Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not for the Squeamish

If you've ever wondered what a gall stone looks like keep reading. If that totally grosses you out you better leave lol.

HERE are my souveniers from my surgery.

I can't believe I've only had one gall bladder attack with all these stones. I'm thinking they definitely had something to do with me being sick all the time. How can my body fight off regular germs when it had to deal with those??

My bestest friend Sarah sent me these beautiful flowers

And Melissa's friend's Grandma let her get these out of her garden to bring to me, wasn't that sweet!

I'm going to have to do a few thank you cards for the people that have went out of their way for me.

Jessica is currently out at her birthday dinner with her friends. Waiting for the call to send Scott to go pick her up. I've hardly seen her all day. Going to have to do something for her birthday this weekened or something.Pin It

I'm alive!

Well I came home yesterday. I'm surviving! I wish I was back to normal already. Being limited in what I can do really sucks! I had a TON of stones. The Dr. gave them to me as a souvenir. Kind of gross but nice to see what the hell was wrong with you!

My Mom picked me up from the hospital and then we went to Target to pick up my pain meds. I stayed in the car of course. Then she drove through the drive through at Carl's Jr. A little brutal to someone who is on a clear liquid diet for 2 days. Yeah. I got water.

She came over and hung out for awhile. After she picked up the kids from the bus stop she left to meet my step dad for dinner since it was his birthday. The boys bounced off the walls until my nephew's mom showed up. I was about ready to toss them out the door.

This morning my husband had faith that I was feeling better and left all the lunch making to me. Thanks hon!

I had to drive Jessica to the bus stop because she had to take so much stuff today (swimming for PE, softball practice, then it's her BIRTHDAY today and she is going out with her friends for dinner). Couldn't let her walk to the bus stop with that huge bag. Originally my mom was going to take her but she decided to stay at her other house after her dinner. It's ok. I got it.

She's supposed to have a ride from school to softball but apparently that girl is sick. Hoping my Mom will be able to drive her.

So my baby is FIFTEEN TODAY! I will have to do a tribute post for her later. I'm too lazy to get up and find all the pictures now. Hard to believe this time next year she can drive. Time just flies by!Pin It

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Club for April

From Amazon

“Cindy Woodsmall writes real--real people, real conflicts, real emotions. When you open her book, you enter her world and live the story with the characters. When the Morning Comes is a journey of discovering faith, of overcoming trauma, of learning to depend on God’s sustaining strength. I eagerly await installment three of the Sisters of the Quilt Series!”
–Kim Vogel Sawyer, author of Where Willows Grow and Waiting for Summer’s Return

Our bookclub? Everyone loved it. This is the 2nd book in a series (they all ready the first book before I joined). Most of the ladies are on the 3rd book now. My Mom gave me her copy today so I am going to read that next.

As usual I have a copy of this book up for grabs! It is the 2nd one in the series though and I got the first one from the library so it will be up to you to get the 1st one.

Just leave me a comment and I'll pick a name on Friday!

Bookclub for May's selection is:

Live A Little

Why don't you pick up a copy and read it! We can discuss it after the next book club.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remember When?

Well it was only 10 days ago, when I posted about my 7 day meal plan off the Kraft Foods Site.

Food for SEVEN meals.

So we had the Quick Fix Beef Burrito Skillet

The Layered Fiesta Casserole

Barbecue Beef Filled Biscuits

Next up was Creamy Pasta Primavera

I didn't use asparagus since I'm the only one that really likes it here.

Verdict: Don't think the younger 2 ate it. Jessica picked through it a bit. I think Scott liked it and I thought it was really good. Might make it again some time.

Then we had Cheddar Chicken Rice Skillet

I've made this one before and it's pretty good!

Verdict: as usual little kids hate it (I think they survive on cereal). Can't remember if Jess ate it or not. Scott and I both liked it judging by how much was left over (one serving).

