Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm alive!

Well I came home yesterday. I'm surviving! I wish I was back to normal already. Being limited in what I can do really sucks! I had a TON of stones. The Dr. gave them to me as a souvenir. Kind of gross but nice to see what the hell was wrong with you!

My Mom picked me up from the hospital and then we went to Target to pick up my pain meds. I stayed in the car of course. Then she drove through the drive through at Carl's Jr. A little brutal to someone who is on a clear liquid diet for 2 days. Yeah. I got water.

She came over and hung out for awhile. After she picked up the kids from the bus stop she left to meet my step dad for dinner since it was his birthday. The boys bounced off the walls until my nephew's mom showed up. I was about ready to toss them out the door.

This morning my husband had faith that I was feeling better and left all the lunch making to me. Thanks hon!

I had to drive Jessica to the bus stop because she had to take so much stuff today (swimming for PE, softball practice, then it's her BIRTHDAY today and she is going out with her friends for dinner). Couldn't let her walk to the bus stop with that huge bag. Originally my mom was going to take her but she decided to stay at her other house after her dinner. It's ok. I got it.

She's supposed to have a ride from school to softball but apparently that girl is sick. Hoping my Mom will be able to drive her.

So my baby is FIFTEEN TODAY! I will have to do a tribute post for her later. I'm too lazy to get up and find all the pictures now. Hard to believe this time next year she can drive. Time just flies by!Pin It


Mary said...

Glad you are back! Hope you feel 100% very soon. Can't believe your mom drove you through a fast food drive up on your way home. LOL

~Sheila~ said...

Glad to know you are feeling better. Don't worry, you'll be back to driving all of the kids around again in no time.

I'm not letting Dom drive until he moves out of the house.

Chris H said...

Well... where's ya stones then? I have one in a jar my surgeon gave me too! It is huge!

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