I've got for today! Have a great Saturday!

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Friday, April 15, 2022


Good morning Happy Friday! 
I was going to say how much better I am feeling but now I'm processing all the snot that must have accumulated while I was sleeping. At least I slept a bit though. Last night I finally felt well enough to wash some dishes and took a shower. I don't think I have anything to go to the dr for since my mucus is clear and I don't have any pain in my chest like bronchitis usually brings. It's just kind of like a flu without the fever. Weird. I just did some nose spray, probably take some Sudafed in a minute. Hopefully that will do it for me.

I have one more thing I bought on our weekend away, I got this cool rock egg. It was only $5 so no big deal if I decide I don't need it later.

Look at Lucy all pretty on the bed. She has her ears slightly on alert though.

This was Rusty when I woke up this morning. He's back to getting on the bed although he did leave for a bit last night, I think he got too hot. I brought the big dog bed into the room for him but I'm not sure if he layed in it. I think he gets too hot in those too. Cracks me up with his legs all hanging off the edge. Of course he is laying where my feet should go. Good thing I have a whole CA King bed to myself now.

I am debating on cancelling my Direct TV. We only really had it for Scott to watch baseball now and he's not home. $120 and we don't even turn the tv on.  Talking myself into it. I could put that money towards one of my bills and get them paid off faster ;)

Yesterday this guy we know commented on one of my fb posts (being kind of rude but he thinks he is funny) and then Scott comes by and leaves another stupid comment. I'm like geeze nice of you to leave a comment on this one thing being a smart ass. I used to do those 10 days of you and your spouse type posts and crickets. Never comments on anything but if he can look funny to this guy he posts. Super annoying. I don't know why I let this kind of stuff get to me lol.

I have like 4 emails to work on so far today. We'll see if it gets busier. I was supposed to go into the office today but got a pass since I'm still sick. My friend Eric had to go back to work and he has a long commute. He's like had to drive in to do exactly what I did at home. Then today he drives in and the network is down. It's seriously stupid that the government isn't going with this work at home thing full time, they could save so much money on office space.  If we've done it for 2 1/2 years obviously it can be done. But it won't be much longer.

Ok that's all I've got for today. My house feels all clean now since I washed the dishes haha. Funny how that one thing makes the whole house seem dirty. I'm going to try and get some energy up and vacuum later and pick up a little. The house is still pretty clean from last week so it shouldn't be too bad.


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Thursday, April 14, 2022


Good morning happy snotty Thursday. Ugh I am still sick and not feeling any better. WTH it should be going away by now. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday.

Jess sent me this yesterday, we've had our twins for 3 years now. They were so tiny. Now they are huge cats. (Tubz with the black on her head, Tina all orange head).

I did get in the car and go through the drive thru for lunch yesterday. I decided I was starving. Of course when I'm trying to go real quick I hit this monster train in Manteca. This thing can make the whole town inaccessible sometimes. Thankfully it wasn't a stop and back up train. 

I went out to the car to bring in my other purchases from last weekend so I'd have something to share. This store had a bunch of fabric and they were thrift store prices. I love small pieces of fabric and for .50-1.00 you can't lose.

I also got this really cool thread holder. I think I am going to hit it with some spray paint to cover up the ugly paint job lol. The whole thing spins so that is so cool. Pretty sure it is home made.

Jessica decided to do Easter at her house which is awesome since I'm half dead. I told her I'd buy whatever meat they wanted to cook. I want to make some calico beans. Most the kids hate beans but I love them. My mom and grandma always made beans. My step mom made Portuguese beans which to me are similar to the calico ones. Delicious. Makes me hungry just thinking about them. I'm assuming I will make some mac salad too.

Oh man the dogs rediscovered the back door in my room that they can see out of. I think they forgot about it for awhile. They have been having a great time barking at the cats out there this morning. Might have to shut the door to keep them out soon. 

Here was my excitement for yesterday. 133 point word woohoo. Yes I'm a dork.

I'm supposed to go into the office tomorrow but I just talked to the soon to be boss so she could hear how horrible I sound and she said I don't have to go in. TG for teleworking, I don't have to use my 100 plus sick hours haha.

Hopefully I can get some energy up so I can work on some sewing. I still need to finish the zip bags I was almost done with. I have been sitting in the kitchen to work since I have a big mess in there. I need to straighten it up to make room for my computer and working from home. There is a lot of room since I took back the monitors I had but I just filled the space with crap for a moment. Oh I know how that happened it was when I was getting ready for Melissa's birthday party. All the crap goes into the extra room.

Ok I've done some nose spray (someone said that helped with their ears being plugged up) and took some sudafed so I can almost hear now.  That's all I've got for today!

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