Now this! Bruscheeta Chicken Skillet

Verdict: I actually heard Scott moan when he ate this. I'll say it's a keeper. Little kids didn't eat it as usual. Jess must not have been home since there was quite a bit left over.

Tonight is Easy Baked Manicotti which I have made before and is a winner!

Sorry no picture it has a video on it.

So there you go, 7 meals. I need to figure out what everyone is going to eat next week while I am recovering.Pin It

Earth Day 1992

Yes, I'm doing a 2nd post tonight/day. It's 1:00 in the morning WTH am I wide awake for?? Anyhow, I was reading Barb's blog and she had a mention of Earth Day and I was like OMG I totally wanted to post about my Earth Day Experience.

Back in 1992 I was still in high school. Senior year and I had my first "real" boyfriend. He was a bit on the hippy side. His mom was a bit more on the hippy side. They were cool people though. He was into leather crafts and they used stones for healing pain and such.


I of course, was in love but that's all besides the point.

So it's Earth Day and I got invited along with his Mom and a few friends and the boy toy to go to the Earth Day Festival in Davis. One of the friends happened to be a girl that was a bit jealous of me. That was a nice feeling. I haven't had that happen much in my life lol. I remember her telling me that she had heard that a non smoker kissing a smoker was like kissing an ash tray. I said I didn't know because I smoked too.

Yeah I'm a rebel like that.

So we drive to somewhere near Sacramento and meet up with some more losers hippy people and caravan over to UC Davis. We get out and all go our seperate ways.

This is where we should have made a plan on WHEN we were meeting up to leave.

So we walk around and this is all pretty new to me. I mean people in my family BRUSH their hair not just let it mat up and call it a hair style. One of the things that stands out the most in my memory were twin toddlers with DREADS being pushed around by their hippy mother.

At one point we walked back to the car but no one was there so we went and walked around a bit more. Then we came back to the car.

But the car was GONE.

Him=My mom must have left

This is in the days before cell phones.

Well some people had car phones but definitly not people that went to the Earth Day Festival.

Me, being the smart thinker that I was, called my friend. Her sister went to UC Davis and sometimes had to drive her back there after a weekend at home. LUCKY US, she had to do just that on this day!

So we had to wait around for a bit, but my wonderful friend picked us up and drove us home. That's what you call a TRUE FRIEND. She didn't drive us to HER home, she drove us ALL THE WAY HOME which was another 1/2 an hour out of her way.

When we got to his house, his Mom wasn't there. I think she had went back to the friend's house to hang out for a bit. When she finally arrived she just said she figured we had got our own ride home.

Nice huh?

Haven't been back to an Earth Day Festival since.Pin It

Feeling better Friday

Sometimes it's hard to decide if you need to scream or enjoy the ride!

Today I went and did my pre-op stuff. Gave up some blood, signed my life away and had a chest x ray, ole! I wish they paid for gall bladder donations. I'm sure they are good for something??

I just have a little pain under my ribs, shoulder and back today. The surgery is scheduled for bright and early Monday morning. Hopefully I'll be feeling great and can come home and won't have to spend the night. Maybe if I do that my insurance company won't jack up my rates some more and/or cancel me. (doubt it!)

I just got done making some bookmarks. Figured I needed to get them done while I was feeling well. I only need to sell about 1878 more to pay for my surgery. Anyone? Anyone?

I think I'm going to make some up with out the names and put them on Etsy. Then maybe put on there that they can be personalized.

We only have one kid here tonight. Scott is sacked out in the recliner as usual. Last night he spent most of the night on the couch watching tv instead of coming to bed. I must be smelly or something. At least the kitties will snuggle with me.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pain Sucks

So the other night before last my side started hurting. I had to get up a couple times in the night thinking I was going to throw up. Yesterday I went to see the doctor because it was getting so painful and I couldn't even keep water down. They sent me for an ultra sound at the hosipital and finally a bit ago I got the results back. I have gall stones, which I figured was the problem but I also have a fatty infaltration in the liver. Nice. Nothing that starts with the word fatty can be good. So waiting for the call from the surgeon's office to get in to see him so I can get my gall bladder taken out. JOY.

