Monday, April 6, 2009

A not so nice day

I spent most of the day today working out in the yard. It's starting to look all nice and tidy. I worked my way around and am now on the back of the house doing my version of a mow strip. I used to have a nice flower bed along the back of the house until someone :cough: SCOTT trampled it when we put a new roof on. I was pregant at the time and it was like 150 out and I never got around to fixing it up and the weeds took over. So anyhow, working on the edge along the house and will probably go back and make it back into a flower bed again soon.

I keep looking for that snake while I'm working. I keep expecting it to slither out and hiss at me at any second. Maybe it's gone...

And I'm wearing my gloves in case a black widow decides to bite me.


Living in the country is scary stuff.

Anyhow. After it got too hot (it was in the mid 80's today!) I came in and showered and acted like I was actually going to clean inside a bit but instead got distracted by the computer for a few hours.

Then it was off to pick up the boys and then pick up Jess and drop her off at softball practice. The boys and I ran a few errands, which of course included getting a snack at the food court in Costco. Cheapest meal around!

When I picked up Jess she said someone had sent her a message that they had found Sandra's bodyin a suitcase. Finally at around 9 they confirmed it on the news. So sad. My heart breaks for her family and all her little friends and class mates. I hope they catch the horrible person that did this to her so he cannot harm any other children. As Scott told me when I told him they found her, that anything we thought was a problem is really nothing.

Well it's been a long day. I'm about ready to go read my book and call it a night!Pin It


Barb said...

That is just so horrible about that little girl. I'm sure you've heard of the circus that is going on here with Kaley Anthony. Sweet little thing (I think she was 3) and it's pretty certain her mother killed her and then threw her away (trash bag) in a wooded area. Took months to find her but they did. There is no punishment cruel enough for people who do this sort of thing.

Chris H said...

So sad about the wee girl. Some people in this world are just pure evil.
Makes me so mad.

honkeie said...

I am still firm on the belief that the punishment should fit the crime........:-(

~Sheila~ said...

I hate hearing stories about missing children. I dread what may be happening to them in the hands of their captors.
One of my greatest fears is kidnapping and pedophiles.

I feel for her family and anyone who has gone through a tragedy like that.

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