My mom has come over and started smothering mothering me. I took about a 2 hour nap earlier while she did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. When I woke up I was feeling quite a bit better. I think something might have shifted a bit. Not perfect but a little better.Pin It

Monday, April 20, 2009

A day with Mom

So today I went with my mom to her friend's house in the foothills. We were going to get this bar that my mom was getting/buying from her. One of my earliest memories of this woman was her telling me I needed to keep my room clean for my mom. I kind of thought she was a little crazy for even saying that to me lol.

So we drove up there and got there and took the tour of all the stuff she has done to her house. She made us lunch, this really good quiche type thing she got from Martha Stewart and some coleslaw.

Then we loaded up the bar. OMG it's UGLY. But my mom likes and the gal wouldn't take any money for it so whatever. Came with 4 ugly bar stools circa 1970. Mom said it was cute and I said just as long as she likes it lol.

Came home and zoned out at the computer for a bit. Then made dinner and ate a bit then went over to my mom's to help her take the bar out of the back of the truck. We managed to get it out without killing ourselves. Right after we got done my brother and my cousin came over. Had a little visit with them before I came home to put the kids to bed.

I'm glad there are no plans for tomorrow. I want to go out in work in the yard a bit before it gets hot. It was 96 here today! Tomorrow is supposed to be 89, Wed 79 and then the rest of the week back down to 70 so we'll wait to mow the lawn until then!

Oh my cousin was telling me how when he hangs out with the neighbor next door and I'm mowing they discuss how they should help me but they are busy taking a break and drinking some beer. Nice huh? I told him next time bring me one when I'm done mowing at least! MIGHT have him talked into fixing this riding mower we have here for me too. Shhhh don't tell Scott he's been "going to fix it" for about 6 years now.Pin It

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Softball Day 3 & Baby Announcements

Today we went ONE MORE TIME over to Antioch for their softball tournament. The game started at 4. We met up with the coach and the other players at two and then drove over there.

We got there and put on some sunscreen. It was HOT! We sat under some trees and watched another game kind of half heartedly until it was time for our game. Scott stayed under the trees but I had to get up close. Can't cheer on my girls from way over on the sidelines!!

Jess started out playing on 3rd as usual but then the catcher came up to bat and THREW UP. So Jess was moved to catcher and they mixed up the outfield a bit to cover 3rd base for her. She did really well playing catcher today! She got a BEAUTIFUL hit way out in right field but the girl CAUGHT IT! Probably would have been at least a double if she would have dropped it. She also had a nice hit out to left field and a few other base hits. I don't think she struck out at all today. Oh wait she would have but the catcher did the 3rd strike drop so she ran to 1st and made it. That's such a weird little twist in the game that they have.

They ended up winning the game by 3 runs to get 3rd place overall in the tournament. Afterwards they had a little awards ceremony and they got a nice sized plaque for the team and two girls on the team got individual ones. Jess got one, which was pretty cool!

Afterwards we stopped at DENNY'S again for dinner lol. We only had one of the bunch in the car with us though since more parents were able to drive. Had a little dinner then went to pick up Trevor from Scott's mom's (Thank God for Grandparents!!). His sister was there visiting again so we talked to her a bit. She took MIL out to buy some clothes which was SO NICE of her. Although I think MIL could have got her new jeans at least one size smaller, they still looked pretty big on her. She has lost so much weight from when she was sick.

Came home and finished up working on some baby announcement things I was making for someone. Here is the finished products

I think they turned out pretty cute. She is going to put a picure of the baby where the big green square is, and write the birth info on the back.

Think it's about time to go to bed now, wow just noticed that it is 12:15!Pin It

Friday, April 17, 2009

2 out of 3 Days of Softball Done!

I wonder who's idea it was to book a softball tournament on Spring Break? I'm guessing it wasn't up to the girls on the softball team.

Or their parents.

For the last two days I have taken 4 girls an hour away for a softball tournament. The first day it was COLD!! A hoodie and a blanket were all I had. It was only one game that day, which they unfortunetly lost by one run walk. Yesterday it wasn't quite as cold but as soon as I took my sweatshirt off the wind kicked up. Everyone's noses were stuffed and runny by the time we left the second game yesterday. They won BOTH games yesterday. When we left my face was totally scorched.

Must remember to put sun screen in my softball bag.

Both days after we left the girls wanted to go to Denny's to eat. They insisted on crayons both times. Yesterday they were so tired they were cracking themselves up the whole time we ate and the whole hour long ride home.

Gotta love teenagers!

We get a break for today and they have another game tomorrow. Lucky for us it's not until 4:00 so we can all sleep in.Pin It

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop, the day I found out I wasn't an Oakie!

I'm going to try and do Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week.

Here are her prompts.

The Prompts:

1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. ps I want my change.

2.) What are your kids talking about?

3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.

5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened.
(thanks to Heather at Chasing Butterfly's who unknowingly inspired this last prompt)

I'm going to go with #5.

When I was about 4 my Mom started dating my Step-Dad.

You've seen pictures of me and can probably tell I'm a heinz 57 type of girl. A little of this and that as far as nationality wise.

Soon to be step dad on the other hand is full blooded italian.

He used to tease my mom and I and tell us that we were Oakies because we weren't Italian (or anything else really!)

So here's the scene. We are at a park and we are all hanging out on a blanket. That's about all I can remember from way back then. I walk over to the playground area where there are a bunch of kids playing on a big merry go round. I get on and start playing on it, when some big kid yells out

"all the Oakies have to get off!"

So I get off and go crying, literally tears streaming down my face, back to my mom and step dad.

They of course are like "what's wrong!"

and I tell them "they said all the Oakies have to get off"

And they start LAUGHING!

I was so confused!!

Then they proceed to tell me that I'm not really an Oakie, it's just a saying (although not too PC in this day and age) and that I can go back to playing on the merry go round.

But I was too scared. And humiliated!!Pin It

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I :Heart: The Kraft Foods Site.

I've been really bad about cooking lately. I decided I needed to STOP THE INSANITY (funny her saying outlived her!).

So I went onto my trusty friend and picked out 7 meals, printed out my shopping list and went to the grocery store.

For about $100 here's my dinners for 7 days! I did have a few things already that I didn't need to buy but not much.

After I got home I cooked up 3 recipes. Two of them said they could be "made ahead" so I saved those for later and we ate the other one for dinner last night.

Last night we had Quick Fix Beef Burrito Skillet

VERDICT: I think I made this before. I forgot my kids hate beans. I thought it was great but the kids wouldn't eat it. Well Melissa ate the tortillas out of it, Jessica picked out everything that wasn't a bean and I think Trevor fed his to the dog when I wasn't looking.

Tonight we had Layered Fiesta Casserole

I made this all yesterday except didn't cook it until today.

VERDICT: we put some sour cream on top. DH loved it. It was almost too spicy for me. I think I figured out it's because the salsa I have is medium and I'm a wimp. I think Jessica liked it. The little kids are spending the night at Grandma's so I get to eat this for lunch for a few days.

Tomorrow we are having:

Barbecue Beef Filled Biscuits

I'm pretty sure we've had these before. I cooked these up yesterday too. They just need to be warmed up for dinner tomorrow.

Edited to add

VERDICT: Good but kind of just blah. Probalby the BBQ sauce I used. Needed more or something with a little more spice. (didn't use the bulls eye one that it said to use)Pin It

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama needs a riding mower

Just got done mowing.

Tired. So Tired.
I think I still have grass in my eye.Pin It

Tracy 10 Ripon 9

Jess forgot to take her cleats the day of pictures.
This picture make me laugh because it's so "her"

That's the score of yesterday's softball game.

Jessica was playing 3rd base for about half of the game.
Then a girl slid into her ankle.
She said she was fine but for some reason
the coach benched her for almost the rest of the game.

Jessica doesn't like to be benched.
She gets rather pissed off.
Here's the text messages I received while she was "on the bench"

I'm benched for the rest of the game. I don't get to bat either

Cause my ankle. And he won't let me play. It doesn't even hurt.

Can we just go home?

Jane got to go back in after she got hurt I didn't get to.

I want to leave. This is retarded.

And I'm thinking. OMG this is going to be a long ride home.
She's going to be in SUCH a bad mood
and just complain and do the drama thing ALL THE WAY HOME
(it's a 20-30 minute drive)
But wait! What's this?? She's going back in.

Thank God! oh er Coach!

Then she played for 2 more innings and did a great job even though they were losing.

Then it was their last time up and the score was Tracy 7 Ripon 9.
The coach tells them, 3 to win, 2 to tie
(the last time they played them they ended it with a tie-so annoying!).

By the time Jess got up there were 2 outs and the score was tied.
I'm thinking oh shit she's going to strike out
and then I'm going to have to listen to
THAT drama
on the way home.

But no!
She got a nice grounder to the left field and made onto base.
The next girl gets up and gets a good base hit
but they overthrow it to 1st
and fumble with the ball
and Jess makes it in to make the final score!

::the crowd goes wild::

Thank God,
no drama
on the ride home!!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Birthday Day

So yesterday was the big day! Of course the grass grew about 6 inches over night so I should have mowed again but didn't feel like it. Not to mention I needed to clean my room and that took all morning lol.

Trevor woke up before 7 and wanted to go out to get the eggs the bunny hid. Little did he know the "Bunny" had just been woke up by my elbow and was out hiding them right then lol. I got him to wait until about 8 before the mad dash around the yard. Jessica declined to look for eggs this year. I think next year I'll do some plastic ones with money in them since the kids are all getting so big (like quarters).

I finally dragged myself away from facebook around 9:30 (procrasinator?? Who ME??) and got my room clean and everything else picked up while my husband fell asleep in the recliner.

I set the tables up on the side of the house. My mom brought one table over and I pulled out the card table so I had 4 tables out there. Worked out good, plenty of seating for everyone.

How do you like my little flower beds? I wanted Scott to make covers for the holes under the house (for the last 15 years) but that didn't get done again. I guess I'm going to have to do it myself.

I think I'll work on doing the rest of that side of the house now, one more big bed where the meter is.

I found these little stacking bunny things in my Easter box so I put them on all the tables for something just to play with. Next year I want to do centerpieces for the tables.

My Mom and Melissa

Brother and SIL

My mom got more pictures of the other people there. Need to steal her camera card for a few minutes later!

I made these Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownie Bites for dessert, they were pretty good. Kind of stuck to the paper things though and I think it needed more peanut butter.

All in all it was a pretty good day! Nice that the house is pretty clean now!Pin It

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Bunny Is EXHAUSTED!!

It's been a LONG day.

We went bowling.

We had (cup)cake(s).

We opened presents.

We cleaned.
and cleaned some more.

We dyed eggs. (anyone else have to borrow vinegar from the neighbor??)

We I cleaned some more.

WeI did all the cooking prep work for tomorrow.

All that is left is to burn some burgers, dogs and sausages and put everything out on the table.

And scoop the cat box.

And clean my room. ALWAYS last on the list.

And of course, Scott is sick. He probably has strep throat. Hopefully Urgent Care is open tomorrow and he is able to get some meds. I'm not going to be mean to him even though that is my nature because he can't help that he gets sick every Easter. (I was going to link to a post from last year where Scott was mowing Easter morning and ended up having an allergic reaction to some round up he mowed and then I had to do everything BUT I must not have blogged it!)

The lawn could use another mowing but I'm going to leave it, it's good enough!

Can't wait to get up bright and early and hide those eggs!! You KNOW the kids are going to be up early to look for them.

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